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Mayor Phil Goff Irrfan Khan

Message of Peace thanks his fans for their
resonates at Eden Park love and support during
Pg 08 memorial service Pg 28 his treatment
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2 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 05, 2019 The Indian Weekender

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The Indian Weekender Friday, April 05, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 3

Anticipation builds among diaspora,

as India goes to election
¡¡ SANDEEP SINGH This year, according to an estimate
Not every NRI is

nticipation is beginning to more than 70,000 voters have been
build up among the global eligible to vote... enrolled in the electoral rolls from
Indian diaspora, including overseas for the 2019 Lok Sabha
those in New Zealand, as India goes
The voting right is elections.
to elections in seven stages, starting reserved for Non- There has long been a lot of
from April 11 to May 19, in what unsubstantiated information floating
is the world’s biggest democratic
Resident Indians around on WhatsApp, Facebook and
exercise. Twitter thereby adding to anticipation
living overseas, and confusion around voting rights
A whopping 900 million voters
are eligible to exercise their ballots who have of NRIs.
in the elections to pick the 543 MPs According to UN World Migration
who will sit in India’s lower House of
not accepted Report (2018), India has the largest
Parliament, the Lok Sabha. citizenship of any diaspora population in the world with
The counting will begin after a about 31.2 million people of Indian
short break of a few days on May other country ancestry or origin residing outside
23, with results most likely to be and continues India.
announced by the end of that day. However, not everyone is
In total, some 930,000 polling to remain Indian eligible to vote. According to rough
stations will be used, with people estimates, half of them are eligible to
casting their votes using Electronic citizen vote in India
Voting Machines (EVMs). The voting right is reserved
According to the Election for Non-Resident Indians living
Commission of India, there is an overseas, who have not accepted
increase of 84.3 million voters since average, Indian Railways carries citizenship of any other country and
the last general election in 2014,
22.24 million passengers and 3.04 continues to remain Indian citizen.
which anyway witnessed a record-
million tonnes of freight each day. Voter registration and
high voter turnout of 66.38 per cent.
Experts believe that two-thirds What do NRI voters need voting rights
The trains will be displaying Express and Guwahati Express, are
of all Indian voters are less than 35
important contact for the citizens the longest North-South route and
to know? The Government of India
years of age. Given that the bonhomie between introduced a bill in December
As part of the voter awareness including the Voter Helpline number East-West route and covers 19 States
and the National Voters’ Services in all. Indian polity and its global diaspora 2017 seeking an amendment to the
campaign, Election Commission of has increased in an unprecedented Representation of People Act, 1950
India and Indian Railways have come Portal besides motivational messages Indian Railways has one of the
urging them to vote. The trains that largest railway networks in the world. manner in recent past thereby giving and the Representation of People
together to utilise four long distance
have been selected, viz, Kerala According to the report submitted rise to massive expectation around Act, 1951, to reform processes for
Trains to carry voter awareness and
Express, Himsagar Express, Howrah by the Ministry of Railways, on an the voting rights, and ability to vote, registration and voting rights of
motivational messages.
of the Indians living overseas. NRIs.

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4 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 05, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Among other things, the Bill sought to

extend proxy-voting rights to the families of
of documents, the documents will be sent for
verification to the concerned Indian Mission. One in 10 uncomfortable
NRIs living overseas.
Currently, eligible people living overseas
The decision of the ERO will be
communicated to the applicant by post on the asking doctors whether a test
or treatment is necessary
can enrol as an NRI voter on the website of the address and SMS on the mobile number given
Election Commission of India. in Form 6A. Electoral rolls are also on the
Alternatively, one can download Form 6A website of the Chief Electoral Officer.
from the ECI website.
How to vote

Forms are also available free of cost in Indian ne in 10 Kiwis don’t feel comfortable
Currently, there is a lot of misinformation
Missions. asking their doctor about whether a
around the ability of NRIs to vote from long
treatment or test is necessary, a survey
Currently, eligible people living distance without having to travel back to India
by Consumer NZ and the Council of Medical
to their respective constituencies, against the
overseas can enrol as an NRI Colleges has found.
backdrop of the passing of Bill in the Indian
voter on the website of the The annual survey was carried out as part of
parliament. the organisations’ Choosing Wisely campaign,
Election Commission of India. In this regard, it is submitted that the Bill which encourages people to ask their health
Alternatively, one can download was recently passed by the Lower House (Lok professional four questions when a test or
Form 6A from the ECI website. Sabha) and since then a lot of misinformation treatment is suggested:
has been spread that the law has been amended Thirty-five percent of consumers agreed or
• Do I really need this test, treatment or
and NRIs can now vote from long distance strongly agreed that some tests or treatments
procedure? did not benefit the patient.
The Verification Process without being required to travel back to their • What are the risks? While most felt their doctor always (40 per
Once all information is submitted to native place to cast their ballot. • Are there simpler, safer options? cent) or often (30 per cent) involved them in
the Election Commission website then However, it is important to note that this • What happens if I don’t do anything? decisions about their care, one in five thought
subsequently Booth Level Officer will visit bill still needs to be considered by the Upper Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin this only happened sometimes.
the home address mentioned in the applicant’s House, Rajya Sabha, and will come into force said people should feel able to question health Choosing Wisely medical director Dr Derek
passport and inquire to verify the copies of once passed in both houses. care treatment options. Sherwood said there was mounting evidence
documents. It is to say that NRIs will still need to go back “Understanding why your doctor is that more tests and procedures did not always
In cases where no relative is available or to India, to their electoral booth to cast their considering a test – and weighing up the equal better care.
willing to give declaration for verification votes in the Lok Sabha elections 2019. benefits and risks – is every patient’s right,” Ms “While modern medicine has given us more
Chetwin said. ways than ever to diagnose and treat illness,
sometimes, the best option may be to do
“Ask what is likely to happen if you do –
nothing,” Dr Sherwood said.
or don’t – have a test or procedure. Are there
“Tests, treatments and procedures have side
potential side effects? What are the chances of effects and some may even cause harm. For
getting results that aren’t accurate? Could that example, CT scans and x-rays expose you
lead to more testing or another procedure? to radiation; overuse of antibiotics leads to
“By having these discussions, you and them becoming less effective; a false positive
your doctor will be clearer on what’s the best test may lead to painful and stressful further
thing to do for your health and wellbeing.” investigation.”
The survey also found 21 per cent of As well as encouraging patients to ask
consumers felt their doctor had recommended a their doctor about tests and treatments,
test or treatment that wasn’t necessary. Of those, the  Choosing Wisely campaign has
comprehensive information for health
24 per cent said they went ahead and had it
professionals about which tests, treatments and
anyway. Eighteen percent ignored the doctor’s
procedures to question.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, April 05, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 5

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Festival 2019 Responsible business with lasting
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various cultures through cultural show and some on-ground activities apart from the stage (P) 09 9033 602
stalls. performances. There will also be an LED screen (F) 09 9033 601
“Manukau ward has one of the most diverse installed beside the stage that will capture Mob 021 030 8135
communities and through this festival, we aim various activities going on during the festival.” info@kiwimortgages.net.nz
to represent them. The festival will be held on Saturday, 6 April www.kiwimortgages.net.nz
“We are currently in touch with various Manisha Kumar
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Fewer jobs and opportunities

on the horizon
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
National Party List MP A case in point. The proposed Capital
Gains Tax would tax people saving for their

ewer jobs and opportunities are on the retirement, investors, small business owners,
horizon, and Kiwis will be hit harder farmers and people living on lifestyle blocks. It
as the slowdown in the economy faces adds to costs and hurts our economy.
New Zealand. In fact, tax officials advised the Government
Labour inherited an economy growing 15 months ago that our small companies, start-
three to four per cent, but the Government has ups and innovators were better off without a
squandered that momentum with bad policies, Capital Gains Tax. In December 2017, Inland
more taxes and wasteful spending. Revenue officials told the Government that the
A weaker economy means less money in the absence of a Capital Gains Tax in New Zealand
back pockets of New Zealanders and less money was advantageous to start-ups.
for core services like health and education. Yet Keeping the barriers to innovation low, and
Labour’s solution is to impose even more taxes. making it as easy as possible for Kiwis to start a
Westpac’s employment confidence survey business, create jobs, and build industries are the
shows workers are less confident, while ANZ’s pillars of growth which the government should
business confidence survey has dropped to a net continue to support. People who take risks with
negative 38 per cent expecting the economy to smart ideas and build something bigger than
deteriorate. Businesses have become gloomier themselves shouldn’t be discouraged.
about the economy and their own prospects, Other anti-growth policies adopted by
according to the latest NZIER’s quarterly this Government include a fees-free policy
survey and the Reserve Bank now says it may that failed to deliver any additional students;
cut interest rates to support an economy that is an ideologically driven ban on oil and gas
slowing considerably under this Government. exploration that fails to reduce emissions but
This should be a real warning sign for devastates the Taranaki economy; a regional
the Government. However, it has been too slush fund with no real accountability; higher
willing to dismiss evidence that its policies are fuel taxes, restrictions on foreign investment
damaging New Zealand’s economy and think it and introducing union-friendly labour reforms.
knows best. National has a proven track record as
It’s time for the Government to focus on competent managers of the economy. We
policies that help New Zealand to prosper believe Kiwis should keep more of what they
instead of discouraging enterprise and putting earn and that Government has a responsibility
roadblocks in the way of our innovators and to spend tax dollars carefully and in a way that
entrepreneurs. delivers results.
6 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 05, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Diaspora’s interest in India election 2019:

A case of altruistic patriotism or real interest

hat drives diaspora’s interest in
The fact the current
Indian elections? Is it a sense of Indian Prime Minister
altruistic patriotism, driven by their
growing fondness for the mother nation from
Narendra Modi has
a distance? Or is it a case of real interests and taken diaspora-wooing
less selfless factors at the play, spurring up their
emotions and interests in India’s election. to the next level, and
While the growing propensity of Indian main Opposition Indian
political parties in wooing global diaspora
has received significant academic and media National Congress Party
attention, the other-way-round of this ever
increasing mutual bonhomie, that is, what
is desperately trying to
drives the diaspora to care about Indian politics recover lost ground is
has received relatively less attention.
It is to say that the fact the current Indian
mostly well-known.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken
diaspora-wooing to the next level, and main
opposition Indian National Congress Party is spurred up many times with the growth of social
prosper. The diasporic communities tend to Vipin Handa, who had lived in the country
desperately trying to recover lost ground are media platforms, which has emerged as the new
frontiers where contestation of ideas and the become more patriotic than they were back in for almost two decades setting up multiple
mostly well-known in public narrative. India purely because of the reason that distance businesses, shared similar sentiments saying,
However, lesser light has been thrown on struggle for gaining the attention of otherwise
distracted voters, takes place. Diaspora’s makes the heart grow fonder. “Over a period of time I have found myself
what drives diaspora to respond positively to
engagement in the ongoing contestation of Sushrut Srivastava, an IT analyst who becoming more considerate towards the
the outreach by Indian political parties.
Why do people of Indian origin who have ideas on social media platforms has gained new first lived in Australia before coming to New struggles of successive Indian governments in
relinquished Indian citizenship and had heights since the last general elections in India. Zealand shared his experience with the Indian overcoming mammoth challenges of lifting a
acquired foreign nationality still have so much What explains diaspora’s Weekender saying, “When I first moved to vast humanity out of poverty and improving
propensity about the politics in their home increasing interest in politics of Australia about a decade ago I found myself their quality of lives.”
country? India plunged into strange emotions of excessive love A lot of NRIs who are flush with the new

The global Indian diaspora’s interest in the and fondness of everything related to India.” found wealth in their new country of residence
n this regard, the opinions are varied, and
politics of India has grown manifold in the last “In fact I kind of lost my aversion to so find themselves becoming sentimental about
largely determined by several factors,
few years, and the Kiwi-Indian diaspora is no many issues that had previously frustrated the plight of their fellow co-ethnic communities
including diaspora’s own migration-history and
exception. me while I was in India like traffic chaos, back in India, and strive to contribute in their
time span of leaving the Indian shores.
It is important to note that diaspora’s active
The first explanation for this large investment corruption, etc and I became overwhelmed with well-being in one way or the other, and politics
interest in Indian politics is a huge investment
of time, money and emotions is altruistic emotions of fondness for everything there,” is an important medium of achieving those
of their time, money and emotions.
patriotism – the desire to see one’s home nation Mr Srivastava said. lofty goals.
In fact, the emotional investment quotient has

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The Indian Weekender Friday, April 05, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 7


Similarly, for a large section of the diaspora essential to shape the future of India where they

C TE C 15 TE 15
who have left Indian shores for many can eventually return back and live peacefully

generations and have not much active roots in some distant future.

still alive in India are driven more by a simple These diasporic communities become equally
altruistic desire of seeing India prosper and motivated by promises of rapid economic


growing profile internationally. development and apparent threats of religious
Amarinder Singh - a fifth-generation Kiwi- polarisation back in India, that could potentially

Indian farmer from Bombay Hills in the south affect their long-term hope of returning again

of Auckland – told the Indian Weekender, and living peacefully in India.
“Although we have not much family connection Their interest in politics of India is
back in India, I am interested to see India grow undoubtedly more mundane and real rather than
and prosper and would vouch for political
parties who can deliver what they promise.”
But not everyone is driven by selfless
altruism, and many have real interests in the
just purely noble and altruistic.
It would be interesting to see how successive
governments would like to tap this growing
interest of diasporic communities in the politics
politics of India. of India.
Unlike the emigrants of the late twentieth However, the above analysis definitely
century, the new generation of recent migrants suggests that the diaspora’s fondness for Indian
who have left Indian shores in the last 20-30 politics is not purely altruistic and driven by real
years lives overseas with a dream, of being able self-interests as well, thereby signalling those
to return home in the future, or at least to spend soon governments would start experiencing OUR GREAT VALUE PACKAGES INCLUDE
a large part of their time in India. a new set of expectations, apart from their
They see politics of India immensely domestic constituencies.

Sikh temple a

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Sahib Temple. It’s nothing for the
kitchens to feed a couple of thousand here. No one is RESORT & SPA RESORT & SPA
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So skilled are the kitchen volunteers to become a Sikh, from from

that vast amounts of food is prepared

regularly and sent to other temples,
or what you believe,
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struggling families and the homeless. Food only one humanity.”

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54 Kids eatTWIN
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be overwhelmed by the kindness and warmth
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The kitchens, solar power, huge halls of the welcome.” from $326
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and its own water supply, means Auckland Central to the faith is gifting ornate Complimentary dinner for two FJD$200 resort credit,
Kids eat Little Chief’s Kids Club,
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Travel: 01-30 Nov 19 & 01 Feb-31 Mar 20
early check in & late check out
Travel: 01-30 Nov 19 & 01 Feb-31 Mar 20
community hub in the event of a disaster. to acknowledge a birthday or wedding -
“They have so many facilities for the offerings that are traditionally burnt or PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES PACKAGE ALSO INCLUDES
Complimentary dinner for two FJD$200 resort credit, Little Chief’s Kids Club,
community in a time of emergency,” thrown away. Takanini was burning a tonne at Magiti Restaurant early check in & late check out
says Council’s emergency management of them every year. “ TOGETHER WE CAN
department senior resilience and welfare Cook Island Mamas group leader Tepori MAKE YOUR FIJI
advisor Melanie Hutton. Teariki is grateful that during a cultural
“It’s precious to have a place with so many
exchange, the temple gifted them fabrics for “ TOGETHER WE CAN
aspects of resilience, like the water, gardens
their hand-stitched quilting craft tivaevae.
and kitchen, but especially the generosity of MAKE YOUR FIJI
Today the fabrics are gifted to many groups
the people.” Ask BET
TER .”our finance offers . *

Thousands already use the area’s walking to reuse and upcycle.

