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One Stop Cleaning Solution ee ag | ABouT us ° y PSM Enterprise PSM Enterprise is a recognized leader in cleaning solutions base at Anmedabad, Gujarat, India. With a vision to become a global leader in sustainable cleaning innovation that ‘empowers our customers to create a cleaner, safer and hygiene level of our customer premises, PSM creates solutions that are changing the way of cleaning in the world, ‘We ventured into manufacturing products that are ideal for Indian Cleaning industry. PSM products include equipment used to maintain indoor and outdoor surfaces, equipment parts, service, and maintenance to help ensure superior cleaning performance. Itis an initiative to provide better cleaning and hygiene plave by supplying correct products. It may be cleaning equipment, cleaning detergents, semi mechanised tools or odor control products. The promoters of this frm has experience more than 15 years in the same industries == One Stop Cleaning Solution y PSM Enterprise Ry ees 0 58 RIDE ON SCRUBBER MODEL PSM 80-135 Power Supply 2av Seaubbing / Squeegee With 750/2000iN Max Working Capacity ‘3800m2i0 Detergent Tank Capacity ‘ol Recovery Tank Capacily 145i Bish Motor Power *00W Battery Run Time 2w4he Clearing Speed 0-8 mh ‘Sound Decibel e740 Depression / Vacuum Motor {734mmHBOITTOOW Dimension Weight 88:1 220k9 ‘MODEL Voltage ‘Sweep With ‘Walking Speed Side Brush Motor Driving Motor Rolling brush and combined motor Dust vibration motor Battery Gradeabiliy Dustbin Capacity Fiter Surface Maximum working efcionsy Not Weight Gross Weight PSM RS.908 2avde "000mm 0-64 De 24y 800 De 24y 3500 De2av 600% De2dy 750 150.an 1" 90L 5.5m2 Ta200mainv 280K 32249 SCRUBBER DRIER MODEL PSMAS-5055 ‘Brush Cleaning Wieth 510mm Vacuum Squeeze Width 755mm Brush & Pad Size 510mm ‘Brush Rotation Speed 210rpm ‘Sucking Degree "adorbar Floor Motor 750 ‘Suction Motor To0w ‘Cleaning Sotion Tank OL Recovery Tank 55L Performance 1850 sq/m Noise Level db (8) Voltage 20y, 50H No of Batory| 2 Power 2x12 Net Weight Takes Gross Weight 103 Kgs ‘Wooden Packaging 12503630850