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Notes with Anthony:

Poetic engagement
-asthetic of absurd can be a poetic vehicle

idea of archiving in relationship to material
-not meant to be read/meant to be seen

Silhouetting The Past:

triggering it and seeing it at the same time
several layers of time
- past, present and future
what is it's relationship to iChats/archiving?
most effective:
-not performing an emotion through choreographed gesture
-most powerful provide reference to everyday moment
-break of the expected
-anchors intention in quest for understanding time and remembering past
and creating an archive for the future
-dance makes it more abstract
-relying too much on dance training and it doesn't belong
-movement and dance are two different things
-adopt and embrace a series of gestures without them being dramatized emotion

How did I visualize the entire sound track?
-That wasn't clear

15 color copies:
Make a book?
-Jason Salavon: digital artist in chicago who is working with similar themes

Save As:
-Andres Muhle-Pohl: artist in the 90s (photography and digital imaging)

Really fascinating by giving up control but in control
Element of chance but able to anticipate the outcome

What are my biggest concerns, questions, and weaknesses?

-ideas and intentions are extremely clear
-results are truly poetic translations of the ideas, rather than illustrations of the
ideas that fall flat
-be poetic rather than diagrammatic
-pixelation work/keep saving/keep saving are important process
-can the results hold up as final products?
-people aren't going to be there to appreciate the process, unless that is
part of the product
-use this seamster to experiment several directions at once
-see which lands on top then hone in on that area
-archiving absurd and wonderful - how do i take this further?
-sound pieces sharpens the edges of a particular aesthetic voice
and positions me artistically through use of sound,
choreography, projection and interactivity
-they are begun but not pushed further
-next semester hone in one 1 or 2 areas, because I can't do
-question about memory is pressing as neurological and sociological condition
that we are all engaged in
-sharpening our memory skills is a thing of the past/we depend on these
technological devices
-overtime you gain something technologically you loose something
-gain something you loose something: truth in that
-through art making provide the possibility to raise awareness and let the
audience define what to do with it their that balance in their own life
-the use and abuse of technology
-im not a slave to it but i'm very aware of it and the technologies dark side

continue to use time to experiment with other vocabularies and interactions

experiments that can unpack this thing
don't forget humor/as its my biggest ally
-bring people into the process