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November 2009


MOU Signed Fire & Safety Feel Good

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Editorial Message from VCMD

As we enter the 39th National Day
Celebration we at OCI has had
many cheers. OCI received the
BASEC product approval. Mr Hans
Meiring, COO states that it is a rare
distinction, however, we must not
remain content with this certification,
Oman Cables will explore various
other international accreditations for
which the ground work has already

Another significant milestone

achieved in the history of OCI. A
Memorandum of Understanding
was signed with Electricity
Holding Company; a governing
body representing all electricity Way back in 1994 OCI was the first Omani company that
companies of Oman. Management was accredited with ISO 9000 certification.
cites that this will open-up many
more avenues and will be a win-
win situation for Oman Cables and OCI received the BASEC product got a responsibility to manufacture
Electricity Holding.
certification in August 2009 and I top-notch products of the highest
OAPIL – OCI’s ambitious project take this opportunity to congratulate quality standards. I wish from now
at Sohar does not need a special all OCI employees. It is a matter of on we live with this philosophy in
mention; there has been huge
developments that has taken place great pride for every OCI-ITE. At the our mind which runs through our
during the last few months which same time it invites every one of genes.
has been reported in the subsequent
us to be more meticulous in every
process of the manufacturing of Nothing compares to the
With this issue we have introduced our products. What is needed is effectiveness of quality certification
a new topic “our value creators” in when it comes to improving a
“precision” in our thoughts, approach
which you will find how our shop-
floor employees have nurtured ideas and in our everyday actions. company’s operational efficiency,
and applied in their daily tasks thus rising its productivity, and lowering
creating value – no matter how small
With such a certification being its cost. It improves design process,
it is, it adds value to our company.
increasingly adopted by companies get products to market faster and
Don’t forget, share your thought/ around the world, you can’t afford builds customer loyalty. Perhaps
insights and win RO 20 worth gift
not to understand it. We have the biggest but most significant
voucher, we will select the best 5
contributions from the employees, set our manufacturing standards benefit of BASEC is its capacity to
information can be in any form worth HIGH, and it is your responsibility develop market leadership, improves
to set it HIGHER. Remember my your customer’s experience and
We invite your feedback and insights colleagues, this certification does extremely powerful way to boost
at not mean that we have received a OCI’s competitiveness.

With best wishes crown, rather I would say we have

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Product Approval

It accomplishes that by reducing noticed that every time a business • repetitive tasks
waste and inefficiency and by done into quality not only did its • avoid redundancy in data
designing the company’s products financial performance improves, so generation
and internal process so that did its industry benchmarks. • avoid duplication
customers get what they want • avoid procrastination
Our enhanced focus will be:
when they want it and when you
This being a very important factor
provide it, obviously you want to • Consistency in services or
of management strategy to find
ensure your customers satisfaction products
the best practice, adopt them,
more than your competitors do. • Complying delivery promise
continually improve them. Best
Another important factor, if you • improvement in customers practices are not only integral to
are spending hundreds and million experience make strategies happen, they are
of dollars on any project, you can’t • improvement in internal process sustainable competitive advantage
afford to figure out process or • cost improvements if you are continually improving
design inconsistencies late in the • wash out anything that might them.
game. It is incredibly effective in cause waste, inefficiency, or a
discovering them on the drawing customer to get annoyed with Hussain Salman Al-Lawati
board. One great reason why we your unpredictability. Vice Chairman & Managing Director

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Cover Story

EHC Signs MOU with OCI A New Vista opened

EHC Signs MOU with OCI

The Sultanate of Oman has witnessed rapid and

continued growth in its economy since the beginning
of the Renaissance way back in 1970. Since then the
Government has taken various initiatives that facilitated
the Omani and the international business communities
to participate in the Sultanate’s growth.

The Electricity Holding Company (EHC) and its

subsidiary companies were established to ensure that
there is sufficient supply of electricity to meet the needs
of citizens and customers in Oman now and into the
future. Some of the various subsidiary companies were of products, enables better inventory management,
created to undertake the operation and development fosters the exchange of technical know-how, thereby
of the region’s electricity infrastructure in authorized creating a sustainable long-term development program
areas of the country. in the Sultanate of Oman.

