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What to see in Thira Page 2

Viewpoints Villages
Monastery of Profitis Ilias Kamari
antartida: The highest point of the island of Santorini, Noradoa: We all have the image of Santorini, the villages
about 560 m above sea level. Ascend via a very narrow road perched on the Caldera, Imerovigli,Firostefani, Fira or Oia on
from Pyrgos (about 4 miles approximately). The Monastery the west of the island, but the east of Santorini is fairly flat
1 Santorini (Thira) Islands can be seen from any point on the island. We saw it before
going on a documentary of Santorini on the National
and there are towns like Perissa, Kamari Monolithos or the
same with a more tourism geared towards relaxation, with
MELITHA BLASCO: Fira is the capital of Santorini, a small island in an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Aegean. If you Geographic channel where we were advised not to miss a much more extensive beaches. From Kamari you can say it's
arrive by boat, you'll see a small town "hanging" off the side of a mountain that seems incredible. Keep in mind that you'll be sunset. But luck was not with us. Just an hour before sunset a town where tourists flock for its long beach, the largest of
sailing through the crater of a volcano! Once you arrive, there are three ways to get to the village: In cable car, up a steep and the sky clouded over and was thoroughly covered. But the the island. We also can´t forget that only a few kilometers
winding path, or by donkey, which is quite an experience. You will not believe the views you'll have as you head up the hill. The views from there are amazing. You can see across the island away are the most important ruins in Santorini, Ancient Thira,
contrast of the blue Aegean with the white houses and chapels is incredible. Seeing the small ships in the distance is also a from end to end. We did not enter the monastery of men which have stunning views.
wonderful experience. From wherever you are, walking down streets, in a shop, bar, or restaurant, you'll have amazing views that which is Byzantine, and I read it was worth a visit and I think it
you will never forget. You'll love it! has an Orthodox museum. But when we went it was closed.
Perhaps a legend, but it is said that the monastery was
Estela Rastaldi: Since childhood, my dream was to visit Greece! I finally realised my dream! Greece is dreaming, founded by two monks to teach the Greek language and
hallucinating, incredible - to travel alone for 12 days was the most incredible experience of my life!! Santorini is an island culture when the island was occupied by the Turks. The day
paradise, in the Aegean Sea, so blue that looking at it hurts your eyes! Its people, the Greeks, are the most caring and friendly was not clear, but we were told by the owner of a restaurant
people I have met. It is a pleasure to walk its streets, climbing its 500-odd steps to appreciate those wonderful sunsets. Santorini, in Pyrgos, that if the day was clear you could see Crete from
the Monastery. If you go do not miss it! Thira Thira
Mykonos, Crete, Athens are wonderful places, with pure history, pure nature and pure beauty!

Mirentxita: From Fira you can visit the entire island of Santorini. It is well connected and it is beautiful. The caldera views are
awesome, but do not even think to waste a single euro for a beer or dinner at restaurants on the cliffs. We took a few beers at a
neighborhood store and sat on the edge of the cliff. We stayed in a "villa", which is like a small hotel in the streets on the outskirts
of the city, away from the noise, which was great. To eat, I can highly recommend the Taverna Nikolas. The food is great and
good value for money.

