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New Roof Waterproofing

WATERPROOFING Existing Roof Waterproofing

External Walls

Wet Areas

Wall Repairs

Universal Repair and Waterproofing

Integral Waterproofing
Damp ceilings Cracks on walls

Have you seen these anywhere?

Peeling of paint Rising dampness


Then read on to learn more about the perfect solution:

What is
“As complicated as it may sound, waterproofing is nothing but stopping water
from entering the structure of your home.”
This can easily be done by forming
a barrier that stops the ingress of water.
Modern Ways are redefining standards and Reliability

d House
phones Tile s Desktops

ar tphones te Ho Laptops
Sm nc re me
Co s
So what about
Do you use the conventional way or the modern way?
Brick Bat Coba
on roofs & bathrooms?

How do you
waterproof? China Mosaic on roofs?

Bathroom Exterior Paints?

& External
Plaster screed on roofs?
It’s time to change!
CONVENTIONAL Dr. Fixit Waterproofin


Leads to seepage reducing DURABILITY More than doubles the life
life of structures of structure

Unable to withstand FLEXIBILITY Accomodates surface movements
thermal stress

Allows ingress of water
PERMEABILITY Layer acts as a water barrier
for the structure


Materials and methods Quality products, standard
used are inconsistent & FINISH methods ensure consistent finish


Time consuming & dependent APPLICATION Easy to apply and timely
on skill of labour completion
Here’s a comprehensive solution
to all your problems!

= Waterproofin

• Pioneering technology for more than a decade

• Range of solutions for every surface area Dr. Fixit Advice Center
• Trained applicators 1800 209 5504
• Available across the country
Make your Home Waterproof

Roof: The most important wall in your home

Bathrooms: Continuously exposed to water

Structure: The Backbone of the home

Exterior Walls: Envelope & protect your home

Internal Walls: Reflect your personality

New Roof

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP

Economical waterproof
dr. fixit w ate rproo fing

Why Dr. Fixit Waterproofing for NEW roofs

for New Roofs?

Conventionally, the concrete roof slab is covered with
Brickbat coba (BBC), Mud phuska, China mosaic, tiles or
screed to provide a slope to drain main water. This is also
believed to waterproof.
However, with time this top layer cracks allowing ingress
of water into the roof slab. This leads to leakage and
corossion of the steel, thereby weakening the roof slab
and causing dampness inside the house.
Brickbat coba
Dr. Fixit Waterproof coatings give an impervious barrier
between the concrete slab and the layer above. Dr.
Fixit Waterproof coatings being elastic in nature can
withstand temperature variations and bridge micro
cracks thus preventing water ingress.
It is important to take care of how the top layer is
prepared and finished, above the waterproof coating
on the roof.
Refer to the illustrations in the following sections

Conventional Method Dr. Fixit Waterproofing with URP

Brickbat coba, Mosaic tiles, Mud phuska fail More than doubles the life of
to waterproof over time conventional system
dr. fixit w ate rproo fing

Steps to Waterproof and top finish for NEW roofs

New Roofs
Dr. Fixit Fastflex creates an impermeable layer under the conventional system like Brickbat coba (BBC),
Mud phuska and China mosaic.
Roof waterproof coating should be directly applied on the concrete slab. It is important to top finish the Dr. Fixit
Fastflex waterproof coating as illustrated below taking care not to damage the coating.

5 Mosaic Tiles / Stone

4 BBC / Mud phuska / Cement
Sand Plaster
3 Geotextile (recommended)
2 Dr. Fixit URP - Roof Waterproof coating
(2 coats)
1 Concrete Slab
ECONOMY Basic Waterproof
COATING coating for Roofs

• URP + Cement ( 1:1.5 ratio) = Waterproof
• Strong bonding to Roof slab

Easy to use Greater bonding strength 300 micron thickness

300 micr on

Mix with cement and brush apply Good adhesion to roof slab Basic waterproof coating
( 1 : 1.5 ratio)
Dr. Fixit Waterpoofing solutions
for Leakfree Roofs
Dr. Fixit Fastflex and URP Features Reckoner
Parameter Fastflex URP
Film thickness 1.2 to 1.5 mm 300 micron
Ease of usage Ready to use, brush applied Has to be mixed with cement
Consumption for 200 kg 50 kg
1000 sq.ft roof
Coverage per kg 5 sq.ft in 2 coats 20 to 22 sq.ft in 2 coats
Material cost/sq.ft* 32/- 12/-
- In case of an exposed sloping roof, use Dr Fixit Newcoat Roof Waterproofing range.