This move allowed the national industries to grow On this occasion Mr. Karl Matacz, CEO of EHC said
exponentially and Oman Cables Industry (OCI) is that the MOU will establish the basis on which to enter
an example of a company that demonstrated its into term contracts for the supply of products from the
capabilities in the local and international markets which electrical supply industry to the EHC Group companies.
includes South America, Australia, Europe, Asia Pacific, The term contracts will promote technology transfer
GCC and MENA regions where a reputable customer from suppliers to ensure that the transmission and
base has been established. Today Oman Cables is distribution network in Oman utilizes leading global
a key contributor to the national non-oil Omani origin technologies.
Also Mr. Karl said that Oman Cables with its global
EHC and OCI signed an MOU to facilitate the supply presence has the capability in both manufacturing
of products to EHC subsidiary companies. The intent technology and logistic capabilities to meet the needs
of the MOU is for both parties to cooperate in the of the electricity industry of the Country.
design of the supply framework that has cost benefits
Mr. Hussain Salman Al Lawati, Vice Chairman and
to electricity companies, delivers uninterrupted supply
Managing Director of Oman Cables said that through
EHC and its subsidiaries’ great support, Oman Cables
was able to become a true Global player. He added,
Oman Cables constantly endeavours to ensure their
manufacturing capabilities are industry leading edge to
ensure that Oman as country has the best technology

He also said that such synergies will create opportunities

for nurturing local talent from both the institutions and
expose them to Global best practices and benefit from
existing Oman Cables global strategic alliances.

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Inside view
OCI’s ambitious project – The progress
OAPIL Oman Aluminium Processing Industries LLC
OAPIL project work is going at faster pace where factory shed, office building are at advanced
stage. Various utilities and machines are already installed.

Mr. Bruce
Rails Hall, Chie
ne on f Executi
35 MT Cra Hinai of
Sohar Alu ve Officer along w
minium v it
isited OA h Mr. Hilal Al
PIL site.

Rod Casting & Rolling Plant Civil Foundation

Factory Shed & Office Building

Utility & Office Building

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Inside view

Trade Finance
National Bank of Oman, (NBO), organized a seminar
in September on Trade Finance products for the staff
of Oman Cables at NBO’s training centre. The seminar
covered a number of issues concerned with trade finance
and trade related risks which was conducted by Mr
Ramalingam Murugan, Head of trade services of NBO.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Khalfan Abdullah Al Aufi, Dy
General Manager, NBO, head of operations services who
Mr. Mohammed Al Lawati
General Manager – Sales & Marketing/Corporate Projects inaugurated the seminar stated that this played a critical
role in improving the quality of trade finance by enhancing
skills of the participants and introducing them to the best
practices in this field.

Mr. MM Vaidya, General Manager – Corporate

Finance of Oman Cables highlighted the importance
of the seminar in the present scenario and urged the
participants to make the most of this opportunity
to enhance their skills in handling complex
trade transactions of both exports and domestic

Concluding the seminar, Mr. Hans Meiring, COO

expressed his appreciation to NBO for organizing
this informative seminar.

ICF congress 5-10 Oct 2009, Moscow

The International Cablemakers Federation
(ICF) was founded in 1990 with a
permanent secretariat in vienna. Today icf
has more than 100 members from more
than 30 countries of all regions in the World. The membership
represents approx. 70% of the global manufacturing capacity of
the wire & cable industry.

The objective of the federation:

• The promotion of the use of cables
• The promotion of energy saving and increased safety Mr. Louis Du Preez and Mr. Mohammed Al Lawati
participated in the ICF congress held in October
• The improvement of the recovery and re-use of cable materials 2009 in Moscow, Russia.
• The analysis and collation of statistical data of interest to the industry
• The maintenance of world wide relationships within the wire & cable industry whilst complying with all
antitrust and cartel prohibition legislation, applicable to any of the members.
OCI is a member of ICF

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Inside view
LME Meet – 2009
LME organizes the “LME incumbents. This is also a unique
Meet” (London Metal opportunity to understand the
Exchange) every year and metal market in order to formulate
Oman Cables has been the procurement strategy for the
participating in the event for company for the coming years.
many years.
It also opens-up new avenues and
The senior team from Finance builds new synergies which has its
and Procurement participated own benefits to the participating
in the LME meet held during companies like Oman Cables as said
October 2009 in London. For by Mr. MM Vaidya, General Manager
Oman Cables the event was – Corporate Finance.
fruitful since
the metal
London Metal Exchange was
activity in the
established over 130 years ago and
company has been
located in the heart of the city of
reorganized very
London. It is the world’s premier
non-ferrous metals market. It offers
futures and options contracts. A series of meetings
LME service includes pricing, held with suppliers
risk management and physical and brokers to
delivery. familiarize the new

