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Executive Summary

In an industry full of instant noodles and barbecue vendors the fried food snack has been
rarely seen in the campus, most value the amount of food bought per peso in stands, often
sacrificing flavour by settling to eat rice and instant noodles as cheap alternative for just satisfying
their hunger rather than their taste buds. With Popp’n Chick’n, the company prioritize flavour
without having to sacrifice the amount of food they give per serving. Our main strategy to achieve
this is by seasoning our foods with proper spices that you can’t just find in other food stands, a
well-seasoned meal is hard to come across with all corners being cut by other businesses, so our
food will be a breath of fresh and will guarantee a lasting impression in the first bite of our signature
chicken pops.

The business’ Target demographic are the students of UPHSD but the studies have shown
that 16 to 24 year olds are the most willing to spend money out of all the age demographics so it
wouldn’t be a stretch to also witness staff and faculty to also be a core customer base, and with the
emphasis on flavour rather than quantity those older demographics are more likely to buy from us
since money is not as big as an issue for adults with a steady income.

The Popp’n Chick’n has the background of having a rudimentary understanding of how to
manage and run a business, with having done a survey on what customers look for in food, and the
company have also taken a keen observation on how businesses are ran in the Robinsons mall.
This first-hand experience will help us to manage and improve our business practices in the future.

Popp’n Chick’n offer sides dishes such as hash browns and fries just to name a few, the
business also offers milk tea and red tea as optional beverages. Fish sticks may also substitute the
main dish of chicken pops upon request.

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The Popp’n Chick’n has set the long term and short-term objectives for the upcoming
marketing activity-The Business Week in the University of Perpetual Help System-DALTA in
the Junior Highschool Department Grounds.

Long-Term Objectives:

 To be well-known to the company’s potential markets.

 To regenerate the capital of the business.
 Provide an efficient service to customers by providing a friendly service.
 To ensure the quality of the food and services offered to the customers as time

Short-Term Objectives:

 To satisfy the customers through selling good quality products.

 To make sure to serve safe and sumptuous product to the prospect customers.
 To have a return of investment from the initial investment given by the

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Most of the food business in the Philippines is very successful because Filipinos loves to
eat, explore, and discover new kinds of variety of food wherever they go. As a result, the investors
of food business believe that this kind of business is secure. According to the ifexphilippines.com’s
statistics on the food industry, on the 2012 nationwide Census of Philippine Business and Industry
(CPBI), the Philippines food service industry amounts to roughly US$7.2 Billion with an estimated
15% to 20% annual growth over past decades. (iFexPhilippines, 2018)

Popp’n Chick’n is a business made and owned by 9 students of 10-Faith of University of

Perpetual Help System Dalta – Junior Highschool Department and the business is located on the
grounds of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Junior High School Department Las
Piñas Campus.

Popp’n Chick’n is a newly established business that is involved in preparing variety snacks
like chicken poppers and potato fries as its side dish. The business also serves the crowd’s
favourite, our naturally made soy milk tea and other kind of variety drink such as red tea. Popp’n
Chick’n serves food that was made to be eaten on the go especially for busy people like students,
professionals, and public utilities who wants to take a quick snack and will pledge to make an
affordable snack for everyone.

The name “Popp’n Chick’n” was derived from the product itself where the chicken is cut
into bite-sizes and fried where the food’s outcome was shaped like a popcorn.

The business is a corporation which means the business is owned by a group of

stockholders who runs the business and act as one entity.

The Popp’n Chick’n will be distributing their products through direct selling and they also
offer various services like delivery.

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An average Popp’n Chick’n stand is run by three parts: a cashier, chef and assembler, as
the orders are being taken, the chef cooks the given order and hands it over to the person that
assembles the food in the correct order which is then given directly to the customer in a fast and
efficient manner.

Below are the products to be served by Popp’n Chick’n:

Chicken Poppers:
Ingredients: Procedures:
• Mix all powdered ingredients; mix the
 Chicken Breasts
egg and add the preferred amount of
 Flour
lemon juice.
 Secret Spices
 Eggs • Cut the chicken breasts into bite-size
 Lemon pieces. Marinate with lemon.
 Cooking oil
• Dip the chicken to flour and egg
Materials: alternately.
 Cutting board • Heat and prepare the cooking oil for
 Knife deep frying.
 Deep fryer
 Strainer • Deep fry.
 Tongs • Serve with the packaging.
 Fork

The business’ chicken poppers are coated in batter of several unique spices and are also
marinated in lemon juice to give it that distinct zest and tang that’s not found in most other
batters. The chicken is cut into bite-size pieces to better help the eating experience with
convenient and easy to share portion sizes. Compared to eating regular chicken, Our product
doesn’t require the hassle of picking at bones for minutes on end just to get every last piece of
chicken, also staining one’s hands in the process. To help minimize grease and crumbs getting
onto our customers hands, we have provided a dessert fork and napkin to solve that problem.
The packaging of Popp’n Chick’n’s product will be the same as the picture shown above.

