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CEAS K-6 Elementary Education with  
Educator  6-8 Middle School Science Certification  
Anticipated May 2019 


Contact  Professional Experiences 

  Student Teaching- 7th Grade Science- Richard M. Teitelman School 
361 E Miami Avenue  September 2018-April 2019 
Villas, New Jersey 08251  ● Instructed six, 7th-grade science classes, each with ~15 students. 
● Participated in after school functions, including chaperoning the 
609.675.1431  Valentine’s Day Dance.  ● Created and implemented lessons and labs in a variety of styles. 
  ● Completed an 8-week SGO which tracked students academic 
  progress during a key unit. 
ㅡ  ● Differentiated lessons to appeal to multiple intelligences, 
students with IEP’s, and ELL’s. 
Education  Atlantic City Urban Experience- 7th and 8th grade Social Studies- 
  Sovereign Avenue School  
Stockton University  Spring Semester 2018 
Expected Graduation  ● Observed over 80 hours of instruction in middle school science 
May 2019  and social studies classrooms in an urban setting. 
  ● Assisted with hands-on instruction including science labs and the 
BA in Psychology  social studies tea party during the Revolutionary War unit. 
Concentration in Elementary  Teaching Assistant- Intro to Psychology- Stockton University 
Education  Spring Semester 2018 
Minors in Childhood Studies and  ● Assisted with the instruction of a 100-student seminar 
Disability Studies  ● Gave a 90 minute lecture on the power of emotional psychology. 
GPA: 3.90  ● Developed lab activities and led weekly lab groups of 20 
● Created and led study sessions before every exam. 
● Proctored and monitored exams. 

References  Research Development 
  Research on Childhood and Adolescence - Stockton University 
Mrs. Lori Schulte  Fall 2018 Semester 
Richard M. Teitelman School  ● Conducted research using a national data archive (LONGSCAN) 
(609)-425-8006  on children who have experienced maltreatment. 
  ● Discovered the positive effects that self-expectations have on 
Mrs. Heather Shagren  educational achievement for at-risk students. 
Richard M. Teitelman School  ● Connected positive self-expectations with teaching grit and 
  setting S.M.A.R.T goals in the classroom. 
Professor Raymond Dolton   
Stockton University 
  Work Experience 
Dr. Michael Frank 
Manager - Dough Boy’s Bakery - Ocean View, New Jersey 
Stockton University 
Summer 2012 - December 2018 
● Facilitated customer-employee interactions. 
● Managed daily procedures such as opening, closing, and 
tracking inventory data.