Mabrook ACPL
Associated Cables Pvt. Ltd.,
(ACPL), Mumbai India has
achieved the honour of “Star
Performer Award“ for Exports in
2007-08, from the ‘Engineering
Export Promotion Council’ (EEPC)
of India. ACPL has won this Award
for the fourth time in succession.
This award has been possible Mr. Nadir H. Khambatta, Director & C.E.O. of Associated Cables Pvt.
solely due to the support from Ltd., receiving the ‘EEPC Star Performer Award’ for 2007-2008 in the
Medium Enterprises category from Shri Anand Sharma. Hon’ble Union
Oman Cables Industry over the Minister of Commerce & Industry, (India) at the presentation ceremony
last 4 years, and I would like to held at Mumbai on 29th August, 2009.
take this opportunity to thank the
Management and Staff of OCI for their wholehearted support to ACPL as said by Mr. Nadir Khambatta, Director
and CEO of ACPL, India  
The Director & C.E.O. of ACPL receiving the ‘EEPC Star Performer Award’ for 2007-08 from Mr Anand Sharma,
Hon’ble Union Minister of Commerce & Industry of India at the presentation ceremony held at ITC Grand Maratha,
Mumbai on Saturday 29th August, 2009.

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OCI Visitors

High Level Visits

HE Elyor Ganiev, Minister of Foreign

Economic, Investment & Trade
Republic of Uzbekistan and his
delegation visited Oman Cables
September 09

OCI prides itself into receiving vistors

from various global companies and
has built many global relationships
with it’s high level visitors.

Mr Ewan Sterling, Mr Sarav Bhatnagar and

Mr Al Salt M. Al Kharusi of HSBC visited OCI
October 2009

HSBC is a well known financial institution

and has been in Oman for more than 60
years. Over this period HSBC and OCI has
built a very strong relationship.
Mr. Sterling (CEO, HSBC) and senior
members visits are always fruiftful and has
visited our plants and manufacturing facility
various times.

Delegation from Turkey visited OCI during Japanese Delegation along with PEIE officials
September 2009 visited Oman Cables in August 2009

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HR Initiative
New Manager at OCI
Management is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Christo Willemse as
Regional Manager International – Sales & Marketing. Mr Willemse joins us from
one of the largest cable manufacturing companies and has 15 years of sales, project
management and an analytical system background.

Management welcomes Mr Christo and his family to OCI and are looking forward to
his valuable contribution in enhancing OCI’s International sales.

The culture within OCI is to nurture Rewards & Recognition

and acknowledge our staff by having
recognition awards. Every month people June 2009 July 2009 August 2009
are chosen due to multi disciplines in
their line of work.

Supervisor of the
Mr Moosa Salim Al Sulaimi Mr. Nassir Abdullah Al Nabhi Mr Prabakaran Ajay Kumar

Mr. Kamal Kumar Gupta

Mr Ahmed Abdullah Al-Rashdi Mr Gunashekaran Mr Said Abdulla Khalfan Al Shidhar

Fire and First Aid Training Courses

Accidents can and do happen largely went without a hitch
and the aftermath can be both apart from people getting wet
traumatic and expensive to all whilst putting out practice fires
concerned. with hose pipes or bandaging
their colleagues very tightly.
In order to minimise the impact
of accidents on our staff and Throughout the entire schedule
visitors, to help prevent and of courses staff were attentive
if necessary deal with fires it and keen to learn and they
was decided that some kind even had a little fun along the
of formal training of OCI staff way.
was necessary.
Everyone who took part
Obviously it would be can and should be proud
logistically impossible to train of themselves and those
everyone so a cross section members of staff who were
of around 80 intrepid fire not involved can feel more
fighter trainees and 70 first secure knowing that their lives
aiders were chosen from all are in the safe hands of their
departments to be taught the trained colleagues.
necessary skills.
Well done everyone who
The courses were undertaken took part, what a team!
in Plant 2 meeting room and

