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Key factors behind the Solid foundation of

Rectangle Communications Ltd. (RCL)

RCL journey started in February2011 and since then till now it has managed to
build a positive reputation in advertising industry and also a solid foundation
where it has a secured a client base which keep the company busy for work all
throughout the year, a dedicated team which plays the key role to get the RCL
rolling, developed relevant technical skills among the team members, strong
relationship with vendors which support as part of the backward linkage,
efficient leadership and management skill which plays the most vital role to run
the company’s overall administration. However there are some key factors that
help to uphold this foundation and also the main reason behind RCL growth and
success which are briefly discussed below:

Human Resource Policy

Rectangle Communications Limited conducts business with honesty, integrity

and openness. The firm respects individual rights of the employees and to those
have relationship with it. The employees are recruited and rewarded only on the
basis of qualification and performance. Diversity in the workplace is maintained
with equal opportunity. RCL is also committed to work with employees to
develop each individual’s skill and capacity. A flexible and effective framework
to attain specific objective or goal is developed here and in some areas the
employees’ choice and space for own thought process applying opportunities
are provided. The fair work environment provided by the firm is one of the most
exclusive parts of the job which accommodate employees with great sincerity
and focus on specific responsibility. The fair, customized and uniqueness of
human resource practice is resulted in appropriateness and success in most of
the projects completed by Rectangle Communications Limited.
RCL Employee’s Score Card:

The RCL employees are given the opportunity from the management to
develop the capacity to carry on and take over management instructions
efficiently with proper focus and sincerity to do a task successfully. Success
comes with united effort of the members of team where creative and multi-
dimensional skill is required. Moreover, positive attitude, pro-activeness and
openness to criticism of the RCL employees reflect greatly in their perfection of
work. All the employees are expected to maintain the regulations and work
related compliance of the firm. The performance of the employees are
evaluated and marked with specific criteria. Out of 100 marks employees’
performance is evaluated where 80% or more marks gain is appreciated and
rewarded. On the other hand, less than 70% marks are judged unsatisfactory
and this may act as premier reason for discontinuation of job if it occurs in a
regular basis. Although employees having low score are closely supervised and
trained so that they can overcome the situation. The template of this RCL
employee Score Card is attached below:
RCL Functional Framework
RCL Functional Framework

Rectangle communications Limited has developed its own functional

framework which is custom-made, unique and workable. The Client Service
Division plays the role of dealing with external clients and communicating with
other internal divisions such as- Creative, Digital Communication, Event and
Operation, Production, Media & PR and R&D. The Finance and Admin
Department supervises and controls all the divisions inside the firm. Creative
Division designs and analyzes creative work required for specific project. The
dept. for Event and operation deal with all the BTL and operational activities.
Production dept, work for producing all kinds of film e.g. Documentary. TVC,
RDC, AV, Short film, Drama etc, R&D dept. is responsible to conduct all the
research, Survey, evaluation, impact assessment to meet the need of different
projects. Digital Communications dept. uphold all the high tech. marketing
tools, electronic device and online marketing and Media & PR dept. handle
media book/buy, press, media planning etc.
Rectangle Manual/Constitution for Project Management and Monitoring

Rectangle Communications Limited has developed a blue print of project

management and monitoring. This manual tells about how to run a project from
the Scratch till the end which is mostly applicable for the RCL account manager
working in the client service dept.

This manual focuses on two major areas:

1. Project management skills;

2. Project management process

1. Project management skills

 RCL P&E criteria

 Strategic Planning

 Contingency plan & risk management

 Collaboration & co-ordination

 High level of communication & supervision

 Transparency & Accountability;

 Balanced Act

 REDRW Skills

 Dealing with budget (pricing & cost)

 Accurate & statistical data/ info

 Analytical skill & detail work

 Leadership & dynamics

 High maturity level, becoming solution provider

 Client relationship

 RCL administration & bureaucracy

 Team management

 Time & priority management

 Monitoring & evaluation

 Networking, bargaining & negotiating skill

 Conflict management skill

 Open to criticism & hiring best practices

 Proposal writing

 Playing around, Maneuver, associating between / among the

existing strategies / tools/ info.

