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IDEA X Project Timeline Plan

Project Name Green Rating

Team Members Sydney Sanghara, Madeleine Ducharme & Rodrigo Gonzalo

Reframed Design Challenge Statement: Green Rating needs a way to bring awareness to consumers
because studies have proven that when consumers are aware of the negative effects of products/companies, they
will make the best choice in terms of eco-friendliness.
How will we conduct 2-3 meetings a week at FLEX, begin meetings by creating a checklist of what we
hope to accomplish during the meeting that day and work through it as we go.
team meetings? How
By the end of each meeting have a list of what we need to finish before the next
often? meeting.
What are our norms for We will have to make sure that we’re not interrupting each other or talking
discussion and over each other or else it will be extremely difficult to get anything done for
the project.
How will we collaborate We will communicate through our group chat we have created and be able to work
cohesively through the google drive folder that all members have been given access
when we are not to that contains all of our documents.
meeting in person?
How will we make We will make decisions collectively as a team and put it to a vote if necessary. We
will talk through conflicts and take breaks if need be, we know that it will be tough
decisions? How will we at times to get along especially considering how much time we will be spending
resolve conflict? together.

• Access to research on similar topics, preferably from universities or NPO’s

Resources Required: • Usable and functional Technology/Internet


January 14, 2019: • Team Organization Meeting @ school board office

• Digital PR Kits must be uploaded
April 4, 2019 • Team ‘preview’ presentations at school board office 6:00-8:00 pm (all
team members)
• Refining final presentations at school board office, 8:30 am-3:00 pm (all
April 24, 2019:
team members)
• Final Presentation at Langley School District’s IDEA Summit, Langley
May 8, 2019
Event Centre (all team members)
X = Not Started Y = Done S = Started

What needs to be done? Who will do this part? By when? Done:

Brainstorm Possible Project Ideas Entire Group Mid-January Y

Finalize Project Idea Entire Group End of January Y

Choose the Best Way to

Entire Group Mid-February Y
Implement Our Ideas

Create a logo Madeleine End of February Y

Contact an Expert Rodrigo Before Spring Break Y

Build the P.R Kit Website Sydney April 4th @4pm Y

Create the Presentation Rodrigo April 4th Y

Contact Companies Sydney and Madeleine Mid-April S

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