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Hannah Edwards


Lesson Plan

Understanding Basic Narratives

Curriculum Framework Content Name, Number and Description

Curricular Content Knowledge- Unit 3: 3.4 Knowledge of English/Language
Arts/Literacy for learners with exceptionalities including
Teaching Reading
 Phonological, phonemic awareness
 Phonics and word recognition
 Print concepts
 Comprehension
 Fluency
 Vocabulary
 Integration of literacy instruction into all content areas in order to
facilitate disciplinary literacy

Learning Objectives:
The learners will be able to…
1. Demonstrate comprehension by reading along during group time
2. Recall a story in by expressing the narrative’s events in order
3. Identify main characters and their journey from narrative
4. Express how the narrative relates to their personal life

Learning Activities:
(30-45 minutes)
The students will gather for group time in front of the classroom, preparing for the
group reading time of the day. The students will watch the Teacher Tube Video: Basic
Narratives. The video is centered on comprehending a narrative by reading aloud a short
excerpt from a narrative. The video also provides instructions on how you can gather
information from a narrative and then how it is interpreted. As the students are reading
along the subtitles and listening to information on how to understand the layout of
reading a narrative, I will pause the video periodically so that they have ample time to fill
out the graphic organizer as they follow along the short story. I will repeat the video for
the students to be able to thoroughly engage with the lesson and the graphic organizer.

The students will be informally evaluated on their understanding of basic
narratives through observations of their work throughout group reading time. The
students will be formally evaluated on their understanding of basic narratives by their
completion of the graphic organizer associated with the Teacher tube video: Basic
Narratives. “The Story Tree” graphic organizer has 6 questions that correlate with the
basic narrative video, and students will demonstrate their understanding by following
along and filling out each of the 6 blanks.