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Vocal Music Department of Rabindra Bharati University has, under its fold, the
five traditional branches of Indian music – Kheyal ,Dhrupad ,Bengali songs, Folk,
and Kirtan. Present generation is gradually becoming more and more attracted
towards light music. Practice of traditional varieties like Dhrupad and Kirtan is
almost becoming non-existent. Against this backdrop, B.A and M.A courses are
conducted on the above five subjects in this department which provides, apart
from academic degree, theoretical and practical knowledge on the said subjects.
Extinct forms like Ramayan gan, Kabi gan, Akhdai gan and many other rare forms
are taught here. Because of stage performance papers, confidence of the
students is increasing. They are able to understand the relations between the
performers and the listeners. Because of Dissertation paper students are using
library and internet which in turn are increasing their knowledge. M.A syllabus of
the Vocal Music Department, enriched with Acoustic, Aesthetics, Musicology,
History of Indian music , South Indian Music, Western Music, Psychology of
Music, Theory of Tal, many conventional and unconventional Anicent and
Modern forms, will provide education, knowledge and enrichment about the
Indian Music to the present generation of students. They will become proper
bearers of Indian Music.

The Department organized the following seminars/workshops during the

academic year 2018-2019.
International Seminar
Topic Expert(s)/Speaker(S)
The Place of Music in General 1. Prof. Mohoshina Akter
Education Khanom
2. Dr. Pradip Kumar Ghosh

International Workshop
Topic Expert(s)/Speaker(S)
Folk Song Sri Debdas Choudhury
Thumri/Dadra Smt. Dalia Rahut
Bengali Song Smt. Krishna majumder
Dhrupad Sri supriya maitra
KIrtan Smt. Namita bhattacharya

Special lecture
Topic Expert(s)/Speaker(S)
Ramayan gaan Sri manindra jana

 The students of this department participated in Discussion on “Vismadeb

Chattopadhyay” organized by the Department of Vocal Music in collaboration
with “Vismadeb Memorial Trust”