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Portfolio of Possibilities

Mini-Research Packet

What career are you researching? (Where did you go on your trip that aligned with this career?)
Filmmaking and I went to American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

What are some things that you already know knew about this career (before traveling)?
I knew I wanted to do it for a career (and also acting) and I knew it was very creative and immersive
and time consuming work but it’s something I have always been drawn to.

For each question below, organize where you got your information from in the following categories:
Website research (Include any additional sites that you used)
● http://www.mynextmove.org/

What are the education or training requirements of this job?

Filmmaking (Directing, Writing, ect.): Acting:
Some kind or directing training course and Some kind of acting class maybe but no GED or
usually a bachelor’s degree or a certificate after diploma needed

What are the common tasks or job responsibilities for this job?
Plan the details (frames, movement, design) of Portray characters/roles in plays, shows or films,
your projects (films, shows, plays), work with work with other actors, directors and writers
writers and actors directly and with other crew
(lighting, camera, director of photography)

What is the starting salary for this job?

(I put the ‘low”salary as the starting) $33,730 $8.97 hourly (at 40 hours/week = $17,222.4)

What is the average salary for this job?

$71,620 yearly-ish $17.49 hourly

What are the prospects for this job? Are they easy to get? Is the industry growing?
Very likely and growing future - but not so much Very likely
for either in VT

Find an interesting video about this job & write 3 takeaways: (Include the URL)
Directing: Acting:

After doing this initial research think about the following things:
-The education requirements
-The skills involved
-Your values and strengths

After researching, do you think this job could be a good fit for you? Why or why not? (Include the skills
and/or qualities a person should have in order to succeed at this job.)
I think this job could be good fit for me because I think yes, it would be a good fit, though I feel
of my attention to detail and creativity. Also, like I would be more skilled and overall better at
whenever I’m viewing a film or television show, I directing. Acting is, however, something I have
tend to focus on who’s directing it and what wanted to do since I was a younger. When I was
particular movements or angles they use for each little (and without a doubt I still do this), I would
shot or scene, more than I focus on the actual watch a movie and then immediately go to the
plot. I read the book Hitchcock Truffaut and I “Bonus Features” tab on the menu to watch all of
found his [Hitchcock’s] methods that he puts into the deleted scenes, gag reel, interviews, and just
directing his films very interesting. A favorite the actors and crew on set in general. It has
technique of mine is the dolly zoom, most always fascinated me and I’ve always felt this
iconically used in Vertigo, but I also love the way pull towards wanting to be on set, too, and I love
he stays in a close up of people for longer than it a whole gosh darn lot. (I was also in many a
seems necessary- or more than others would (as play- well, three plays- as a child. Though, I’m
in, other filmmakers might have a close up, cut to pretty sure my acting was as bad as the bright
a different angle, then go back to the close up). blue tutu I had to wear for a role as a girl who had
the ability to turn into a tiger when she spun.)

Any additional research you would like to do? (Exceeds expectations)

___ Visiting a place where this job is done (I feel as though going to AFI was doing this but I can also figure out
another one because I was less in the movie making parts of the building and more in the movie library.)
- Any local production locations?

___ Visiting a school or place where people learn how to do this job (This sounds quite appealing.)
- What schools/training opportunities exist around here?

___ Meeting someone who does this job (This is easily done - my stepmom is an actress and I would be able
to ask her things and my dad and her know lots of acting-peoples.)

___ Doing a job shadow of this job

___ Doing an internship of this job

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