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Beginning Writing

50 Month-by-Month
Draw & Write Prompts
Gr. K–2 · 64 pages
Combines a drawing prompt
with quick writing prompts on
favourite topics. Generate ideas
and details for writing and make
subjects come alive! Reproducible
activities are included.
986482 $14.99

Building Writing Skills
48 pages each
BESTSELLER! Boost your writing lessons with these strategically developed plans
Follow-the-Directions packed with fresh ideas and surprising activities that inspire students to
Draw & Write Activities do their best at all writing levels.
Gr. K–2 · 48 pages Sounds to Letters Words to Paragraphs to
Students start by drawing pictures, Gr. PreK-K Sentences Stories
then write stories about what they 2689050 $12.99 Gr. 1-2 Gr. 3-4
have drawn. These interactive Letters to Words 2689084 $12.99 2689109 $12.99
activities also help students learn to Gr. K-1 Sentences to Paragraphs to
follow directions and build 2689068 $12.99 Paragraphs Essays
fine-motor skills. Gr. 2-3 Gr. 4-5
1412163 $13.99 2689092 $12.99 2689125 $12.99

Canadian Writing Series
BESTSELLER! Sentence Writing
Write a Super Sentence 86 pages each
Gr. 1–3 · 64 pages Activities that help students
Students will brainstorm adjectives, successfully use proper
nouns, verbs, and “where” and grammar and punctuation,
“when” phrases, and use them and write super sentences!
to expand a simple sentence.
3057496 Gr. 1-3 $15.99
Includes 15 lessons, teaching ideas,
reproducible forms, and more. 3057503 Gr. 4-6 $15.99
678295 $19.99

Canadian Writing Series

BESTSELLER! Paragraph Writing
Paragraph Writing Gr. 2–4 ∙ 86 pages
Gr. 2–4 · 80 pages
Teaches a step-by step method of
Teach beginning paragraph writing writing a paragraph and the different
skills, such as topic sentences and parts: topic sentence, details, concluding
supporting details. Includes teaching sentence, and the paragraph parts in
ideas and forms with ready-to-use the right sequence. Also includes an
materials. overview of Trait-Based Writing.
678302 $24.99 3057511 $15.99

BESTSELLER! Giant Write Every Day

Writing Fabulous Daily Writing Prompts
Sentences & Paragraphs Gr. 2–6 · 180 pages
Gr. 4–6+ · 112 pages Choose from more than
Improve and refine sentence structure 300 “quickwrites” for short, daily
and paragraph writing with engaging writing practice! Contains 209 story
activities. Includes teaching tips, more starters and titles, and 151 forms in
than 70 reproducible models, and 12 monthly sections.
student writing forms. 678287 $34.99
678310 $24.99

Writing Practice
Wacky Facts Writing Practice & Story Writing
48 pages each
Writing practice is fun
with these engaging and
motivating activity sheets.
Each page includes a wacky
fact for students to copy and Writing Practice
once completed it can be Jokes & Riddles
stapled together as a take 48 pages each
home book. Rib-tickling
Handwriting reproducible activities
Gr. K-3 feature word warm-
3043312 $13.99 ups and a hilarious
Cursive joke or riddle to copy
Gr. 2-5 with care. At the end,
pages can be stapled
3042976 $13.99 together to make an
instant joke book to
share with friends!
Cursive Writing Practice Handwriting Cursive
Gr. K-2 Gr. 2-5
Inspiring Quotes
Gr. 3–6 · 48 pages 2143569 $13.99 2136150 $13.99
Integrate handwriting practise with
this collection of more than 40
quotes. Each practice page includes
a memorable quote printed in script
and a lined guide for copying. Cliffhanger Writing Prompts
Includes famous words from historic Gr. 3–6 · 64 pages
figures like Gandhi and Martin Luther
King Jr. Thirty one-page writing prompts
provide scaffolded writing practice
1954256 $13.99 with rich characters, imaginative
settings, and edge-of-your-seat
cliffhangers that set students up for
writing success.
2235902 $14.99

Daily Handwriting Practice

Traditional Cursive
All Grades · 112 pages
Based on the premise that
frequent, focused practise leads
to mastery of the handwriting
forms. Students practise writing
letters, words, and sentences. BESTSELLERS!
1849291 $28.99 How to Write a Story
96 pages each
Four step-by-step writing units
help young writers create
sensible stories with a
beginning, middle, and end.
Also includes a story writing
centre with reproducible
Canadian Writing Series charts, prompts, and
Story Writing writing forms.
Gr. 1–3 ∙ 86 pages 1239210 Gr. 1-3 $24.99
With over 150+ writing prompts, you 1403287 Gr. 4-6+ $24.99
will find how to introduce, explain
and practise various writing styles
including pattern writing, sequence
writing, writing an information piece,
and more.
3057488 $15.99

