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5 Compliments That Will

Get Him Addicted To You

Ever wonder what makes some women have men eating out of the palm of their hand?

Ever notice in relationships how some women seem lucky enough to have men who always want to
shower them with love and affection?

Why does this happen? Why do some women seem to know how to get inside a man’s head in such
a way that makes him want to always be the best possible version of himself around her?

The secret is COMPLIMENTS.

I know what you’re thinking. “Ugh. Another male dating coach telling us how to mindlessly stroke a
man’s ego because men just always need women to be their cheerleader.”

So let me clear this up: I’m not telling you to mindlessly stroke a guy’s ego. As you’ll see below, these
compliments aren’t just about empty flattery. Each compliment has a reason and purpose behind it
beyond simply puffing up his self-image.

What’s more, these compliments are so effective that rather than just stroke his ego, they are going
to make him want to be a better man whenever he’s in your presence.

Why Do Guys Get So Seduced By Compliments?

The truth is, everyone loves being complimented.

But when a woman gives a man a genuine, thoughtful compliment, the effect of this praise is
essentially doubled.

The reason?

Men live to serve women on a level that men will never admit, and that most women wouldn’t
believe. When men wear cologne, spend money on a new suit, start a business, run that extra mile to
get in shape, work harder than their peers, go out to parties and socialise – on some level it’s all
because of a little voice in their heads that says: “Wait till women get a load of me after this!”
On some level, every man has that element of being a little boy and wanting to show off to the girl
he likes. What’s more, men aren’t used to getting compliments half as much as women (which makes
it so much more powerful when they hear a unique one). Men will learn to do triple back-flips if
they think a woman somewhere will tell him it’s sexy afterwards.

Women who don’t master the art of great compliments are at a disadvantage. In relationships, the
women who keep guys hooked for the long-term are able to make them feel like the best they’ve
ever been. They know how to make a guy feel impressive. Every guy needs to feel impressive. He
wants to feel like there’s a special reason he’s the man you chose.

When you learn how to compliment a guy in the right way, and understand the purpose behind each
compliment, you’ll begin to understand men on a deeper level than most women ever do. This
enables you to use male psychology to your advantage and literally flip his attraction switches
whenever you feel like it.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

So without further ado, I present to you the FIVE BEST COMPLIMENTS that will make any guy
crave your attention and become addicted to you.

*WARNING* Any use of the following material will dramatically increase the amount of available
men interested in being around you. Use them wisely!

1. “You’re Such A Guy”

Who to use it on? – Any guy, anywhere.

This one sounds odd at first: Why does telling a guy he’s ‘such a guy’ count as a compliment? Isn’t it
just a fact?

Well, here’s the thing: A guy loves the idea of being associated with being a man.

And if you tell him that something he does it “just like a guy”, as long as it’s in a playful and jocular
kind of way, he’ll be more attracted to you for knowing that you see him as a man. It also has the
benefit of making you seem more feminine, and guys are attracted to femininity.

A good example of how to use this would be if you’re ordering food and he orders the meatiest,
outrageously big meal on the menu. You can jokingly roll your eyes and be like, “You’re such a guy”.
You can also do it at the movies when he sees the trailer for a superhero movie and starts geeking
out about it. Just have fun with it and make sure you don’t pose it as a hard criticism (combine it
with a playful tap on his arm for extra points).

2. “I Feel Really Safe Around You”

Who to use it on? A guy with whom you’re intimate or currently dating.

Staying on the theme of masculinity, guys like to be protective.

He’s probably been watching Kung Fu and superhero movies all his life, and in his wildest fantasies,
he imagines himself single-handedly dispatching of an onslaught of fifty ninjas just to save the
woman he loves and have her swooning in his arms.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to act like a helpless damsel in distress, or walk around
clung to him as though his enormous manly frame is the only thing holding you on two feet.

Just say it sweetly when he hugs you, or when your head is on his chest.

The beauty of saying this line to a guy is that it’s going to make him want to be more of the kind of
man who keeps you safe, so the compliment will only make him strive to take care of you better!