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Potato Fries:

Ingredients: Materials:
 Potatoes  Cutting Board
 Seasoning  Knife
 Flour  Strainer
 Oil  Deep fryer
Procedures:  Spatula
 Spoon
- Mix all powdered mixture.
The company’s fries are a staple to the Popp’n
- Dip potatoes in powdered mixture.
Chick’n experience. The crunchy texture of the
- Prepare and heat oil for deep frying.
outside and the soft potato of the inside perfectly
- Deep fry.
complements the chicken perfectly. without solely
- Serve.
relying on chicken, it can also provide a great
dining experience on its own

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What made our milktea
Milk Tea
- Soya Milk
- Creamer/ Condensed milk
- Honey
- Black Tea
- Tapioca Black Pearls
- Strainer
- Pot
- Heater/stove
- Measuring spoons and cups
- Spoon
- Cups

- Boil black tea for 1 minute.
- Remove from heat then let it cool for 1 minute
- Pour the required amount of honey in black tea. Mix until dissolved.
- Mix soymilk with black tea.
- Add creamer or condensed for a creamier taste.
- Serve.

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Ingredients: Materials:
 Seasoning • Cutting Board
 bread • Knife
crumbs • Strainer
 lemon • Deep fryer
 all-purpose • Spatula
flour • Spoon
 large egg,
beaten Procedure:
 cod fillets, • Mix all powdered
cut into 1- ingredients; mix
inch strips the egg and add the
Fish sticks are fish based food snack that has been a
 Cooking oil preferred amount
staple to British cuisine since the early 1970’s. the of lemon juice.
often fishy taste that some people criticize seafood
for is virtually absent from the food snack as the • Marinate fish with
saltiness of the fish is perfectly complements most if lemon.
not all condiments ranging from ketchup,
• Dip the fish to
mayonnaise, sour cream etc. our version of fish
flour, egg and
sticks are no different, we stick close to the original
bread crumbs.
recipe as to not offer any radical changes that may
turn off any customers. • Heat and prepare
the cooking oil for
deep frying.
• Deep fry.
• Serve with the

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Ingredients: Procedure:
• Hash brown -Prepare and Heat oil
• Cooking Oil
- Deep fry.
- Strain excess oil.
• Pan for frying
- Put into packaging
• Tongs
• Table napkin - Serve.
• Packaging
• Strainer

Hash browns are best consumed in a group of 1 to 3 people as the bigger portion sizes
means it’s harder to share, the upside being that there’s usually more content in 2 hash
browns than an entire order of medium fries, so it’s is the perfect snack for couples and
close-knit friend groups, the size also makes harder to spill out of the container. Hash
browns are designed to be enjoyed without the use of condiments which makes it easier
experience relative to the modular design of fries, which is highly encouraged to be
enjoyed with a condiment

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Slice into bite size
Chicken Marinate

Flour and Spices DIP Lemon



Fry Remove
from Heat Serve

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Flour and



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Black Tea



Soya Milk

Add honey
and creamer


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A. Definition of Market

Market refers to a place where buyer and sellers interact in order to trade. Market also
refers to a group of people to whom you sell your products to. Popp’n Chick’n is aligned in the
Food Industry and our main market or the target markets are the Students, Faculties and the Staffs.

Below are the data shown of people inside the university of Perpetual Help System-DALTA,
Junior High school Students, faculties and Staffs.

B. Determination of Market Share

Market Share is a percentage of total sales volume in a market captured by a brand, product,
or company. This metric is used to give a general idea of the size of a company in relation to its
market and its competitors. When market share is determined, your business could be estimated if
it will grow efficiently.

Market share is determined by the number of buyers, quantity of products purchased and
total revenue of a business.