12 kg (7 kg powder & 5 kg liquid) 10, 20 & 50 kg

Retailer Detail:

*Approximate. Check latest MRP.

Call 1800 209 5504 | Email: info@drfixit.co.in | www.drfixit.co.in

Existing Roof

Dr. Fixit N ewcoat

Comprehensive roof
waterproof coating

Dr. Fixit N ewcoat Coool

Heat insulating roof
waterproof coating system

Dr. Fixit N ewcoat Ezee

Economy roof
waterproof coating
dr. fixit w ate rproo fing

Why Dr. Fixit Waterproofing for for existing roofs

Existing Roofs?
Roof is the most important wall of the building, which is
always exposed to the most harsh weather conditions and
is often the source of leakage in a house. The conventional
remedy to this problem was removing the existing system
like Brickbat coba (BBC) and relaying the same after
waterproofing the slab. This is time consuming, highly
inconvenient and may damage the roof.
Dr. Fixit Waterproofing offers UV resistant, thick
elastomeric coating. When applied on top of Brickbat
coba or China mosaic, it forms a film which is flexible to
accommodate movements in the surface, bridge cracks,
thereby, preventing the ingress of water.
Do not ignore the roof while painting exterior walls.
Conventional method Dr. Fixit Waterproofing with Newcoat

Breaking Brickbat coba, Mosaic tiles No breaking and easy to apply

and relaying the surface
TRUSTED FOR Waterproof leaking Roofs
without breaking it
• Pioneering the technology in India
• UV Resistant & Foot trafficable
• Zero dilution ensures uniform film thickness

*Conditions apply
Use with penetrative primer Dr. Fixit Primeseal
For large areas (>3000 sq.ft) - use glass fibre mesh between 1st & 2nd coat for enhanced performance.
5 years
arr a nt

No breaking of roofs 3 Coat system 1 mm film thickness
in 3 different colors



Easy to use. Faster execution Ensures Quality of Application Tough, Flexible.

Bridges cracks upto 2 mm
Don’t just Waterproof,
Insulate as well !
• Revolutionary product NEWCOAT
• Waterproofs & insulates
• Apply Newcoat Coool as a top coat over 2 Coats of Newcoat

*Conditions apply
• UV resistant & Foot Trafficable 5 years
Use with penetrative primer Dr. Fixit Primeseal W
arr a nt

Waterproof & Insulate Reduces surface temperature by 8oC 1 mm film thickness

8 0C


Single product. Dual benefit Insulates & Waterproofs Tough, Flexible.

Bridges cracks upto 2 mm
Roof Waterproofing made easy
in just two coats !

• UV Resistant
• Foot trafficable
• Can also be used as a preventive waterproof coating
Use with penetrative primer Dr. Fixit Primeseal

Fiber reinforced Don’t ignore the roof Zero dilution

600 Micron film


Waterproof Coating Most important wall of the house To ensure uniform film thickness
Dr. Fixit Waterpoofing solutions
for Leakfree roofs
Dr. Fixit Newcoat Feature Reckoner
Property Newcoat Newcoat Coool Newcoat Ezee
Dry Film thickness 1 mm 1 mm 600 microns
Number of coats 3 2 Coats of Newcoat + 2
Top coat of
Newcoat Coool
Coverage per litre 2 1 sq.ft 2 1 sq.ft 25 sq.ft
(in 1 coat) (in 1 coat) (in 1 coat)
Crack bridging 2 mm 2 mm 1 mm
UV resistant Yes Yes Yes
Foot trafficable Yes Yes Yes
Colors available Grey, White & White White
Heat insulation -- Upto 8oC --
Quantity for 1000 143 litre 95 litre of Newcoat & 80 litre
sq.ft roof 48 litre of Newcoat

1, 4, 20 litre 4, 20 litre 4, 20 litre

Choose any colour for
your house walls

But for terrace

Only Dr. Fixit waterproofing

1. High performance tough coating

* Conditions Apply
2. No breaking of terrace*
3. UV resistant and foot trafficable

Call 1800 209 5504 | Email: info@drfixit.co.in | www.drfixit.co.in


Dr. Fixit Raincoat

Elastomeric waterproof
exterior coating

Dr. Fixit Raincoat Coool

India’s first and only
heat insulating exterior
waterproof coating
dr. fixit w ate rproo fing