Carlos Sanchez: After flying many hours from Venezuela to Greece and Athens Santorini, I decided on my second day to
stay on the island to rent a car (30 euros/day, and they don't ask for security deposit or anything like that). The island is small and
Churches Villages
you get a road map, you don't even need a GPS, once I'd hired I headed for Oia, the most northern town of theMesarias-Archeas,
Epar.Od. island. I had read
5 6
that you can see one of the best sunsets on the planet here, although I found no such thing (though weather conditions were not
Beaches Churches
Churches of Santorini Emporio
2 best). There is also the ruins of a castle and all the cafes are full3of people to watch the sunset, certainly not let you sit where
Red Beach Agios Ioannis Apokefalistheis
you will have good view if you don't want to eat, the tables are not the best, but it's a good experience, do not forget to try the MELITHA BLASCO: Santorini is one of the Greek islands Noradoa: This is a typical whitewashed village located in
sweets in Oia, they are very rich. But do not despair take the necessary time to see the sunset, it's a small island and two days is of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. Along its coastline and in the south of the island of Santorini, about 15 kilometers from
more Rodrigo Nieto: to
than enough Red
how important
is one of the
it is.most
I hope popular and somethingantartida:
you learn this comment,
I want
then from
to talk
about this small chapel, some places there are 400 churches and small chapels, most Fira, the capital of the island. I visited it because it because I
beautiful beaches on Santorini. It has red fine sand and rocks near Skaros. It's beautiful, and it's like a terrace to the sea. It belonging to the Greek-Orthodox community. They are set knew it had mills, similar to the windmills of Consuegra in
is located near
Thethe ancient
capital village of is
of Santorini Akrotiri.
one ofThe the beach
nicest placeswas closed
I have everwhen I went
visited. and I acould
It provides not find
wonderful information
balcony to the apart by externally painted white walls and light blue domes, Toledo. This village is situated on a hill outside the town. I
Aegean be reached by boat
with stunning or by
views> car. The
Despite tourismbeach
it is gets its redideal for
very quiet, anywhere. But it was
an unforgettable beautiful, white with blue crosses, which
holiday but some larger ones have light towers and an inside with was very surprised at the castle built during the Venetian
color from the iron sedimentary rocks and the sand itself is defy the sky. If you go, you must go to the highest point of Byzantine stained glass. Here are some examples so you occupation (only some vestiges of what became). Worth
actually red like the rocks. The sun is quite bright, but you Skaros, for the view, and for this tiny little church and another can see what I´m talking about. wander through the narrow streets of the old part of the city
can rent an umbrella and a sun chair for 7€. There is plenty of located on the other side of the rock. They are beautiful! (thank goodness it's small, because if I had not gotten out of
free space before noon so make sure to go early because it the maze). Nearby we have the beaches of Perissa, tourist
fills up with people. The first few feet of water near the shore village, but to my taste, less interesting.
are quite rocky, so you better pack some sandals. And when
the evening comes, prepare to see one of the most beautiful
sunsets on Earth.

Eparchiaki Odos Akrotiriou, Thira Imerovigli, Santorini, Thira Thira, Thira Emborio, Thira
What to see in Thira Page 3

Unusual Places Harbors Viewpoints Beaches

7 8 9 10
Nea Kameni Hot Springs Santorini Old Port Akrotiri Lighthouse Monolithos Beach
Pau García Solbes: One of the most typical hikes when macgreg: The town of Thira is located just across the antartida: Everyone knows that the sunsets in Oia and Harpo: Very close to the airport of Santorini you can find
visiting the island of Santorini is the one that takes you to the sea, at an altitude of about 260 meters. From here, you can Santorini in general are great, but I want to tell you about the beach of Monolithos. Although perhaps not the best
volcano of Nea Kameni and then to the hot springs of Nea easily reach the harbour which is now used exclusively for where I found the most beautiful sunset on the island: the beach on the island, it is not as crowded as Perissa or
Kameni. Normally after visiting the volcano of Nea Kameni, tourist purposes. This is a lovely paved road, which connects Akrotiri Lighthouse. From the Akrotiri lighthouse. We went to Perivolos. It also provides umbrellas and sunbeds (5 €). The
the boat usually stops at Palea Kameni and drops its anchor the port to Thira. The road is used by donkeys, transporting dinner at Taverna Nicolas (which I'd also recommend) and as black sand is very fine and shallow waters. There are only a
next to the red hot springs that flow from the underground. people around: I don't recommend wearing sandals, as the the sun started going down, we decided to hop in the car and couple of restaurants, but they have homemade food and
The place is well worth a visit. The contrast of colors is very street is thick with droppings. In the harbour you can take a head down the small, narrow to the lighthouse. The fresh fish at a price more affordable than in other places of
pleasing to see. With blackish tones of volcanic stones, gray boat to the volcano, or swim in the clear waters. You can lighthouse is perched on the cliff throwing its light out to sea interest.
sand, red from the hot springs and the pure white of a small return to Thira by cable car, which offers dazzling views. and below on the rocks were huddled a dozen or so couples
chapel. Then you want you can get in the water of the hot just quietly enjoying the view of the sea. It was a welcome
springs. Mind you, I recommend that you bring clothes to relief after the crowds of sunset-seekers we found in Oia. We
change into because the swimsuit will end up very dirty and sat in silence (seriously, no one spoke) and watched as the
there will still be some hours left before the end of the trip. sun dip behind the sea and turned the sky from intense yellow
to bright orange and finally a muted pink. I'm sure there are
other great sunsets in Santorini, but for me this was the best.