The target of the business, Popp’n Chick’n, are only the students, teachers, and staffs and
any other members of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA

# OF TARGET Target Markets Number of People

Faculty and Staff 30
Faculties Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9

Grade 7 225

Grade 8 225

Grade 9 270
Total number of people 750

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The University of Perpetual Help System-DALTA Las Piñas Junior Highschool
Department has four levels with a maximum number of forty-five (45) students per classroom of
each classroom and about five to six (5-6) section per each level.

According to the data shown above, Popp’n Chick’n would be able to serve with an
approximate number of 225 Grade 7 students, 270 Grade 8 students, 270 students of Grade 9 level
and 30 members of the Faculty with a total of 795 prospects per day.

There are 3 breaks from each level; first break, lunch, and third break. The amount of
products and goods would be undeterminable but because of the break, it is possible that the
prospects would buy from this business. The Faculty and Staff will be difficult to determine. It is
believed that the prospects will only buy 1-3 times from Popp’n Chick’n.

C. Positioning Strategy

An effective positioning strategy considers the strength and weaknesses of the business.
The company will focus on how it will compete in the market. The purpose of the position strategy
is that it allows a company to have a spotlight on a certain area where they can have an advantage
on their competitors.

Popp’n Chick’n aims to give the crowd an affordable price yet a clean and good quality of
products that will surely fit their budget. The business’ main product to be sold is chicken although
if our customer’s taste buds prefer other type of dish, fish stick may also be a substitute upon the
request of our customers. Popp’n Chick’n ensures all of our customer’s to offer them a friendly
service that will surely lure more customer with our accommodating service with a happy quote
note on your cup.

Chick in a box's main marketing strategy involves rewarding customers for repeat
transactions and bringing other possible patrons to the stand. For every transaction that the
customer partakes in Popp’n Chick’n would give them a stub, if three are collected a free add on
may be redeemed such as an extra chicken nugget or extra chicken pops, it gives the customer a
minor reward for repeat purchases thus incentivizing them to come back repeatedly.

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Stubs are also given if a group of three or more buy at the store at the same time, this incentivizes
groups to choose to eat at our stand because it rewards them for grouping thus increasing the influx
of customers.

D. Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy refers to method companies use to price their products or services.
Practically all companies, large or small, base the cost of their products and services on
production, work and promoting costs and afterward add on a specific rate so they can make a

Starting a new business or launching a new product or service requires detailed thought
and planning. A critical piece of that planning is deciding how you should price your products
and services. The pricing strategy you choose dramatically impacts the profit margins of your
business and determines the pace at which your business can grow. Several pricing strategies
exist for products and services and choosing the best for your business depends greatly upon
your overall long-term business strategy.

For our pricing strategy, the business used the cost-plus strategy where they add all of
their expenses and add a mark-up. The business will only be adding a 25% mark-up.

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Without Drinks: *Additional

Chicken pops and fries: - P 10.00 for red tea

- Chicken – 10
- Fries - 5 - P 35.00 for Milk tea
- Seasoning- 5
- Egg - 5
The total variable cost for 1 serving is P 31.10. We will
- Flour - 2 add a total mark up of at least 25%. The total Price is
- Lemon - 2
38.87. We will be selling our product for 40 pesos.
- Dessert forks – 0.50
- Container – 1.60
Total - 31.10
Up - x 0.25
Price 38.87

Without main dish: The total variable cost for 1 serving is P 67.00. We

Soy Milk Tea:

will add a total mark up of at least 25%. The total
Price is 83.75. We will be selling our product for P
- Tapioca – P 5
- Soy Milk – P 30 85.00.
- Cup (Large) – P 10
- Black Tea – P 7
- Honey – P 10
- Condensed Milk – P 5
Variable - P 67
Mark Up - x 0.25
Mark-up Price – P 16.75
Variable Cost - P 67.00
Price - 83.75

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Without main dish:

Red Tea:
The total variable cost for 1 serving is P 21.00. We will
- Red Tea powder – P 5
- Cup (Large) – P 10 add a total mark up of at least 25%. The total Price is
- water – P 6 P 26.25. We will be selling our product for P 25.00.
Total Variable – P 21.00
Mark Up – x 0.25
Mark up price – P 5.25
Variable Cost – P 21.00
Price P 26.25

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E. Distribution Strategy

A distribution strategy is a plan to reach customers with goods and services. Distribution
includes both sales and delivery of everything that surrounds a product including customer service
and customer experience.

This strategy will be very convenient for the customers because this will not require our
customers to stand and fall in line under the sun anymore. Although service charge may apply.