Canadian Story
Story Starters 64 pages each
64 pages each Get students writing with
Inspire creative writing! topics that matter to them,
These ready-to-use including sports, nature,
worksheets with 58 special days, and more!
illustrations can be used Each story starter includes a
to generate ideas for short photograph, corresponding
stories, poetry, and other word list, blank line for the
works. Includes student story title, and space for the
editing and proofreading story itself.
checklists, and more.
2308907 Gr. 1-3 $12.99
1553389 Gr. 1-3 $12.99 2308915 Gr. 4-6 $12.99
1553404 Gr. 4-6 $12.99

Taxes are not included. 129

Writing Lessons

Daily Warm-Ups ALL NEW!

Nonfiction & Fiction Writing Practice, Assess, Diagnose
176 pages each 180 Days of Writing
Twenty-five quick, effective activities for the six traits of good writing: 208 pages each
ideas and content, word choice, fluency, voice, organization, and Provides students with practise in writing argument/opinion, informative/
conventions. Students master skills in both nonfiction and fiction explanatory, and narrative pieces while, also strengthening their language
as they write narratives, explanations, descriptions, poems, journal and grammar skills.
entries, and more!
3193703 Gr. K $24.99 3193745 Gr. 4 $24.99
2892819 Gr. 1 $26.99 2892843 Gr. 4 $26.99
3193711 Gr. 1 $24.99 3193753 Gr. 5 $24.99
2892827 Gr. 2 $26.99 2892851 Gr. 5 $26.99
3193729 Gr. 2 $24.99 3193761 Gr. 6 $24.99
2892835 Gr. 3 $26.99 2892869 Gr. 6 $26.99
3193737 Gr. 3 $24.99

50 Writing Lessons BESTSELLER!
That Work! 100 Writing Lessons
Gr. 4–8 · 64 pages Gr. 4–8 · 240 pages
Reproducible lessons are designed Help your students become strong
to make students want to write well, writers! Includes dozens of ideas
organize their ideas, write focused for teaching persuasive, narrative,
paragraphs, make transitions, use descriptive, and expository writing
strong adjectives and verbs, write skills.
dialogue, and more. 1922584 $29.99
589533 $14.99

ALL NEW! Daily Paragraph Editing

The Write Stuff 176 pages each
160 pages each Editing practice targets grade-level skills from the language arts
Develop students’ writing skills! The in-depth units in this series provide curriculum, focusing on capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and
step-by-step lessons that focus on opinion/argumentative, informative/ language usage. An answer key is included.
explanatory, and narrative writing, and provide examples and strategies to
work through the writing process from opening sentence to conclusion. 1849308 Gr. 2 $34.99 1849340 Gr. 6+ $34.99
1849316 Gr. 3 $34.99 2548347 Gr. 7 $34.99
3197250 Gr. 2 $24.99 3197284 Gr. 5 $24.99
1849324 Gr. 4 $34.99 2548355 Gr. 8 $34.99
3197268 Gr. 3 $24.99 3197292 Gr. 6+ $24.99
1849332 Gr. 5 $34.99
3197276 Gr. 4 $24.99

Traits of Writing & Poetry

Traits of Writing
Identify your students’
strengths and weaknesses at all
grade levels. Resources feature
lessons, writing samples, and
management ideas for creating
a traits-based approach to
teaching and assessing writing.
1423920 Gr. K-2 $36.99
288 pages
1093020 Gr. 3+ $36.99
304 pages
2074839 Gr. 6-8 $39.99
336 pages + CD

Using Benchmark Papers

to Teach Writing
Daily 6-Trait Writing With the Traits
Gr. 3–5 · 96 pages + CD
160 pages each
Help students become strong and successful writers through Teach your students how to write by
engaging lessons that support any writing program! Reproducible showing examples of real classroom
pages and additional teacher resources give you the tools you need papers. Sample student papers
to help students master and retain basic skills. are scored by trait and include
teacher commentary explaining the
1993808 Gr. 1 $39.99 1993840 Gr. 5 $39.99 evaluation. Includes six papers per
1993816 Gr. 2 $39.99 1993858 Gr. 6+ $39.99 trait and a CD with PDFs of each
1993824 Gr. 3 $39.99 2548321 Gr. 7 $39.99 paper.
1993832 Gr. 4 $39.99 2548339 Gr. 8 $39.99 2075100 $26.99