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HR Initiative

First Aid Training

HSE department organized first aid training during July 2009

Workshop on product promotion

Training at OCI has taken on a new dimension. Louis Du Preez - General Manager, Sales
& Marketing has initiated a comprehensive training program for the Sales & Marketing
staff, however this is not limited to one department, other departmental staff are raking
the benefits as well. Not only does it give our staff confidence, but it also enhances the
knowledge in the day-to-day operations.
Mr. Khalil Al Shukaili and Mr. Talal Al Balushi attended the workshop on promotion and
marketing of Omani products in Shalala in August 2009.
The workshop focused the concepts of marketing, product promotion and building
competitiveness and drawing marketing strategy. Mr. Louis, GM (Sales & Marketing) handed over
certificates to Khalil and Talal
Fatma, trainee wants to give her thanks letter
I am a final year student of the Weljat Over the few weeks I was doing the tasks as an employee
College and during my vacation I did my other than being a trainee. In just 2 months time I felt like I
internship in Oman Cables for a period of 2 got real hands-on work experience than a mere training and
months. Usually many students undergo more importantly I became self confident that I can build my
training but I was very privileged to get career in a top and reputed company like Oman Cables. The
trained in various departments in this environment, advanced systems and friendly employees of
short period. different nationalities has truly made Oman Cables a place to
Initially my training started in the Human
Resources department in the payroll section. After a few Finally, I thank all the employees for their support in successfully
weeks, when GM-Sales & Marketing secretary on vacation, completing my training at Oman Cables. I remain grateful to
I was deputed to the Marketing department to assist the the company for this opportunity.
General Manager, Mr. Louis Du Preez. I am very thankful to
Mr. Louis for being patient with me and he gave me good tips
and direction to complete my tasks with the least possible Fatma Al Ajmi
HR list of promotions
Name Current Promoted
Talal Said Khamis Al Rahbi Training Officer Training and Employee Relations Officer
Sharjeel Asif Q.A.Inspector Cable Design Engineer
Salim Salmeen Khusaif Al Hinai Security Guard Assistant Security Supervisor
Rashid Said Hamed Al Handasi Sr.Security Guard Assistant Security Supervisor
Saif Salam Said Al Qarawashi Asst. Security In-Charge Assistant Security Supervisor
Khalid Hamed Suliman Al Siyabi Security Guard Assistant Security Supervisor
Said Abdulla Said Al-Balushi Security Supervisor Security Officer
Dawad Moubark Mohd Al Moharbi Material Handler Forklift Operator

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PVC Plant
Polyvinyl chloride or PVC was first permissible in the time/temperature
created by the German chemist range required for circuit protection
Eugen Baumann in 1872. to operate. (XLPE ± 250°C).
Eugen Baumann never
The maximum operating
applied for a patent.
temperature of 70°C is determined
Polyvinyl chloride or PVC by the thermal ageing characteristics
was never patented until of the material. There are however
1913 when German, special compounds available with
Friedrich Klatte invented higher operating temperatures (eg.
a new method of the PVC 105°C), but due to
polymerization of vinyl increase in cost these
chloride using sunlight. are only used for
special applications.
Friedrich Klatte became
the first inventor to PVC is widely used as
receive a patent for PVC. bedding and serving
However, no really useful materials on all types
purpose for PVC was softened by heating and hardened by of cables.
found until Waldo Semon came along cooling, some were used for special
The basic unit that is repeated in
and made PVC a better product. applications during the Second
the PVC chain is:-
World War but it was not until the
In 1926, Waldo Lonsbury Semon
early 1950’s that PVC came into wide --CH2--CH
was working for the B.F. Goodrich
spread use for electric cables. Cl
Company in the United States as
a researcher, when he invented It is an ideal medium for low PVC cannot be extruded on its own
plasticized polyvinyl chloride. voltage cables, as it is relatively without the addition of materials
cheap compared to other insulating which aid processing, eg. plasticisers
Waldo Semon had been trying to
materials. and lubricants. Other additions
dehydrohalogenate polyvinyl chloride
in a high boiling solvent in order to A disadvantage is its electrical required to produce PVC for electrical

obtain an unsaturated polymer that withstanding strength and hence it applications are fillers and stabilisers.

