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Wednesday, Aprit 3, 2019

SC order on tokhang reports

gives hope to victims & ai,rg war
T TNTIL when will Solicitor
u fi:1"#lJ;:'.:*sj-,;g
to release poJice reports of killings
that they could obtain iustice and
that those responsible will be made
telated to the government.s and-
drugoperations which has claimed ' _Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano,
whors running for senator,lauded
the lives of some 5,000 persons? the High Courr's order to release
The Supreme Court ^vesterdav tlte drug war documents.
ordered the OSG anew io submi't "Karapatan ng taumbayao na
rhe police reporrs (related to ODlan magkaroon ng access to iniorma_
Tokhang to rhe Supreme Cdurt. tron parungftol sa mga isyu ng
wrrh copies to be futrushed the oe bansa gaya ng Oplan Tokhang. Ang
titioners. SC information chief and oeslsyon na ro ay isang hakbang
spokespetson Atry Brian Keith upang mablgyan ng hustisya ang
Hosaka said in a press cooference. mgapamilyang mga narng Urkimi
The petitionerj that will be qiven ng anu poor na OplanToklane.
copres are the Cenrer fot Inrirna_ This is also a step towards exactin-s r
tional Law on behalf of residents accountabiliry from the governi
of 26 barangays in San Andres ment, particulady tie enablers of
-Bukii in Manila and the Free Legal exua judicial killings. Ultimatelv.
,"rsststance Group. rhis will cerrainly ail *e ongoing
thousands of victims of the .rvar
Centerl-aw president foel Bu- all documents on deaths related to
on drugs' and their famiLies..'An rfi-esugabon ot the Internationrl
ruyan saidr "Tbrs is an imphatic the war on drugs, which include,
dres added. Criminal Court n ,h" atuta-soorr_'
statement by the hiqhest coiut of amoog others, deaths during po_
Centerlaw is representine 39 sored war against the Door"
dre land thar ir will not allow rhe xce operaflons and deatls under
individuals from San Andres B"otia Thatt ptobably the reason whv
rule of law to be trampled uoon investigation.
who filed a petition for the Calida is objecting to the release oi
in the war on dtogs. Ii is a ie.v Is_ The OSG refused to futnish
suance of rhe Writ of Amparo the documents because *re reoorts
rmportant decision..
before the Supreme Courr in'O.-
copies of the documents to the will contain the names of 'pNp
Is Calida lisrenins? petitioners, citing national securitv
tober 2017. The petidoners sought team leaders aod rcam members
Gilbert Andres, iso of Cenrer_ concerns. The petitioners filed mo' who patticrpated in the operadon.
ptotecuon agarnst sevetal Manila
Law, declared, ..This is triomph of tions before the Supteme Coutt This order will sureli have a
policemen in relation !o numerous
the people's consdrutional dsht r., requesting copies of these docu_
deaths in their communitv relat.i profound effect oo the conduct of
information " ments puLsuant to theit constitu_
to the "war on &ugs... the anti-drug operations,
"These documents are the 6rst uona.l right to due process. +:a*
step towards the loog road to . During rhe orj proceedings,
the )upteme Courr lustices rir_
Yesterday\ ordeiby rhe SC eives
jusrice for the petitionJrs and hope to rhe families of the vic"tims
to dered the governmerit to rele".. Email:ellentordesillas@gmul.
of Duterte\ brutal war c_,n drugs com

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