3. “I Feel Bad For The Other Women Here Because I Got You”
Who to use it on? – The man you love

This is a POWERFUL compliment, only to be used on someone special and a guy who you know
really cares about you.

Most people think just because they’re in a relationship with someone that they don’t need to tell
them how special they are. The naivety of people who think this way makes my jaw drop.

Once you’re in a relationship, this is the best, most important time to build up his self-esteem (after
all, he’s not getting compliments from other women now). So if you tell him: “I feel bad for the
other women here”, it’s like you’re telling him he’s the king of the venue, and that’s going to make
him feel like a king around you. And guess what? Guys fall in love with women who see them as
THAT unique and special.

4. “That Jacket Is Too Sexy On You. Take It Off”

Who to use it on? – That guy you have sexual chemistry with.

This one will sound very direct, especially if you’re not used to a lot of flirting, but it’s actually pure

Here’s why: You’re not telling him he is sexy. You are telling him the jacket is.

You can try variations on this, like: “Oh my god…” then pause, and when he asks “what?” you
respond, “…that scarf you have on is so hot” and flash a smile (since this compliment is direct it’s
good to have a playful vibe when you deliver it). Or you get close to him and say, “That cologne is
my favourite on a guy. Well played sir”.

Notice how with this compliment you are always telling him that something he is wearing or
something he owns is sexy. So what he hears is: She thinks it’s sexy when I wear this.

This will have him hovering around you all night hoping that you’ll give him another compliment.
Of course, that’s for you to decide…

5. “I Love It When You Do (Insert Behaviour/Action)”

One of the best things you can do with a compliment is link it to a specific behaviour a guy has,
some small mannerism or way he acts that you especially admire in him.

For example, you might say “I love it when you talk about your passion for learning. I love guys
who are curious”.

Or: “I love that you’re so direct and always know what you want. It’s so sexy when a guy is
This compliment is actually a little dangerous in the wrong hands. Any behaviour you tell a guy you
love about him is going to become something he always wants to do around you. This is because of a
psychological principle that says people want to live up to our image of them.

So if you tell him you love it when he’s ambitious, he’s going to want to become more ambitious
and show that when he’s in your company. If you tell him you love the feeling of his strong arms
around you, he’s going to do fifty press-ups immediately before the next time he next sees you!

* * * * * * * * *

So those are just a handful of the best compliments you can use whenever you need to push a guy’s

But there are also some rules you should know when complimenting your guy generally.

Be Specific
Just telling someone they are sexy is ok, but it’s kind of generic and impersonal.

Tell them why they are sexy, or kind, or great fun, or whatever it is you want to say about them. If
you want to tell a guy he is cute, tell him something specific about his looks, like “I love the little
dimples on your cheeks when you smile.”

Focus On The Little Things

Compliments don’t have to be huge. The most meaningful ones can come from tiny things we do
everyday. Maybe it’s saying, “You make the best coffee in the world”, or “I love talking to you over
breakfast. You always make me feel like I can really be myself around you.”
Make Sure They Are Accurate
Don’t pull compliments out of thin air. Really think about the person you are talking to and what
makes them great. Even if it’s someone you’ve known for a few weeks, you could just say what
makes him so fun to be around.

Is it their spontaneity, their kindness, their curiosity about the world? Be someone who notices the
little things, and you’ll be someone who magnetically attracts guys because of your ability to catch
what no one else does.

So there you have it.

You now have one of the precious keystones to unlocking the male mind and making him addicted
to your presence. But, smart women like you realize that complements are only a tiny part of getting
and keeping your Mr. Right.

If you’re like most women, you’ve struggled with questions like…

• “What do men REALLY want?”
• “Why do men disappear suddenly, even when things seem to be going great?”
• “How can I show men I’m more than a “hook up”; I’m the kind of woman you commit to?”

Well, you’re in luck because I’ve put together a special guide that takes you deep inside a man’s mind
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