BESTSELLER! Poetry Writing

Poem of the Week Poster Papers
Gr. K–2 · 128 pages Gr. 4–6 · 30 double-sided
poster papers,
Includes poetry on all your favourite 56cm x 43cm each
themes, plus ready-to-go activities
that teach phonics, writing skills, and Teach your students about
more. Ideal for whole-group learning acrostics, cinquains, couplets,
and circle time! limericks, and more with fun-
to-fill-in poster pages that
668626 $19.99 you can display around the
2325662 $20.99

30 double-sided poster papers

Leveled Poems
for Small-Group Reading Lessons
Gr. 1–3 · 96 pages
Match each reader to the perfect
poem with 40 engaging, reproducible
poems and accompanying mini-
lessons to help teach key reading
skills as well as the must-know
features of poetry.
2682038 $18.99

Poetry Writing Handbook
Gr. 4–6 · 112 pages
This bestselling guide teaches 36
different poetic forms and comes SAVE
complete with definitions, examples,
guidelines, and activity pages for
students to write their own poetry.
Poet’s Workshop 8-Pack
$ 1761
Gr. 4+ · 8 paperbacks, 32 pages each
Show students the power of language
and how to use it! With helpful exercises and inspiring examples, students will learn
about free verse, limericks, narrative poems, nursery rhymes, cinquains,
673881 $19.99 concrete poems, haikus, and list poems.
2895417 $87.60 $69.99

Taxes are not included. 131

Picture Books

The Giving
Gr. PreK–3
hardcover, 64 pages
This tree gives a
little boy shade,
apples, and more NEW!
in this story of I Am Canada NEW!
friendship and A Celebration
generosity. Gr. PreK–1 ∙ hardcover, 32 pages What is Peace?
Gr. PreK+ ∙ hardcover, 32 pages
641987 $21.00 Simple text is paired with pictures by a
variety of treasured Canadian illustrators Beautiful art and thoughtful text invite students
in this patriotic book. to think about what peace means to them.
3162592 $19.99 2977968 $19.99

The Dot
Gr. K+ ∙ hardcover,
32 pages
When Vashti claims
she can’t draw, her
art teacher shows
her that everyone
is an artist!
1181966 $18.00 NEW!
Happy Dreamer
Love You Forever Gr. K+ ∙ hardcover, 32 pages
Gr. PreK–3 ∙ paperback, 32 pages An empowering book that teaches readers
The classic story of love between a to stay true to who they are, be creative, and
parent and child, by Canadian treasure dream big!
Robert Munsch. 3023041 $21.99
98534 $5.95

The Fabulous
Gr. K–3 ∙ hardcover,
32 pages
A chicken finds a
smartphone and
texts so many new
friends, she doesn’t NEW!
have time to see Friendshape
the friends all Gr. PreK–2 ∙ hardcover, 40 pages
around her on the Friends shape who we are. Celebrate the gift NEW!
farm! of friendship while you learn about shapes! Scribble
3114535 $14.99 2908781 $20.99 Gr. PreK–1 · hardcover, 32 pages
Circle, Square, and Triangle are drawn
together to make amazing things with the
help of Scribble!
2879932 $16.99

Oh, the Places
You’ll Go!
Gr. PreK+
hardcover, 56 pages
This rhyming
read-aloud offers
BESTSELLER! encouragement to
Exclamation Mark Red is Best students of all ages
Gr. K–3 ∙ hardcover, 56 pages Gr. PreK–2 ∙ paperback, 32 pages on their first day of
One little exclamation point shows Young readers will relate to this stubborn toddler school, graduation,
readers that sometimes being who knows that juice tastes better out of her red or anytime!
different is more fun than fitting in! cup and her red boots take bigger steps! 117954 $24.99
2448125 $19.99 2254829 $6.95

Picture Books & Novels
The Day the
Fairy Tale Twists Gr. PreK–3 ∙ hardcover,
Gr. K–2 ∙ hardcover, 32 32 pages each
pages each Duncan struggles with
Silly versions of the his crayons and has to
classic fairy tales. deal with this colourful
The Three bunch of characters.
Little Pigs The Day the
and the Somewhat Crayons Quit
Bad Wolf 2637546 $19.00
2509943 $21.99 The Day the
The Sky is Falling! Crayons Came
2855487 $19.99 Home
2919580 $21.99

