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Course  Module 3 Sequence Iteration  between strings & lists  Cast String to List

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Cast String to List

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More Python string tools (tricks?)

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Here are some other useful tricks that we can

use when working with
For my rst string trick, I'm gonna cast a string
into a list.
So we have the string Hello, and we're just
casting it into a list.
We can see that we get each character
created as a list item by casting to a list.
Above here, I cast to a list and then I rejoin the
list together
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with a character here, a tilde.

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More Python string tools (tricks?)

Cast a string to a list of characters

hello_letters = list("Hello")

print to the same line with multiple print statements (end=)

or insert any character as an end in print("String", end="+")

print('Hello', end = '')


# [ ] review and run example
hello_letters = list("Hello")

# [ ] review and run example

# cast sting to list
word_letters = list("concatenates")

# .join() concatenates the list

# print on same line setting the end character

# [ ] review and run example

print("Hello ", end = '')

# [ ] review and run example

# This is the default print end
print("Hello World!", end="\n")
print('still something to learn about print()')

# [ ] review and run example

# end inserts any valid str character: A-z, 0-9,!,@,*,\n,\t or ''(empty string)...
for letter in "Concatenation":
print(letter, end='*')

Task 5
end=" " con guration in printing

print('The String', end='')

# [ ] use 3 print() statements to output text to one line

# [ ] separate the lines by using "- " (dash space)

Task 6
cast: str to list
Msg_characters = list("Always test your code")

# [ ] create a string (fact) of 20 or more characters and cast to a list (fact_letters)

# [ ] iterate fact, printing each char on one line, except for spaces print a new line

Task 7
Program: add the digits
create a 20 digit string, and cast to a list

then add all the digits as integers

print the equation and answer

Hint: use cast to sum the digits, and .join() to create the equation (1+2+3+...)

# [ ] create add the digits

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