Tepori says meeting with the Sikh
*Visit www.houseoftravel.co.nz/finance-offers. Lending criteria, fees, terms & conditions apply.
tracks and sports fields. An early childhood
education centre and housing for the elderly community opened her eyes.
are all already planned or in construction “When I heard their stories, I went, ‘wow Ask us about our finance offers . *

nearby too. they’re doing more than we are’. It gives me *Visit www.houseoftravel.co.nz/finance-offers. Lending criteria, fees, terms & conditions apply.
Papakura Local Board member George a good feeling.”
Hawkins is a strong supporter of the temple That’s great news for Daljit, who arrived
community. in 1989 and remembers thinking his turban BET TER TOGETHER
“What they do is actually help create a attracted funny looks. “My generation came
stronger and better New Zealand,” he says. here, but our kids were born here and don’t 0 8 0 0 7 1 3 7 1 5 I C O M E I N - S T O R E I H O T. C O. N Z
South Auckland is better known for its
active Maori and Pasifika communities than feel any different to other New Zealanders.”
Sikh ones, but Daljit says working together The only rules when entering the temple BET TER TOGETHER
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8 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 05, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Black Caps Message of ‘Peace’ resonates

unveil World at ChCh memorial services

Racism exists, but it is not
welcome here,” was the message
¡¡ IWK BUREAU Taylor, Colin Munro and that Prime Minister Jacinda

he Black Caps have Williamson. Ardern conveyed to the country at
named their 15- Colin de Grandhomme, the memorial service of the victims
man squad for the Jimmy Neesham and Santner of Christchurch mass shooting on
upcoming ICC World Cup, are the allrounders for the Friday, March 29, at Hagley Park in
Black Caps, who will be Christchurch.
with leg-spinner Ish Sodhi
looking to go one better More than 20,000 people attended
and gloveman Tom Blundell
after finishing runners-up the memorial service including
the key inclusions.
to Australia in the 2015 several dignitaries from across
Sodhi, who has taken Interfaith Council, Aliya Danzeizen
World Cup. different countries and gave Prime
39 wickets in 30 one-day from Islamic Women’s Council of NZ,
“There’s been some really Minister Jacinda Ardern a standing
internationals, pipped fellow Maulana Sarfraz Sher Ali, and New
tough decisions,” said Black ovation as she took the stage to address
leggie Todd Astle as the Zealand Muslim Association President
Caps coach Gary Stead. the nation.
squad’s second spinner Ikhlaq Kashkari.
“This has come about over Friday, March 29, marked two weeks
alongside left-arm orthodox The event in Auckland started with the
since the worst terrorist attack in New
Mitchell Santner. the last four years. It’s not just call to prayer or Adhan at 1 p.m. followed
Zealand that took the lives of 50 people
Blundell will serve as the about the what’s happened the by the sermon and Friday prayers and then
and injured another 47, some of whom
reserve wicketkeeper behind last one or two months. the remembrance service in the presence
are still critical in hospitals. President of FIANZ sent his message
Tom Latham, edging out “We’ve got a squad that of thousands who stationed themselves in
Renowned artists Yusuf/Cat Stevens, of appreciation through a video where he
dashing keeper Tim Seifert, we think will give us a really, Marlon Williams, Maisey Rika, Hollie the stadium stands.
really good chance to go far in “I am a proud Muslim and New acknowledged the solidarity the Muslim
who suffered a broken finger Smith and Teeks were among the
the tournament.” Zealander and commended the country community received at their hour of
a fortnight ago. performers for the event. FIANZ President
Dr Mustafa Farouk, Christchurch Mayor for its reaction to the attack. I just want distress and pain.
Blundell, 28, has played New Zealand Lianne Dalziel, interfaith representatives to say to our New Zealand community, Students from Kowhai Intermediate
two Tests and three T20Is, but
is uncapped at ODI level. World Cup squad:  were some of the many speakers who from my heart, the response has been performed Waiata and haka, celebrated
Captain Kane Williamson Kane Williamson, Martin conveyed the message of peace and beautiful,” Rugby star Sonny Bill musician Dave Dobbyn performed
leads the No.3 ODI team in Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Ross solidarity and ‘acceptance for all’ at Williams said at the event. ‘Welcome Home’ song and a minute of
the world and will command Taylor, Tom Latham, Colin the event. Similar sentiments were echoed by silence was observed for the fallen souls.
Munro, Tom Blundell, Colin A similar memorial service was also Mayor Phil Goff and Reverend Bruce On Saturday, March 30, a peace vigil
a fast bowling attack of Trent
de Grandhomme, Mitchell held at Eden Park in Auckland where Keeley, while Ikhlaq Kashkari from was organised at Manukau Square in
Boult, Tim Southee, Matt
more than 3000 people came together NZMA thanked the community for South Auckland where community
Henry and Lockie Ferguson. Santner, Jimmy Neesham, Ish
with their family and friends. This event showering the mosques with flowers,
The top order is comprised Sodhi, Matt Henry, Lockie members gathered and expressed their
was attended by rugby star Sonny Bill donations and for extending their love
of seasoned batsmen – Martin Ferguson, Tim Southee, grief for the victims of the mosque attack
Williams, Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, and brotherhood towards the Muslim
Guptill, Henry Nicolls, Ross Trent Boult. Reverend Bruce Keeley from Auckland community in New Zealand. and also condemned racism.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, April 05, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 9

Spark CEO Simon “I’ve given my absolute best to

putting Spark onto a positive track
over the last seven years, so the
in 2018 show that online scams
continue to be a pervasive issue for
New Zealand, and that the country
our staff from all around the world
who go the extra mile every day to
deliver the best travel experience to

Moutter resigns company can fully deliver on its

purpose to ‘help all of New Zealand
win big in a digital world’,” he said.
“I feel it’s the right time to pass the
needs to rethink the way resources are
coordinated to protect Kiwis.
Financial losses are not the only
impact that victims are experiencing.
our customers.”
Winners of the Travellers’ Choice
Awards for Airlines 2019 were
selected based on reviews by global
leadership baton on and I am delighted Many scam and fraud victims report travellers focusing on outstanding
the board has chosen an outstanding feeling frustrated and embarrassed, service, quality and value.
leader in Jolie to succeed me.” or having lost confidence in using TripAdvisor uses an algorithm that
Hodson joined Spark in 2013 as digital technology to make payments takes into account the quantity and
chief financial officer before taking or connect with others. quality of airline reviews and ratings
the responsibility for the consumer The most common scam reported over a 12-month period to determine
and retail operations. She led a to Netsafe in 2018 was the fake the award recipients.
number of major programmes related tech support scam, where scammers
to the company’s transformation make contact about a fake issue with Monthly Economic
and was a key driver of the growth a computer and offer to fix it. The
strategies in cloud and IT services. newest scam trend in 2018 was the
Indicators report
Simon Moutter fake sextortion scam, falsely claiming for March 2019
Kiwis lose $33M
Jolie Hodson
that video footage of people watching

S park New Zealand’s CEO

Simon Moutter announced
“We are delighted to have
confirmed a top-quality internal
in 2018 – new
approach needed
pornography would be released unless
a ransom is paid. Invoice scams,
investment fraud and romance scams
T he Monthly Economic Indicators
report for March 2019 is now
available on the Treasury website.
his resignation and will step down candidate, which speaks to Spark’s
were among the scams that resulted in Key points of the report are :
effective 30 June as the Managing desire where appropriate to develop
and promote talent from within.”
vs scams the biggest losses for Kiwis. • Real (production) GDP rose 0.6%
Director and director. Spark is

Moutter took the position in 2012, nline safety organisation Netsafe in the December 2018 quarter,
country’s biggest telecommunications
company. Saprk's chair Justine Smyth when Spark was still Telecom and says that Kiwis reported losing
Singapore with annual average growth easing
said that customer director Jolie lead the turnaround of the company more to online scams and fraud in Airlines Named to 2.8%
coming out of the demerger of its 2018 than any other year in its 20- • Annual current account deficit
Hodson will be replacing Simon with
former network business, Chorus. year history, with losses tripling from Tripadvisor’s ‘Best widened to 3.7% of GDP, while net
effect from 1 July.
Chair Justine Smyth said the board Under his leadership, the company 2017. Airline’ liability position widened to 57%
transformed from a traditional carrier New Zealanders reported 13,000 of GDP

had a succession plan and always
into a digital and mobile-focused instances of online scams and ingapore Airlines has been named • Annual PLT migration is
wanted to give leadership opportunity fraud and $33M in losses to online
company and rebranded as Spark and Best Airline in the World by now increasing, according to
to internal candidates. safety organisation Netsafe in 2018. renowned travel site TripAdvisor for
emerged as a modern carrier with revised data
“As board directors, we have had interests in technologies, such as Netsafe’s latest report reveals that the second consecutive year.3
the opportunity to work closely with • Global weakness at the end of 2018
streaming video, data analytics and scam and fraud reports and losses “We are very pleased to be back-to-
Jolie over recent years on a range of has continued in 2019 and central
digitisation. have drastically increased from back winner of the Best Airline in the
important company matters and we banks have placed prospective rate
Moutter, 58, said he hasn’t decided 2017, when 8,100 reports were made World accolade in these prestigious
have been consistently impressed totalling $10.1M in losses. awards,” said Singapore Airlines hikes on hold
on his future courrse, Prior to his stint
with her business acumen, her Netsafe CEO Martin Cocker says CEO, Mr Goh Choon Phong. • This month’s special topic reports
with Spark, he was chief executive
strategic vision and her quality that the staggering number of reports “We wish to thank our customers on the results of recent Treasury
of Auckland International Airport
decision making,” Smyth said. and extra $22.9M in financial losses for their ongoing support, as well as visits to firms.
between 2008 and 2012.

NATIONWIDE PORTFOLIO FOR SALE For Sale by Deadline Private Treaty.

Closing 4pm Tuesday 30th April


MASTERTON 9,10 Waitomo Paihia

OAMARU 13,14,15,16,17,18
Z Addington DUNEDIN
An exceptional portfolio of 23 service stations in high profile regional 21,22

locations around New Zealand. 23

100% leased with structured and market rental growth, the properties are
available either individually or as a portfolio.
Mobil Riccarton

Total Net Income High Profile Locations Significant Land Structured Growth Lease Terms Tenant Covenant
$3.6 million p.a. (approx.) Located on main arterials and Holding Fixed and market From 4 years to over 21 (of 23) properties 100%
within regional centres Over 6ha total land area rental growth 16 years remaining plus leased to Z Energy Ltd
multiple rights of renewal

Peter Herdson Greg Goldfinch Jason Seymour
+64 21 654 323 +64 21 537 682 +64 21 607 999
peter.herdson@colliers.com greg.goldfinch@colliers.com jason.seymour@colliers.com Licensed REAA 2008
10 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 05, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Auckland’s singers shine bright at 'Shukra Tara'

¡¡ IWK BUREAU with about half a dozen requests they were uniquely complex yet

for encores, which were graciously extremely elegant.
ast Sunday’s
accepted and delivered to even Presenting Khaleji’s delightfully
Shukra Tara
more applause. complex and equally memorable
concert has
Though many singers were compositions were Auckland’s own
been described by
familiar with many of the popular talented singers and instrumentalists:
many in the audience
songs, some were new to them Arun Khotkar, Hemant Shirsat,
as one of the more
because of their diverse backgrounds.
memorable musical Pramod Niphadkar, Vidya Teke,
events in recent times. Presenting the Marathi numbers were
Guncha Singh, Mayuri Bhole,
In memory of one singers not necessarily familiar with
Srishaa Iyer, Siddhi Nigudkar, Ekta
of the great composers the language owing to their origins
Kumar, Maitreyee Pande, Prajakta
of yesteryear, from other parts of India.
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Suman the event, which was free to attend. Pande, Shikha Shetia, Nivedita
Padmabhushan Srinvas Khale, But their dedication was so
Kalyanpur, to name a few. Despite the postponement complete that under the expert Giridharan and Sandhya Rao.
Shukra Tara was named after one of
The musicians prepared under following the events in Christchurch guidance of Sandhya Rao, their DrNilimaUpadhyay and Kaustubh
his most well known compositions.
Auckland’s very own vocal and the able guidance and direction of and a change in venue, music lovers pronunciation and intonation was Pethe compered the show with
instrumental talent put in months respected Auckland-based singer and thronged the new venue filling it to perfect, whether they hailed from great finesse.
of practice to perfect the maestro’s music educator Sandhya Rao of Swar capacity, with many squatting on the Punjab, Gujarat or Tamil Nadu. The Shukra Tara concert has been
complex compositions that were Sadhana Academy. floor, having run out of chairs. Remarking on some of Khaleji’s hailed as a major success with dozens
made famous by legends like Swar Sadhana Academy and Every singer excelled, inviting compositions, ace keyboard of laudatory comments on the event’s
Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Mohan Nadkarni Foundation hosted lusty applause after every number, musician Hemant Thaker said social media pages.

Shail Kaushal’s
candidacy confirmed for
SCHOOL HOLIDAY Mt Roskill in local poll


hail Kaushal, the youngest and the first India-born to
ALAN be elected in a local government election in Auckland
in 2016 has received his candidacy for the upcoming
WATSICIAON N local government elections.
In a meeting held Tuesday, April 2, Mr Kaushal was
BRICK confirmed on the City Vision/Roskill Community Voice ticket
BUILDERS as the candidate for Mt Roskill for the Local Government
Election 2019.
T Mr Kaushal is currently elected on the Puketapapa Local
0 A M & 2 P Board, holding leads for Youth, Community Safety, Social,
Innovation and Enterprise, and also an RMA Commissioner.
Mr Kaushal is the youngest elected member, youngest in
Puketapapa/Mt Roskill, first
Indian-born to be elected as part of Auckland Council and
the only Asian youth to be elected in Local Government. He is
SLIME also the recipient of The Indian Weekender’s Young Achiever
MAKING Award at the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame Awards 2017.
“I bring on board, young blood, experience and a vision
needed for a better Auckland. With support from the local
communities, I am seeking your support for reselection for
the Roskill Community Voice ticket,” Mr Kaushal said.
Mr Kaushal has been a volunteer and member of several
organisations such as the Labour Party, CAB Mt Roskill, Mt
Roskill Community Patrol, Three Kings United Soccer

Club and Eden-Roskill Cricket Club etc.

Monday 15th
H e also led a strong voice against the opening of another
liquor store in Three Kings earlier in 2018.
Being a member of the Puketapapa Local Board, he along
Tuesday 16th SLIME MAKING Tuesday 23rd BRICK BUILDERS with community members and Roskill MP Michael Wood
and hosted successful protests against the opening of another
Wednesday 17th EASTER BASKET CREATIONS Wednesday 24th BRICK BUILDERS liquor in Three Kings that had the propensity to increase anti-
Thursday 18th EASTER BASKET CREATIONS Thursday 25th ANZAC DAY social activities in the area and making it less safe for the
Open 1.00pm - 5.00pm community.
Friday 19th Good Friday - CLOSED The application for the liquor store license was reported
Saturday 20th ALAN WATSON MAGICIAN Friday 26th FLOWER BOUQUET MAKING to be withdrawn following protests and flak from the local
Sunday 21st Easter Sunday - CLOSED GOLD COIN DONATION FOR ALL ACTIVITIES Mr Kaushal has multiple qualifications from Massey
University and University of Auckland including a Master of
International Security and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Politics
and International Relations. He also received formal training
for state services and senior government positions from the
Office of Ethnic Affairs, Ministry of Youth Development and
Auckland Council.
www.royaloakmall.co.nz The electoral commission enrollment will start on July
1 until August 16 and elections will be held on October
12.Results will be announced between 17 and 23 October.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 05, 2019 NEW ZEALAND

a man-made lake where residents will be able to start living in their new home.
kayak and picnic, plus cycleways, boardwalks, Elley says a big motive in choosing Te Kauwhata
playgrounds and a sports field. for its new mini-town was the existing community,

Already 80 per cent of the first two phases have the views of Lake Waikare and the pre-existing
been sold off the plans and a third batch of homes infrastructure of the “golden triangle” cities of
has now been released. Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton.

These are the last lakefront sections and are selling “The lots have been designed to take full
fast, says Winton senior investment associate Duncan advantage of the rural outlook and lake views —
Elley. He says this is the last opportunity to snap up people like being close to the water.”