Why Dr. Fixit Waterproofing for for external walls

External Walls?
External Walls are constantly exposed to changing
weather, which impacts not just the paint but also,
develops cracks on the substrate.
Exterior paints applied on the walls, only serve the
purpose of aesthetics, but do not limit the impact of rain
& heat. Therefore, it is important not just to paint the
exterior walls but protect it with waterproofing.
The word coating indicates that it is protective in nature,
while paint implies aesthetics. A coating film with higher
thickness, flexibility & breathable properties is much
tougher compared to any conventional paint film and
provides complete protection to exteriors from natural
elements for a prolonged period.
Dr. Fixit Waterproof coating not only prevents the ingress
of water but also gives a decorative finish to exteriors.
Exterior Paints Dr. Fixit Waterproofing with Raincoat

Cracks, Algae growth & Waterproof & Colour

Peeling of Paints
APPROVED BY Elastomeric, Anti carbonation
Waterproof exterior coating

• Trusted for more than a decade

• Available in a wide range of colours
• Anti Carbonation coating to preserve the strength of your structure

*Conditions apply
• Anti-algae & anti-fungal
7 years
arr a nt

Use with penetrative primer Dr. Fixit Primeseal

Double the thickness Lowest Water Best Elongation Zero Dilution

of Exterior Paints Absorption
(110 microns)

> 100%

micron s

To protect exterior walls Stops ingress of water Accommodates surface To ensure Quality
elongation and contraction Application
India’s first exterior coating that
Waterproofs & Insulates
• Superior sheen enhances the beauty of your building RAINCOAT
• Anti Carbonation Properties to preserve the strength of your structure
• Anti Algae – Anti Fungal.
7 years

*Conditions apply
• Available in pastel shades
arr a nt

Use with penetrative primer Dr. Fixit Primeseal

160 microns film Lowest Water Reduces Surface Better elongation

thickness Absorption Temperature by 8oC (>150%)

> 150%
8 C

micron s

Extra Protection Stops ingress of water Insulates & waterproofs Accommodates surface
for External walls elongation & contraction
Efflorescence resistant
& Seals
penetrative primer
• Anti efflorescence Primer
• Effective bonding with substrate
• Can be used for Internal, External walls and Roofs

Penetrates the Anti-efflorescence Effective bonding

Cementitious substrate Primer with Substrate

To block the pores in Cement Plaster Prevents spoiling of Paint Prevents peeling of the Coating
Dr. Fixit Waterpoofing solutions
for beautiful exteriors
Free Raincoat Preview Service

Dr. Fixit Raincoat and Primeseal Features Reckoner

Property Raincoat Raincoat Coool Primeseal
Dry Film Thickness 110 Microns 160 Microns -
Number of Coats 2 2 1
Dilution Zero Zero 2:1::Primeseal:
Coverage per litre 35 sq.ft 35 sq.ft 100 sq.ft
(in 2 coats) (in 2 coats) (in 1 coat)
Bases Available White, Dark & Mid White -
Tone Base Free Sampling Service
Shades Available 700+ Pastel Shades -
Elongation >100% >150% -
Heat Insulation Upto 8 C o
Quantity for 1000 29 litre 29 litre 10 litre


1, 4, 10, 20 litre 1, 4, 20 litre 1, 4, 10, 20 litre

` N’ Co

Elastomeric, anti-carbonation
waterproof exterior coating
Call 1800 209 5504 | Email: info@drfixit.co.in | www.drfixit.co.in
Wet Areas

Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2

Acrylic Cementitious
waterproof coating
Trusted for Acrylic cementitious waterproof
coating for all Wet areas
more than
a decade

• Flexible coating that resists water ingress

• Strong adhesion to sunken slabs & masonry surfaces
• CFTRI certified – Potable Water Safe for kitchens & water tanks

Coating Thickness Bridges cracks Eco friendly

– 1 mm up to 2 mm

1mm 2 mm

Excellent water resistance No leakage & No seepage Non toxic & low VOC
Trusted for
more than
Multiple areas of application
a decade

• Recommended for use in areas with regular water exposure

• Two component ready to use - ensures right mix
• Easy to apply

Bathroom Kitchen Balconies Water Tank

Sunken slab and Sink and kitchen slab Exposed areas Internal sides
shower area
Dr. Fixit Waterproofing solutions
for Leakfree Wet areas
Dr. Fixit Pidifin 2K Consumption Reckoner
Wet area Approx Pidifin 2K
Area Quantity
(in sq.ft) (in kg)

Bathroom 70 10
Water Tank 150 20
Balcony 40 6
Kitchen 25 4
Total 320 40

Pot Life: Need to apply the product within 30-45 mins of mixing.
Coverage: 7 sq.ft / kg, 100 sq.ft area will require 15 kg of Pidifin 2 K

Retailer Detail:

3, 15 kg

Call 1800 209 5504 | Email: info@drfixit.co.in | www.drfixit.co.in

Wall Repairs

Dr. Fixit Crack-X range

Ready to use crack filler

Dr. Fixit Dampguard

Water based epoxy
waterproof coating

Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP

Universal repair &
waterproofing waterproof
Why Dr. Fixit Repairs for FOR WA LLs

Internal and External walls?