ALL NEW! When Sophie…

Gr. PreK–2 ∙ 40 pages each
Good Morning/ Sophie expresses her
Goodnight feelings. Two engaging
Canada stories about how
Gr. PreK–2 ∙ hardcover, children learn to deal
32 pages each with their emotions.
Take a trip across
When Sophie Gets
Canada and see our
nation’s animals,
provinces, territories, Really Angry…
and more! paperback
Good Morning, 1263996 $7.99
Canada When Sophie’s
2636184 $16.99 Feelings Are Really,
Goodnight, Canada Really Hurt
2253798 $16.99
2916114 $21.99


Smile/Sisters Harry Potter
Geronimo Box Set and the
Stilton Starter Gr. 4+ · 2 paperbacks, Philosopher’s
Set 208-244 pages Stone
Gr. 2–5 · 3 paperbacks, slipcase
Gr. 3+ · paperback,
128 pages each Readers can relate 224 pages
slipcase to Raina as she A young wizard
The first three struggles with discovers his
books in the braces, boys, and magical heritage.
beloved Geronimo siblings in this A modern classic
Stilton series! bestselling graphic perfect for the
2740993 $23.97 novel series. classroom library.
2707696 $23.99 3070240 $14.99
First three books in the series Graphic novels

Macdonald Hall
The Complete Set
Gr. 4+ · 7 paperbacks,
NEW! 144-232 pages · slipcase
The Breadwinner Roommates,
NEW! SAVE Gr. 5+ · paperback, 176 pages troublemakers,
Eric Walters Collection
Gr. 5+ · 6 paperbacks, 128 pages each
$ 71 An eleven year old girl is
forced to be her family’s
practical jokers.
Macdonald Hall
This favourite author knows how to engage reluctant breadwinner in the war-torn will never be
readers with topical stories and simple vocabulary. Taliban-era in Afghanistan. the same!
3207421 $59.70 $49.99 3128635 $9.95 2515429 $45.00

Taxes are not included. 133

Reader Collections

Nursery Rhyme Readers
Gr. PreK–1 · 60 storybooks, 5 copies each of 12 titles,
8 pages each · 48-page teaching guide · storage box
BESTSELLER! ONLY A collection of classic books that promotes
Word Fun 10-Pack 2
$ 99
phonemic awareness and lays the foundation for
reading success! Set includes five copies each of
Gr. 2–4 · 10 paperbacks, 24 pages each 12 books and a teaching guide filled with lessons,
If you were a punctuation mark, what would you do? These fun books activities, and age-perfect reproducible worksheets.
help teach students basic language concepts with simple text and 2198192 $49.99
colourful illustrations.
2867705 $29.99

Folk & Fairy Tale

Easy Readers
Gr. K–2 · 75 full-colour storybooks, 5 copies each of
15 titles, 16 pages each · 120-page teaching guide
storage box BESTSELLER!
Boost key reading skills—and cultural literacy— SAVE
Writer’s Toolbox 10-Pack
with this big collection of classics that are “just 51
right” for young learners! Content correlates Gr. 2–4 · 10 paperbacks, 32 pages each
with Guided Reading Levels E–I. Includes five Turn readers into writers! Using genre-specific works, this series
copies each of 15 titles and a teaching guide explores the tools all beginning writers need. Each title includes a
filled with mini-lessons, graphic organizers, and review list of key concepts, at least four exercises for getting started,
mini-book versions of all 15 tales. and numerous writing tips.
1507154 $89.99 2901529 $109.50 $89.99

The Trait Crate

6 high-interest books · 6 teaching guides · 6 posters
colour-coded stickers · resource · storage box
Teaching writing just got easier and more effective! In each crate, you’ll find
everything you need to help students use the six traits: ideas, conventions,
sentence fluency, organization, word choice, and voice to improve their
writing. Each set includes six books, one for each trait, a teaching guide for
each book, and a resource with reading suggestions, organized by trait.
1902388 Gr. 2 $149.99
(includes audio CD)
1664201 Gr. 3 $149.99
(includes 12 overhead transparencies)
1664219 Gr. 4 $149.99
(includes 12 overhead transparencies)
1664227 Gr. 5 $149.99
(includes 12 overhead transparencies)
2277037 Gr. 6 $149.99
(includes CD)