Affordable, lakeside homes in Te “Lakeside offers buyers brand new architecturally designed homes with a
Kauwhata are being snapped up backyard where kids can run free in a safe and vibrant community.”
fast in new development.
great sections which offer buyers “a slice of the Kiwi The artificial lake will be suitable for recreation
Once a little village, the north Waikato rural outpost dream” close to the water’s edge. activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding and
of Te Kauwhata is booming into something bigger. “They border the artificial lake so you’re across will have a little beach at one end for paddling. While
New suburbs are springing up with homes largely the road from the expansive 80ha reserve area with the water was a big attraction, Te Kauwhata was also
being snapped up by Aucklanders seeking a better walking trails and cycle paths and only a short stroll chosen because it had amenities such as schools, a
lifestyle and housing they can actually afford, but to the village centre,” he says. rugby club, golf club, bowling club and a new library.
in an area still only a 40-50 minute drive to either There are 30 architectural designs to choose from “We wanted to make sure there will be a
Auckland or Hamilton. (with five display homes on site), ranging in price from community and a heart to Lakeside. People who
Adding to the buzz is the fast-selling-out Lakeside, two bedrooms starting at $499,000, three bedrooms move to Lakeside will get value for money,” he says.
a new 180 hectare “township” of 1600 affordable, from $545,000 and four bedroom designs from “With house prices in the bigger cities at an
architecturally—designed homes being built right by $639,000, plus an option to buy a lake view section unreachable level for most first home buyers and
Lake Waikare — one of the North Island’s biggest from $235,000 and design and build your own owner-occupiers, Winton are able to offer really
but least known lakes. home. attractive and well-designed two bedroom houses
As well as a village centre offering a café/ With the house and land packages, the landscaping from $499,000 which you just can’t get anywhere in
restaurant, medical centre, childcare, office and fencing is done and buyers just need to bring their Hamilton or Auckland.”
space and shops, developer Winton is creating fridge, washing machine, and furniture to move in and Buyers will get a beautiful, brand-new,
architecturally-designed, stand-alone house with a
section for the kids to run around in and a semi-rural
lifestyle to go with it. The commute to Auckland or
Hamilton is an easy one; Lakeside is also on the main
trunk railway line.
Winton is so confident a railway station will be built
in the near future they have already designed one for
the town.
With work actively underway at Lakeside, Elley
says the first houses will be ready in 2020 and he
says Winton is proud of being able to keep the Kiwi
dream alive for people.
“Lakeside offers buyers brand new architecturally
designed homes with a backyard where kids can run
free in a safe and vibrant community.”

To find out more go to:

12 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 05, 2019 The Indian Weekender

FIANZ releases ‘response-report’

on Christchurch terror attack
¡¡ RIZWAN MOHAMMAD and assistance to the broader (non-Muslim)

he Federation of Islamic Associations community.
of New Zealand (FIANZ) last week FIANZ conducted at least 15 police briefings
released a comprehensive report on its in ten days, with two-three briefings every day
response and activities in the first ten days of in order to coordinate a raft of various responses
the Christchurch mosque shooting. and activities taking place. A community centre
The attack on two mosques in Christchurch, was established at the Hagley College Campus
Al Noor and Linwood Mosques on Friday, and later at the Horticultural Hall to act as a
March 15, took the lives of 50 people and base for the local community.
injuring another 47, some of them still in FIANZ conducted liaison meetings with
critical condition. 13 government and community organisations
This incident of terror resulted in an (local and national) including the Prime
unprecedented amount of tasks piled up for Minister, Minister responsible for the Office
the government authorities such as police, the FIANZ committee members with PM Jacinda Ardern
of Ethnic Affairs, Red Cross, Civil Defence,
emergency services, hospitals and FIANZ, the Department of Internal Affairs, ACC, City
apex body of the Muslim community in New Council, Funeral Services, Victim Support etc.
Zealand. burial ceremonies of their loved ones. guidance in relation to the safety and well- The report also states that daily briefings were
FIANZ, as tasked to be the unified voice of “The purpose of the document is to keep all being of the NZ Muslim community as a held directly with the affected families and the
the Muslim community in the time of crisis as a FIANZ officials and Muslims in NZ aware of whole, provide assistance in bringing together Police and the Family Liaison Unit and Victim
number of post-event responsibilities had to be the role of FIANZ in the critical first few the various Muslim organisations and groups Support. Each family was allocated a Victim
dealt with that complied with the Islamic rules days,” the report read. representing the local Christchurch Muslim Support Liaison and a Police Family Liaison.
and books. Following the incident, the mandated Community. The briefings were primarily concerned with
While police and hospitals had a mammoth National Response was led by the NZ Police Another important task was to assess the the process of the retrieval of the bodies of the
task of getting 50 bodies ready to be handed who took responsibility for coordinating efforts national resources that would be required departed and to this extent at one stage also
to the families so their last rites could be done, both on the ground in Christchurch and nation- to provide immediate support to the local involved the Coroner’s Office.
FIANZ had to liaise with different government wide. FIANZ was requested by the NZ Police community with particular attention to the The report says that the need to receive the
bodies, the local, national and international to be part of the National Response. immediate victims, the injured and their bodies of the departed in order to meet the ritual
press, families of the victims, community FIANZ Christchurch Response Team was families. requirements of Islamic burial was presented to
organisations, mosques across the nation. formed led by FIANZ president Dr Mustafa The work further extended to provide all levels of Government, including the office
The report, a 20-page document Farouk, Head of Ulema Board Sheikh a coherent response to the unprecedented of the PM and all other concerned agencies.
comprehensively touched on every aspect Mohammed Amir, PR Liaison Dr Anwar Ghani, funerary requirements including the “This [return on bodies] became one of the
of the response that was necessary or taken Ms Rehanna Ali, Leila Adam, Ismail Waja and processing, washing, shrouding and burial most contentious and time-consuming issues
by the FIANZ team and executive members FIANZ office executives. services. Along with this included providing in the days immediately following the attack.
during the first ten days of the incident when FIANZ’s scope of work in response to the religious counselling as a unified voice to local, Grieving families longing for the return of the
emotions were running high across the country crisis was first to assist NZ Police in liaising national and international media while also bodies of their loved ones were encountering
and families desperately waited to conduct the with local communities and providing national enabling local voices and provide information delays in this process, and much negotiation

All employers
must now be
payday filing.

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Visit ird.govt.nz/paydayfiling
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The Indian Weekender Friday, April 05, 2019 NEW ZEALAND 13
was required between all parties concerned – work had been undertaken so as to the minimise following the attack, NZMA immediately mosques and provide updates and instructions
that is the families, the community, the Police the trauma of re-entry to the survivors. contacted NZ Police to arrange security in all from NZ Police.
and the Coronial Office. FIANZ worked with Imams, Ngai Tahu mosques in Auckland. NZMA organised teams of volunteers
“The balance between religious requirements and other faith leaders to undertake a series NZMA called a public meeting on Friday in support of the Christchurch victims and
and legal requirements was an extremely of prayers at both Mosques and as a precursor evening, March 15 at Avondale Police Station despatched resources needed in Christchurch
sensitive issue and the role of the scholars in to the eventual official reopening which took to get a briefing from NZ Police and Auckland from Auckland. This included Janazah services,
this instance was pivotal,” the report read. place on Saturday, March 23. Mayor. medical support, grief management, events
Ghusl or body washing The Friday memorial prayers at Hagley Park An Auckland Mosque Whatsapp group was management, media management, and funds/
on March 22, as expected had a gathering of established to communicate messages to all donation management etc.
arrangements and burial: over thousands of people who gathered together
Special Ghusl provisions were made, and to hear from the Prime Minister and local and
teams of men and women technicians were national leaders before listening to the live
allocated to streamline the process and get khutbah compiled by a collection of scholars
the bodies washed and shrouded as quickly and delivered by the Imam of Masjid Al-Noor,

Kanwaljit Singh
as possible. Teams of ghusl providers were Sheikh Gamal.
established, briefed and managed in order to
cope with the scale involved. Donations:
The team also worked with the local
organisations for the timing, logistics and
coordination of the burials that were held at
FIANZ opened a special account for the
donation for the victims and their families.
As of March 26, approximately $307,000 had
Memorial Park Cemetry in East Linwood.
Apart from dealing with the families and
been deposited of which $54,000 was paid to
the Muslim Association Canterbury upon their
formal written request for assistance to help the
National List MP based
government bodies, FIANZ met a number
of visiting leaders and scholars including affected families. in Manukau East
representatives from overseas such as Jordan, Work on behalf of FIANZ in
Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia, Wellington and Auckland
Malaysia, Bangladesh and others.
In response to the urgent matter at hand, the
Liaising with Interfaith FIANZ staff in the national office in Wellington Contact
organisations: had to continue their daily schedule of work
FIANZ liaised with several local and national and in-addition replied to over 600 emails A 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland
faith organisations and inter-faith organisations and 1100 phone calls from with New Zealand P 09 278 9302
who responded to the incident with support and overseas responding to the queries of the
F 09 278 2143
offers of assistance, vigils and visits. families and authorities.
Auckland has the highest numbers of Muslims E Bakshi.mp@parliament.govt.nz
Reopening of the two- in the country, and it was important for FIANZ facebook.com/Bakshiks
mosques to take input from the community there. The @bakshiks
FIANZ coordinated with the police and New Zealand Muslim Association (NZMA)
local agencies to ensure the fastest possible re- organised several goals and deliverables on
opening of the two mosques where the attacks behalf of FIANZ.
happened and ensured that all possible repair Some of the most immediate actions

Teen smoking at lowest level

¡¡ IWK BUREAU to support smokers to switch to less harmful

ew research showing a record low alternatives. bakshi.co.nz
in smoking among New Zealand “I am also focussed on developing an action
students and a decrease in the uptake plan to achieve our Smokefree 2025 goal. It is Funded by the Parliamentary Service.
Authorised by Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP,
of vaping was announced today by Associate my intention that a full suite of possible actions 1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe.

Health Minister Jenny Salesa in a speech to the is considered, and that a draft action plan will
Vaping Policy Forum at Parliament. be available for public consultation by the end
Action for Smokefree 2025 (ASH) has of this year.”
released its 2018 Year 10 Snapshot which
surveyed almost 29,000 Year 10 students on
their smoking behaviours and attitudes. The
data shows just 1.9 per cent of Year 10 students 3.6548ha Development Site Opportunity
smoke on a daily basis.
“This is the first time the rate has fallen
below 2 per cent. That’s a dramatic drop from
the 15.2 per cent of students twenty years ago
76-78 Fred Taylor Drive, Red Hills,
who said they smoked on a daily basis,” says
Jenny Salesa.
“More than 81 per cent of those surveyed Fast developing location opportunity to secure
haven’t smoked at all – not even a few puffs. very desirable land approximately 19 kms from

“The latest findings show the Government Auckland CBD, and 31 kms from Auckland
is making progress towards our Smokefree Airport.
2025 goal and delivering on our plan to build
This rare opportunity is offered to the market,
healthier communities and improve wellbeing. develop a community just minutes away from the
“This is really good news but we still have North Westgate Mall and Westgate Town Centre.
more work to do to achieve equity amongst all
New Zealand teenagers. Nearby housing development all but sold out.
Situated in a prime position near the corner of
“Almost 6 per cent of Maori girls who took
Dunlop Road, comprising 3.6548 ha of flat land
part in the survey tell us they smoke daily and with a wide frontage to Fred Taylor Drive is a
while that rate has decreased, it’s still higher must to view.
than the overall rate of 1.9%.
“That needs to change and the gaps need to Easy Access to North Western Motorway and
State Highway 18.
close. The Government is absolutely committed
to doing as much as it can to achieve our Tender: 4:00pm 15 Apr 2019 (unless sold prior)
Smokefree 2025 goal. L3, 50 Kitchener Street, City
“It is very important to me to that children www.barfoot.co.nz/80734
continue to be protected from taking up
smoking and vaping. Marie-Anne Molloy
“I have recently announced amendments p. 027 357 8477
to the Smoke-free Environments Act to ban m.molloy2@barfoot.co.nz
smoking in vehicles carrying children and
14 NEW ZEALAND Friday, April 05, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Guard against flu this winter One day, nine lives lost:
Police ask motorists to
¡¡ IWK BUREAAU influenza to the
take care on the roads

most vulnerable The vaccine is
ealth Minister Dr David Clark is one of
people in the ¡¡ IWK BUREAAU
more than a million New Zealanders available free from
c o m m u n i t y.

who will get vaccinated against While many olice has asked motorists to be cautious
influenza this year. The annual campaign
general practices
people experience on the road and drive to road conditions
begins this week. m o d e r a t e and many community as Monday, April 1 witnessed nine
“We can protect ourselves and our families illness from people tragically killed in three different
by getting immunised, to reduce the spread of the flu, around
pharmacies for those accidents.
eligible, or for a small This includes five fatalities in one crash in
Taupo in the morning.
fee for everyone else.
Trust Saffron Finance for This horrific crash and two other fatal crashes
in the morning takes to 20 the number of people
expert Mortgage/ Insurance 400 New Zealanders people can get seriously ill from the flu, and killed on NZ roads in the last eight days.
die each year from the for older people, a serious case can have a Any death on the road is one too many and
advice backed by years disease, and many more long lasting impact on their quality of life and
each death impacts so many people including
need hospital treatment,” independence.
of experience David Clark said. “Last year a record 1.3 million New
family, friends and colleagues.
“People can get their “We are committed to reducing death and
Zealanders were immunised against influenza,
Mortgages: Risk Insurances: influenza vaccine free injury on our roads, and we work alongside our
after the northern hemisphere experienced a
if they’re at high risk particularly severe winter. We were lucky in road safety partners to do this.
• Home loans • Life & Trauma
• Commercial Property loans • Key Person Cover of getting the illness, New Zealand last year, but we shouldn’t be But we cannot do it alone, we need
• Business Loans • Medical / Health including those aged 65 complacent – a bad flu season could happen everyone’s help to keep our roads safe,”
• Top up & Debt consolidation • TPD and Income Protection and older, pregnant women, any time. Influenza immunisation is important Assistant Commissioner Sandra Venables said.
• Re-Finance and Refixing • Mortgage Repayment cover and people with chronic or every year.” "Remember, decisions you make as a driver
• Investment Property loans • New to Business & serious health conditions, impact not only on you, but on everybody else
The influenza immunisation programme
• Restructuring of loan • Business Continuity Cover such as heart disease, cancer on the road.
begins a little later this year on April 1, to ensure
• Construction & Renovation • Redundancy Cover or severe asthma. Children "You have a responsibility to yourself, your
that the vaccine continues to provide protection
aged 4 and under who have passengers, and other road users to drive safely.
through to the peak of the flu season, usually
a history of significant
in late winter. This year’s funded vaccine "Road safety is something we all have
respiratory illness are also
will protect against four strains of influenza, to take responsibility for,” said Assistant
including updated strains of influenza A(H3N2) Commissioner Venables.
“This year, the influenza
campaign focuses on people and influenza B. "With the Easter holiday period approaching,
aged 65 and older. This age “Many employers provide free influenza we are asking everyone to remember plan
group is eligible for a free vaccination to staff, which it is a great way to ahead, take regular breaks, and stay safe on
flu shot, but many don’t protect employees’ health at the same time as our roads,” said NZ Transport Agency Director
Nimish Parikh see themselves as needing reducing the disruption to business caused by Safety and Environment, Harry Wilson.
Registered Financial Adviser 18B Kirby Street, Glendene, one,” David Clark said. influenza each winter. To all road users – please take care
M. 021 236 7070 Auckland 0602 “An annual influenza “The vaccine is available free from general on the roads.
nimish@saffronfinance.co.nz P O Box - 69263 , Glendene, immunisation can keep practices and many community pharmacies for Drive to the conditions, wear your seatbelt,
Auckland 0645 those eligible, or for a small fee for everyone
you healthy and active for don’t drive tired or after drinking or taking
www.saffronfinance.co.nz longer. Even fit and healthy else,” David Clark said. drugs, and put your cellphone away.


www.gateauhouse.com 09 274 7744
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This month's special:

Trio Chocolate Mousse Gateau
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 5, 2019 FIJI 15

PM Bainimarama meets UN special Fiji could

exceed NZ
envoy to Climate Summit 2019 dairy yields:
De Alba was further assured that Fiji, as the Pacific Small Island Developing States Chair will engage actively with
other Pacific Island countries to support the preparation of the Summit towards achieving a substantial outcome. Academic
rime Minister Voreqe The UNSG will convene the iji's dairy production could
Bainimarama in the margins Climate Summit at the United exceed yields in New
of the UN High-level meeting Nations Headquarters in New Zealand, an academic says.
on the Interlinkages of Water and York to raise ambition, promote The vice-chancellor of Fiji
Climate Action met with the United transformative changes and generate National University, Nigel Healey,
Nations Secretary-General’s Special political momentum. said his assessment was based on
Envoy to Climate Summit 2019, Luis In reiterating Fiji’s support, Prime information provided by experts
Alfonso de Alba in New York. Minister Bainimarama reminded De funded by New Zealand's Ministry of
Ambassador de Alba was informed Alba, that the stakes are high and the Foreign Affairs.
by Prime Minister Bainimarama of world is running out of time. Prime Professor Healey told FBC News
Fiji’s commitment and support to Minister Bainimarama added that the that the experts say with good animal
the upcoming Climate Summit being window for transformative action is husbandry, Fiji dairy yields could
convened by the United Nations fast closing and there is no more time exceed New Zealand's because of the
Secretary-General on 23 September for talk. high moisture content in Fiji's grass.
2019. In closing, Prime Minister However, problems with
In expressing Fiji’s support, Prime Bainimarama invited De Alba to tuberculosis in the Fiji herd meant
Minister Bainimarama stressed that join Secretary-General Guterres on the country ended up importing
Fiji is willing to work with countries his proposed visit to Fiji and the much of its milk, he said.
that are committed, develop the implementation of the Paris engage actively with other Pacific region in May and to also attend Industry stakeholders needed to
innovative ideas, build partnerships Agreement. De Alba was further Island countries to support the the 3rd  Climate Action for Pacific co-operate to overcome the problems
and that can take bold actions assured that Fiji, as the Pacific Small preparation of the Summit towards Partnership (CAPP) from 29-30 of and unlock the country's dairy
to boost ambition to accelerate Island Developing States Chair will achieving a substantial outcome. April. potential, the academic said.

