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Nitoflor TF5000 constructive solutions

Heavy duty 5 mm chemical and abrasion

resistant epoxy resin floor screed


Nitoflor TF5000 provides an extremely high strength floor

topping with exceptional resistance to attack from
mechanical wear and chemical spillage which is impervious
and at the same time produces a safe non-slip finish for
personnel and vehicular traffic.

Ideally suited for heavy engineering plants, chemical

handling and process areas, steelworks, dairies, breweries,
oil refineries, paint workshops, battery rooms and plating

Also widely used for areas of lighter duty where above

average durability and low maintenance costs are required.
The finished, cured floor has a slightly granular texture of
In areas where higher degrees of cleanliness are required uniform self colour. However, as the natural grade takes its
the surface of Nitoflor TF5000 can be sealed with Nitoflor colour from the aggregate which is subject to variation,
FC140 epoxy resin floor coating. colour matching is not practicable with this grade.

Advantages Colour range: Natural, Brick Red and Charcoal

 Durable: Exceptional resistance to abrasion and a wide Properties

range of chemicals.
Curing characteristics
 Non-slip: Good gripping surface to both vehicular and
pedestrian traffic. Nitoflor TF5000
o o o
10 C 20 C 30 C
 5 mm minimal thickness: No interference with existing Pot life: 90 min. 30 min. 15 min.
levels. Initial hardness: 24 hrs 18 hrs 16 hrs
Full cure: 10 day 7 days 6 days
 Easily laid: Designed for easy laying to a fair finish.
Nitoprime Primer 30/31 - Refer product data sheet
Temperature Recommended application range is
 Seamless: Eliminates potential sources of failure. limitations: o o
10 C to 30 C. Consult your local
technical department where
 Proven performance: Successful use proven in a wide applications or service is outside
variety of aggressive locations. o o
the range 5 C to 40 C.

 Locally made: Specially formulated for use in Middle Mechanical characteristics

East conditions.
Nitoflor Average
Property (N/mm ) TF5000 concrete
Compressive strength :
BS1881 Part 4 1970 Clause 2 68 20
Nitoflor TF5000 is a three part solvent-free combination of
Flexural strength:
epoxy resin; modified amine hardener filled with specially
BS4551 Part 1 1970 10.3 15 7
graded and selected high crushing strength, chemically inert
Tensile strength:
(BS12 1958 Approx. H) 7.5 3.5
Abrasion resistance:
It is laid by trowel as a durable chemical resistant screed
(mg/cycle) 2.7 4.19
approximately 5 mm thick. This nominal thickness provides
Paint Research Association UK
an impervious topping which is highly chemical resistant by Taber Abrasion Test Weight loss
the very careful choice of amine curing agent, and graded Bond strength to concrete: 3.0 Greater than
aggregate. The system includes Nitoprime Primer, a two Elcometer pull of test typical cohesive
pack epoxy resin primer and Nitoflor TF5000 which are both strength of
supplied in pre-weighed units ready for on site mixing and concrete

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Nitoflor TF5000
Chemical resistance Old concrete floors

Fully cured blocks of Nitoflor TF5000 have been tested in a Again mechanical cleaning methods are strongly
wide range of aggressive chemicals commonly found in recommended on old concrete floors particularly where
industrial environments. Tests were performed by constant heavy contamination by oil and grease has occurred or
o o
immersion at 20 C and 35 C. The blocks were visually existing coatings are present. This may well have been
inspected and tested for Shore ‘D’ hardness in accordance absorbed several mm into the concrete. To ensure
with ASTM D2240. adhesion all contamination should be removed. Chemical
Degreaser may be used on small areas of light
Acids contamination only.

Hydrochloric 50% Excellent All dust and debris should be removed prior to laying
Sulphuric 50% Excellent Nitoflor TF5000.
Phosphoric 50% Excellent
Nitric 25% Excellent Steel surface
Lactic 10% Excellent
Citric 10% Excellent Should be degreased and grit-blasted to Sa 2½ (BS4232
second quality) immediately prior to application).
Sodium Hydroxide 50% Excellent
Ammonia (880) 10% Excellent All surfaces treated with Nitoflor TF5000 should be primed
with Nitoprime Primer, a solvent free epoxy resin primer
Solvents / Organics designed for maximum absorption and adhesion to concrete
substrates. Add the entire contents of the smaller hardener
Butanol Good tin to the base tin and mix thoroughly. Once mixed
White Sprit Excellent immediately apply the primer in a thin continuous film to the
Oil / Grease / Petrol Excellent clean prepared surfaces. Work the primer into the surface
using stiff brushes, avoid over application and puddling. On
Xylene Excellent
porous floors the Nitoprime Primer will be absorbed very
Acetone Not resistant
quickly leaving, characteristic light coloured dry patches. It
Skydrol Good is recommended that a second priming coat is applied. This
Aqueous Solutions not only helps to ensure adhesion but prevents air release
from the porous substrate which may cause bubbles in the
final applied screed.
Conc. Bleach Excellent
Sat. Urea Excellent
Allow the primer to become tacky. This time is dependant
Sat. Sugar Excellent
on climatic conditions. See ‘Properties’ for ‘maximum
overlay times.
Those materials marked ‘Good’ are suitable for areas of
occasional spillage where good housekeeping is in force. Mixing

All the above properties have been determined by It is important that Nitoflor TF5000 is mixed correctly. The
laboratory controlled tests and are typical of those expected total contents of the aggregate bag should be emptied and
in practice. dry blended for 2 to 3 minutes in a suitable forced action
mixer such as Mixal, Cretangle or similar. A free fall mortar
Instruction for use mixer is not suitable.