Audio Picture Books

$ 97
There Was An Old Lady 5-Pack $ 14
How Do Dinosaurs 4-Pack Gr. PreK–3 · 5 audio CDs · 5 paperbacks, 32 pages each
Gr. PreK–3 · 4 audio CDs · 4 paperbacks, 32 pages each With rollicking, rhyming text and funny illustrations, these five lively
How do dinosaurs do all of these things? Why, just like you and I! versions of the classic song will appeal to all!
2560086 $43.96 4 Books & 4 CDs $34.99 2560052 $54.95 5 Books & 5 CDs $39.99

Munsch I 5-Pack SAVE Munsch II 5-Pack SAVE

Gr. PreK–3 ∙ 5 paperbacks, 32 pages each ∙ 5 audio CDs
Five funny favourites read aloud by Robert Munsch himself!
$ 39 96 Gr. PreK–3 ∙ 5 paperbacks, 32 pages each ∙ 5 audio CDs
More hilarious hits from Canadian treasure Robert Munsch!
$ 39 96

3047322 $79.95 5 Books & 5 CDs $39.99 3047356 $79.95 5 Books & 5 CDs $39.99

SAVE Jillian Jiggs 2-Pack
$ 994
The Magic School Bus 5-Pack
$ 1496 Gr. PreK–3 · 2 audio CDs · 2 paperbacks,
40 pages each
Two favourite, funny, rhyming stories starring
Gr. 1–6 · 5 audio CDs · 5 paperbacks, 40-48 pages
Jillian Jiggs! What will she get up to next?
Follow Ms. Frizzle and her class on some wild learning adventures!
1884172 $29.98 2 Books & 2 CDs $24.99
2891770 $54.95 5 Books & 5 CDs $39.99

Taxes are not included. 135

LANGUAGE ARTS All readers can benefit from listening to audio books—beginning readers,
struggling readers, ESL students, reluctant readers, and grade-level readers.
Use this accessible method to teach critical listening skills and to introduce
Audio Picture Books students to new vocabulary and literary genres. Plus, the narrators on these
CDs model expressive reading and highlight the humour found in the stories.


Dear Mrs. I Love You
Fairy Because
Gr. PreK–3 LaRue
audio CD Gr. PreK–3 You’re You
paperback, audio CD Gr. PreK–3
40 pages paperback, audio CD
32 pages paperback,
Alice can 32 pages
disappear, fly, A hilarious
and turn her tale about a A charming
father into a clever dog story about a
horse, but she whose letters mama fox's
still has lots to to his owner unconditional
learn before she exaggerate his love for her cub
can become a experiences throughout his
permanent fairy! at the Canine many moods.
Academy. 1593484
Book & CD 2236231 Book & CD
$10.99 Book & CD $10.99


When Sophie Elegant
BESTSELLER! Gets Angry— Elephant
Giraffes Really, Really Gr. PreK–3
Can’t Dance Angry… audio CD
Gr. PreK–3 paperback,
Gr. PreK–3 56 pages
audio CD audio CD
paperback, paperback, What will Ella
32 pages 32 pages do when the
Gerald the Everybody kids tease her
giraffe loves to gets angry about her hat?
dance, but his sometimes— Ella learns the
legs are too see what Sophie importance of
skinny and his does when she staying true to
neck is too long! gets angry. yourself!
1879636 1669524 1576399
Book & CD Book & CD Book & CD
$10.99 $10.99 $10.99

Gr. PreK–3
audio CD A Bad Case
paperback, of Stripes
32 pages Gr. PreK–3 BESTSELLER!
Wendel Fultz's audio CD Stone Soup
mom thinks her paperback, Gr. PreK–3
son's bedroom 32 pages audio CD
is “turning into Find out why paperback,
a pigsty!” Little Camilla breaks 32 pages
does she know to into a bad case Three travelers
what extent: a real of stripes. A teach a village
pig has moved in, story about that happiness
forcing Wendel to being your own comes from
clean up his act. person. sharing!
1698119 1669681 2280189
Book & CD Book & CD Book & CD
$10.99 $10.99 $10.99
Contains some
American content.

Clifford the BESTSELLER!