Higher salaries attracting overseas health professionals

igher salaries are attracting “We also have former Fiji resident that comes from Auckland which is
former health professionals We also have former Fiji resident who come because who come because of certain mostly our former Fiji residents who
residing overseas to return of certain programmes, for example, the open programmes, for example, the open now live in New Zealand.”
and work in Fiji. heart team that comes regularly from Sydney that heart team that comes regularly from
Meanwhile, Dr. Waqainabete
This was highlighted by Health supported by the Sydney Adventist Hospital. Sydney that supported by the Sydney
informed MPs that one of the current
Minister Dr. Ifereimi Waqainabete Adventist Hospital.
while responding to a question in Sub Divisional Medical Officers left
"Over the years we have seen a
international standards in Fiji. salary package, there are others that his job in South Africa to take up the
parliament on how the ministry few more Fiji residents coming with
Dr. Waqainabete says though volunteer to share their expertise for
can entice highly qualified health this team including physiotherapist. opportunity here due to the salary
some of them may be attracted to the a certain period of time.
care specialists to help develop We also have an open heart team package.

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Editorial Auckland Weather forecast for the week
March 30 – April 5 2019
Digital tools looking Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu
like democracy’s
t the onset of the digital revolution, there was high expectation that digital communication A p.m. A passing A couple Clouds Mostly Sun and Mostly
technologies, especially the internet, will prove to be a boon to democracy. It was believed shower in morning of morning and sun, sunny, some clouds sunny
that the internet is a force for good. place shower showers pleasant pleasant
Its power of setting up a discussion platform which cannot be influenced by authoritarian
powers; potential to impact the quality of public deliberation by providing citizens with direct 27° 25° 24° 25° 28° 25° 222°
and unfiltered access to information; and ability to provide leaders with an inexpensive platform 18° 18° 17° 18° 18° 19° 19°
to engage with citizens, was supposed to drastically alter political participation, democratic
governance and lead to growth of democratic regimes.
The evolution of these communication tools, as expected, did prove to be a democratising force This week in New Zealand’s history
in some cases.
For instance, social media platforms enabled powerful demonstrations that played a major role
5 April 1871
in the downfall of oppressive regimes in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.
It also helped by providing the disenfranchised a voice and a way to participate in politics NZ’s first overseas diplomatic post created
without joining a political party, attending meetings or visiting political offices. For instance, It is no surprise that New Zealand’s first overseas diplomatic posting was to the United
citizens all over the world have the power to bring their issues to light by organising online Kingdom.
campaigns for policy change.
However, during the last decade, the negative aspects of the digital tools have become apparent. 7 April 1856
There hardly goes a day without the allegations that digital tools are undermining democracy. First state secondary school opens
Research by scholars shows that digital techniques are being used to promote particular candidates The first state secondary school in New Zealand, Nelson College, opened in temporary
or political parties; to enflame social tensions; and to spread fake news. premises in Trafalgar St with a roll of just eight boys. It eventually attracted boys from around
There are three ways in which influencers use digital tools to impact political participation as the country as well as the local area. It now has a roll of over 1000 and continues to take both
well as outcomes of democratic decision-making process. boarders and day pupils.
First, spreading fake news by conducting active disinformation campaigns. The problem has
evolved as greater access to information has not been accompanied by digital literacy programmes
to educate citizens how to discern genuine from fake news. The primary digital techniques used to 9 April 1850
publicise misinformation are “bots” and “sock - puppets.” Sisters of Mercy arrive in New Zealand
Bots are algorithmically driven computer programmes designed to do specific tasks online. Nine Sisters of Mercy arrived in Auckland on the Oceanie with Bishop Pompallier and a
They are used by political parties or campaign teams of candidates to rebroadcast content i.e. number of priests. The Irish nuns of the order were the first canonically consecrated religious
dampen or amplify messages. Sock-puppets are human-operated fake accounts used for the same women to become established in New Zealand.
purpose of spreading misinformation.
In addition to amplifying messages, they are used to reply to other social media accounts as the 10 April 1919
credibility of sock-puppets is higher than bots. The gravity of problem of misinformed citizens, is
higher than that of uninformed citizens, as the misinformed citizens are committed to their untrue
New Zealand votes for prohibition – until soldiers’ votes
beliefs. are counted
The news world is filled with examples of fake news. A special liquor referendum initially gave prohibition a majority of 13,000 over continuance
Second, cyber-attacks on databases. The theft and publication of government’s and political (the status quo), raising the hopes of those who had for decades campaigned against the
party’s private data has become a common form of digital interference during elections. These manufacture and sale of alcohol.
cyberattacks, based on the motive, can be categorised in two groups. One, the attackers, motivated
by public interest, leak material that expose wrongdoings of political parties or candidates. Two, Indian Weekender : Volume 11 Issue 5
the attackers leak information to advance personal interest, rather than public interest. For instance,
they publish data about their political opponents or the political parties they oppose. Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited
The value of hacked data is very high, given it is only available to police or intelligence agencies Content Editor: Sandeep Singh | sandeep@indianweekender.co.nz
and hence such leaks have high political consequences. Chief Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad | rizwan@indianweekender.co.nz
Examples of such attacks include leaking hacked data of seven key members of Democratic
Chief Technical Officer: Rohan Desouza | rohan@indianweekender.co.nz
National Party in 2016 that caused reputational harm and leaking of email trails and documents
Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar | mahesh@indianweekender.co.nz
belonging to campaign team of Enamuel Macron two days before 2017 French presidential
elections. Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand | design@indianweekender.co.nz
Apart from data breaches, tampering with voting machines, voters lists and databases that are Accounts and Admin.: 09-2173623 | accounts@indianweekender.co.nz
integral to the voting process also threaten election integrity. Media Sale Manager.: Leena Pal | leena@indianweekender.co.nz
Third, using big data and micro targeting techniques. In recent years, the world has experienced
Sales and Distribution: 021 952218 | sales@indianweekender.co.nz
an exponential growth in data accumulation and processing. This rise in data accumulation, has
made micro-targeting easier, compared to the pre-digital era. Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher
The influencers use algorithms to identify their target population and disseminate messages to
is not responsible for advertisers’ claims as appearing in the publication
them by using social media. These messages, that shape the political opinion of target population,
have a significant impact on the electoral outcomes. Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
A prime example of the use of big data to influence voters is the Brexit referendum. The ‘Leave”
the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
party was assisted by companies that helped them micro-target advertisements and manipulate the
Kiwi Media Publishing Limited - 133A, Level 1, Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland.
behaviour of voters.
These examples are reflective of the idea that democracy is under digital attack. The digital
Printed at Horton Media, Auckland
communication tools, that were once expected to make democracy more resilient, have started to
look more like democracy’s nemesis. India is no stranger to these issues. Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
Social media has become a hotspot for spread of misinformation and mischief in India as
evidenced in infamous episodes of mob lynching across the country. With general elections less
than a month away for the world’s largest democracy, it is critical that digital mediums are not
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 5, 2019 OPINION/EDITORIAL 17

Reducing gender inequalities in education brings

better outcomes for businesses and society
AMIT KAPOOR  across the globe reveals that the top businesses, and greater growth,

he benefits of diversity in the three countries where AI talent is the but also helps in achieving better
workforce are known to give most prominent are United States, development outcomes.
companies a competitive India and Germany - along with a For instance, in the health sector,
edge and this, in turn, enables significant gender gap in AI skills there is a global shortage of 17.4
higher growth. A 2018 McKinsey biased against women (WEF, 2018). million healthcare workers, including
& Company Report, “Delivering Industry-level workforce data for 2.6 million doctors, 9 million nurses
through Diversity”, found out that the gender gap indicates that the top and midwives (WHO, 2016).
companies in the top quartile for three sectors where the proportion of While women form the majority
gender diversity on their executive men is much greater than women are of the sector’s workforce, they are
teams were 21 per cent more likely manufacturing, energy and mining primarily clustered in the lower-level
globally, there were on average 65 of all STEM (Science, Technology, sector and software and IT services. positions, with senior positions being
to experience financial returns above
per cent girls and 66 per cent boys Engineering, Mathematics) degrees. Out of these, the third sector held by men.
their national industry means than
who were enrolled in secondary Among the South Asian countries, employs about 40 per cent of the AI Efforts to attract more males
the companies in the fourth quartile.
education and only about 39 per India has about 42 per cent tertiary professionals in total workforce, with to nursing courses and elevating
While the research findings point
cent girls and 34 per cent boys graduate females pursuing a STEM women accounting for just 7.4 per the status of care related work can
towards positive correlation between
who were participating in tertiary programme, which is much higher cent of the AI talent pool. help to break the feminisation of
financial performance and greater
education. Thus, the gender gaps than many developed countries. The other two sectors have a the nursing profession and address
inclusion of women in leadership
cannot be completely closed until the The only few countries where the very low percentage of AI-skilled the shortage of workforce to some
roles, it is essential to address the
participation increases in education majority of STEM graduates are workforce. extent. For women to move up to
issue of gender disparity in education
at all levels. females are Algeria, Tunisia and Another sector where the share of senior positions amidst the rapidly
as this sector helps in developing
Further, to the issue of the lower Albania. professionals possessing AI skills
digitising technology, efforts towards
professional capacities in both men
overall participation, particularly In the era of the 4th Industrial is high is education, accounting reskilling them can close the gender
and women.
in the tertiary sector, is the fact that Revolution, when the in-demand for about 19 per cent of the total
As the world moves closer gaps in senior positions.
although there are more females skills in the job market include
to covering the gender gap in workforce - of which women account As for improvements on other
graduating than males globally, when Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
education, with only 5 per cent of for just one-third of the male talent fronts, the water and sanitation
it comes to the skills for the lucrative machine learning, these gender gaps
the gap remaining, one of the issues pool. sector, for instance, faces a significant
jobs, women tend to lag behind men. in STEM studies, if left unchecked,
which mask under gender parity in However, education is also one of shortage of qualified professionals.
According to the Global will broaden gender disparities across
education is the lower participation the few sectors where the number of While the importance of involving
Education Monitoring Report the industries. Currently, there is a
of both men and women which is women working are greater than the both men and women in management
Gender Review (UNESCO, significant gender gap among the AI
preventing the world from fully men. of water and sanitation facilities has
2018), in countries such as Chile, professionals, with only about 22 per
utilising the human capital. Addressing the gender disparity for long been recognised globally,
Ghana and Switzerland, women cent of them being female and 78 per
The Global Gender Gap Report, issue in education not just results mostly men are still seen as the
account for less than one-quarter cent being male. Regional analysis
2018 (WEF, 2018) points out that in financial improvements for primary decision makers.

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18 INDIA Friday, April 5, 2019 The Indian Weekender


Congress manifesto is T Congress names 6 more LS
candidates in Gujarat
he Congress on Wednesday

'anti-national', says Modi

announced a list of six more
candidates for the Lok Sabha
elections in Gujarat.
Despite much opposition and

erming the Congress' election manifesto as in five years", Modi said he nevertheless made protest within the party in Surat,
"anti-national", Prime Minister Narendra sincere efforts in different directions and when the the Congress high command took
Modi on Wednesday warned that it will works are completed, the results would be visible. a firm stand and went for Ashok
result in destabilisation and disintegration of the Terming the Gondiya rally this evening as one of Adhewada as its candidate from the
country. the biggest he has ever witnessed, the PM said that constituency.
Accusing the Congress of "playing with national it seems each rally addressed by him is breaking Parthibhai Bhatol has been selected
security", he said it will kill the morale of the the records of attendance of the previous one. for the Banaskantha seat, Rajendra
armed forces and help Pakistan. "It appears the people of Maharashtra have made Thakor for Sabarkantha and Paresh
"The Congress' plans to knock off the provisions up their minds to uproot the 'Maha-milavat' (mega- Dhanani for Amreli. Manhar Patel
of treason against anti-national forces and Maoists, hotchpoch, implying the opposition alliance) in has been selected for the Bhavnagar
subversive urban Maoists, and other points, would these elections," Modi asserted. constituency while Bimal Shah has
serve to break the country. For this, the people He listed the achievements of the NDA been chosen for the Kheda seat.
must punish the Congress-Nationalist Congress government, saying he spent past five years only Earlier in the day, the Congress
Party," Modi exhorted. in filling up the holes of the past 70 years of had also declared Geeta Patel as the
He demanded whether NCP President Sharad (Congress) rule, but now the country would be candidate from Ahmedabad East.
Pawar -- who has been a former Defence Minister and moving speedily". catapulted on the highway to development.
of India -- realises the implications of all this and if "They (opposition) are conspiring to stop all "Your Chowkidar has taken major decisions in BJP names candidates for 4
he supports the Congress conspiracy to weaken the this. The Congress' philosophy is to either capture an attempt to change the country, ranging from Odisha Assembly seats

nation and its armed forces in the manifesto. (power) or create confusion and destabilize," he constructing toilets to destroying satellites in he Bharatiya Janata Party
Modi said for decades, the country was moving said, addressing an election rally here this evening. space. I want your blessings again for five years (BJP) on Wednesday
in the wrong directions vis-a-vis terrorists and Admitting that when they (Congress) could not to complete my dreams for the country and the declared candidates for four
divisive forces, but now it is in the "right direction do much in thier 70 years' rule, "what could I do pending works," urged Modi. more Assembly seats in Odisha.

