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28th January 2019

Event Time
Registration 0900-0930

Recitation from Holy Quran 0930-0940 1 Day CPD

Short Course on
Opening Remarks 0940-0950

Session-1 0950-1100

Nuts & Bolts

Tea Break 1100-1130

Special Effects 1130-1200 On

Sesion-2 1200-1300
28th January 2019
Useful Habits
The Paramedic Method
PEC HQs, Islamabad
Lunch & Prayer Break 1300-1400

Session-3 1400-1600 Resource Person

Bonus Tools Engr. Dr. Sajid Iqbal
Q&A Session

Closing Remarks & Certificates 1600-1630

Purpose and Background
Every writer must answer these questions: Requirements to attend the course?
 Where do good ideas come from?
 Provide the following information in writing along with
 Why does one piece of writing succeed, and other
fail? Registration Fee latest by January 25, 2018:-
 Should sentences and paragraphs be long or  Name, Qualification, Organization
short?  PEC Registration No (Mandatory)
 When should be rules of grammar be obeyed, and  Contact number (cell, phone, e-mail)
when should they be stretched?  Address (department, business etc.)
 How can you look at your own work and judge it  Registration Fee: (Rs. 2000/- for Senior
Engineers standing more than 5-years), Rs. 1000/- for
Think of writing as carpentry and consider this Young Engineers REs Standing less than 5-Years), Rs.
workshop your toolbox. Like many great writing 250/- for Full time BSc Engineering Students (on
instructors, I have faith in the premise that people can
submission of photocopy of university student card,
be motivated, taught, and trained to write well --- any
person, at any level of experience can become a better Pay fee online through MCB TBD A/c
writer. Whether you are an undergrad student writing No.0685583041005497 in favour of “Pakistan
his project report or a grad student writing a Engineering Council Islamabad”.
paper/thesis, you will find all the ways to write it  To: Deputy Registrar, Engr. Abdur Rehman,
better in this workshop. We will recommend many Pakistan Engineering Council, Ataturk Avenue
important tools not rules for good writing. (East), G-5/2 Islamabad
Writing is difficult but it is not a mechanical process. It  Tel: 051-2870349, 2829311 Ext. 213, 267
is a science as well as an art. While perfecting the art
of great writing is painstaking process in general, it can
 Fax: 051-2871629
also become a joyful occupation by following certain  E-mail:
crucial tips and techniques.
Special Features Profile of Resource Person:
 A certificate will be awarded to the Engr. Dr. Sajid Iqbal did his PhD in Mechatronics
participants. Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT),
China. He received his BSc and MSc in Electrical
 As per the implemented Continuing
Engineering from UET Lahore, where he is currently
Professional Development System by PEC, serving as an Assistant Professor in the Mechatronics
Credit Points will be awarded to the
& Control Engineering Department. His current
research interests include nonlinear dynamics, chaos,
Registered/Professional Engineers who have TRIZ, electric circuits, and engineering education. He
attended the course and earned the certificate. has presented his research work in many international
conferences. In addition, he has authored various
WHO SHOULD ATTEND? journal articles. He has also published six reference
- All Engineers registered with PEC. user=EZKrF0cAAAAJ&hl=en.
Besides, Engr. Dr. Sajid Iqbal has an
association with various professional organizations
Course Fee: Rs.2000/- (Standing more than 5-years) including I.E.P, I.E.E.E.P, and P.E.C. Furthermore, He
Rs.1000/- (Standing Less than 5-years) has also won a car in Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz Show on
Rs.250/- (Full Time BSc Engg Students) PTV
v=H04zjdcR19w. He has been awarded Young
Course Date: 28th January 2019 Investigators Award at the 2018 Sage Assembly
Closing Date: 25th January 2019
awards/. He has also conducted CPD workshops on
PEC HQs Ataturk Avenue (East), scientific writing at the Institution of Engineers
G-5/2, Islamabad Pakistan (IEP), Lahore Centre, Lahore College for
Women University (LCWU), and UET Taxila.