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Choose any two of the following activities to complete. They must be turned in by the end of class.

Keep in mind that I have used this choice board for all four levels of German – you have the same
guidelines, but my expectations for the product you produce are much different. If you’re in AP, don’t
turn in something that a student in German 1 could produce. And if you’re in German 1, don’t turn in
something you could have done during the first week of school.

Crossword Puzzle Comic Gameboard

Create a crossword puzzle with Write and illustrate a 6-10 panel Come up with 15-20 questions
15 vocabulary words from the comic strip using at least seven based on the current vocabulary,
current unit. Clues must be in current vocabulary words and grammar and/or cultural unit.
complete sentences in German. three examples of the current Put your questions on the
Include both the finished puzzle grammar topic. Highlight the included game board OR honey
and an answer key. vocabulary and grammar comb sheet. Include an answer
examples. key.
Store Ad Interview Rebus
Create a magazine ad for a Write ten questions using Make a rebus (picture story)
German store (make up a vocabulary words from the using at least ten vocabulary
name!). Have 10 products for current unit. Interview two words from the current unit.
sale related to your current classmates and write their Have someone read it back to
vocabulary unit. Include a answers. Write complete you, then have them initial it.
picture, brief description and sentences! Example:
price for each item. Ich habe eine
Scrabble Song Penpal
Play scrabble with 2-3 of your Take a familiar tune and make a Write an e-mail to a German
classmates using the attached song about the current grammar penpal. Use 12+ vocabulary
scrabble board. Make sure you or vocabulary unit. Be prepared words from the current unit and
use words from the current to either sing your song OR have 3 examples of the current
vocabulary unit. IF YOU DO NOT someone else sing it to the class. grammar topic. Highlight
KNOW THE RULES FOR THIS vocabulary and grammar
Survey Grammar Exercises Flashcards
Create a 3-5 question survey Deutsch III und IV: Look up our Deutsch I und II: Create a set of
based on the current vocabulary current grammar unit in the picture flashcards for at least 20
unit. Interview at least half of book “German in Review” (green vocabulary words from the
the class and take notes on their book on the bookshelves near current unit. Write the
responses. Then create a graph my desk). Complete five practice vocabulary word on one side and
to summarize your classmates’ exercises. Be sure to clearly draw an illustration of it on the
answers to each question. label exercise and page other. You may use notebook
numbers. paper.

Grammar Exercises – This specifically refers to the textbook “German in Review.” If you don't have this
book or teach another language, you may need to change this!

Scrabble – This is a game board that I sometimes use with my students if we have some extra time at
the end of class. If you're interested in a free copy, it's available on my TPT account. The product can be
found here:

Game board – This can be used with any blank game board. There’s one available for free on my TPT
account. The product can be found here:

Game board: Honey comb – This is a vocabulary review game. If you’re interested in purchasing the
template for this game, it’s available on my TPT account. The product can be found here:

For more information about this Choice Board, please read my blog entry about it!