MAHARASHTRA: Top four parties shy away from

Former Minister Raghunath
Mohanty, who had joined BJP two
days ago after quitting Biju Janata

fielding women, only 13 candidates in poll fray Dal (BJD), got ticket to contest from
Basta Assembly constituency in

ainstream political parties should give more opportunity Balasore district.
may be pulling out all to women to prove their talent. The party has fielded Murali
stops to woo woman Women constitute 50 per cent of the Sharma to contest from Champua,
voters but seem to hesitate when it electorate. They cannot be kept away Chhabi Mallick from Niali and
comes to fielding woman candidates. on the pretext of elective merit.”  Manas Mohanty from Bhograi.
Together, the BJP, Shiv Sena, However, Madhavi Naik, chief Lok Sabha and Assembly elections
Congress and NCP have fielded just of state BJP’s women’s unit, will be held simultaneously in
13 woman candidates for the Lok argued, “The BJP, by fielding seven Odisha in four phases on April 11,
Sabha elections in Maharashtra, candidates, has given maximum 18, 23 and 29.
or a paltry 13.54 per cent of total representation to women compared Odisha has 21 Lok Sabha and 147
candidates’ share. Maharashtra has to any other party… The party is Assembly seats.
48 Lok Sabha seats. working at the grassroots to develop
The ruling BJP, which lays a lot of leadership and electoral merit among Hema Malini performs in
emphasis on women empowerment candidates are Dr Heena Gavit candidates in the party is just 7.29 the woman candidates. It is a gradual new role as farm woman

in its election manifesto and has (Nandurbar), Smita Wagh (Jalgaon), per cent. process.”
launched the flagship programme Raksha Khadse (Raver), Dr Bharati Understandably, woman leaders “Automatically, the numbers will ctor and BJP MP Hema
‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’, has Pawar (Dindori), Poonam Mahajan are not happy. BJP’s Shaina N rise once leaders emerge from the Malini, who is seeking re-
fielded just seven woman candidates, (Mumbai North Central), Kanchan C said, “In West Bengal, Chief grassroots. If we compare the BJP’s election to the Lok Sabha,
still the highest among the four Kul (Baramati) and Dr Pritam Minister Mamata Banerjee has approach with other parties, it shows joined farmers and tried her hand at
parties. In 2014, the BJP had fielded Munde (Beed). Four of them — given 41 per cent representation to our seriousness and commitment to cutting the wheat crop in this region
four woman candidates. Gavit, Khadse, Mahajan and Munde women. In Odisha, Chief Minister promoting women leadership. It is in Uttar Pradesh, inviting scorn from
The Congress has fielded three — are sitting MPs, who have Naveen Patnaik has given 33 not mere symbolism,” she said. the opposition.
woman candidates. The Shiv been renominated from their The per cent representation Compared to the BJP, its alliance
BJP, by She even picked up a bundle
Sena and NCP have fielded one respective constituencies. to women, which partner the Shiv Sena appears to have
fielding seven of wheat crop and carried it some
candidate each. The NCP has given Although the BJP has is impressive. All made a symbolic representation,
candidates, has given distance, much to the amusement of
one seat from its quota to the Yuva fielded seven woman national parties content with fielding just one woman
Swabhiman Party, which has fielded faces this time from four maximum representation should wake up. candidate, four-term sitting MP villagers, in Govardhan area here.
a woman candidate from it. five years ago, the overall to women compared to They just pay lip Bhawana Gawli from Yavatmal- Opposition leaders called her action
The list of BJP’s woman representation of woman any other party… service. All parties Washim. “nautanki”.

Sonia Gandhi unhappy over Congress manifesto layout

Hema Malini later told the media
that she wanted to be one with

PA Chairperson Sonia among rural women on Page 9 of present on the stage, including farmers and identify with their
Gandhi was apparently the manifesto. The slogan "Congress former Prime Minister Manmohan problems and aspirations.
unhappy over the layout of will deliver" is written in large font Singh, former Finance Minister P. “When I was going to the villages,
party manifesto released on Tuesday size, while the words "Manifesto Chidambaram and Gowda. I saw golden coloured wheat ready
as she wanted a bigger picture of - Lok Sabha elections 2019 Indian Surjewala, however, said that the
to be harvested... I tried my hand.
party President Rahul Gandhi on the National Congress" are in smaller reports of Sonia Gandhi being upset
cover, sources said. fonts at the bottom. were not correct. Women in the fields welcomed me
Sonia Gandhi, who did not look her Sonia Gandhi did not take any "It is not correct," he said. The warmly. We visited 10 villages,” she
usual self, conveyed her viewpoint questions at the manifesto launch release of manifesto was a big said.
to party leader Rajeev Gowda, event and was seen intermittently occasion for the Congress as it “I have also done a lot of work in
the convener of the manifesto talking to Rahul Gandhi sitting next sought to seize the political narrative Braj area. People will vote for me,”
committee, before she went to the The manifesto – "Congress will to her. for 2019 elections with its thrust on she said.
stage to release the manifesto. Deliver" – carries a large picture Rahul Gandhi had suggested that social and economic issues, including
Against Hema Malini, the
Sonia Gandhi was seen talking to of a big gathering of people. At the party spokesperson Randeep Singh minimum income support of Rs
Gowda, who also heads the party's bottom, it has a small picture of Surjewala let the media ask questions 72,000 per annum to the poorest 20 Congress has fielded newcomer
research department. She apparently smiling Rahul Gandhi along with the to other senior leaders on the stage. per cent people, job creation, GST Mahesh Pathak while the SP-BSP
also wanted a bigger image of party's party's hand symbol. There is also big Sonia Gandhi also did not deliver simplification and enhanced outlays alliance has given ticket to Kunwar
hand symbol as also a brighter layout. picture of the party President sitting a speech like some other leaders for health and education. Narendra Singh.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 5, 2019 INDIA 19

India put into orbit defence satellite Emisat

he Indian Space Research Organisation
(ISRO) on Monday put into orbit the
Emisat, an electronic intelligence
satellite for the Defence Research and
Development Organisation (DRDO) in a copy It is a special
book style. mission for us.
The notable aspects of this space mission
were the flying of a new variant of the Polar
We will be using a PSLV
Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV); switching off rocket with four strap-on
and on the fourth stage engine couple of times; motors. Further, for the
and the use of the fourth stage as an orbital
platform carrying three experimental payloads.
first time we will be trying
At 9.27 a.m., the PSLV rocket standing at to orbit the rocket at three
44.5 metres tall and weighing about 239 tonne different altitudes
with a one-way ticket, hurtled itself towards the
skies ferrying the Emisat and 28 international
customer satellites -- 24 from the US, two
from Lithuania and one each from Spain and
With the fierce orange flame at its tail
lighting, the rocket slowly gathered speed and
went up enthralling the people at the rocket port
while the rocket's engine noise like a rolling
thunder adding to the thrill.
"It is a special mission for us. We will be
using a PSLV rocket with four strap-on motors.
Further, for the first time we will be trying to
orbit the rocket at three different altitudes,"
ISRO Chairman K. Sivan said.
The PSLV is a four-stage engine expendable
rocket with alternating solid and liquid fuel.
In its normal configuration, the rocket will
have six strap-on motors hugging it's first stage.
On January 24, the ISRO flew a PSLV with
two strap-on motors while in March, it had four
strap-on motors.
The space agency also has two more PSLV
variants -- Core Alone (without any strap-on
motors) and the larger PSLV-XL.
The ISRO selects the kind of rocket to be
used based on the weight of satellites it carries.
Even though ISRO has done this earlier, it
was more thrilling to note the rocket's fourth
stage/engine was cut/switched off
More thrilling aspect came in when rocket's
fourth stage/engine was cut/switched off in just
over 16 minutes after the lift off.
Forty seven seconds later, the Emisat was
ejected at an altitude of about 753 km.
"There is increased demand for satellites from
strategic sectors. About six/seven satellites are
planned to be built," a senior official said on the
condition of anonymity.
India will also be launching two more
defence satellites sometime in July or August
with its new rocket Small Satellite Launch
Vehicle (SSLV).
Meanwhile, at about 60 minutes after the
PSLV's lift-off, its fourth stage will be restarted
and run for about 10 seconds before it will be
cut off again. At about 108 minutes after the lift
off, the rocket's fourth stage will again restarted
for few seconds before it will be again cut off.
Finally, at about 110 minutes after the rocket
left the earth, the first of the 28 foreign satellites
will be ejected and in five minutes all other
satellites will be ejected.
Again the fourth stage will be restarted and
stopped twice to bring its altitude to 507 km at
the end of three hours after the lift off.
At this point the fourth stage will turn into
an orbital platform for three experimental
payloads: (a) Automatic Identification System
(AIS) from ISRO for Maritime satellite
applications capturing messages transmitted
from ships (b) Automatic Packet Repeating
System (APRS) from AMSAT (Radio Amateur
Satellite Corporation), India - to assist amateur
radio operators in tracking and monitoring
position data and (c) Advanced Retarding
Potential Analyser for Ionospheric Studies
(ARIS) from Indian Institute of Space Science
and Technology (IIST) - for the structural and
compositional studies of ionosphere, the space
agency said.
20 WORLD Friday, April 5, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Indians in Windrush row NASA plans

to land
to get compensation in UK astronauts on
Mars by 2033
ritain on Wednesday ensure nothing like this ever happens fter plans to land American
announced a 200 million- again”. astronauts on the Moon by
pound compensation scheme The compensation scheme is open 2024, four years ahead of
for Indian citizens and others who to anyone from any nationality who its previous schedule, NASA now
arrived between 1948 and 1988 and has the right to live or work in the proposes to put humans on Mars
whose uncertain residency status was UK without any restrictions or is by 2033.
part of the Windrush controversy now a British Citizen, and arrived in At a congressional hearing on
that embarrassed the Theresa the UK before December 31, 1988. NASA's budget in fiscal year 2020

May government during the 2018 It is also open to anyone from a on Tuesday, NASA administrator Jim
Commonwealth summit. Bridenstine cited the goal of putting
Commonwealth country who arrived
astronauts on Mars by 2033, as a
Indians (455) are the second- and settled in the UK before 1973.
reason why NASA need to accelerate
highest number of citizens affected
its Moon landing plan, Xinhua news
by the row after Jamaica, whose agency reported.
1,686 citizens top the list. The But it’s Bridenstine said NASA was
workers who came to Britain right preparing a request for additional
after the Second World War are funding to achieve the 2024
called the Windrush generation,
that we compensate
ambitious Moon landing goal.
comprising mostly citizens from those who faced Last month, US Vice President
Caribbean countries. extreme difficulties Mike Pence urged NASA to return
They are named so after the MV and hardship – and American astronauts to the Moon
Empire Windrush ship that brought within five years (by 2024) and
them to Britain. May and home
this scheme will go warned that if NASA cannot do it, it
secretary Sajid Javid apologised for some way in doing is NASA, not the mission, that must
or documents showing they have I vowed to right the wrongs change. "The Moon is the proving
the problems faced by members of that.
‘indefinite leave to remain’ or ‘no experienced by the Windrush ground," said Bridenstine. "We can
the generation.
time limit’ to stay in the country. generation. We’ve been working move up the Mars landing by moving
Many in the generation stayed
Of the 455, 367 came to the UK tirelessly to fulfil that promise ever up the Moon landing."
on in Britain over the decades but
before 1973 and 77 between 1973 since and have helped more than People who were wrongfully However, NASA's delayed
did not obtain necessary documents development of its new heavy-lift
and 1988. The figure also includes 10 3,600 people secure the citizenship detained or removed from the UK
to regularise their stay, resulting in rocket the Space Launch System
family members and one categorised they were entitled to”. could also be able to make a claim.
some being deported, others facing (SLS) may mean additional
as ‘unrecorded’. Besides, two Indians “But it’s right that we compensate The Home Office will also refund
problems in employment and other difficulties for realising these goals
who applied overseas as part of the those who faced extreme difficulties fees paid for certain immigration
areas due lack of paperwork. on time, the report said.
process process were also granted and hardship – and this scheme will applications that were unsuccessful,
According to the latest update, Given the distance to Mars,
citizenship. go some way in doing that. The and reimburse certain associated
the status of 455 such Indians has spacecraft has to take at least six
Home secretary Sajid Javid said: Windrush generation have given so legal costs that were incurred,
been regularised: they have either months to get there, making the 2033
“When I became Home Secretary much to this country and we will officials said.
been granted British citizenship schedule tighter.

US okays sale of 24 anti-submarine

hunter helicopters to India
he US has approved
sale of 24 anti-
submarine helicopters
‘MH-60 Romeo Seahawk’
to India at a price of
USD2.4 billion, the State
Department said.
Defence analysts said the
country was in need of these
consignments as the anti-
submarine hunter helicopters
are formidable for the
defence system.
The Lockheed Martin-
built helicopters are designed
for hunting submarines
and knocking down
ships effectively.
These copters are very
efficient in conducting search-
and-rescue operations at sea.
According to reports the
Trump Administration on
Tuesday has notified the to strengthen the US-Indian of the Indian Navy, given the
Congress that it has approved strategic relationship. aggressive behaviour of China
sale of 24 MH-60R multi- The State Department in the Indian Ocean region.
mission helicopters. said the sale, at an estimated The US Naval Air System
The administration cost of USD2.4 billion, will Command said the MH-
said this will provide the improve the security of a 60R Seahawk missions are
Indian defence forces the major defensive partner which anti-submarine warfare
capability to perform anti- continues to be an important and anti-surface warfare
surface and anti-submarine force for political stability, with surveillance and
warfare missions. peace, and economic progress communications capabilities.
The State Department in the Indo-Pacific and South This will be Navy’s next
told the Congress that this Asia region. generation submarine hunter
proposed sale will support the Defence sources said the and anti-surface warfare
foreign policy and national MH-60 Romeo Seahawks helicopter.
security of the US by helping would add lethal capabilities
Inviting nominations for
The guidelines, which need to be adhered to, for
nominations, are as follows:

1. The nominee needs to have an undisputable

The Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame Honours 2019 2. Should be nominated by a person of repute. Further,

the nominee.
3. The nominator has to provide their full contact
details. No anonymous applications will
be accepted.
business, sports, art, culture, or any other

Indian origin, from any part of the world, who has

settled here in New Zealand. To be of Indian origin,
at least one of the parents of the nominee have to
be Indian, by blood, thereby making the nominee
of Indian lineage.
6. The nominee must have either a Permanent
‘The Indian Weekender Honours’ recognises individuals who have built a road to Residency (PR), or Citizenship of New Zealand to
be eligible for consideration.
glory for themselves and left a path for the coming generations to tread on; who
7. The nominee should have no prior convictions.
have touched the lives of thousands and enriched the society with their being; 8. For minors, under the age of 18, parental consent
who have brought fame and respect to New Zealand and the Kiwi-Indian community. will be required.
The Indian Weekender invites nominations for such personalities from the 9. The successful candidate will be required to attend
community for getting inducted into the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame 2019. the ceremony in person. In case a person is not able
to attend, due to any unforeseen circumstances, the
We also invite nominations for Kiwi Indian Young Achiever of the Year jury will use its discretion.
and Kiwi Indian Community Service Exellence Award 2019. 10.
Nominate Online: visit www.halloffame.co.nz cannot be challenged.
Post your nominations: Fill this form and post it to the address given below.

ENTRY FORM: Nomination form for The Indian Weekender Honours 2019 | Please fill and post it to the address below

Nominator Details Nominee Details About the Nominee

Name of the nominator Name of the nominee

For how long have you known the nominee?