Maintain the health of your internal and external walls
ver time due to continuous exposure to varying weather conditions both internal & external plaster, cracks & debonds.
The cracks if not attended in time would lead to water ingress leading to peeling of paint, damp patches & spalling of
concrete & plaster.
To maintain the beauty of the internal walls it is important to repair with Dr. Fixit Repair range and prevent frequent repairs.

Repair concerns of walls

Concrete & Plaster debonding Cracks Dampness

Hard & flexible filler for internal &
crack filler
external plaster cracks
• Fiber reinforced - strong adhesion to surface
• Better hiding & better wall finish PASTE
• Good water resistance
• Coverage : 25-30 running meter/kg Fills
(@5 mm cracks filled to a depth of 5 mm) up to 5 mm

Flexible Low shrinkage Quick drying


Accommodates minor movements Better finish Faster work completion

of the surface
One time Hard & flexible filler for internal &
external plaster cracks
crack filler

• Non shrink – one time application

• Bonds strongly to cementitious substrates
• Better water resistance
• Coverage - 30-34 running meter /litre (@5 mm cracks filled to a Fills
depth of 5 mm) up to 10 mm

One time application Excellent Hiding Quick Drying


Faster Work Completion Better wall finish Faster work completeion

Trusted for
Water based epoxy
over a decade
waterproof coating
• 2 component coating for internal dampness & damp patches
• Can be used as putty – in case of severe dampness & for filling cracks in damp walls
• Apt for dampness treatment in sterile areas of pharma & food industries

Two component epoxy For

High coverage Microbial resistant & non-toxic
Mild dampness & Damp patches

Strong adhesion to cementitious Economical Anti-algae & anti-fungal

Trusted for
Dr. Fixit Waterproofing solutions
over a decade
for beautiful Interiors
Dr. Fixit Dampguard Consumption Reckoners

Type of Usage Area No. of Coats Mixing Ratio Coverage Consumption for
per kg 50 sq.ft area

Base Hardner Water Cement On usage

1 As dampness Mild dampness in 2 coats 1 part 1 part 1 part - 40-45 sq.ft 1 kg

proof coating plastered walls

2 As putty for Severe dampness & 1 coat 1 part 1 part - 2 parts 6-8 sq.ft 6 kg
damp walls crack filling in damp walls

Retailer Detail:

500 g, 1 Kg
Various areas of internal and
external Wall Repairs
URP to be used for all type of general plaster & concrete repair
• As bond coat : Slurry of URP : Cement in the ratio of 1:1 by weight URP
• As repair mix of concrete & mortar – 15 % of URP by weight of Cement

Bond coat Concrete wall repair Plaster wall repair

Concrete & Chajja & balcony Column, Beam joint Joints of drain pipes Terrace & wall
Plaster Repair cracks with walls cracks
Dr. Fixit Repair solutions

Repair Mixing Ratio Consumption
for 100 sq.ft area

Sr. No. Type of Usage Area URP Cement Sand Aggregate Coverage of URP Usage of URP in kg
(in kgs) (in kg) (in kg) per kg

1 Bonding agent Before any kind of repair 1 part 1 part N.A. N.A. 45-50 sq.ft Bond coat - 2 kg
in single coat

2 Wall concrete Minor cracks in column, 10-15% of 1 part 1.5 parts 1.5 parts 7 sq.ft Concrete repair mortar - 15 kg
repair mortar beam, chajja, parapet, cement weight at 25 mm thickness at 25 mm thickness
slab repair, balcony

3 Wall plaster Broken plaster, plaster 10-15% of 1 part 3 parts N.A. 7 sq.ft Plaster repair mortar - 15 kg
repair mortar cracks, column and beam cement weight at 25 mm thickness at 25 mm thickness
joints, drainage pipe and
wall joints

