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Effective 15 February 2019

Whenever there are two amounts, the standard is: WHATEVER IS HIGHER.
Note: The fees is exclusive of expenses.

Plain Consultation (per hour) P1,000.00

Consultation with written advice (per hour) P1,000.00 or P500.00/page

Research/Preliminary Study (per hour) P1,500.00

Preparation of Attorney’s Letter P500.00

Partnership Agreement (per month) P8,000.00 to P10,000.00

Preparation and notarization of simple affidavits (jurat) P1,000.00

Authentication of documents P500.00 or P100.00 per page

Preparation of contracts involving sale 3% of Contract Price or P1,500.00

Preparation of contracts not involving sale (no pecuniary P1,500.00


ACCEPTANCE FEES (unless specified hereunder)


Municipal Trial Courts P50,000.00 Municipal Trial Courts P50,000.00

Regional Trial Courts P75,000.00 Regional Trial Courts P75,000.00

Court of Appeals P85,000.00 Court of Appeals P85,000.00

Supreme Court P150,000.00 Supreme Court P150,000.00

Correction of entries/Change of Name P40,000.00

Domestic Adoption P75,000.00

Adoption Involving Foreigners (Intercountry Adoption) P150,000.00

Naturalization P150,000.00

Negotiation and Execution of Collective Bargaining P 50,000.00 or P2,500.00/hour

Agreement (CBA)
Election Cases P120,000.00

Testate/Intestate Proceedings without Opposition P60,000.00 or 5% of the zonal

value of the Estate

Testate/Intestate Proceedings with Opposition P50,000.00 or 10% of the Fair

Market Values (FMV) or zonal of
Land Registration (with Opposition) P150,000.00 or 5% of the FMV or
Zonal Value.

Without Opposition P75,000.00 or 5% of FMV or ZV

Reconstitution of title P75,000.00

New Owner’s Duplicate of Title P50,000.00

Registration of patents, copyrights P150,000.00

Immigration P50,000.00

Simple Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws with a P30,000.00 plus P4,000.00 per P1
minimum authorized capital stock worth P1,000,000.00 Million of capitalization or
fraction thereof

Stockholders agreement or voting trust P30,000.00

Amending corporate charter P30,000.00

Preparation of documents for registration to act as register P10,000.00

Preparation of filing corporate reports P6,000.00

Preparation of documents for dissolution of corporations P25,000.00

Preparation of corporate resolution P3,500.00

Change of registered agent or office P5,000.00

A. Foreign
Authority to do business in the Philippines P35,000.00

Documents for registration to act as register agent P35,000.00

Preparation of necessary documents for withdrawal from P35,000.00

Change of registered agent or office P25,000.00

B. Not for Profit

Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of non-stock P35,000.00

C. Partnership
Drafting of Articles of Partnership with a minimum capital of P35,000.00 plus P5,000.00 per P1
P1,000,000.00 Million of capitalization or
fraction thereof

Registration of trade name P10,000.00

Dissolution, including notices to creditors and agreements P35,000.00

Deed of Donations P20,000.00 or equivalent to 3% of

the Zonal Value of FMV
Bond, collateral or indemnity P5,000.00

Building Contact: Determine price or not less than

P20,000.00 or 3% equivalent to
one year lease whichever is higher

Release or Extension of Mortgage with additional condition P3,000.00

Option to Purchase Real Estate: Not less than P20,000.00 or 3% of

the gross purchase price or Zonal

Preparation and Acknowledgement of Collective Bargaining P30,000.00

Agreement excluding attendance in negotiations and
Insolvency Proceedings:

Finding petition appearance at first creditors meeting

appointment if assignee:

a. Business P25,000.00
b. Individual P50,000.00
c. Husband and Wife (additional) P30,000.00

Preparations and filing of motion to discharge P25,000.00

(in case of hearing, charge hourly rate)
Filing creditor’s claim

Eminent Domain or Expropriation Proceeding P10% of the agreed amount but

not less than P100,000.00

For landowner RTC rate plus P5,000.00 for each

For Tenant RTC rate plus P1,000.00 for each


Monthly Retainer Attorney is readily available to render P8,000.00

exclusive professional service to the retaining client on
routine matters affecting the client’s personal, business and
legal affair which may include notarial services by agreement
but not including the drafting of documents, collective
receivables and special cases, and litigation.

Before other agencies

Original Jurisdiction P60,000.00 Appellate Jurisdiction P75,000.00

Municipal Trial Courts P2,500.00 DOLE/POEA/NCMB P2,500.00 or
within the City P1,500.00/hour
or P1,000.00

Regional Trial Courts P3,500.00 or NLRC P3,000.00 or

P1,500/hour P1,500.00/hour

Supreme Court P20,000.00 or OMB P2,500.00 or

P5,000.00/hour P1,500.00/hour
Labor Arbiter P2,000.00 or Prosecutor’s Office P2,500.00 or
P1,000.00/hour P1,500.00/hour

Sandiganbayan P10,000.00 or Other Administrative P3,500.00 or

P5,000.00/hour Agencies P1,500.00/hour

Ombudsman P10,000.00 or
Cebu/Manila P3,000.00/hour

*A member who stubbornly refuse to follow the foregoing standard fee schedule shall be
reported to the IBP National Office for appropriate disciplinary action.” (item No.6, Point VII)