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Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Project name : AZKEROFFER
Course instructor : Zunayeed Bin Zahir (ZBZ)


TAQSIM AHMED 1512400042

MD.RAIHAN 1520527642


Group : 10
Section : 19
Date of submission : 2Oth March, 2019.
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Acknowledgement 01

Problem Statement 02

Introduction 02

Target Users 03

Software and Hardware Requirement 03



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In performing our project, we had to take the help and guideline of some
respected persons, who deserve our greatest gratitude. The completion of this
project gives us much Pleasure. We would like to show our gratitude Mr.
Zunayeed Bin Zahir sir for giving us a good guideline for assignment throughout
numerous consultations. We would also like to expand our deepest gratitude to
all those who have directly and indirectly guided us doing this project.
Many people, especially our classmates and team members itself, have made
valuable comment suggestions on this proposal which gave us an inspiration to
improve our project. We thank all the people for their help directly and indirectly
to complete our assignment.

Shanto Kumar Datta

Md. Raihan

Taqsim Ahmed

Problem Statement
Most of the time when we buy a product we depend on the rate of the shop.
There are hundreds of brand giving offers on their product every day. Most of
them aren’t accessible because you need to visit the shop to know about the

We are building a website where merchants can show their offer to the user. User
can buy the product online or they can buy the product from the shop. Our goal is
to make a platform where user can make some profit & get some flexibility. It also
gives the opportunity to the seller to sell more products.
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Target Users
Our targeted users are teenagers and adults. We are creating smooth user
interface to provide better user experience. Our website is based on Bangla so
everyone can understand it without any problem. On the other hand not every
but most of the students are flexible with internet. The are the potential user of
our website.

Software and Hardware Requirement

Anyone with a internet enabled device can be connected with the website. We
used react on front end to be responsive. It can be usable on mobile device
without any problem.