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Orgino, Keith Ian H.

Reflective Analysis
After watching the documentary film by Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott entitled,
“The Corporation,” I realized that corporations are the foundation of countries’ economies
and that this niche in the society enjoys benefits from the government in return for their
investment in the fortifying the countries’ economies. But they have abused this privileged
and human beings are now suffering from these abusive practices to keep up with
economic demands. Corporations have used anything that can pay them income
including those that are very important to human life. They have touched all aspects of
human living that these irresponsible actions resorted to some tragic consequences in
some parts of the world. These tragedies go undocumented, thus these will persist to
exist if no actions from the government is done to terminate such wrong doings. The
countries highly abused by these corporate abusive actions are developing third world
countries, specifically in the field of production wherein they are paid really low for the
products that the companies sell for high prices. This is truly unjust and unacceptable.
Profits are what drive companies to expand and progress, but this also pushes them to
do impossible things to the extent that they would risk the life of their workers, extending
their work hours just to increase production and yet not even raising their salaries.
Animals are also affected by this economic corruption. Substances, hormones or
genetically-modified food products are injected or fed to them to abnormally increase
production of products derived from animals. These extreme measures resulted to
animals developing defects, diseases and some dead due to exhaustion. Corporations
are out take full control of the monetary outcome of every input they employ in production,
and they care less with who gets hurt just to get the job done. I think that corporations
should be watched more closely by the government on how they manage people, where
they source their materials, how much are they paying their employees and such.
Government should strengthen the legal liabilities with regards to their operations.
Corporations not only abuse their employees but they can also manipulate consumers to
buy their products. They do this through strategic creation of advertisements wherein they
target specific age group in the society that is vulnerable to be swayed with products, and
most of the time, these are children. They also only present certain positive information
about the products they sell without really proving how and where the products are made
and if their products are produced ethically or by all means produced with no human,
animal, plant or environment deprived or abused. However, I do still think that not all
companies are these extremely desperate ones. There are still socially responsible
companies that I think consumers should go for more for these companies are honest
and concerned for their consumers’ satisfaction and well-being and not just about the
profits they will get from these transactions. I believe that the key for this society to
eradicate such a dark side to corporations is through transparency and cooperation
between the government and the private sector, specifically the corporations. Through
this move, consumers are informed on the products that they are buying, where these
products are sourced from and industrially produced and if these are responsibly and
ethically produced.

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“The Corporation” on YouTube. Corporation” on YouTube

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