Big Red Dog Duck
The on a Bike
Gingerbread Gr. PreK–3
audio CD Gr. PreK–3
Man paperback, audio CD
Gr. PreK–3 32 pages paperback,
audio CD 40 pages
Clifford is
everyone’s The hilarious tale
32 pages of a duck who
favourite big
The classic story red dog! Listen decides to ride
about one very along to the a bike and soon
determined little original story influences all the
cookie! in the beloved other animals on
1722520 series. the farm to ride
Book & CD bikes too.
$10.99 Book & CD 2131407
$10.99 Book & CD

Audio Chapter Books & Novels

Junie B. Jones Magic Tree House Collection Magic Tree House Collection
Books 1-8 Books 1-8 Books 9-16
Gr. 1–3 · 5 audio CDs · running time: 5 hours, 49 mins. Gr. 1–4 · 5 audio CDs · running time: 5 hours, 40 mins. Gr. 1–4 · 5 audio CDs · running time: 5 hours, 30 mins.
This kindergartner gets into trouble at school, Includes a bonus interview with the author, Jack and Annie are whisked away to amazing
has a new baby brother, and much more! Mary Pope Osborne. places in these exciting stories!
1866419 $39.00 1866435 $46.00 2896283 $35.00

Princess in Black
Geronimo Stilton Books 1-3 The Tale of Despereaux
Books 1-3 Gr. K–3 · audio CD · running time: 1 hour Gr. 2–6 · 3 audio CDs · running time: 3 hours, 30 mins.
Gr. 2–4 · 2 audio CDs · running time: 3 hours, 33 mins.
The first three stories about this brave princess Despereaux and Miggery embark on a journey
Follow this adventurous mouse’s tales as who defeats monsters and villains when she gets
he solves exciting mysteries! that leads them into a horrible dungeon, a
the chance to sneak away from her royal duties! glittering castle, and more!
1866401 $28.00 3198159 $20.00 2896324 $23.99


Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Gr. 3–6 · 2 audio CDs · running time: 1 hour, 39 mins. Charlotte’s Web
Gr. 3–5 · 3 audio CDs · running time: 2 hours, 33 mins. When fifth grader Nicholas Allen invents a Gr. 3–6 · 3 audio CDs · running time: 3 hours, 34 mins.
Fudge is driving Peter crazy! Can Peter deal new word for a pen, frindle, he sets in motion a The beloved story of friendship between
with his little brother’s antics? series of events that rapidly spins out of control. Charlotte the spider and Wilbur the pig.
1765801 $21.00 1866394 $27.99 1581588 $35.00


The Roald Dahl Audio Collection Holes Because of Winn-Dixie
Gr. 3–6 · 3 audio CDs · running time: 3 hours, 30 mins. Gr. 3–5 · 4 audio CDs · running time: Gr. 3–6 · 2 audio CDs · running time: 2 hours, 28 mins.
In this collection, five splendiferous, wickedly funny 4 hours, 37 mins. When 10-year-old Opal adopts Winn-Dixie, she
stories are brought to life by the author himself! Stanley is sent to the desert where he has to learns that this dog can help her in more ways
dig holes with tough kids like Armpit and X-Ray! than one.
2896267 $39.99
1771949 $25.95 2896332 $22.99
Taxes are not included. 137
Audio Chapter Books & Novels

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
$71 98
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s
Stone The Lightning Thief The Hunger Games Trilogy
Gr. 5+ · 7 audio CDs · running time: 8 hours, 30 mins. Gr. 5+ · 8 audio CDs · running time: 10 hours Gr. 6+ · 29 audio CDs · running time:
11 hours, 30 min. each
Harry will learn that he’s really a wizard! He Percy Jackson learns he is a demigod and must
embark on a journey to unravel a treachery more This mega-selling series will keep students
finds himself drawn deep inside a mystical
powerful than the gods themselves. guessing until the very end!
world he never knew existed and closer to his
own noble destiny. 2896358 $23.99 2288290 $131.97 $59.99
3198175 $33.99

Hatchet The BFG
Gr. 4–8 · 3 audio CDs · running time: 3 hours,
42 mins.
Gr. 3–7 · 4 audio CDs · running time: 4 hours, 30 mins. Island of the Blue Dolphins
The BFG is no ordinary bone-crushing giant. Gr. 5+ · 4 audio CDs · running time: 3 hours, 41 mins.
After his plane crashes, Brian survives 54 days He’s far too nice and jumbly, and he’s set out Karana has been stranded alone on an island
alone in the wilderness with only his hatchet! to help Sophie on a dangerous mission. for years. This is a story of survival, natural
1581679 $29.95 3198167 $34.95 beauty, and personal discovery.
2896340 $22.95