Palea Kameni, Thira Φηρά Fira, Thira Akrotiri, Thira Thira

Nea Kameni
Harpo: There are three ways to get on and off the Old
Port of Fira, but none of them are ideal: either climb the stairs,
ride a donkey or a horse up the stairs, or take the cable car.
We chose to walk down the 588 steps passing donkeys,
horses, exhausted tourists climbing up, and dung, so we
Villages Cliffs recommend wearing comfortable, close-toed shoes. We found
11 12
Akrotiri Skaros the donkeys to be a toursit-trap because they were treated
cruelly and they were very dangerous for those on foot. As for
Noradoa: This traditional village is located in the southern antartida: Skaros Rock is kind of a rocky outcropping that the third option, which might be the most comfy, it can also
part of the beautiful island of Santorini. Not far from this hangs above the Aegean on the volcanic caldera of Santorini. be hell to get on if a cruise comes at the same timeGrecia,
that you
village, you can visit the Red Beach, arguably the most It's located in Imerovigli, a beautiful white village built into the want to get on. At the bottom we found a long line of tourists
famous on the island. Just outside the village, towards the rocks that has incredible views and some of the most
Red Beach, is the most important archaeological site on the expensive hotels in the world. To get to Skaros Rock, you Beaches
island (in April 2010 was closed). have to go up down a narrow staircase until you get to the
bottom of the crater where you'll find a white and blue chapel
White Beach
like you see all over Santorini. From there, you have a long Rodrigo Nieto: If you've never been to paradise (and if
climb up the steps until you get to the rock. Along the way, you want a taste), I'd suggest heading to this wonderful place
you'll see ruins of a medieval castle destroyed by an known best by its English name, "White Beach." The White Things to see in Thira
earthquake in the nineteenth century. Apparently, it was a Beach gets its name from the white cliffs and sand which
Christian castle that remained unconquered for over 600 1. Santorini (Thira) 2. Red Beach
surround the beach itself. You can only get there by boat,
years. Once you reach Skaros Rock, there's a beautiful 3. Agios Ioannis Apokefalistheis 4. Kamari
which runs every half hour. It's cool to go by boat because
chapel overlooking the sea. If you're visiting Santorini, I'd 5. Churches of Santorini 6. Emporio
you can enjoy the coastal scenery and run your hands
really recommend taking a walk out to Skaros Rock. The 7. Nea Kameni Hot Springs 8. Santorini Old Port
through the clean Aegean water. It's not a long ride, only
climb there isn't bad...in fact, going back is worse as you 9. Akrotiri Lighthouse 10. Monolithos Beach
about 10 minutes. Yes, the beach is a bit rocky, so I
have to walk down lots and lots of tiny steps without tripping! 11. Akrotiri 12. Skaros
recommend bringing flip-flops or shoes. OneKokkini
thing, Ammos,
when you
Thira ☎ 915 644 653 - Imerovigli- Isla de Santorini, Thira 13. Nea Kameni 14. White Beach
Where to eat in Thira Page 4

