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Davis service group

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Hitesh Kataria
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MMS (marketing)
International Marketing

Q.1 Describe two major ways in which a company can grow. Give examples to illustrate the
two ways of growing.?
ANS- Basically you want to your company . That means either new market, or more sales to
existing customers.

1. Expand range of products/services offered.

2. Draw in more customers. Expand your target demographic by advertising in different media
and/or making changes to cater to them. ,Open new location, i.e. search for newer international
1) Bharti Group has diversified themselves in bigway, they have regularly expanded
their range of produts / services. Following are companies of Bharti group:-

1. Bharti Airtel Ltd.

1. Bharti Infratel
2. Bharti Retails Ltd.
3. Bharti TeleTech Ltd.
4. Comviva Technologies Limited
5. FieldFresh Foods Pvt. Ltd.
6. Bharti AXA General Insurance Company
7. Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company
8. Bharti AXA Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.
9. Centum Learning Limited
10. Jersey Airtel Ltd.
11. Bharti Foundation

2) Volkswagen entered the US market, it acquired a large number of dealers rather than
distribute its cars through independent US dealers.

Q.2 Businesses grow when they have the resources to expand and opportunities exist for growth.
Explain how the acquisition of Berendsen provided such a good opportunity for the Davis
Service Group.

ANS- The Davis Service Group provides textile maintenance services in the UK and Europe.
includes linen hire, workwear rental, dust control mat, laundry and washroom services. In 2002,
the Davis Service Group acquired Berendsen, a company operating in Denmark,
Sweden, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. Berendsen was an ideal
acquisition because it was the market leader in providing textile services in its
geographical area.
It was better for the Davis Service Group to take over Berendsen rather than set up a new
rival company in Europe. Building on Berendsen’s local experience and local market contacts,
Davis Service Group could buy into established networks and customer relationships.
Taking over Berendsen, rather than merging with it, gave Davis Service Group the
control to put the best systems in place at Berendsen. It was able to:
• reduce operating costs, for example, closing down some locations where Berendsen
had two outlets operating in the same area
• strengthen the management of the two companies
• save fixed costs, by cutting out the central headquarters of the company.
This put Berendsen in a stronger position to improve its sales and profits.

Q.3 What aspects of European Union markets have particularly encouraged:

• horizontal growth of the Davis Service Group?
• organic as opposed to inorganic growth?
ANS- The EU currently has 27 member countries. It is a huge potential market. Any business in
the European Union has over 500 million customers

organic as opposed to inorganic growth-

Goods and services can flow freely in the single European market. This means it is much easier
to do business in the EU. Trade within this area has risen by 30% since 1992. The development
of fast transport links, for example, the Channel Tunnel, high-speed trains and cheaper air links,
means people can travel to and across Europe more easily. The Internet and email enable
companies to communicate instantly. British firms locating factories and offices in the EU are
able to benefit from a skilled labour force. Within Europe, most member countries use a common
currency – the Euro. This makes it easy to trade within this market place.

Q.4 If the company were to expand into new areas of the globe, where would you recommend
and why? What factors might encourage or discourage this choice?


Encouraging Factor :- 1) Davis group can go to developing region like eastern europe and
south east asia,
2) Davis Group can get the advantage of european union and can tap the eastern europe markets,
3)south east asia is most emrging markets of the world davis can eastblish itself as there are very
few player in this industry in south east asia.
4) Lucrative U.S markets, NAFTA can play a major role in encouraging factor.

Discourage Factors :- 1) Entry barriers because of government policies.

2)consumer perception,( inpredictable)
3)Threat of local players (unorganised)
4)Established u.s. local player