The Outsiders Anne Frank

Gr. 6+ · 4 audio CDs · running time: 5 hours, 9 mins. The Diary of a Young Girl
Ponyboy is loyal only to the tough guys in his Gr. 6+ · 8 audio CDs · running time: 9 hours, 55 mins.
gang. Then someone is killed and Ponyboy’s Anne Frank’s extraordinary diary, written in the Elijah of Buxton
world falls apart! Amsterdam attic where she and her family hid Gr. 4–8 · 8 audio CDs · running time: 8 hours, 58 mins.
from the Nazis for two years, is a testament to Elijah must leave his home to make a
1766106 $29.95 the human spirit. dangerous journey south!
2896374 $47.00 1994070 $57.50

The Maze Runner The Giver Touching Spirit Bear
Gr. 6+ ∙ 9 audio CDs ∙ running time: 11 hours Gr. 6+ · 4 audio CDs · running time: 4 hours, 48 mins. Gr. 5+ · 5 audio CDs · running time: 6 hours
The only way out of the Glade is through the Everyone in Jonas’s community must look,
ever–changing maze that surrounds it—but no Cole Matthews is banished to a remote Alaskan
act, and think the same. How can Jonas island, and to survive, he must stop blaming
one has ever made it through alive. change things? others and take responsibility for his life.
3052298 $24.99 1766073 $35.00 2896415 $41.00
Manipulatives & Reference

ABC Magnetic
Picture Words
26 letter tiles + 1 blank
tile, 5cm x 3cm each
BESTSELLERS! Partial set shown.
Letter Foam Magnets magnets let students
104 pieces, 2cm x 2cm each check their own work
Students will love learning their ABCs, spelling, building words, and as they match picture
more with these foam magnetic letters! magnets to words!
Uppercase Lowercase Front
Back 3062099 $9.99
3062073 $9.99 3062081 $9.99 Partial set shown.

Partial set shown.

Word Chunking Foam BESTSELLER! Partial set shown.

Magnets Sentence Building Foam

100 pieces, 4cm x 3cm each Magnets
Colour-coded foam magnets 100 pieces, 4cm x 3cm each
include 55 word families with This set of foam magnets
25 blends/digraphs and 20 includes a wide variety of words,
consonants so students can mix plus punctuation, so students
can get hands-on practise at
and match to build words on any
magnetic surface! sentence building! Magnetic ABC Pictures Magnetic Word Ladders
3062106 $13.99 3062114 $13.99 26 pieces, 4.4cm x 7cm each 3 pieces, 10cm x 43cm each
3179026 $12.99 3179034 $12.99


$ 98
Hardcovers SAVE
Scholastic Pocket Reference 3-Pack
Gr. 3+ · 3 pocket reference books, 13cm x 19cm each, 240-352 pages
Scholastic Reference 2-Pack
$ 99

Three pocket reference books to help students expand vocabulary and Gr. 2–7 · 2 hardcovers, 240-864 pages
improve writing. A must-have for any classroom! 2694380 $44.98 $39.99
2560143 $27.97 $19.99
Scholastic Scholastic
Scholastic First Children’s
Dictionary Children’s
Gr. PreK–2
Thesaurus Dictionary
hardcover, 256 pages Gr. 4–6 · hardcover, Gr. 2–7 · hardcover,
240 pages 864 pages
More than 500 This comprehensive
and phonetic
headwords and children’s dictionary
2,500 synonyms, includes 200 new
for more than
plus parts of entries, sample
1,500 headwords.
speech, definitions, sentences, cross
More than
and example references, full-colour
600 full-colour
sentences for each, illustrations, and a
make this a must- unique, child-specific
help illustrate the
have classroom phonetic pronunciation
reference for guide that spells words
1520073 $22.99 beginning writers! the way they sound.
Hardcover Hardcover 1520065 $22.99
2556861 $21.99

Taxes are not included. 139

Manipulatives Magnetic Jumbo Letters
Gr. PreK+ · 40 magnetic letters, 6cm each
Magnetic Manuscript Line
Gr. K–2 · 5 strips, 61cm x 8cm each
A great reference for beginning writers! Includes uppercase and
lowercase letters and numbers 1 to 10.

