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Martin is my bet
ning circlg.
Still, this lineup can change. Why
are the reelectionists leading the race?
Why are the favorites of President Martin...
Duterte now part of the Magic 12? fronM
Why is there only one possibli oppo-
THEBE are tlree names perceived to sitionist in the winning circle? What to prevail. The neophytes will just
be rying to be the next spaaker of dle influence doee Presid€nt Duhrt€ hava lose.
Houe{ RaprcspntatiYss, nrcy arc
of on tlra Sanat€ raso? In the city ofManil4 for instance,
Martin Romualdea, AlBn Pet€l eay- Not€ thst Lluhrte ii o*mBrigdng Erap Esfada and his vice mayor
e.Ano and l,ord Allan Velacao, for Deh Rooa,0o nnd lblentioo as Amado Bagatsing will certainly win.
All thr€€ have bcen €rtdon€d by lf ho wero tho ono running for sffioe, So will Makati Mayor Abby Bi-
prcsidential d&ughtcr gara Dutert€ Thic nskoc o lo1 of dlfferonoo, 'lte nay and her'running maie Monique .

Oarpio. Cayehno ie oloimlug Pteai- way the Pnrldlnt ie going it'r not far- I-agdameo. As residents of Makati,
dent Rodrigo Duterte wentc him to bs fotehed for Tolentino to wln, ac woll. my wife and I believe in the leader-
Speaker, What I consider uoglo ls thst thare ship o[ Mayor Abby.
In Quezon City, it will be Joy
I'm going for Romualdez.
Irt's go by tack record in lawmak- ta u,
31 l''le hAS
no, the
the best
best In the provinces, the people al-
tng. This-, after all, is the main quali- exDefience tO teAd the ways go for the candidate with mon-
ey to throw around. It doesn't mat-
been a lawmaker.for a long time. His
ff u6use of Representarives' ll ter ifthe candidate is pereived to be
comrpg or a drug lord. Nothing has
experience during Typhoon "Yolanda'' changed much, really.
also counts for a lot. ffie masses always go for thoe
Of course I am biased in favor of is only one oppositionist in the wrn- whp appear approachable, witb
the Romualdezes. I.have known the ,ning circle. All opposition candidates moniiy to throw around.
family for a long time. His late father, with the exception of Mar Roxas are I have heard some congressmen
Koko Romualdez, was my best friend. neophytes or unknowns. The oppo- say that their constituents line up at
His mother Julietle is the aunt ofJuliet sition will still be the minority, and their gates so early in the moming
Dycaico wbo manied the first cousin the Senate will then be a lackey of to ask-for funds for all purposes,
of my wife, Nenita Kapunan. Duterte. and io eat breakfast, lunch and din-
*** For an institution like the Senate to ner. They have to put up tents for
When I go out for coffee $.ith be under the thumb of the President this purpose !
fiiends, they always ask me the same is doubly tragic because the Senate is This is why the pork barrel sys-
question-"Who do you think will supposed to pmvide checks and bal- tern, despite the fact that the Su-
make it in the May elections?" ances to the Executive branch. preme Coud has declared it uncon-
My answen have been (not neces-
*** stitutional, continues to prevail, My
sarily in this order): Grace Poe, Cynthia As for the local ftont I hate to say gulny, why do you think the 2019
Villa! Pia Cayetano, Bong Go, Lito k- it but the usual political dynasties $ill national budget was delayed?
pid Sonny Angar4 Narcy Binay, Jing- prevail. The people will continu€:16
goy EsFad4 Bong Revill4 Bato dela gr"rritut" o*rta ftose who have n16ii ; www. e mi lj ur adb.w e eb Iy. c om
Ros4 Mar Roxas and Koko Pimentel. ey and power.
Other names like JV Ejercito, Bam That is the reason why in lt&o
Aquinq Francis Tolentino and Serge Manila, reelectionist mayors are li*ely
'\ pAc* -Au /
Osmefla are probably within the win- !nb15
.. i-