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_i,-i4-r and lhe SyStemS Analyst

I Computer lnformation Systems

lnformation Systems Concepts
-: iocav's sociery computers and their increasingly visible appiications
every aspecr of modern business. v.i,
.:pac5 fyosr
in ,r-,. rri,-i., our industriar and
institutions wilr be dominated by informati""
:e'ond those presentry visible. Therefore, ,),r;;;;rh capabirities far
the study of srstems anarysis as a struc_
:';red process for designing and developing
effecrive compurer.-related business in.
;rmarion sys.ems is.importinr. a t,o*t.ige
of basic ,yrt.n , concep6 and associated
iefinirions is essential io the sruciy or.o,,'put.r-based
ccmmonly referred to as computer uuriners inrormadon sysrems,
r'formation systems, or crs.l These conceprs
and definitions will add to yorir understrn.tirg
both as a tool for computer information
rh; j6;;in.!or ryr,.ms anaiysis
s),srems"fspecialists and as a method
r:runicarion wirh users of of com-
sysrems. They N'i1l also provide you
upon which we will. buildlugh
throughout the rext.
with a foundation
In a broad sense, we can thlnk of a
syrte,n a.s a group of rerared pans
:ogether as a unir. The definirion.of that work
a sysLm that wJwili useln tnis
upon this idea; howevet our working book is based
definition is ress generrr ,no n:ore
:he srudy of business informat.ion specific to
r,u-ri",ni.- u.nce, we define a
rinarion of resources wcrking ,og.it-r.. system to be a com.
,o convert inpum into outputs. The
s::n process is depicred br^Hr-.qr,: conver"
in.figure 1.1. As this figure shows
-sed bv a sysrem include personnel, ,the resources
,:1roe..,.inf u*oasy.sremrcbeaoto,'*,#fi?:'?.:::.:t[rflT,ry'#Xl;X;
cI a system are interpreted data,
which are called inlor*oiii). ir,ur,
unprocessed form of informarion. data are a raw,
we srrouid ,-,o," ,(r, rniorn,riion
c: one system may become input that is the outpur
data to another sysrem u".*r.
processed for other u.r.: A, l, must be. funher
exampre is a computer information
:*'s1. Isyg 1, surnmary j nformarion,o'*r,r, system that uses
m aki n g A" l;;i,
u s e or chans, ..," J
",il;data flows
ise to examine ar different leveis of detail.
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Business tnformation Systems

: :'/!:em jmplies I broader

scope rhan business
::r:t:. a aompurer.based business