could bond rubber to metal. is used mainly for The fillers are not only diluents
(diluting agents) but increase the
PVC is a thermoplastic material, ie. Low voltage cable insulation. resistance of the compound to hot
PVC insulated cables
cannot be utilised to the The whole formulation is optimised for
extent of XLPE insulated mechanical and electrical properties,
cables, as the PVC will ease of processing and cost. Other
soften and deform if the additions can also be used to achieve
temperature is too high, a special properties. e.g. low smoke,
temperature of ± 120°C fire retardant, rodent proof, etc. 
governs the maximum
PVC is applied to cable by an extrusion
degree of deformation
process. Pellets (granules) of the
1000 kgs of jumbo bag

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material are fed into the hoppers of fully automatic PVC Compounding This plant was commissioned
the extruder, together with colour Plant. OCI’s PVC Compounds on 24-04-2006 and it’s installed
masterbatche to achieve a specific are manufactured in the state of capacity is 18000MT per year.
colour, if required.   art machinery supplied by MTI –
This plant is manned by 8 people,
These pellets are compounded in MISCHTECHNIK INTERNATIONAL
and is headed by Mr G.E.Mohan.
special compounding plants.   GMBH (Mixing Unit) & Coperion
Buss AG (Kneader & Waeschle
OCI has Asia’s largest capacity, Process Control).

Buss Kneader Mixer/Cooler

Filled PVC bags The Team

“Pros” and “Cons” of Solid versus Stranded Aluminum Conductors

Stranded Aluminum Conductor Solid Aluminum Conductor
1. Stranded Conductors are larger in size than Solid conductors. 1. Solid Conductors are smaller in size than Stranded conductors. This
This results in a cable with a larger outer diameter and the usage results in a cable with a smaller outer diameter and the usage of less
of more insulating, bedding, armouring and sheathing materials. insulating, bedding, armouring and sheathing materials.
2. Outer surface of a stranded conductor is not as smooth as 2. Outer surface of a solid conductor is smoother thsn stranded
a solid conductor, resulting in a higher electrical stress. This is conductor, resulting in a lower electrical stress.
generally not a problem for low voltage cables.
3. Stranded conductors are more flexible than solid conductors. 3. Solid conductors are less flexible than stranded conductors. The larger
The larger sizes are easier to install than cables with solid the conductor cross-sectional area the more rigid the cable becomes
conductors. and the harder it is to install.
4. Stranded conductors are less susceptible to fatigue cracking. 4. Solid conductors are more susceptible to fatigue cracking.
5. No occurrence of “Bullet nose” breaks. 5. Susceptible to “Bullet nose” breaks.
6. Stranded conductors have a larger current rating than solid 6. Solid conductors have a lower current rating than stranded conductors
conductors due to its lower skin effect. due to its higher skin effect.
7. Aluminum in stranded conductors is harder than in solid 7. Aluminum in solid conductors is softer than in stranded conductors. This
conductors due to work hardening during the drawing process. is a disadvantage on small sizes of solid conductor cables as conductors can
stretch during the manufacturing process, or if installed without due care.
8. A stranded conductor can be rounded with pliers to fit into a 8. A solid conductor requires special shaped lugs or ferrules.
circular lug or ferrule.
9. Is not inherently water blocked. 9. Is inherently water blocked.

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Our value creators
Mr. Khalid Bharwani The output on bunching machines
suggested to store the has been achieved the highest ever
bobbins in rail channels in the month of July 2009 with
as shown in the picture. 31040kms of bunched wires. This
This brought a change is a straight 13% increase over the
in the appearance of 2008 average and 2% increase over
the factory floor, it the previous best of Oct ‘08.
was neat and orderly.
Mr. Mohsin Nasser, who was the
Also damages to the
kingpin, took it as a challenge and
products on the bobbin
drove his team members and
were eliminated.
successfully set new record of
The pictures below is reaching highest production of
The high number of bobbins used
showing you the before and after bunching wires.
in the building wire lines has always
effect of this system.
been an issue as they have to move
from machine to machine. This gives
the floor an impression of disorder
and untidiness. When
the filled bobbins are
placed incorrectly, they
have the probabilities of
damaging the products
on the bobbins when
the flange of one bobbin
hits the product on the
other bobbin when
they are moved around,
resulting in scrap being
Before After

