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Orchestration by Alan Stevens Hewitt


4 Female ROCK Voices:

LIZZIE- high belt: F#3-F#5 (belt to A5 if poss.)

ALICE- high mezzo lyric/mix/belt: G3 (w/F#3 pick-up/ghost-notes in one number) - A5 (legit soprano)
EMMA- alto/mezzo belt: F#3-D5
BRIDGET- contralto/low alto: F3 (w/E3 pick-up/ghost-notes in one number) – Eb5 (E5 opt. in one ad lib.)

6-Piece Band:

Keyboard 1/Conductor-
•Piano, w/Rotary, Processed w/Filter* [Analog-style LPF+HPF or Band-pass, alternately a Wah pedal] (optnl.)
•Electric Piano (Wurlitzer), w/Tremolo+Overdrive
•Electric “Tone-wheel” Draw-bar Organ (Hammond) w/Rotary (Leslie)
•Sampler: Mellotron/Chamberlin/Orchestron Strings, Choir, Flutes, Hpsch. (w/Flange/Chorus and Reverb), Tamboura (G/D), Pizzicato Strings

-Reverse Music Box (#2 “The House of Borden”)
-Music Box and Reverse Gtr/Piano (#15 “Somebody Will Do Something”)
-Bird Sounds:
-Wings Flapping--various, Startled Birds, Pigeons Cooing (#6/7 “Soul of the White Bird/Maybe Someday)
-Single Bird Flying (#27 “Into Your Wildest Dreams”)
-Reverse Piano Delay Effect (#21 “Questions Questions”)
-Prison-cell Door (#23 “Watchmen For The Morning”)
-Interior Door Sounds (optnl.): Slam, Creaky Opening, Closing Softly, Lock Turning
-Interior Sounds (optnl.): Clock Ticking, Clock Chimes,
-Exterior Sounds (optnl.): Churchbells, Crowd Noise, “Summer” [Cicadas, Crickets, etc.]

Guitar 1-
•6-String Electric (preferably a solidbody with P-90 or Humbucker Bridge P/U)
•6-String Electric preset for Capo and Drop-D tunings
•6-String Baritone Electric (tuned BEADF#B)
•Processing/Pedals and Accessories: Slide, Capo, E-bow, Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Tremolo, Rotary Sim./Chorus, Delay w/Tap Tempo, Q-
Zone/“Cocked Wah”, Reverb

Guitar 2/Keyboard 2-
•6-String Electric (semi-hollowbody recommended to facilitate feedback)
•6-String Acoustic
•Pump/Reed Organ (or Sampler)
•Processing/Pedals and Accessories: Slide, Capo, E-bow, Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Tremolo, Flanger, Delay/Looper, “Whammy”/Pitch-
shifter, Reverb
•Music Box* (can be reassigned to Bass, or on Keyboard/Synth/Sampler if physical instrument is not present)

•Percussion: Orchestral Chimes (D, E, F#, G, A, B, D), Finger Cymbals, Tambourine, Shaker (optnl.), Triangle (optnl.)

•5-String Electric, (Optional 4-String w/”Hipshot” Drop-D)
•Pedals: Overdrive, Fuzz/Distortion, Volume
•Music Box* (optional reassignment)

•Standard Kit w/Cymbals (Crashes, Ride, China/“White Noise”), Cymbal Stack (alt. for “Birdcage”)
•Optional: Xtra Fl. Tom (for “Battle Drums” in #14 “Mercury Rising”), “Birdcage”
•Misc. (Shaker, Gavel-and-Block*, Triangle)

*Some or all can be addressed by FOH, as Audio Cues, or with other production elements.