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Lease Contract

The lessor (hereinafter referred to as Party A): _______________

ID number ID: _______________________ Phone HP: _____________________________

Lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B): _______________

ID number ID: _______________________ Contact number HP: _____________________________

Lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B)

Lessor (herein after referred to as Part A)

Lessee (herein after referred to as Part B)

Through friendly consultations, both parties will plan the agreement on housing leasing matters as

1. Basic information on rental housing: Party A will lease all its houses and ancillary facilities to Party B in
good condition.



Property Description: Room _____ _____ _____ hall kitchen Wei _____

Apartment Description: _____Bed Rooms_____Living Rooms_____toilets_____Kitchens

2. Property rights of the house: Party A shall have ownership of the house. Party A or its agent shall
present the original or relevant certificate of ownership certificate (or purchase contract) to Party B. The
house title certificate number: _________________

3. Lease period: The lease period is from _____ years _____ months _____ days to _____ years _____
months _____ days, one year period. Party A delivers the house to Party B on the _____ year _____
month _____ date.

One year rent starts from ______________________ and end on ______________________, Lessee
moves in on ______________________.

4. Rent and payment:

Rent: During the contract period, monthly rent: RMB _________ yuan / month (RMB capital:
___________________), payment frequency: pay once every _______, pay the next cycle rent 10 days
before the payment period expires, pay first After use.

Month rent: RMB__________per month, payment Period :every_____months, and the payment for
next period should be done TEN DAYS advance before valid date of this period.

5. Payment method: cash / bank transfer (cannot be modified during the contract period)

Bank name: ____________________________________ (XX Bank XX Branch / Branch)

Account number:________________________________________

Cardholder Name: __________________________________ (need to be the full name of the bank

certification name)

Deposit: In order to ensure the safety and integrity of the house and ancillary facilities, Party B agrees to
pay the deposit _______ yuan to Party A before Chengzu. Party A will issue a valid written receipt after
receiving the deposit. Party A shall refund the full amount of the deposit to Party B within 5 working
days after the lease relationship is dissolved and Party B moves out and pays all the fees payable.

Deposit: RMB__________, pay with the first payment of rent. Will be returned to Lessee after the
contract is terminated and all the bills are paid within 5 work days.

Party A may deduct the liquidated damages and damages caused by Party B's violation of the provisions
of this contract, and the insufficient portion shall be paid by Party B separately.

Party B is unable to properly lease the property during the lease term due to Party A's reasons. Party B
has the right to request Party A to return the full interest-free deposit and the prepaid unused rent, and
to implement Article 6.

5. Party A’s obligations:

1 Party A shall deliver the house and ancillary facilities to Party B on time.

2 If the housing facilities are damaged due to quality reasons, natural loss, force majeure or accidents,
Party A shall be responsible for repairs and bear the relevant expenses. If Party A fails to repair the
damage within two weeks, Party B will not be able to use the house facilities normally, and Party B has
the right to terminate the contract and request the refund of the deposit and the remaining rent paid.

Lessor shall be responsible to repair the apartment damage due to quality problem and natural
consumption within 2 weeks after being noticed, or Lessee has the right to terminate the contract and
claim back deposit and remaining rents.

3 Party A shall ensure that Party B has the right to lease the house. During the lease term, Party B shall
not sublet or transfer the property leased by Party B. Otherwise, Party B shall be liable for damages if
Party B's rights and interests are damaged.
4 Party A shall not increase the fare during the lease term

Party B’s responsibility:

1 Party B shall pay the rent on time according to the contract. Party B shall bear all the expenses
incurred due to actual use, such as electricity, water, gas, property, heating, and broadband usage fees
during the lease term.

Lessee shall pay and bear the cost of electricity, water, gas, property management fee, central heating
fee, internet fee etc.

2 Without the consent of Party A, Party B shall not sublet or sublet the rented house and take good care
of the use of the house.

Lessee should not rent part of or all house others and keep everything in the house well.

3 Damaged items will be compensated according to the price.

All the damage should be compensated by Lessor.

4 When Party B moves out of the house, it is necessary to restore the items and facilities in the house,
and the wall must not be drilled.

All the furniture and facilities should be return to the original arrangement after the Lessee move out
(Do not drill on the wall).

5 Party B shall legally use the house in accordance with the provisions of this contract, and shall not
arbitrarily change the nature of use. Party B shall not store dangerous goods in the house.

6. Termination and termination of the contract:

1 Upon expiration of the lease, Party B may notify Party A to renew the contract one month in advance
and enjoy priority. After consultation between the two parties, the lease contract will be re-signed.

2 If the lease expires, Party A shall notify Party B one month in advance if it no longer rents the house.

3 If Party A wants to terminate the lease during the lease term, Party B must notify Party B one month in
advance, and the deposit paid by Party B and the prepaid rent must be refunded, and Party B's monthly
rent is additionally paid as liquidated damages.

4 If during the lease term, Party B wants to terminate the lease in advance, Party A needs to notify Party
A one month in advance. If Party B is not at fault, Party A needs to refund Party B's deposit and prepaid
rent. Party B shall pay Party A's monthly rent as Liquidated damages.

8. This contract is in duplicate, one for each party.

7. Other conventions:

Lessor: __________________________ Lessee: ________________________

Contact number HP: ____________________________ Contact number HP:


Date of signature: _______________________ Date of signature: ________________________

The list of handover items is attached.

Room location: ____________________________________

House item handover list (subsidiary content of lease contract)

Home appliances, furniture

No. Name Quantity Remarks No. Name Quantity Remarks

Energy transfer data

No. Fee name Balance Payment


1 property fee

2 Water fee Water card / account number:

3 Electricity Charge Card/Account:

4 Gas Charges Gas Card / Account Number:

5 Number of pass cards:

6 Heating fee Card/Fold/Account:

Transferee: __________________________ Receiver: ________________________

Contact number HP: ____________________________ Contact number HP:


Date of signature: _______________________ Date of signature: ________________________

Deposit receipt

I __________ (name) ____________________ (ID number), received the rent of ______________ yuan
(capital______________) in the house of __________________________________________ on _____
years _____ _____ days, hereby certify.

Payee signature:

Date of receipt:
Billing guidelines:

Mr. Fang/Ms., please bring the following materials to the tax office/administrative office where the
house is located:

1. Landlord ID: Original/copy, if the invoicer is not the landlord, you must hold an authorization signed
by the landlord.

2. Real estate license / purchase contract: original / copy

3. Rental contract: original / copy

4. Bank card: used to pay taxes (Reference: <tax - rent> 1968 yuan -18,000 yuan, 3936 yuan -36,000

5. Billing information:

Company Name: Yantai CIMC Raffles Ocean Engineering Co., Ltd.

Taxpayer identification number: 913706006134309519

Address, Tel: No. 70, Zhifudao East Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City 6517400

Bank and account number: Yantai Branch of China Construction Bank 37001666360050002803

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