Drum Stopper from Xlpe Scrap

In the XLPE insulation line, during and colourful half round blocks to Earlier wooden blocks or any piece
the start up operation XLPE head be used as drum stoppers. of junk used as drum stoppers. The
waste scrap was being generated. wooden block would have a very
This was about 7tons short usage life as they
as scrap disposed into would get damaged.
municipal waste bins.
The XLPE drum stoppers
Our operators from 150 could be used many times
Maillefe-15Ton line came thus saving on usage of
up with a suggestion to wood and by this way a
convert this XLPE head wastage converted to a
waste scrap into some useful item.
thing useful. They made
steel half round moulds

From Left to Right. Mr. George Philipose,  Mr. George C Canto,

Mr. Geresh Kumar Mr. Lal Singh Shekhawat

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Power Gen – 11-13 October 2009 in Abu Dhabi

h e e x h ib ition was
ted by -
‘H.E. Dr. R
in Fahad,
Ahmed B
ister for
ent and

Based on the tremendous response received application requirements such as reduced

by last year’s participation in the exhibition, flame propagation, low smoke zero halogen
OCI proud to announce its repeat participation characteristics, anti-termite treatment and UV
in the Power Generation Middle East, held resistance.
from 11 - 13 October 2009 at the Abu Dhabi
All OCI products are designed to meet the
National Exhibition Centre.
stringent  quality standards, performance and
Power Generation Middle East is an ideal functionality, with an objective of achieving
location for networking with clients related to highest customer satisfaction level.  OCI
electrical power industry. OCI manufactures products have been recently accredited by
high quality XLPE and PVC Insulated Power the prestigious ‘BASEC’ quality certification, a
Cables up to 33kV and Transmission Line specialized and independent body for product
Conductors that meet the requirements of quality certification based in UK.  OCI strives
international standards like BS, IEC, VDE, to keep the Origin Oman flag high by continue
etc. They are supplied according to  individual to participate exhibition like Power Generation
customer specifications with alternative Middle East.
sheathing materials, colours and special

a n C a b l e s drums
t h e D u b a i Metro
at h e dya
n A l - R a s
Station i
y M o h a m med Ali Al
itted b
Photo subm x employee of OCI)
Lawati (e

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Trekking Team
Mabrook Sajid and Waseem

OCI Management appreciates and recognizes

the efforts that has been put in by Mr Sajid and
Mr Bari to expand their knowledge in the IT
Security and Audit field, this achievement will
not only create value to their personal careers
but will also add value to the operations in OCI.
Well done achieving the Certified Information
System Auditor (CISA) status from ISACA.

Off roads
OCI employees went on an outing to Wadi Daqiah in July 2009.
Wadi’s in Oman are great because there is often water. Where there is water, there is lush
green, shade and relaxation. The Wadi Dayqah area has a lot of it, water, green, a beautiful
setting and on top of that a bit of interesting geology. The area is easy to get to from Muscat;
only about 100 km from the Hatat roundabout at Mutrah which includes 45km rough road

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Feel Good
and continuous Department. This is an interesting
monitoring, providing area since I believe training is like
them with a full bridge the gap. So far we have
new set of cooking organized 30 training sessions and
range has somewhat as many as 200 employees have
helped to address the been trained.
food problem. After
continuous searching To me, OCI is not just a company
for more than it is like institution where I have
year, we got good grown and expects good career
accommodation prospects as the company grows.
I joined OCI in March 2007 as that has sufficient
Assistant Admin Supervisor. I capacity. I take this opportunity to thank
have been assigned to take care of you everyone who helped me in
expatriate employees of shop-floor My efforts did not go unnoticed and executing my tasks successfully.
accommodation and food facilities. I was happy to receive the award
We have nearly 200+ employees as best team member in 2007
who have to be taken care of. and best employee and all this I
achieved in just 4 months time.
Providing good quality food to the
Talal Al Rahbi
employees is a difficult task as This elevation and recognition has
a positive influence on my career at Training & Employee Relations
each palate demands a different
taste. Changing food caterers OCI. Now I am posted at Training

“Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities
no doubt crept in. Forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely
and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense. This day is all that is good and fair.
It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on yesterdays.”

Mr. Hilal Saif Khalfan Al Naabi
Forklift Operator – passed away August 2009. Management and staff of
Oman Cables express their sincere sympathy and pray to God to give enough
fortitude to the family members to bear this loss.
Our prayers are to rest the departed soul in eternal peace.

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