1, 5, 20 Kg

Call 1800 209 5504 | Email: info@drfixit.co.in | www.drfixit.co.in

Universal Repair
& Waterproofing
Dr. Fixit Pidicrete URP
Economy Waterproof
Repair &
Economy Waterproof Coating

• Flexible waterproof coating @ 300 micron thickness
• Strengthens bonding of new to old concrete & plaster
• Enhances strength & water resistance of repair mix - concrete & mortar

Concrete & Plaster Repair For Waterproofing

Increases strength Enhances bonding Improves water 300 micron thickness


300 micron

Crack resistant Enhances bonding between Less ingress of water Waterproof Coating
old & new surface
Universal Various areas of Internal and
External Wall repairs
Repair &

For repairs
• Flexible waterproof coating @ 300 micron thickness
• Strengthens bonding of new to old concrete & plaster
• Enhances strength & water resistance of repair mix - concrete & mortar
For waterproofing
• Usage : Prepare a slurry coat of URP : Cement in the ratio of 1:1.5 by weight
• Areas : Terrace, Bathroom, Chajja, Lift pit & Balcony

Bond coat Concrete repair Concrete repair Plaster repair Waterproof coating

Concrete & Chajja & Balcony Column & Beam Terrace & Terrace & Bathroom
Plaster Repair Wall cracks
Universal Dr. Fixit Waterproofing
& Repair solutions
& Repair

Dr. Fixit URP Consumption Reckoners
Repairs Usage Area URP Cement Sand Aggregate Coverage of URP Consumption of URP
(in kg) (in kg) (in kg) (in kg) for 100 sq.ft
1 Bonding As a Bond Coat 1 1 - - 45-50 sq.ft 2 kg
Agent Before any kind of repair in single coat 15 kg
2 Wall concrete Minor cracks in column, beam, 0.15 1 1.5 1.5 7 sq.ft 25 mm thickness .
Repair mortar chajja, parapet, slab repair, at 25 mm thickness
3 Wall plaster Broken plaster, plaster cracks, 0.15 1 3 - 7sq.ft 15 kg
repair mortar column and beam joints, at 25 mm thickness at 25 mm thickness
drainage pipe and wall joints
Waterproof coating Consumption
for 1000 sq.ft
4 Waterproof Terrace, Bathroom, Lift pit, 1 1.5 - - 20-22 sq.ft 50 kg
Coating Balcony in 2 coats
Retailer Detail:

20, 5, 1 Kg

Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW +

Integral Waterproofing for
plaster & concrete
Tonic for
Difference in properties of concrete
and plaster when mixed with LW+
• No Dampness
• No Cracks
• More Strength

Prevents Dampness Delays Corrosion Better cohesion

Concrete with Regular concrete Water with LW+ Regular Water Mortar with LW+ Regular Mortar
Tonic for
Areas of Application
and Benefits
• LW+ should be used in concrete, plaster and mortar in all the areas of house
• Mix 200 ml of LW+ with every 50 kg bag of cement

Concrete Internal & External Plaster

Prevents Rising Strengthens Columns Better adhesion Prevents Cracks

Dampness and Beams & Dampness

Foundation Columns, Beams & Slabs Reduces rebound loss Better finish
1 Foundation 4 Lintel, Chajja, Stairs
and Water Tank
LW+ Consumption Calculator 2 Columns and Beams 5 External Plaster

for a house 3 Roof Slab and Screed 6 Internal Plaster

Consumption of Dr. Fixit Pidiproof LW+ in a 1000 sq.ft single storey house
Repair Part of the House Amount of Cement Litres of LW+
(50 kg bags)
1 Foundation 35 7
2 Columns and Beams 100 20
3 Roof Slab and Screed 80 16 4
4 Lintel, Chhajja, Stairs and Water 20 4
Tank 3
Plaster 5
5 External Plaster 30 6

6 Internal Plaster 35 7 6
300 60

Retailer Detail:

20, 10, 5 Litre

Call 1800 209 5504 | Email: info@drfixit.co.in | www.drfixit.co.in

This information is issued to provide outline information only.
Specifier and user shall determine suitability of products for specific application and assume all responsibilities in connection therewith. Users are advised to carry
out tests and take trials to ensure the suitability of products meeting their requirement to full scale usage of our products. Since the correct identification of the
problems, quality of other materials used and on-site workmanship are factors beyond the control of the Company, there is no guarantee/warranty provided,
whether express or implied or otherwise as to merchantability or fitness of the Products for the use proposed.
The Company will not be liable or responsible for any damage or unsatisfactory results arising from use or application of products
= Waterproofin

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