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Photo: kavalenkava volha/Shutterstock.com

Rising out of the crystalline waters of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is the result of
the erupting mouth of a volcano that has left a dramatic legacy of black and
red-sand beaches and an enormous caldera draped by white-washed houses and
blue-domed churches.
A harmonious Mediterranean backdrop, shaped by the sharp contrast of the
ivory village clashing with the bold black of the volcanic soil, opens up to the
traveler, in an awe-inspiring paradise that is Santorini.


Top 5
Oia Village
The village of Oia is the island´s
most iconic, and equally touristy,
Red Beach (Kokkini Paralia)
The unique colour of the sand
and the breathtaking volcanic
landscape make t...
Olga Gavrilova/Shutterstocl.com Fira is the cultural and
commercial center of Santorini,
renowned throughout...
Hiking Fira - Imerovigli - Oia
The 9 km hiking trail that leads
from Fira to Oia, running
alongside the cal...
Perissa Beach
Perissa Beach stretches for 7 km
along Santorini's Southeastern
coast, charm...


Updated 12 July 2016