Surface preparation The entire contents of the hardener can should then be
poured into the base container and mixed thoroughly until
It is essential that Nitoflor TF5000 is applied to sound, clean homogeneous.
and dry surface in order that maximum bond strength is
achieved between the substrate and the flooring system. Add the mixed base and hardener slowly to the aggregate.
Continue mechanical mixing for a further 2 to 3 minutes,
New concrete floors until all components are thoroughly blended. Once mixed,
the material must be used within the specified pot life (se
Should be at least 21 days old (at 20 C). Laitence deposits under ‘Properties’). After this time, unused material will
on new concrete floors are best removed by light grit- have stiffened and should be discarded.
blasting, mechanical scabbling or grinding. On smaller
areas thorough acid etching using Fosroc Acid Etch may be Application
considered. After etching the floor should be thoroughly
washed with clean water and then allowed to dry. The mixed Nitoflor TF5000 should be spread to uniform
thickness on the primed surface using either a garden

constructive solutions Page 2

Nitoflor TF5000
take or the edge of a steel trowel. The material should be Precautions
tamped with a wooden float to ensure complete compaction
and finally finished to a closed even texture using a steel Health and safety
trowel. Screeding rods are useful to maintain a minimum
compacted thickness of 3 mm (3000 microns). Some people are sensitive to epoxy resins and solvents, so
gloves and a barrier cream, protective clothing and eye
The material must be applied within the pot life after mixing goggles should be worn when handling these products if
(see ‘Properties’). After this time unused material should be accidental contact with resin occurs it should be removed
discarded. before it hardens with a resin removal cream followed by
washing with soap and water. DO NOT USE SOLVENT.
Expansion joints Should eye contamination occur then wash with plenty of
clean water and seek immediate medical attention. Ensure
Expansion joints in the existing substrate should be good ventilation and do not smoke during use.
continued through the Nitoflor TF5000 topping and filled to
the required level with a suitable sealant. Fire
Coving Nitoprime Primer and Fosroc Solvent 102 are flammable.
Ensure adequate ventilation. Do not smoke or use near a
Nitoflor TF5000 can be used to form perimeter edge coving naked flame.
up to a height of 225 mm. Skilled applicators can also form
stairs and nosing. Flash point
Sealing Nitoprime Primer 30/31: o
75 C
Fosroc Solvent 102: 33 C
Although Nitoflor TF5000 is impervious at 5 mm thick in
constantly wet operations areas or where a high degree of
cleanliness is required, the Nitoflor TF5000 may be sealed Storage
with either Nitoflor FC130 or Nitoflor FC140. The Nitoflor
TF5000 must be at least 3 days old and high spots such as Shelf life
trowel marks rubbed down.
Nitoflor TF5000 and Nitoprime Primer have a shelf life of 12
Cleaning o
months stored in a dry place under 35 C.
All tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after
use with Fosroc Solvent 102.
Contact your local Fosroc office or representative.
Packaging and coverage
Technical service
Pack Coverage rate
size (approximate)
2 Fosroc provides a world-wide technical advisory service
Nitoflor TF5000: 16.5 kg 1.5 m at 5 mm (5000
supported by teams of specialists in the field.
micron) thickness)
33.0 kg 3.0 m at 5 mm (5000
micron) thickness Additional information
Nitoprime 1 kg 3 - 3.5 m
Prime: 5 kg 15 - 18 m Nitoflor TF5000 is only one product in Fosroc’s Nitoflor
range of industrial flooring which includes sealers, coatings,
The above coverage rates are given for guidance only as hardeners and other resin toppings designed for the widest
actual quantities used will vary on nature of substrate and variety of industrial locations and environments. Ancillary
conditions on site. product include concrete repair products, grouts, joint
sealants and protective coatings all ideally suited for
industrial maintenance requirements.

Important note:
Fosroc products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold subject to its standard Conditions
for the Supply of Goods and Services, copies of which may be obtained on request. Whilst Fosroc endeavours to ensure that
any advice, recommendation, specification of information it may give is accurate and correct, it cannot, because it has no direct
or continuous control over where or how its products are applied, accept any liability either directly or indirectly arising from the
use of its products, whether or not in accordance with any advice, specification, recommendation of information given by it.

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