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Thank you for purchasing Mastering Raya Pro – The course that will teach you how

to blend exposures for any scene, and beautifully deepen the mood in your images.

Some important points

Raya Pro Installation
If you purchased this course and Raya Pro at the same time, you will find the
installation instructions for Raya Pro in the 'Raya Pro' file you downloaded, but not in
the Mastering Raya Pro course. Please follow the instructions to install the panel, and
then continue with the course.
The Panel Looks Different
Raya Pro looks a little bit different depending on the version of Photoshop you have.
The panel still works the same, but it just appears slightly different. So Raya Pro for
CS6 looks different to Raya Pro for CC 2105 – but they work the same. Just their
appearance is different.
To make sure you have to most up-to-date version, please check the version of your
panel on Raya Pro. Then visit the FAQ section on the Official Raya Pro page to see
the current version.
Range Masks
You'll notice that we don't use Range Masks in this course. Range Masks are
relatively new so we are just starting to experiment with them. But more inportantly,
they work exactly the same as luminosity masks and Apply Image, which you will
become skilled at throughout the course. To access the Range Masks, please go to the
Channels palette, as you would with luminosity masks. And to make a selection of
one of them, hold down CTRL, or Command on a Mac, and left-click on the mask
The 'Recover Shadows/Recover Highlights' button work the same as Apply Image.
Once you have a good understanding of Apply Image, you will also understand
Range Masks.
Original Images To Work Along With
I've included JPEGs, DNGs, and some original RAW files for you to follow along
with. Not all videos have images for you to use. Only the videos where it will greatly
benefit us to follow along step-by-step, include images.

I hope you have fun with course. Raya Pro is a powerful tool that will speed up your
workflow and give you a huge number of new tools and techniques that can help you
take your imagery to the next level.

All the best

Jimmy McIntyre
Jimmy McIntyre (c) 2016