Restaurants Restaurants Tapas Bars Restaurants

1 2 3 4
Sphinx Restaurant Taverna Nikolas Santo Wines Winery Aktaion Restaurant
sleeplessmery: If you go to Santorini and Fira , do not Pau García Solbes: One of our favorite things to do while Francesca Di Pietro: This is a winery, where you can Ramsy Mejri: If you're looking to have a dinner date in
miss going to this restaurant. It has the best views and the traveling is to try the local cuisine. In Fira, we made no relax in the evening, while enjoying a wine and cheese Fira, the Aktaion Restaurant is the place. All of the dishes are
best risotto I've ever eaten, with marscarpone and wild exception. We tried to find an authentic Greek taverna with a tasting. It has one of the most beautiful views of the island, homemade and the prices are honest. The atmosphere is
mushrooms. Just don´t miss out on getting an outdoor table. traditional, home-style menu. We settled on Nikolas, which is with the sunset right in front of you. Although the place is very definitely traditional Greek, and it fills up quic so I'd consider
It has several floors so it's easy to find a table. For dessert, I located on a steep street called Erithrou Stavrou, in the heart romantic, it's also nice to visit with your friends, and you'll booking ahead. One of the things I liked best was that they
had a delicious champagne cocktail with black rum and of Fira. This traditional tavern had everything we were looking have the chance to take some spectacular pictures. gave you a complimentary snack with every drink you
strawberries. for: whitewashed facade with blue doors and windows, a cool ordered. The restaurant is located near the church all the way
inside with checkered checkered tablecloths, wooden chairs, down the Crater Road and isn't hard to find.
and grizzled by friendly waiters. As for the food, the menu
was quintessentially Greek. For starters, we ordered a salad
with tomato, feta cheese, and crusty bread. I think we also
ordered some kind of tomato balls with feta as a starter too.
As a main, we had a sort of Greek lasagna, whose local
name I can't recall. The pasta was macaroni. I had a sea
bass with potatoes and beans. Everything was delicious and I
don't recall it being overtly expensive, despite being in the
heart of the city. If you're still hungry afterwards and want
Fira 847 00, Grecia, Thira 302 286are
desert, the best places in☎Greece 023 the
912 traditional
- Erythrou Stavrou, Thira
bakeries. ☎ 302 286 022 596 - Pirgos, Thira Thira


Tranquilo Bar
Cecilia Villanustre: There is a beautiful, beachfront
restaurant in the Perissa area. The place is very comfortable,
organic, and almost entirely outdoors. The food is very good
and having the Aegean landscape outside makes it even
more cute! It is a place where you want to stay all afternoon,
when you take a day off and you don't want to go too far.
Chaimae: Like almost all the restaurants in Santorini,
Zafora (which is very close to the funicular), has amazing
views over the Aegean Sea. The food is varied, and no more
than acceptable, although pricey, like a typical tourist site.
Best to go late in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset in good
company. Of course, you have to come a little early to get a
seat because it gets packed.

Places to eat in Thira

1. Sphinx Restaurant 2. Taverna Nikolas 3. Santo Wines Winery

Fira 847 00, Thira ☎ 2 286 085 230 - Beach front, Perissa, Thira 4. Aktaion Restaurant 5. Zafora
Where to stay in Thira Page 5

