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ADASA give oral witness before

Parliamentary Standing Committee on IT

On the invitiation of the Parliamentary Standing Committe on IT
which is examining the Amendment to Section 11 of Prasar Bharati Act ,
the National Council appeared before the committee on 27-10-10 and gave
their view and suggestions on the proposal amendment. The National
Council pointed out the harmful effects that may arise in the service
conditions of employees on account of keeping them on deemed
deputation till retirement and appealed to the committee to consider the
views of the assosication carefully and sympathically. The National
Council also brought to the attention of the committee the present status
of our demand for upgraded pay scale and requested to ensure the
proposed amendment should not stand in way of our achieving the
demand. The committee appreciated the presentation made by us and
assured to take our concern into consideration while finalising the

Oral presentation by ADASA in the Committee of Joint Secretaries


You are all aware that ADASA office bearers led by Com.Sangam
Thakur, General Secretary and Com K.P. Sasidharan, Vice-President and made a oral
presentation before the committee of Joint secretaries,(formed pursuant to the
decision taken in GOM meeting) on 11.10.10. A report by the General Secretary was
published in this regard.

Members are aware that the GOM in the meeting held on 17.6.10 took
a decision that the administrative cadre’s upgraded pay scales issue will not go to
the committee of Jt.Secretaries in view of common cadre and interdepartmental
implications. Soon after that the National council brought to the attention of both
Secretary, Min.of I & B and the Hon’ble MIB, that the decision of the GOM is not
tenable for the following reasons,
a) that the issue of upgraded pay scales to administrative employees is a
settled issue with the Hon’ble Minister having accepted the same and specific written
assurances were given to take up the same in the GOM and the cabinet,
b) even in the case of Engineering Programme cadres identical objections
were raised by DOPT and Min of Finance when their case for granting upgraded pay
scales was being considered and inspite of that they have been granted the benefit.
Therefore the National Council requested the Secretary and the Minister to carry
forward the issue and also sought an appointment to meet in person and explain the
issues involved.

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:: 02 ::
In my earlier report I have already informed the members during my
recent visit to Delhi in the last week of July 2010 to meet the Secretary and Hon’ble
MIB personally, the Secretary requested to meet Joint Secretary(B) and discuss the
issue with him. Therefore on the instructions of the Secretary the National council
office bearers met the Jt. Secretary (B) on 30th July. During the meeting the above
points were forcefully presented and the ministry was requested to carry forward the
matter in compliance with the assurances of MIB. Moreover we got some vital
information from the Jt. Secretary.

Likewise we received a communication dated 28.7.10 from the Minister

asking to seek an appointment with the committee of Jt. Secretaries. As directed by
the Minister we contacted JS(B) who is the convener of the committee and presented
a memorandum. Later ADASA was called upon to present the views orally before the
committee which took place on 11.10.10.

Soon after the GOM decision I received so many calls from the
members expressing their anguish and distress at the turn of the events. I patiently
explained to each that there is nothing to lose heart and we have to find ways to
overcome this problem. I also assured that the National council will soon sort out
the matter. Now after our oral presentation before the committee, the same
members are calling and expressing their satisfaction. To each and everybody I
would tell only one thing that the National council, without trumpeting or drum-
beating, is constantly taking several efforts to accomplish the task.

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:: 03 ::
Members are aware that the National council’s persuasion combined
with industrial action, has brought the issue to the present stage. The written
assurances given in April 2008, during the course of Fast unto Death agitation and
on other occasions are very significant. The National council is confident that these
efforts will not go in waste. This is the reason why, inspite of the GOM decision etc.
the National council is pressing forward and taking several measures in order to reap
the benefits of the struggles. Members may be aware that in the past several
occasions we have faced such situations and overcome all to bring the issue this far.
Members are also aware that because of the peculiar situation prevailing in our
department National council has to maintain some amount of confidentiality about
the steps being taken. We do hope that our members are mature enough to
understand the position and request utmost unity and cooperation from all.

Amendment to Prasar Bharati Act – inviting views/suggestion

Members may be aware that a bill to amend Section 11 of Prasar

Bharati Act has been introduced in Rajya Sabha. The bill proposes to amend Sec.11
as it exist now and replace the same with a amended section thereby all the
employees who remain as Government servants including those recruited upto
5.10/07, shall be on ‘deemed deputation till retirement’ in Prasar Bharati. The
members are aware that we have pointed out the problems that will occur in the
service condition of the employees ono account of such position to Secretary,
Minister etc.
The bill has been referred to the Standing Committee on Information
Technology for consideration. The ADASA has been called upon to present our
views/suggestions on the proposed amendment to the Standing committee.
Accordingly we have presented our views/suggestions in writing to the standing
committee. The National Council will conotinue to monitor the matter and take all
efforts to safeguard the interests of employees.