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Over the years, people are fond (and will still be fond) of celebrating simple or
important occasions such as debuts, weddings, christenings, and other
occasional events with their loved ones, family, relatives and peers—in which they
need somebody to capture or film those moments that they wanted to treasure
and remember. Our team, The So Fab Creative Studio, has come up with an idea
in which we want to cater the people’s needs in terms of photography and
videography in events.

Photography known as an art, an application and a practice of creating

durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either
electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-
sensitive material such as photographic film. It is employed in many fields of
science, manufacturing (e.g., photolithography), and business, as well as its more
direct uses for art, film and video production, recreational purposes, hobby, and
mass communication. While videography on the other hand, refers to the process
of capturing moving images on electronic media (e.g., videotape, direct to disk
recording, or solid state storage) and even streaming media. The term includes
methods of video production and post-production. It could be considered the
video equivalent of cinematography (moving images recorded on film stock).
The advent of digital video recording in the late 20th century blurred the
distinction between videography and cinematography, as in both methods the
intermittent mechanism became the same. Nowadays, any video work outside
commercial motion picture production could be called videography.


Our mission is consisting of four parts. First, to give an affordable service that will
surely satisfy everyone’s pocket without sacrificing the good quality of photos and
videos they will get. Next to it is, we also want to create the people’s desired
outcome of photography and videography service they want to achieve that
others cannot give. Third, we will serve as a platform in extending and promoting
the essential beauty of art through photography. Lastly, we will always be the
devoted photography and videography studio and services that will cater and
deliver the artfulness and craftsmanship that is converted into photos and videos.


Our vision is composed of two parts. First, to be the leading photography and
videography studio and services in the Philippines that will illuminate the beauty
of every moment to celebrate. We will also be committed to transform and
capture every photo and video that everyone will surely be remembered.

Our logo is composed of three elements: the name, the colors and the camera.
The name of our business—the So Fab Creative Studio came up when we
wanted to make everything aesthetic. Instead of using the word, “so aesthetic”,
we replaced it as, “so fabulous” then shortcut the word “fabulous” into, “fab” so
a millennial ‘in’ term. Then, we simply added the word, “studio” and we ended
up having, the “So Fab Creative Studio”. Second, the color variations. The colors
we used are black and mustard yellow. Black is a very popular color in some
retails. In color psychology, black's color symbolizes the power, elegance, and
sophistication. It is also often used to evoke a sense of youth and
modernity. Black is also known as a "powerful" color, which might be the reason
why black is the most popular color for some luxury vehicles. On the other hand,
the yellow color is mostly associated with happiness and optimism, as well as
creativity. It has the ability to make people happier because it is also associated
with warmth—because of the sun. Mostly, yellow can be warmth, cheerfulness,
increased mental activity, and increased muscle energy. By applying these two
colors on our business’ logo it evokes the power, elegance and sophistication;
and the ability to make people happy with giving them a warm and cheerful
service with a creative ideas and endurance in our works. Lastly, the camera. It
symbolizes our main asset in our business—our cameras. Without it, we will not be
able to create and capture everything we want. So, this is definitely the most
important material in our business.


Since we have so many competitors in this industry, we only have two things that
makes us stand amongst them. First, we are sure to keep our words and finish our
projects on time. In our business, we do not apply the ‘Filipino Time’. We always
apply the quote: “Time is gold”. Because in the business world, you must be
professional in all aspects—especially on time. Second, we are sure to give a
remarkable result in our works. Being detailed in the simplest part when it comes
to editing, capturing and filming photos and videos is we believe, the key to
success. We assure that everything that we will do has a passion and dedication
exerted into it, in order for us to give the quality and remarkable service that
people deserve.