2899740 $15.99

Uppercase Lowercase
2260470 $22.99 2260488 $22.99
Scribble Chalk
3062049 $15.99

Magnetic Cursive Line

Gr. 3–6 · 5 strips, 61cm x 8cm each
Learning cursive writing is a breeze with these helpful reminders!
Includes uppercase and lowercase letters. BESTSELLER!
Follow Along Letters
Gr. PreK–1 · 26 letters,
22cm each
Colourful dry erase letters
Large have lightly printed directional
2899758 $15.99 lines to guide beginning
writers. Wipe and reuse!
2894302 $24.99

Scribble Chalk
3062065 $15.99

ALL NEW! American Sign

Word Wheels Language Cards
Curriculum Cut-Outs Gr. PreK+ ∙ 26 double-sided
Gr. 1–2 ∙ 18 word wheels each cards, 15cm x 20cm each
Providing students with take-home language arts manipulatives is an Each card features a letter
excellent way to help them build the skills necessary for success! of the alphabet with a
photograph of the hand sign
on one side; the other side
includes traditional capital
and lowercase letters and a
photo of a familiar object that
illustrates the featured letter.
3057123 $18.99
Partial set shown.

Beginning Blends Word Families

3182136 $7.99 3182144 $7.99

Magnetic Sight
Gr. K–2
100 punch-out
Ending Blends Diagraphs word magnets,
3182152 $7.99 3182160 $7.99 4cm x 3cm each
Students are
BESTSELLERS! encouraged to
Sight Words in memorize these
a Flash words by sight
169 flash cards, so that they can
7cm x 10cm each
instantly recognize
Develop literacy them in print without
skills with colour- having to use any
coded flash cards. strategies to decode.
Cards are hole-
punched for easy Level 1
sorting and each set 2862490 $13.99
includes two sort- Level 2
and-store rings. 2862507 $13.99
1714478 Gr. K-1 $16.99 Level 3
1714486 Gr. 1-2 $16.99 2862515 $13.99
1714494 Gr. 2-3 $16.99


Gr. PreK+ ∙ board + magnetic
stylus each
Students will love using the
magnetic stylus to form
letters and numbers properly
A-Z Uppercase
30cm x 24cm
on these magnetic tracing
boards. They wipe clean with 3057595 $34.99
the tip of a finger!

Partial set shown.

Letter Vests
Gr. PreK–2 · 32 vests, 22cm x 64cm each · teaching guide
Spell out more than 500 sight words and word family
groupings. Capital letters are printed on the back
of each vest; different letters are displayed on each
side for more choice. Each brightly coloured vest is a-z Lowercase 0-9 Numbers
printed on tough, non-tear paper to withstand years of 30cm x 24cm 20cm x 17cm
classroom use. Includes a word list and teaching guide.
3057644 $34.99 3057652 $29.99
1568726 $49.99

Reading Comprehension Cubes
Gr. PreK+ · 6 foam cubes, 4cm each · teaching guide
Liven up your reading discussions! Each cube has
a comprehension question on each side. Students
answer the questions before reading (red), during
reading (blue), and after reading (green).
1410266 $18.99
30 reading strips
Reading Highlight Strips
30 poly strips, 3cm x 18cm each
Help readers focus on text with this simple
tool! Place the flexible ruler over the specific
line to highlight one line of text.
1204338 $14.99

Toobaloo 2-Pack
Giant Alphabet Lacing Letters Conversation Cubes All Grades · 2 plastic toobaloos
Gr. PreK+ · 52 plastic lacing letters, Gr. 1+ · 6 foam cubes, 4cm each · teaching guide Students can hear their voices clearly when
26 uppercase and 26 lowercase · 16 laces With 36 different conversation starters, they read aloud into the Toobaloo, allowing
Build hand-eye co-ordination, letter students will learn everything about their for easy self-correction. A perfect tool for
recognition, and sorting skills with thick laces classmates, from the thing that they are most ESL and speech class, the
and big plastic letters that are colour-coded to proud of, to what they would take with them Toobaloo is endorsed
differentiate between vowels and consonants. on a trip to the moon! by reading specialists,
2347822 $39.99 1984170 $18.99 speech pathologists,
and teachers. Made
of lightweight, break-
BESTSELLER! resistant plastic.
BESTSELLER! Word Tiles 1431080 $19.99
Letter Tiles Gr. K+ · 160 plastic tiles
Gr. PreK+ storage tub
176 plastic tiles, Build sentences!
2cm x 2.5cm each
storage tub
Includes colour-coded
word tiles: 55 nouns
Learn the (blue), 35 verbs (red),
alphabet! Includes 31 adjectives (green),
88 uppercase letters and 39 miscellaneous
and 88 lowercase tiles including
letters. punctuation and
1244657 $15.99 pronouns (yellow).
1244673 $15.99

Taxes are not included. 141