Please state your reasons for nominating the above person. You may mention the
achievements of the nominee in his/her profession.
Professional details of the nominator Age of nominee

Gender M F

Address & Contact number of nominator Address & Contact number of nominee

How according to you has the Nominee brought fame and respect to the Kiwi-Indian
Category Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame community? (Add extra sheets to this form, if required)
Kiwi Indian Young Achiever of the year (16 to 35 years only)

Kiwi Indian Community Service Excellence Award

Declaration by Nominator
Nominee has accepted to appear in person
for the ceremony, if he/she gets chosen
the nominee for this application. for the nominated category for Kiwi Indian
Honours 2019.
Yes No
Yes No

I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I also
allow The Indian Weekender and the Jury to use the information provided for background
checks and to contact either me or the nominee for the purpose of getting any
What to do next?
Please take a print out of this form, sign (Add extra pages to this form if required.)
more information.
and send to us at: For details contact Indian Weekender on
Jury Panel, Kiwi Indian Honours 2019 09-217 3623 or go to:
Level1,133A Onehunga Mall, www.indianweekender.co.nz
Date: Auckland 1061
22 SPORTS Friday, April 5, 2019 The Indian Weekender

IPL 2019, RR vs RCB: Virat Kohli - Needed more runs,
made too many mistakes while fielding

he win-less streak continues for Royal Challengers Bangalore but
skipper Virat Kohli took solace from the fact that they dragged the
game against Rajasthan Royals deep and also hinted that they will
make changes in the side to get right combination for upcoming games.
RCB managed 158 for 4 on a difficult wicket but the hosts chased it down
with one ball to spare. Kohli said they need a few more runs on the board.
“Today, we were more competitive. but we were 15-20 short with the bat. I
thought 160 was competitive, but with the dew factor, 15 runs more would’ve
been more challenging,” said Kohli.
The RCB fielders dropped a number of catches and Kohli acknowledged
that such mistakes won’t win them games.
Ajinya Rahane and Steve Smith were dropped and their contributions with
the bat helped the hosts win.
“It was not easy to get the boundaries in the second innings but if we make

Chennai taste first defeat,

that many mistakes (dropped catches), then we will fall on the losing side. In
a tournament like IPL, when you have no momentum, then these things can
happen,” said Kohli.

lose by 33 runs to Mumbai It was Behrendorff who once again Put to bat, the hosts were off to a
Malaysia Open: Sindhu advances, Saina out

S huttlers Saina Nehwal and HS Prannoy crashed out of Malaysia Open

2019 on Wednesday, while PV Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth advanced
struck, giving the third blow to the slow start with just three runs coming to the second round.
visiting side, leaving Chennai reeling from the initial two overs, before Saina, playing her first match since withdrawing from Swiss Open due
at 33/3 in 4.5 overs. Chahar drew the first blood for to acute gastroenteritis, didn't show the stomach for fight and went down to
Jadhav (58 off 54, including Chennai. With runs not coming, de Thailand's Pornpawee Chochuwong 22-20, 15-21, 10-21 in 54 minutes in the
eight boundaries and a six) and Kock handed an easy catch to Jadhav women's single match.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni (12 off 21) at square leg in the third over while Saina has played Chochuwong five times in the BWF tour. But Wednesday's
then anchored Chennai's inning with trying to smash a delivery. win was the Thai's first over the Indian.
a 54-run partnership. However, the Rohit Sharma and Suryakumar In another women's singles match, Sindhu faced some challenge from
skipper couldn't stay for much time then tried to repair the damage, Japan's Aya Ohori in the first game, but dominated the second game and
in the middle as he fell to Hardik adding 37 runs for the second wicket. defeated her 22-20, 21-12 in 38 minutes.
Pandya while trying to accelerate the But Jadeja cut short the former's stay, In the men's singles, Srikanth registered 21-18, 21-16 win over Indonesia's
run-rate. dismissing him on 13 as Mumbai Ihsan Maulana Mustofa in 38 minutes.
Jadhav tried to keep one end were 45/2 in the eighth over. Prannoy, however, crashed out after suffering 21-12, 16-21, 14-21 defeat
in control but Malinga ended his With the addition of just five runs in against Thailand's Sitthikom Thammasin.
laborious effort before Chennai lost the scorecard, Imran Tahir intensified The journey of men's doubles pair Manu Attri-B Sumeeth Reddy also

efending champions Chennai Ravindra Jadeja (1) and Dwayne Mumbai's troubles by sending Yuvraj ended as they lost their first round match.
Super Kings tasted their first Bravo (8) in quick succession as the Singh back to hut at 4. Ex-France World Cup coach applies for India job

defeat in the Indian Premier scorecard read 115/7 in the 18th over. Suryakumar and Krunal Pandya
he vacant seat of Indian national football team coach has attracted
League (IPL) 2019 as they lost to With 56 needed of the last two (42 off 32) then showed some
more than 200 applications. While many of the aspirants have
Mumbai Indians by 33 runs here on overs, Chennai's lower middle order resistance and stitched a 62-run considerable managerial experience, the biggest name among them,
Wednesday. couldn't help their side cross the partnership. according to All India Football Federation (AIFF) sources, could be that of
Chasing a target of 171, none line as Deepak Chahar and Shardul Mohit Sharma finally broke Raymond Domenech, who coached France to the memorable 2006 World
of the Chennai batsmen were able Thakur could only contribute with 7 the partnership by sending almost Cup final.
to show resistance except Kedhar and 12 runs respectively. dangerous looking Krunal back in "We have received applications from some top European coaches. Raymond
Jadhav, who played a fighting 58-run Earlier, despite a slow start, it was the 17th over. His knock was laced Domenech is among them," said an AIFF official. However, it could not be
knock. Hardik and Keiron Pollard's quick- with five boundaries and a six. confirmed whether the application came from the 67-year-old himself or
For Mumbai, Lasith Malinga and fire play, which propelled Mumbai While trying to shift gears and through his agent.
Hardik Pandya rattled the Chennai Indians to 170/5. accelerate the run-rate, Suryakumar While Domenech is one of Europe's best known coaches for his success
batting line-up, scalping three While most Chennai bowlers, who tried to clear the fence off a Bravo with the French national team in 2006, he has also remained involved in
wickets each. maintained a tight economy rate in delivery, but ended up giving a catch controversies. In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, his decision to dismiss
Chasing the target, Chennai started 18 overs, went profligate in the last to Jadeja at the long-on. It left the Nicolas Anelka from the team led to a volatile situation with the entire squad
on a poor note, losing openers Ambati two overs as Pollard (17 unbeaten hosts at 125/5 in 17.6 overs. refusing to train under Domenech.
Rayudu and Shane Watson cheaply. off 7) and Hardik (25 unbeaten off Suryakumar's fighting innings Infamous for having the knack of saying the wrong thing at exactly the
While Lasith Malinga accounted for 8) hammered them all around the contained eight boundaries and one wrong time, he was sacked by the French football federation immediately
Watson (5), Jason Behrendorff sent park to help their team post a fighting hit into the stands. after the 2010 World Cup.
back Rayudu on a duck. total. Pollard and Hardik showed some India beat Indonesia 2-0 in Olympic qualifiers
Chennai's most dependable Suryakumar Yadav (59) and quick hands towards the end as they
batsman Suresh Raina also couldn't
do much in the middle after managing
Krunal Pandya (42) also made
valuable contributions to the team's
hammered Bravo for 29 runs in the
final over to help Mumbai reach
D angmei Grace scored a brace as the Indian women football team
defeated Indonesia 2-0 in the AFC Olympic Qualifiers Round 2 match
here on Wednesday.
just 16 runs off 15 deliveries. score. 170/5 in the allotted 20 overs.
Grace (27th, 67th) scored once in each half as the team in blue took control
Points Table
of the proceedings right from the first whistle.
Speaking later, head coach Maymol Rocky said: "We wanted to start our
Kings XI Punjab 4 3 1 0 6 +0.164 qualifying campaign on a winning note and we have done so. Indonesia
Chennai Super Kings 4 3 1 0 6 -0.084 proved to be tough opponents that committed bodies in defence but we found
Sunrisers Hyderabad 3 2 1 0 4 +2.111 a way to gather three points.
Kolkata Knight Riders 3 2 1 0 4 +0.555 "It is important to keep the winning momentum alive... We are taking one
Delhi Capitals 4 2 2 0 4 +0.215 match at a time and our focus shifts on our next opponents Nepal (on April
Mumbai Indians 4 2 2 0 4 -0.087 6)", she added. Keeping their winning momentum alive after the success of
Rajasthan Royals 4 1 3 0 2 -0.333 their 5th consecutive SAFF title win, the Indian women heaped pressure on
Royal Challengers Bangalore 4 0 4 0 0 -1.901 the opponents from the opening minute.
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 5, 2019 FEATURES 23

Huawei’s new P30 and P30 Pro smartphones attempt to make mobile photography
closer to professional DSLR-level, challenging the likes of Samsung, Apple and Google

series launched,
focuses on mobile
uawei, the world’s third- Huawei.
largest smartphone maker, “Huawei P30 and P30 Pro can
on Tuesday launched its definitely make an impact on the
new P30 range aimed at delivering a high-end, but like last year’s P20 this
professional-level camera experience will be heavily dependent on a flurry
on smartphones. of big budget marketing activities
Unveiled at an event in Paris, the by Huawei,” Ben Stanton, analyst at
new P30 and P30 Pro comes with
Highlights of P30 Pro: Canalys told indianexpress.com in an
• Huawei’s Kirin 980 chipset email.
new design over their predecessors
• 4200mAh battery with 40W “Huawei is gaining ground at the
—the P20 and P20 Pro— as well as
SuperCharge tech and 15W high-end of the Android market, but
a wide variety of new features and
wireless charging this year it has to compete with a
updated specifications.
• Display doubles as a speaker much more aggressive device from
The P30 and P30 Pro boasts of up
• EMUI 9.1, based on Android 9.0 Samsung, the Galaxy S10,” he said.
to quad cameras, a periscope-style
Pie Stanton also sees that the aggressive
zoom lens capable of super zoom, a
In addition to using four cameras expansion of Xiaomi and Oppo into
Kirin 980 processor, and a vibrating on the P30 Pro, the smartphone has all Europe may put pressure on pressure
screen for a speaker. the bells and whistles of a premium on Huawei.
Both the models are available smartphone. It comes equipped with a “We see myriad of challenges
starting today with a starting price of a 6.47-inch, 2340x1080p curved ultra- emerging for Huawei,” he said.
Euro 799 and Euro 999, respectively. OLED screen that doubles up as a wide, and 40MP
time when Huawei “There is still headroom for it to
Out of the two, Huawei P30 Pro is speaker by vibrating, a Kirin 980 wide-angle lens. grow, but Huawei may find its
a flagship smartphone and features fights intense
processor coupled with 8GB of Huawei momentum softens this year.”
a Leica-branded quad-camera setup, competition
RAM, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB hopes its Alongside the P30 smartphones,
consisting a 20MP ultra-wide, 40MP from Samsung
storage options, a 4200mAh battery, P30 and Huawei also introduced two new
wide-angle, 8MP 5X telephoto lens and Apple,
a in-display fingerprint scanner and P30 Pro, versions of its Watch GT — Active
that goes up to 10x hybrid zoom (or as well as
IP68 water and dust-resistance. b o t h and Elegant editions. The company
up to 50x digital zoom) and a depth- The smaller P30 has a 6.1-inch, heavily from other
claims it sold over 1 million units
sensing lens (Time-of-Flight). 2340x1080p OLED display with a focused well-known
of the Watch GT since the watch
The front-facing camera has teardrop notch, triple rear cameras, o n C h i n e s e launched last year.
32-megapixels. a Kirin 980 processor, an in-display cameras, players like A new Band 3 was also announced
Video recording is getting a big fingerprint sensor, and IP53 splash will wow Xiaomi, Oppo with an AMOLED display and a
upgrade as well. The P30 Pro also resistance. consumers and and Vivo. heart rate tracker.
has a feature called “dual-view” The P30 comes meanwhile, comes bring some kind However, analysts Huawei also launched a new
video. with a SuperSensing 40MP Lecia of innovation back warn that the positive pair of wireless earphones, called
This feature uses two of the Triple Camera arrangement which in the saturated smartphone uptake of Samsung Galaxy S10 FreeLace. They offer long battery
rear cameras to record different consists of a 8MP 3x telephoto lens market. and the growing status of Xiaomi life, powerful sound and can be fast
perspectives at the same time. (or up to 30x digital zoom), 16MP The launch of P30 range comes at in Europe will put some pressure on charged by Huawei smartphones.
24 FEATURES Friday, April 5, 2019 The Indian Weekender


n our already busy lives, none of us likes • Add chopped tomato, mix well and add cardamoms, bay leave, cumin seeds and rice with the fork.
to have a mess in our kitchen, hence don’t coriander powder and sauté until the ghee black pepper whole and sauté for 30 seconds • Serve hot pulao with raita and green chutney.
want to use too many utensils. In line with separates from the masala. until the spices are fragrant.
that, the biryani recipes below are very quick • Lower the heat; add yoghurt while stirring • Lower the heat and add red chilli powder
and easy to make as well as authentic in flavour. constantly until the yoghurt is completely followed by coriander powder, mutton
Traditionally biryani making is a long process, absorbed otherwise it can curdle. masala powder, garam masala powder and
you half cook rice separately and vegetables • Add biryani masala powder, mix well. salt, mix well while stirring constantly.
separately and then layer them and cook over • Add rice and spread it evenly. • Add chopped tomato, sauté until ghee
low heat. But these biryanis that I have tried • Scatter chopped coriander and mint leaves separates from the masala on medium heat.
are basmati rice cooked with the whole spices, on top of the rice followed by slitted green • Lower the heat; add yoghurt while stirring
herbs and vegetables with less time and packed chillies. constantly until the yoghurt is completely
with so much flavour. • Scatter fried onions followed by potatoes absorbed, otherwise it can curdle.
They are easy to make without compromising and eggs. • Add lamb chops, mix well and sauté for
on taste. • Slowly add water to the rice. 1-2 minutes. Add 1 glass of water, mix,
EGG BIRYANI • Add dollops of ghee on the rice and place cover tightly with the pressure cooker lid
the tight fitted lid on the pan; bring it to a and bring up to a pressure, it will take 5-6
boil, then lower the heat to medium and whistles on high heat or on low heat cook for
cook the rice for 15 minutes or until done. 25 minutes, until the lamb is tender.
• Garnish with chopped coriander and serve • Reduce the pressure quickly with the help
with raita. of cool water poured on the lid and open
• 11/2cups - basmati rice
the cooker, check the lamb if its tender
LAMB CHOPS BIRYANI • 1/2 - cauliflower into florets
INGREDIENTS: otherwise add little more water to it and
• 1/2cup - peas ( frozen )
• 8-10 - lamb chops cook for some more time.
• 2 - carrots, medium and sliced
• 11/2cups - basmati rice Add rice to the lamb, spread it evenly then
• 1 potato, large and diced into 1-inch pieces
• 6 - red onions add water just enough to cover the rice.
• 4 - red onions, sliced
• 1cup - ghee Scatter fried potato’s on top of the rice
• 1cup - ghee
• 2 - potatoes, big followed by sliced brown onions.
• 3 - green cardamoms
INGREDIENTS: • 1tsp - ginger paste Scatter coriander and mint leaves on top of
• 2 - big cardamoms
• 1cup - basmati rice • 1tsp - garlic paste the onions.
• 2 - bay leaves
• 6 - eggs • 3- small cardamoms Add a dollop of ghee to the rice.
• 2 - cloves
• 2 - potatoes , big • 2 - big cardamoms Cover the pressure cooker and give 3
• 1tsp - cumin seeds
• 5 - red onions • 2 - bay leaves whistles and leave it with the lid closed until
• 1/2tsp - ginger paste
• 1/3cup - ghee ( clarified butter ) • 1tsp - cumin seeds the pressure leaves the cooker.
• 1/2tsp - garlic paste
• 1/2tsp - red chilli powder • 1/2tsp - black pepper whole Serve with raita and green chutney
• 2 - green chillies, sliced
• 1/2tsp - turmeric powder • 1/2tsp - red chilli powder TIP; Goat meat can also be used instead of
• 1/2tsp - red chilli powder
• 1tsp - salt • 1/2tsp - coriander powder lamb chops.
• 1/2tsp - garam masala powder
• 2 - bay leaves • 1/2tsp - mutton masala powder To cook the lamb chops or Mutton faster;
• 11/2tsp - salt or according to taste
• 2 - cardamoms, big • 1/2tsp - Garam masala powder marinate them with yoghurt a night before.
• 21/2cups - water
• 1tsp - cumin seeds • 2tsp - salt or according to taste MATAR PULAO • Fresh coriander to garnish
• 1/2tsp - black pepper, whole • 1 - tomato, big and chopped INGREDIENTS: METHOD
• 1tsp - ginger paste • 3 - green chillies • 1cup - basmati rice • Soak rice in warm water for 15 minutes,
• 1tsp - garlic paste • 1/2cup - yoghurt • 1cup - matar ( frozen ) thewash in cold water until the water runs
• 1 - tomato, chopped • 1/2cup - coriander leaves, chopped • 2tbsp - ghee or oil clear and keep aside.
• 1tsp - salt • 1/2cup - mint leaves, chopped • 1 - red onion, medium • Wash cauliflower and cut into big florets,
• 1tsp - coriander powder • 2tbsp - ghee • 1/2tsp - cumin seeds add water to the peas and keep them aside.
• 1/2cup - yoghurt • 21/2cups - water • 2 - bay leaves • Peel, wash and slice carrots and cut potato
• 2tsp - biryani masala powder METHOD • Salt according to taste into 1-inch pieces and keep aside.
• 100gm - coriander leaves, chopped • 2cups - water • Peel, wash and slice 3 onions, heat ghee in a
• 100gm - mint leaves, chopped METHOD heavy base saucepan on medium heat.
• 3 - green chillies • Soak rice in warm water for 15 minutes, • Add 3 sliced onions to the ghee and sauté
• 11/4cup - water then wash in cold water until the water runs until brown in colour, remove them on to
• 2tbsp - ghee clear and keep aside. plate and keep them aside for garnishing.
Fresh coriander for garnishing • Peel, wash and slice onion. • Peel, wash and chop 1 onion and add to the
METHOD • Heat ghee in a heavy base saucepan, add same ghee and sauté on medium heat until
• Soak rice in warm water for 15 minutes, sliced onions and sauté for 1-2 minutes until light brown in colour.
then wash in cold water until the water runs brown in colour. • Add green cardamom, big cardamom, bay
clear and keep aside. • Add cumin seeds, bay leaves and sauté for leaves, cloves and cumin seeds, sauté for 30
• Boil eggs for 10 minutes, peel and prick a minute. seconds until the spices are fragrant.
them with the fork and keep aside • Add matar, mix well and then add rice. • Add ginger, garlic paste, sauté for a minute,
• Peel, wash and chop potatoes into big • Add water, do not stir anything at this point. add washed and sliced green chillies and
chunks and keep them aside for later. • Soak rice in warm water for 15 minutes, mix well.
• Peel, wash and slice 3 onions and sauté them then wash in cold water until the water runs • Lower the heat and add red chilli powder,
in ghee in a saucepan over a medium to high clear and keep aside. garam masala powder and salt to the onion
heat, until they are brown in colour, take out • Peel, wash and slice 4 onions and keep aside masala and mix well.
the fried onions and place them on to a plate for later. • Add all the vegetables to the onion masala
covered with absorbent paper. • Heat ghee in the pressure cooker. and sauté for 3-4 minutes on medium heat.
• In the same pan add red chilli powder, • Add sliced onions to the gee and fry on • Add rice and spread it evenly on top of the
turmeric powder and salt, stir, add hard medium heat until golden brown in colour. vegetables.
boiled eggs and potatoes. Sauté them for 3-4 Take out the fried onions and place them on • Add water, do not stir anything at this point.
minutes until they are brown in colour and to a plate covered with absorbent paper. • Place the tight fitted lid on the pan and
fried then remove them into a plate. • Peel, wash and chop potatoes in big chunks; bring it to a hard boil, then lower the heat
• Peel, wash and chop the other 2 onions. fry them in the same ghee until the edges of to medium and cook the rice for 20 minutes
• To the same pan add chopped onions and the potatoes are light brown in colour, take or until done.
sauté for 2 minutes or until brown in colour. them out in a plate and keep aside. • Remove the lid after 5 minutes and fluff the
• Add bay leaves, cardamoms, cumin seeds • Peel, wash and chop 2 onions, then in the • Place the tight fitted lid on the pan and rice with the fork. Scatter the fried onions on
and black pepper whole and sauté for 30 same ghee fry the onions until they are light bring it to a hard boil, then lower the heat top of the rice.
seconds until the spices are fragrant. brown in colour. to medium and cook the rice for 15 minutes • Serve with chopped coriander on top and
• Add ginger and garlic paste, sauté for a • Add ginger paste, stir add garlic paste, sauté or until done. with raita on the side.
minute, for a minute then add small cardamoms, big • Remove the lid after 5 minutes and fluff the
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 5, 2019 TIME OUT 25



