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Master Master
of of Science
Science (M.Sc.)
(M.Sc.) in ComputerScience
in Computer Science
Program Features:
 Highly qualified faculty members with  Class rooms equipped with multimedia facilities &
international teaching and research sound systems
 Modern library with the latest books and journals
 Transport facilities for the off campus students
 Trimester system to complete the program in
the shortest possible time
 Classes are conducted on Fridays only
 Broadband Internet connectivity and modern
computer lab with latest desktops

Applicant’s Eligibility:
Applicants must satisfy any one of the following criteria:
 BSc (Engineering) in any discipline from any recognized University
 4-year BSc (or 3-year Honors + 1-year MSc) in CS/CSE/IT/EEE/ECE/ETE or equivalent
 4-year BSc (or 3-year Honors + 1-year MSc) in Physics/Mathematics/Statistics/Geological
Sciences/Chemistry/Environmental Sciences
 4-year BSc (or 3-year Honors + 1-year MSc) in any subject with at least 1-year PGD in CSE/IT
or equivalent
Application Procedure:
One can follow either option 1 or option 2 to complete the application process.
Option-1: Online Application Process
Pay off Tk. 1000/- as application processing fee v)Enter your mobile no. as Bill Number
from your/agent’s Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking vi) Enter 1000 as Amount
Account to CSE, JU biller code 345. You Should vii) Enter your/agent’s mobile banking PIN
follow the below steps : viii) Collect Txnid (TRANSACTION ID) from
i) Using your/agent’s Dutch Bangla Mobile the return SMS
Banking Account, dial*322# ix) Visit the page:
ii) From the menu appeared, select 1 for Payment http://pmscs-admission.juniv.edu/admissionInstruction
iii) Select 1 for Bill Pay and follow the instructions.
iv) Enter 345 as Biller ID
Option-2: Offline Application Process
Each applicant must pay BDT 1000/- (in cash) to the department office during the working hour
( between 8:30 AM and 4:00PM) to complete application process.
Application Deadline April 18, 2018
Key Dates: AdmissionTest April 20, 2018 (Friday) at 3:00 PM
Commencement of Class May 11, 2018
* Result will be published on April 21, 2018 in our website. For further queries about the program, please visit
our website (http://www.juniv.edu/department/cse/) or call: 01941336337, 01818340362, 01905881517.

Professor Md. Abul Kalam Azad

Program Coordinator