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Despite being the second oldest city in the Miami-Dade County, the City of

Homestead has never stopped becoming a vibrant and dynamic city, while
preserving its antiquity and cultural richness. Homestead City is actually
adjacent to two national parks: the Everglades National Park and Biscayne
National Park. Ten miles west of Homestead is Everglades, which is a haven
of immense mangrove species and saw grass plains. With all wild species
found in it, such as manatees, ibis, alligators, and panthers, this national
park is also considered a rich subtropical wilderness abounding the City of
Homestead. On the other hand, Biscayne encompasses the bay, barrier
islands, and coral reefs. No wonder, Homestead has become known to many
as a go-to for municipal parks and recreational activities.

However, no matter how beautiful and peaceful the City of Homestead could
be, it will never be exempt from the occurrence of injuries or accidents just
like any other city in Florida. Being the home for The National Association for
Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) Homestead-Miami Speedway, the risks and
looming dangers couldn’t be even more emphasized. In fact, the City attracts
adrenaline rush-seeker race fans who want to experience their fair share of
thrilling getaways.

To date, here are some most commonly occurring injuries or accidents

sustained by Homestead residents and sojourners alike:

1. Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents may happen anytime or anywhere. And living in

the City of Homestead does not exempt anyone from experiencing this.
This type of accident happens for a number of reasons. But for the
most part, negligence on the part of the rider and other drivers gives
rise to it. At any rate, anyone who may have suffered from motorcycle
accidents may need Homestead personal injury lawyers to pursue his

2. Car accidents

Car accidents doesn’t stop in sustaining injuries. If one desires to claim

for damages or compensation for said injuries, the victim must be able
to bring forth his claim within the prescriptive period provided for by
law. Under the Florida laws and court system, claims for accidents like
this must be brought to court within four (4) years, to be reckoned from
the date of the crash or accident.

3. Pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents in Homestead City happen for the same reasons

as they do in other cities in Florida. Most often than not, persons are hit
by cars in the intersection areas. Other pedestrian accidents likewise
happen in other areas such as in sidewalks, crosswalks, and even in
roadsides. Accidents like this are as tormenting as others because they
could result to sky-rocketing medical bills, lost wages and earnings for
the individual and his family, and even loss of lives and limb.

DLE lawyers has a line-up of Homestead Personal Injury lawyers that

can help you during the trying times.

Sustaining any type or form of accident is the least that any person could
ever think of. It is not only traumatizing to the body and mind. It can even
more be painstaking or frustrating in terms of pursuing legal claims and
going about the compensation process. DLE lawyers have a roster of highly
experienced Homestead personal injury lawyers who actively litigates cases
involving car, personal, and motorcycle accidents. As such, any victim of said
accidents is assured to get what is due to him, whether by substantial
settlements or, when necessary, by litigation.