Anitas Villa Resort Booking
minube: Anitas Villa is a traditional complex, situated in
Atimerovigli, in the quiet village of Santorini. Built into the cliff
known as Ascaldera, it offers unlimited views of the gulf, and
the most famous volcano in the world. Here you will find
Greek hospitality along with Cadre service. Your vacation will
Apartment Hotels Hostels Hotels be an unforgettable one.
1 2 3
Voreina Gallery Suites Villa Agas Xenones Filotera Hotel
sleeplessmery: Voreina Gallery Suites is a hotel that antartida: Today I want to talk about this hotel in minube: Built in the traditional style of the Greek islands,
exhibits the works of several artists at the reception and in the Santorini. It's simple, but it has everything you need. It's kind Xenones Filotera is a modern hotel which enjoys a INTER TRADIONAL PATH IMEROVIGL, Thira
rooms. It only has 9 suites, most of them with a private pool of a pink villa, and is divided into two buildings. The rooms spectacular location on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea on
and a terrace. Each suite has a living room, kitchen, bedroom have a terrace on the ground level, meaning you can move to the volcanic island of Santorini. The Archaeological Museum
and bathroom. It is in Pyrgos, not the first choice when you the neighboring terraces, and courtyard, surrounded by is 1.5 kilometers away, and the Maritime Museum is eight Hotels
go to Santorini, but it might be a mistake. It is ten minutes vineyards, overlooking the sea, with air conditioning, miles away. Santorini Airport is 10 miles away, around a 15 Volcano View by Caldera Collection
from Fira, the centre, and about fifteen minutes from Oia and refrigerator, and they are quite spacious. It is clean, although min drive.
almost everywhere else! Still, Pyrgos is quiet and you can the bathroom is pretty old, and of course there are no
really take advantage of your room. It's worth going, and once curtains. We bought food and we kept it in the fridge and in minube: Volcano View Hotel is situated in the city of Thira,
in your private pool, why leave? Every morning you are the little terrace we had breakfast. Nicolino, the son of the on the island of Santorini. This recently refurbished hotel has
served in-room breakfast, and if you are wondering what to owner is very friendly and gives you what you need, he took excellent views of the volcano that dominates the skyline from
visit, the staff can make good recommendations on places to us to the ferry for free and let us leave the room an hour later. every corner of the island. It features rooms perfectly
see and restaurants. It was very, very familiar, all employees are part of the family, equipped and decorated in a local style, with a noticeable
father, mother, brothers, etc ... And most hotels around share color scheme and they are very big as well.
the pool. The pool is very nice, is large and comfortable, and
is 500 meters from the house, near the other houses that are
also hotels. We could say it is a kind of hostel, no frills, and
Agia Irini, Thira
Pirgos Thiras, Thira the best thing is the price. For☎7302 286 023
nights we 977
paid- Main euros Thira
120 Street, for ☎ 302 286 028 770 - Imerovigli, Thira

Hotels Apartment Hotels Hotels

Acqua Vatos Hotel Alonia Studios Notos Therme and Spa
minube: The Acqua Vatos is a complex of just a few Juan Antonio Pintado Pérez: Santorini,wherever you minube: The Notos Therme And Spa Hotel is located
square meters but it´s very comfortable, cozy and fully looks, you are sure to have never seen anything like it, the next to a black sand beach on the island of Santorini, only 21
equipped so that you do not miss anything. It was refurbished island atmosphere is intoxicating, you fall in love withthe km from the capital, Fira. This resort overlooks the marina
in 2006. It has 32 rooms and suites, all decorated according place even before setting foot on it. The view of the volcano, and offers all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay:
to different colors, style and size. Everything is prepared so the unique sunsets, tranquility and serenity that surround you, outdoor pool, sauna, spa, and hot tub. The hotel also offers a
that you can enjoy your stay. I swear it made me want to cry leaving that wonderful island. massage service.
Only one thought invaded my mind: Go back.

☎ 302 286 031 660 - Central Road of Kamari Village, Thira ☎ 302 286 023 046 - Firostefani, Thira Vlychada, Thira

Apartment Hotels Hotels Hotels

6 8 9
Lotza Studios Artemis Suites hotel Athina Suites Hotel
minube: In the beautiful island of Thira, belonging to the minube: The Artemos Caldera Sight Studios are situated minube: Athina is in Fira, capital of the island of Santorini
Kiklades you can find the boutique hotel Katikies, which in Thira and sports a new look due to its recent refurbishment. and is only a short walk from the city on a rock, with
sports a new look due to its recent refurbishment. Once here This 3 star hotel has typical architecture of the Greek islands panoramic views of volcanic rim and cliffs. The natural beauty
you can experience peace and tranquility at its finest. It´s the and is situated right in the middle of the island between the and magnificent views will captivate and seduce you
perfect place for those who want to get away from the noise famous beaches of the south and the capital of Fira, where immediately. The famous architecture of the Cyclades Islands Places to stay in Thira
and contamination of the big cities. you can see one of the best sunsets the world has to offer. is in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Add to this the
1. Voreina Gallery Suites 2. Villa Agas
best moonrise in the world, and you have one of the most
3. Xenones Filotera Hotel 4. Anitas Villa Resort Booking
romantic places ever.
5. Volcano View by Caldera Coll... 6. Lotza Studios
7. Alonia Studios 8. Artemis Suites hotel
Finikia, Thira Main Street, Thira Lower City Centre, Thira
9. Athina Suites Hotel