Hitori – a logic puzzle with very simple rules and challenging solutions. Can you eliminate 1. Who invented the telephone? (Bell) 23. What nationality was Chopin? (Polish)
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column? Objective / Rules. Eliminate
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column. Eliminate numbers 2. Which nail grows fastest? (middle) 24. What’s the best known artificial international
by marking them in Black. You are not allowed to have two Black squares touching 3. What temperature does water boil at? (100C) language? (esperanto)
horizontally or vertically (diagonally is ok). Any White square can be reached from any
other (i.e. they are connected).
4. Who discovered penicillin? (Fleming) 25. Who lived at 221B, Baker Street, London? (Sherlock
5. What Spanish artist said he would eat his wife when Holmes)
she died? (Dali) 26. Who cut Van Gogh’s ear? (he did)
6. Who wrote Julius Caesar, Macbeth and Hamlet? 27. Where did Salvador Dali live? (Figueras)
(Shakespeare) 28. Who painted the Mona Lisa? (Da Vinci)
7. Who wrote Lazarillo de Tormes? (anonymous) 29. How many dots are there on two dice? (42)
8. What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan? (alarm 30. What horoscope sign has a crab? (cancer)
clock) 31. In which shop can you buy books in England?
9. Where was Lope de Vega born? (Madrid)
10. Who did Lady Diana Spencer marry? (Prince Charles)
32. Where does the British Prime Minister live? (10,
11. Where is Mulhacen? Granada Spain
Downing Street)
12. How many states are there in the United States of
33. How long is the compulsory military service in
America? (50)
England? (it doesn’t exist)
13. Which river passes through Madrid? (Manzanares)
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE NO: 13 34. When did the Second World War end? (1945)
14. Which German city is famous for the perfume it
See how many differences you can find in the right or left photo. produces? (Cologne) 35. What are the first three words of the bible? (In the
15. Who did Prince Rainier of Monaco marry? (Grace beginning)
Kelly) 36. How many children has Queen Elizabeth the Second
16. What year did the Spanish Civil War end? (1939) got? (4)
17. When did the First World War start? (1914) 37. What’s the real name of Siddartha Gautama? (Buddha)
18. What did Joseph Priesley discover in 1774? (Oxygen) 38. What’s the name of the famous big clock in London?
19. Where is the smallest bone in the body? (ear) (Big Ben)
20. Which is the only mammal that can’t jump? (elephant) 39. Where was Christopher Columbus born? (Genoa)
21. What does the roman numeral C represent? (100) 40. When did the American Civil War end? (1865)
22. What colour is a panda? (black and white)

Send us stories, drawings, poems and other contributions by your little ones along
with their photographs for this page. E-mail us at reporter@indianweekender.co.nz
26 FEATURES Friday, April 5, 2019 The Indian Weekender

High Protein 5 April – 11 April | By Manisha Koushik
Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and fengshui

Diet for
consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is available for
consultations online as well. E-mail her at support@askmanisha.com or contact
at +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9716145644 • www.askmanisha.com

weight loss: ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)

An feedback received by you at work will help you in planning ahead. Innovative
ideas at work are likely to impress those who matter and add to your professional

Benefits &
reputation. You will find yourself on the top on the academic front. Handsome returns
can be expected from investments made previously. A love at first sight situation is
likely to develop soon. Your travel stars seem strong and may take you out of town

foods to eat
on a vacation. Lucky Number: 17 / Lucky Colour: White

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)

You get the time to plan ahead in your professional career. In these tough times,

here are endless types of diet for Oats businesspersons can hope for a better break. Good earning is indicated from a
weight loss. High Protein Diet being of few previous investments. You will need to avoid distractions to remain focussed
on the academic front. Chaos existing at work is most likely to disappear through
them plays an important role in losing
your endeavours. Those struck with the Cupid’s arrow may falter in making the right
weight. A high protein diet is one which is moves. A religious ceremony may be organised or attended. Lucky Number: 8 /
low in fat or carbohydrate and contains high Lucky Colour: Bottle Green
amounts of protein. GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)
BENEFITS OF HIGH PROTEIN DIET You may remain mentally preoccupied with past memories, both good and bad. If
• When you cut down carbohydrates, your you want romance to go the way you want it to, then start communicating better! A
body loses water and hence more weight is long journey will be comfortable, but some delays cannot be ruled out. Some of your
lost. The body begins burning fat easily as suggestions are likely to be implemented at work. Keep expenditure on a tight leash,
if you want financial stability. Late night parties are best avoided from health point of
there are less carbs. view. Give love to get love. Lucky Number:5 / Lucky Colour: Forest Green
• It increases your muscle strength and mass.
• Lowers blood pressure and fights diabetes. CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 20)
Raw oats contain high amounts of protein
Someone may offend you, but it will not be intentional, so let it be. Follow a regular
• Makes you feel full for a long period of and complex carbohydrates. Avoid eating oats exercise regime, if you want to remain in a totally fit state. Financial worries plaguing
time. with fruits & nuts as this contains added sugar. some in the past are not likely to disappear by themselves, so make efforts to cut
• It increases your overall daily calorie burn. They offer about 17 grams of protein per 100g. corners and increase earning. Falling behind schedule in a time bound project is
• Leads to better sleep patterns and quality of possible, so time to pull up your socks. You may resent not seizing an opportunity.
Legumes Lucky Number:6 / Lucky Colour: Yellow
A diet high in protein has various health LEO (JuL21-Aug 20)
benefits for people who want to lose weight. You may strive to make your place on a new set up. Expect stability on both domestic
Only eating a high protein diet will not help and professional fronts. Differences with spouse or some other family member show
signs of thawing. You will need to be proactive in setting right a glitch at work. Home
you, it is important to exercise also. Exercise remedy will come in handy for the ailing. An expensive item can be purchased this
and dieting are two sides of the same coin. To week. Meeting a person of opposite gender may get you all starry-eyed, but don’t
achieve your goal, you must do both. jump to any conclusion! Lucky Number:15 / Lucky Colour:Cream
Here is a list of foods that are high in protein VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 23)
and you must include them in your diet to lose Declare truce with someone who is on your wrong side, as the matter is headed
weight. nowhere. An option to change jobs may come your way, but may not appear as
Legumes are a good source of protein and lucrative as it first seemed. Good financial management is set to make you monetarily
Corn high in fiber. They can easily promote weight stable. Spending exclusive time with spouse is foreseen and will help strengthen the
loss as they can make you feel full for a longer loving bonds. Eliminating sugar laden foods your personal menu will help you in
period of time. retaining good health. Romantic mood prevails this week. Lucky Number: 1 / Lucky
Colour: Golden Brown
Greek Yogurt
LIBRA (Sep 24-Oct 23)
You are likely to spend the week in the company of your loved ones and enjoy yourself
immensely. Circumstances favour you on the professional front to achieve what you
have set out for. Some publicity is likely to come your way and help build your image.
You sincere efforts on the academic front are likely to bring success. Financially, you
will be able to tap some more avenues for earning. You will remain fit and energetic.
Lucky Number: 7 / Lucky Colour: Rosy Brown
SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)
Someone’s advice is likely to do you good. Financially, you stand to gain. Those
Corn contains 15.6 grams of protein and a indulging in stocks are likely to reap rich dividends. Those pursuing academics
good amount of fiber and calcium which helps will find the week immensely fulfilling. Your feelings for someone are likely to be
reciprocated in full measure on the romantic front. A family member’s initiative will
for weight loss.
help you on the social front. You will finally manage to buy what you had always
Potatoes It contains 19 grams of protein and low in wanted. Health remains satisfactory through your own efforts. Lucky Number: 18 /
People often mistake potato as a carb but Lucky Colour: Rose
fat. It can be an effective ingredient for losing
it contains 4 grams of protein and is a good weight. Avoid yogurt with added sugar. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)
source of nutrients. However, the extra toppings You may need to take a short cut to meet a deadline at work. Health poses no problems
Milk as you remain regular in your workouts. Someone’s timely advice will keep you from
people add to it may contain calories.
coming to harm on the financial front. Your independent ways may seem alarming to
Broccoli others, but will get you to your objective. Finding time to meet lover seems difficult
due to your busy schedule, but you will manage somehow! Those driving will need to
exercise caution. Lucky Number: 11 / Lucky Colour: Dark Brown
CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)
This week, finding yourself on the seventh heaven is a foregone conclusion! You are
set to rise professionally, as you are able to seize a lot of opportunities coming your
way. Academically, your performance remains exceptional. Situation on the romantic
front is as rosy as it can get! An exciting vacation is on the cards for those who
love adventure. A boost in earning cannot be ruled out. You remain energetic, as you
Cow’s milk contains 8 grams of protein and manage to stick to your fitness routine. Lucky Number: 3 / Lucky Colour: Light Pink
is the best source of protein. AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)
Keep the pressure on, if you want things to move your way. Happiness pervades
Black Beans the home front as you participate in something exciting. Your clarity of thought in
Broccoli is healthy and contains 2.6 grams
tackling a complex situation at work will be highly appreciated. Career may be the
of protein and many other nutrients like
focus this week for those about to complete their higher studies. You will make special
potassium. efforts to remain in touch of all and especially those who matter. Love life becomes
Eggs much more exciting now, so enjoy! Lucky Number: 5 / Lucky Colour: Forest Green
Eggs are the most important source of PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)
protein and nutrients. It makes people full for a Take stock of the situation and don’t shy away from giving the devil its due. Those
longer period of time and prevents overeating. feeling unwell are likely to make quick recovery. Handsome returns may be expected
from investments made previously. Your innovative ideas are likely to work wonders
Therefore, the calorie intake is reduced. on the work front and add to your professional reputation. A causal acquaintance with
Cauliflower someone may turn into romance, so get set to enter an exciting phase of life! Your
Black beans can be used in a variety of ways travel stars seem strong, so pack your bags. Lucky Number: 22 / Lucky Colour:
Cauliflower has a lot of protein and very few Turquoise
calories. and are a good source of proteins
The Indian Weekender Friday, April 5, 2019 ENTERTAINMENT 27

People finding beauty in

an acid-burnt face: Laxmi
axmi Agarwal, whose life as an acid Laxmi who has remained largely tight-lipped acceptance from your
attack survivor has inspired an upcoming about it said: "I was involved with the film," and surroundings.
Bollywood film Chhapaak, said she found was happy to share the story of her struggle and "And when you
it amazing how people were finding beauty in the survival with the makers of the film. refuse to give up
'burns' that actress Deepika Padukone sported for "I am always open about my life because I have on life, that is
the movie. Laxmi was attacked when she was all seen several people in my journey who are doing where 'Sacred
of 15. Over the years, she has been vocal about her a lot in front, but are suffering behind. I feel if you Transforma-
experience and actively campaigns against acid are an inspiration for someone, then you should tion' hap-
attacks. come out and talk about these things. Laxmi is an pens."
What was Laxmi's first reaction on seeing open book," she said.
Deepika's look? "I was happy to see Deepika's first "The series is a journey from darkness to
look from the film. The response and the messages light, from ignorance to knowledge, from
I got on social media was overwhelming. In fact, negativity to positivity and from misery "I
it was my daughter's birthday, and more than to empowerment. am always
messages for her, I got congratulatory messages "It tries to convey that life is not open about my
about the film. a bed of roses, if there are bad life because I have
"I was feeling good that a celebrity has come times, there are good times too. seen several people in
in that look. A lot of make-up artistes changed a Every photograph carries a story my journey who are
natural face to acid distorted face after that (on in them. doing a lot in front,
social media). And I felt, 'see, they are finding "This is not to say that they never but are suffering
beauty in an acid-burnt face'," said Laxmi. have any low moments in their life
Laxmi was on her way back home from music or that they never fall weak but what is
class when a man, twice her age, threw acid on her praiseworthy is how they defy and overcome
for rejecting his advances. those moments.
Her face and other body parts got disfigured in "The kind of positive approach I carry in
the attack. With Chhapaak, she feels happy that life was taken to another level on meeting
Bollywood is coming out with real stories. such incredible people.
"People are intrigued by Bollywood. A long time 'It is important that in times of crisis,
ago, a film named Tezaab came out. It spoke about big or small, one should remember and
beauty. Today, beauty through films is shown in a believe that there is always a ray of hope.
different manner and the youth will see and learn," 'When you have a positive approach
she said. and the willingness to strengthen
Asked about her involvement with the film, your inner self, when there is love and

