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Differentiate between local, state, and federal governments’ obligations and services.
SS.7.C.3.14 Benchmark Clarification 2: Students will classify government services according
to level of government in order to evaluate the role that each plays in their lives.
Each level of government provides services for the citizens. Below is a review of the services
that each level of government provides.
Local Government State Government Federal Government
Services Services Services
Local governments in Florida The Florida government is The United States government
are required to provide required to provide services to is required to provide services
services to their residents. the residents of the state. to the citizens of the nation.
Because local governments These services focus on These services focus on
are the closest government to public safety, law national safety, national
the people, they provide more enforcement, health services, defense, and the general
direct services to the people and education. welfare.
than the state and federal
Examples of state services Examples of national services
include: include:
Examples of local services
1. Making laws for Florida 1. Providing a military
residents 2. Helping the poor and
1. Building public schools 2. Creating a department of elderly get health care
2. Creating local law education that oversees 3. Providing housing for the
enforcement groups such public education in Florida poor and elderly
as city police officers and 3. Creating a state law 4. Providing for a national
county sheriff’s deputies enforcement agency such mail service (United States
3. Providing water treatment as the Florida Department Postal Service)
services of Law Enforcement and 5. Maintaining national
4. Providing sewer and Florida State Troopers highways
garbage services 4. Maintaining state roads 6. Providing economic
5. Providing electricity support and military
6. Maintaining local parks assistance after natural
and recreation areas disasters
7. Maintaining local and
county roads
8. Providing local cable,
internet, and phone
9. Building public housing
10. Maintaining local airports,
harbors, and golf courses

federal government - the national level of government; the government of the United States
local government - the government of a municipality (city) or county
state government - the government of an individual state

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