2. Project Management Process

i. Proposal stage: This stage contains all the activities related to a

potential project which needs to carried out till the approval of

ii. Project Operation / Activation: It provides directions to the

account manager to run and deliver a project successfully based
on the issuance of the work order.

iii. Post operative: This is a post operative stage where Rectangle

team members figure out the strength and weakness of the
delivered project assessing the impact and also store that for
learning and using for future reference.

RCL Leadership

Rectangle leadership is possibly the most important key factor that helped to
bring the company this level it is today. Since feb2011 RCL faced many hard
challenges but the directors were always sure about its success and managed
to overcome those. This leadership builds the administration in such a balanced
way on which the entire company is based on and steering ahead to the right
Research & Development

The uniqueness of Rectangle Communications Limited’s philosophy is that it

believes in continuous improvement of work process, strategy and tactics. As
part of integrated and consistent quality of work, Rectangle Communications
Limited frequently conducts research to measure impact of particular
communication tool. Qualitative and quantitative method of research is
conducted by using certain statistical tools i.e. survey, sampling etc. Impact
assessment analysis is conducted by R&D division to evaluate a project after its
delivery. Besides, Mid-term evaluation is done to measure progress of ongoing
projects. To maintain quality and consistency of work, R&D division conducts
research to extract brand insight. As a responsible and caring firm, RCL care
clients’ brands to be communicated to the market. Research and development
division continuously innovate newer ways of branding, marketing strategy,
communication tools accommodating clients with effective and focused

High intensive focus on Customer Service

The core strength of RCL is its integrated focus on providing superior customer
service which ultimately helps to differentiate it from the competitors. RCL seems
to care as much as about its customers’ project as their precious brands. Taking
care of customers has paid off handsomely for RCL. Within minimum possible
time it has managed to maintain consistent growth in the advertising industry of
Bangladesh. All the personnel work here knows the magnitude of client’s
expectation about the effectiveness of each project. Besides, RCL tries its heart
and soul to ensure that the money clients expend to promote their brand is
Client Feedback Form

Client Feedback Form is an important tool developed by RCL to facilitate clients

to provide their feedback and reaction about RCL’s service. In this form, clients
are asked to categorize the services of the firm in four consecutive parameters
starting from highest to low end. Clients can provide their feedback through this
instrument by responding about RCL client service and its uniqueness,
availability, of RCL during a project, amount of stress RCL could take over, RCL’s
understanding of client’s choices/preferences, reliability and about the
effectiveness of 24/7 OPU facility.
Creative Analysis
The quality of work developed by the creative department with all out
contribution from rest of the departments derives from genuine talent and
observation power. The creativity reflects on the ultimate output. Background
Analysis for Creative Guideline (BACG) which is a part of RSPCW (Rectangle
standard Procedure for Creative Work) is conducted intensively to study and
research the background of any specific creative work. Continuous research
and analysis is conducted to design and develop a creative concept or work.
All the team members from various departments contribute to refine and furnish
a creative work.

Transparency and Accountability

For the very first time in the whole world of communication business, Rectangle
Communications Ltd. has introduced 24/7 online project update facility for
clients, where they can get easy access to all the project related information,
work progress status/bar, delivery status, recorded time & date of last update
and also interactive messenger through website nonstop 24 hours seven days in
a week. The clients are availed to know the update of specific projects from the
web address:

This facility has truly raised the transparency & accountability between clients &
Rectangle and substituted the conventional business communication process to
the extent where all different level of officials from an organization has access to
accurate information simultaneously without making a single phone call.
Figure: 24/7 Online Project Update Facility (User Login page)
Figure: 24/7 Online Project Update Facility (User Interface)