I’m passionate about acting:

Rana Daggubati
ctor-producer Rana
Daggubati says he is truly
passionate about acting as it
allows him to tell stories on screen.
Rana made his acting debut in
2010 with the Telugu film Leader.
He was later seen in movies like Dum
Maro Dum, Naa Ishtam, Krishnam
Vande Jagadgurum, Yeh Jawaani Hai
Deewani, the Baahubali franchise,
Baby and The Ghazi Attack.
Asked about his journey as an
actor, Rana said: “I love acting and
it’s part of what I do and know. I
am truly passionate about the art
of acting. I started working when I

Fighting fit -- romantic

was 17 and since then I have tried
my hand at visual effects, acting,
producing films and entrepreneurial

hit: Ajay Devgn turns 50!

roles. I’ve loved the art of storytelling actress Tanushree Dutta on the sets
and movies allow me to do so.”  of 2008 film Horn OK Pleassss.
The 34-year-old has now come up Talking about working in
with an Amar Chitra Katha learning Housefull 4, he said: “It’s a big cast
CHAITANYA PADUKONE paired opposite the dashing Devgn. Now they have more shelf life or centre called ACK Alive. and was a party all the way. It’s a very

n the showbiz industry where “In previous movies of mine I as much shelf life as male actors. The Baahubali: The Beginning different genre from what I’ve done
star-actors are known for have stood with my legs apart on two There is no difference today but actor has teamed up with Amar before and I’m excited for people to
concealing their real age and motor-bikes, on two horses and now earlier there was. Chitra Katha (ACK) and Kishore watch and have a great time.”
looking rejuvenated most of the time, its on two cars. "We have Tabu and Kajol and Biyani of Future Group to create the He is also associated with wine
it’s commendable that the macho Previously it was a physical split so many others still working.” centre. brand Chandon for its Party Starter
star Ajay Devgn has no hang- but this time it’s an Still fighting fit and a romantic hit “Right now, I am balancing my
"In 3.0 Campaign, which he described as
ups of openly celebrating his emotional dilemma fitness-freak Ajay defies his age on- different roles of being a businessman,
previous “fun” and that it “speaks about being
50th birthday. for me between screen”Ageing is about how you feel actor and producer. Merging tech in
movies of mine a party starter”.
Which he did at the I have stood with two attractive and not about the number. films is my new passion. I am also “I feel the campaign presents a fun
trailer launch of his my legs apart on two females,” chuckles All my contemporaries are so fit. I associated as a director with Amar piece of what I do and what I have
upcoming rom-com film motor-bikes, on two Ajay who is think staying fit must be a conscious Chitra Katha. I want to be able to done in my career. The experience
horses and now its known to be a cool, decision because the intention was
De De Pyaar De which tell stories in a modern way and let has been fun with this great energetic
on two cars." smart prankster on that what you could do 25 years ago...
has his Ruk Ruk Ruk iconic today’s generation experience these team,” he said. 
(1994) song co-star tantalizing his sets. You could still do it. I am happy that I tales just the way we did when we What makes Rana a party starter?
Tabu once again paired opposite Quizzed about can do exactly that,” insists. were growing up,” Rana said. “Being a party starter totally
him. why Hindi movies heroines Devgan who has a huge loyal fan- The actor is now looking forward depends on the situation and the
As is the filmy trend of middle- have a limited shelf-life, vis-a- following among NRIs. to his next Bollywood venture ability to make anything fun and
aged heroes being paired opposite vis Hollywood leading ladies, the The rom-com De De Pyaar De, Housefull 4. He had replaced veteran exciting. I believe I have it in me
heroines half their age, out here rugged Singham actor counters, directed by Akiv Ali and produced actor Nana Patekar after the latter to add an element of party to any
young ravishing Rakul Preet Singh is “Things are different than what they by T-Series and Luv Ranjan, releases was accused of sexual misconduct by situation,” he said.
were ten years ago. on May 17.
28 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, April 5, 2019 The Indian Weekender

RAJKUMMAR RAO: Varun Dhawan on his character in

Kalank: Zafar is the kind of guy who

biggest reward is to will come out of a crisis with a smirk

arun Dhawan's first release
for this year is Abhishek

entertain the audience

Varman's Kalank.
Last year, the actor gave amazing
performances in films like October

ational Award winning actor Rajkummar Rao is sweeping awards again. and Sui Dhaaga: Made in India.
He says awards make him feel special, but for him the biggest reward is to The audience is loving Varun's
entertain the audience. choice of films and the characters
It has been just three months but the actor, who won hearts for his performance in last he is playing.
year's films Stree and Omerta, has already been honoured at GQ Style and Culture In Kalank, the actor
blood you see
Awards and Filmfare Middle East. will be seen in another
is my own because
"Last year was quite special in terms of the films that I did, which also interesting character
Zafar is the kind of
gave me the opportunity to portray diverse roles on screen. named Zafar. For his
guy who will come
"Similarly, this year too, I'm fortunate to be looks in the poster and
out of a crisis with
a part of interesting projects varied in genre," teaser, he has received
a smirk." for it.
Rajkummar said. a great response from
About the scene, he shared,
"Awards make you feel special, but for me the the audience.
"The blood you see is my own
biggest reward is to entertain the audience. I'm In one of the posters, Varun
because Zafar is the kind of guy
grateful to the audience for always showering me Dhawan was seen fighting a bull. In
who will come out of a crisis with
with their love and an interview with Mumbai Mirror,
a smirk."
support," he added. Awards make the actor revealed that he himself
For his next film Street Dancer,
The Ek Ladki you feel special, has performed those scenes.
the handsome actor had to shed
Ko Dekha Toh but for me the The October actor even asked
down all the weight he gained for
Aisa Laga actor biggest reward Abhishek for a body double,
has many more is to entertain however, film's action director
That’s what you have to do as an
exciting films – Sham Kaushal told him that he
the audience. I'm actor. For Street Dancer, I’m back
Made in China, wanted Varun to do his stunts
grateful to the to my original size and the Varun
Mental Hai Kya, himself.
audience for always About the bullfight scene, Varun
that I am," said the actor.
Turram Khan, Imli
showering me Kalank also stars Alia Bhatt,
and Anurag Basu's shared that a Colosseum was built
with their love and Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya
next – lined up this for it in Mumbai and that part was
support. Roy Kapur and Sonakshi Sinhain
year. shot in Kargil where it was very
the lead roles.
cold and he had to go bare bodied

Parineeti opens up on doing Saina Nehwal Irrfan Khan sends a

biopic after stepping into Shraddha's shoes message to fans for their
arineeti Chopra was last justice to the film and to Saina."
seen in the film Kesari
alongside Akshay Kumar.
The Hasee Toh Phasee actress
added that this role is perfect for
love & support; says
The film did very well at the box
office. Currently, the actress is
her and director Amole Gupte and
the team is making sure she gets
it soothed him in the
prepping for the role of badminton
player Saina Nehwal.
everything she needs.
About prepping for Saina
process of healing
Earlier, Shraddha Kapoor was Nehwal's biopic, Pari stated rrfan Khan took to his social media account to
going to play Saina's role and had that everything has to be well thank people for their love and support during his
even started shooting for the same documented and it's treatment. The actor was undergoing treatment from
in September last year. However, important to imbibe last year after being diagnosed with a high-grade
neuroendocrine tumour.
she walked out recently and was all information
Last year, Irrfan Khan shared that he is
replaced by Parineeti this year. and to present it
diagnosed with a high-grade neuroendocrine
To hone her badminton skills, she has booked slots at such time on-screen. She
tumour. For the same, he was undergoing
Parineeti Chopra wakes up every where there are no distractions. said that she
treatment in London. Since that day, his
alternate day at 5 AM for the She said, "We start at 6 AM and is happy to do fans and people in the film industry have
training. wind up by 8 AM. I will have to the film but been praying for his speedy recovery. The
About her prep for the character live this regimented life for the also very actor returned to India last month and
of Saina Nehwal, she told Mumbai next nine months but I am pretty nervous. was spotte
Mirror that her prep starts early as kicked about it. I want to do d at the Mumbai airport. Yesterday
again, the actor was snapped at
Nargis Fakhri opens up about living the airport for the second time and
looked in good spirits.
in the public eye and body shaming Today, Irrfan Khan took to his

ctress Nargis Fakhri, who Twitter page to thank everyone for
the prayers and wishes. The actor
has dealt with body shaming
wrote as, "Maybe somewhere in the
in the recent past, says
pursuit of winning, we forget how much it means
living life in the public eye can be
to be loved. In our vulnerability, we are reminded.
very difficult and that she is working
As I leave my footprints onto these steps of my
towards weight loss by making life, I want to pause to be grateful for receiving
healthy choices. your immense love and support, it soothed me in
The 39-year-old actress has my process of healing. So I travel back to you,
opened up on body shaming in an thanking you from the bottom of my heart."
Instagram post in which she has Everyone is quite happy that the actor is
shared two photographs of herself. finally back in India. Moviegoers have been
"Living life in the public eye missing him in action and are keen on seeing
can be very difficult sometimes. him back on-screen.
As much as it is a blessing, it also Nargis has urged everyone to
Khan will soon start shooting for Hindi Medium's
comes with its downside. Over the "nurture mind, body, and soul sequel titled English Medium. As reported by Pinkvilla
last two years, I've gained weight," with positive thoughts and healthy earlier, actress Kareena Kapoor Khan will be starring
she wrote. choices". opposite Irrfan in this film.
Describing the pictures, the "I'm going to bring you on this There are reports that actress Radhika Madan will be
Rockstar actress added: "I have journey of becoming the best version essaying the role of Irrfan's daughter in the film.
lost 20 lbs (9kgs) through making of myself again, and I want you to We are happy that Irrfan Khan is finally back healthier!
lifestyle changes. If I can do it, so join me on this journey too," she We wish him good health and luck for his next projects.
can you." said.
30 FEATURES Friday, April 5, 2019 The Indian Weekender

Wellbeing Show Waikato

Date: Friday, April 5- 7
Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue: Claudelands Event Centre, Claudelands, Hamilton
Wellbeing Show 2019 at the Waikato Show 5-7 April 2019 at Claudelands Event Centre.
One of 12 co-operating Shows at the annual Waikato Show. The Show runs daily 10am-5pm. The
Wellbeing Show is free. There is an admission charge (under 5’s free) to enter the Waikato Show.
Diversity Festival 2019 For details of exhibitors and what you can see and do, go to www.wellbeingshow.co.nz
Date: Saturday, April 6 We’re taking bookings from exhibitors. Please phone 07 855 3851 to find out more. The Earlybird
Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. pricing runs out at the end of November
Venue: Hayman Park, Manukau City, Auckland
Hosted by: Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board
The annual signature event of Otara- Papatoetoe
Canterbury Kabaddi Cup 2019 & Vaisakhi Mela
Local Board returns in its second year. Join us for Date: Saturday, April 13
a fun day out with your friends and whānau, and Time: 10 a.m. 6 p.m.
experience the diverse and vibrant cultures of Venue: Gloucester Green, 221 Gloucester Street, Christchurch
Otara-Papatoetoe. Hosted by Canterbury Punjabi Social, Sports and Cultural Group
Event highlights include- cultural show, fashion Canterbury Punjabi Social Sports and Cultural Group (CPSC) in association with NZ Kabaddi
show, dance competition, kids performances, Federation Inc. present Canterbury Kabaddi Cup 2019 and Vaisakhi Mela.
celebrity meet-up, exotic cultural food stalls and CPSC is back for the second time with a bigger and better Kabaddi event with over 60 players
much more. participating countrywide including International players, along with live cultural performances,
If you are a group looking to perform at the festival or book a FREE stall to showcase your culture, sell business stalls, food stalls and plenty of engaging activities for children.
goods or just use the festival for fundraising, contact Rana Judge on 027 274 6401 or register your Kabaddi is contact team sport played between two teams of seven players. Originated in Tamil Naidu
interest on www.diversityfestival.co.nz (India) its an international sport played in various countries – India, Bangladesh, Japan, Maldives,
Iran, Canada, Thailand and England to name a few. The object of the game is for a single player
on offence to run into the opposing team’s court, tag as many defenders as possible, and return to
their own court—all without being tackled by the defenders. Pretty much like Rugby but without the

Are you looking to Buy ball! Vaisakhi, also spelled Baisakhi, is the Sikh New Year festival and it also commemorates 1699,
the year Sikhism was born as a collective faith. Vaisakhi is also a long established harvest festival in
or Sell a Business? 140 Girmit Remembrance Day
Shaun Khanna has a business, sales and marketing experience of more than Date: Friday, May 10
25 years and is a specialist in selling businesses such as Service Stations, Lotto Time: 7:15 p.m. 9:15 p.m.
Stores, Dairies, Supermarkets and Liquor Stores. He also has vast exposure in Venue: 53 Skipton St, Mangere East, Auckland 2024
the hospitality sector. Shaun has sold many businesses and has helped hundreds
of buyers and sellers of petrol stations and convenience stores throughout New Fiji Girmit Foundation NZ
Zealand. Shaun understands both sides of the transaction from the perspective The Fiji Girmit Foundation of New Zealand is preparing to mark the 140th Anniversary of the arrival of
of both the buyer and the seller as he is a former successful business owner as Indian indentured labourers in Fiji (14 May 1879). It will be a day to commemorate the suffering and
he had owned and successfully run a big BP Service Station & thoroughly
understands how it works. sacrifices of the Girmitiyas and celebrate triumph of the human spirit over formidable adversities.
Everyone Invite. Networking from 6.45 to 7.15. Snacks, tea, dinner and kava provided.
Shaun offers the degree of professional service that effectively brings business
buyers and sellers together to experience successful and desirable outcomes.
Shaun has a nationwide network of contacts and a track record of success,
receiving many referrals from satisfied buyers and sellers.
Auckland International Cultural Festival 2019 -
For a confidential, no obligation discussion about the sale of your business please
give me a call on 029 770 9767 or send an email to shaunk@abcbusiness.co.nz Date: Sunday, April 7
Time: 10 a.m. 5 p.m.
2015/2 2013 Venue: Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, May Road, Auckland
01 201
RISING Shaun Khanna Watch us , KALOOB Auckland Dance Ministry as we perform our Traditional Filipino Cultural Dances
STAR 029 770 9767
( Sayaw sa Bangko , Binasuan & Tinikling) .

shaunk@abcbusiness.co.nz Visit also our KALOOB PHILIPPINE FOODSTALL. We will be selling diferrent Filipino Meryiendas as
Fund raising. .
029 770 9767 www.businessesforsale.co.nz
Licensed REAA 2008 #ParasaDiyos #ParasaBayan
This weekend, we are holding our AHG Easter Hunt Vehicle Sale Event at
John Andrew Mazda. With Egg-Ceptional savings to be made across the
whole range of New, Used and Demo vehicles.
So if you are considering changing your vehicle, this is the weekend to

**0% finance applies to new vehicles only, subject to approval & documentation fee applies. 0% Finance
excludes Mazda ‘Special Edition’ models. Vehicles pictured are an idication adn not the vehicles for sale *SUBJECT TO CREDIT CRITERIA AND FINANCE COMPANY APPROVAL. FEES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY.


Venki Kumbakonam Great North Road K’ Road


021 400 867 Chapman Street


Let's Dream Come True


Return Fares Starting


22nd APR.
Bengaluru $978* Mumbai $989* 2019

Chennai $995* Hyderabad $1044* Travel period: May 2019 Onwards

T&C apply*

with Cathay Pacific Airlines

Chennai $1355* Delhi $1359* Bengaluru $1370*

Mumbai $1380* Kolkata $1389* Hyderabad $1399*
Departures Date: 1st Dec 2019 Onwards
T&C apply*

09 973 1940