F. Promotion Strategy

Promotion strategies in marketing is to make the public aware of your product, to

influence them to purchase it, and to establish a long-term relationship that will make them
repeat customers. To be able to promote your product should the product be offered to people for
the product to grow and it should also be communicated to other people so that they know our

We plan to promote and advertise our products by distributing flyers and posting thru
social media since majority numbers of students nowadays are more on using social media and
promoting our product on the internet will be a brilliant idea to know our business.

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis (or SWOT matrix) is a strategic planning technique used to help a person
or organization identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, related to business
competition or project planning. It is intended to specify the objectives of the business venture or
project and identify the internal and external factors that we are favorable and unfavorable to
achieving those objectives. Users of a SWOT analysis often ask and answer questions to generate
meaningful information for each category to make the tool useful and identify their competitive
advantage. SWOT has been described as the tried-and-true tool of strategic anaylsis.


They sell affordable quality products. Similarities of products with other business.

Good relationship with buyers. Not using food delivery apps/technology

High quality of products and service Limited business knowledge


Promotions of the product through the Existence of the same products with other
internet. competitors.

Convenient service (e.g. delivery to Large number of competitors

Supply and price of the raw materials is
Revise and refresh menu subject to significant volatility

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B. Competitor’s Analysis
All of our main competitors are the Grade 10 students who will be selling their
products on the University of Perpetual Help System- DALTA Junior Highschool Department
Grounds. We will be targeting the same prospects namely, the Students, Faculty, Staff and any
other members of the University of Perpetual Help System-DALTA- Las Pinas Campus, Junior
Highschool Department.

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A. Organizational Structure

Auyong, Ma. Trisha B.

General Manager

Production Manager Marketing Manager Operations Manager Financial Manager

Jeremiah Gabriel John Emannuel Zyndynz Ieyham Magnus Craig

E. Cercado T. Sualog Violet D. Morrow Pineda

Jerusalem Chanel Bianca R. Prince Casey Neil Arciaga

Cabarles Lapuz Andrei T. Mas

B. Job Description
General Manager – General Manager often oversee local managers and their employees, as well as a
local office of employees. General Manager set policies, operations, create and maintain budgets, and
coordinate with local management in the company to evaluate employees, company performance and
Production Manager- worker is responsible for operating and maintaining equipment in a factory or
warehouse and preparing items for distribution. The job description of a production worker involves
assembling and checking product parts, ensuring that all machinery runs smoothly, and assisting in the
shipment of items
Marketing Manager- Marketing managers are responsible for developing, implementing and executing
strategic marketing plans for an entire organization (or lines of business and brands within an
organization) in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.
Operations Manager - An operations manager is a senior role which involves overseeing the production
of goods and/or provision of services. It’s an operations manager's job to make sure an organisation is
running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of
customers and clients.
Financial Manager- A Finance Manager distributes the financial resources of a company, is responsible
for the budget planning, and supports the executive management team by offering insights and financial
advice that will allow them to make the best business decisions for the company.

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A. Start-up Capital
Ingredients Price Quantity Total
Chicken Breasts P 140.00 3 kg P 420.00

Cooking Oil P 78.50 2L P 157.00

Garlic Powder P 13.50 2 packs P 27.00

Onion Powder P 14.75 2 packs P 29.50

Flour P 99.00 2kg P 189.00

Eggs P 5.00 1 dozen P 60.00

Lemon P 32.00 5pcs P 160.00

Potato P 892.50 12.5 kg P 892.50

Soya Milk P. 68.00 2L P 136.00

Condensed milk P 57.28 2 pcs (300 ml) P 114.56

Tapioca pearls P 75.00 1kg P. 75.00

Black Tea P 145.00 2 boxes P 290.00

Honey P 250.00 700 ml P 500.00

Paper Bowls P 80.00 50 pcs. P 80.00

P 9.00 (wholesale
Plastic Cups 50 pcs. P 450.00
Dessert Forks P 22.75 3 sets (45pcs) P 68.25
P 1.50 (wholesale
Sauce Cups 50 pcs P 75.00
Straw P 21.75 1 pack (100) P 21.75

Gasoline P 330.00 5 kg P 330.00

Red Tea Powder P 10.50 5 sachet (1L) P 52.50

Flyers P 1.00 300 P 300.00

Hashbrown P 127.50 5 packs 637.50

Fish fillet (raw)

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Our start-up capital is (amount)

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