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Atwater Super Saturday

Sirelle Page, Sophia Gutierrez, Yesenia Santillan, Wrayan Ayala, Anthony


Ms. Murphy

Business and Marketing

04 December 2018

City events are about bringing the community together through shared common interests

with one other. We are helping the Atwater Chamber of Commerce put together this city event to

highlight and promote local businesses in the downtown Atwater area.

This event will be made as a street fair or similar to it. We decided that the best location

for this event would be on Broadway Ave. This would be the preferred location because of the

design of the street, and the vintage-style stores nearby which showcase Atwater best. It will be

held on a Saturday evening, based on our survey results. The time range will be from 4 pm to

8:30/9pm because people will be getting off work and be more able to attend this event.

Because everyone has different interests and hobbies, we decided a car show will be the

beginning attraction, possibly at a side parking lot, so that it can attract people as they drive by.

Again, this wouldn’t be in the middle of the street, but possibly at the side parking lot that is

located on Broadway Avenue. The business stands will be placed among the street for people to

walk by and take a look at them and whatever product being displayed or service they are


Since this event will take place during the spring time we are focusing on spring themes.

There will be balloons, flowers and other colorful decors that can capture people’s attention, just

in case they haven’t already heard of it. The balloons will be formed in arches, floating in the air,

and there can be floral designs in the beginning, possibly put together by an Atwater loral


Finally, in our vision, the street fair will end at Ralston Park. You can think of it as the

grand finale of the event. Here, there will be food vendors, live entertainment, and other

attractions such as bounce houses for the kids. Examples of entertainment that we thought of

other than live music were hypnotists, dog shows, food eating contests, and open mic night

(comedians). At the very end of the event, people can come back with their family and their

blankets and enjoy outdoor entertainment with their families and community members. They can

watch the live hypnotist, talent show, etc.

Our target market will cater to families. People of a wide variety of ages were included in

this survey. Among these responders, women were more prominent in the survey and we can

target this gender group with the many festivities we will have at this event. Also among the

responders, the Hispanic and Caucasian ethnic groups were greater than the rest. Based on these

results we will have a lot of food variety that will include Mexican, American, and Chinese.

Some of the needs for the family segment is having something for everyone to enjoy

regarding their age and gender. Families are recently being more health conscious such as going

vegetarian or gluten-free, so we would have many different food options. This section, in

particular, is looking for an event where they are able to have a nice time with their family and as

individuals, they would want to see activities that involve cooking, arts and crafts, sports, and

photography. This segment would spend more time or money on food and wants activities for

their kids. In our survey, we also found that many people are willing to travel for an event that

highlights the local businesses of Atwater CA.

For our SWOT analysis, we came up with many factors. Our strengths include;

entertainment, a high number of vendors, a variety of food, and a connection with community

members. Our weaknesses are; unknown weather conditions, fatigue, distance, and materials.

Our opportunities are; clients, business opportunities, and getting known by people in places

other than Atwater. Lastly, our threats are; thieves and vandalism.

For our PEST analysis, we found different factors. Political setbacks could be that

members of the community could not support officials of the city if they were to come which

could decrease the number of people that come. Economically, A majority of our survey

responders have an annual income of less than $30,000 which shows that not many of our

business related sellers or vendors should sell items high priced. Socially, we asked our survey

responders what age they are, and our two greatest age groups are age 13 to 17 and age 35 to 44.

We can utilize this information to pinpoint certain interests aimed towards interests of these age

groups. Finally, for technological, our survey takers responded that they hear about news from

social media, which means that this form of technology has a great impact on the people in our

town and can affect how many people see announcements about our event and how many people

will show up.

We have many potential sponsors that include; G&G Construction, Atwater Well

Drilling, Merced County Library, Tropical Craze, Brisco Enterprises, 1st Light Solar, Homes 4

You Realty, Diamond Oak Cattle, Diamond Prints, California Tanning Company, Thai Noodle,

and London Properties.

Our event will have many different forms of advertising that correlate to our target

market. We will be using social media advertising because 77% of Americans have an active

social media account which means that it is just as good or even better than any other

advertisement platform. Word of mouth advertising will work very well because according to our

survey, 63% of our respondents hear about events and other activities from others. So this will be

a good way to inform others. We will also utilize the radio because it is a really good way to

promote and get information out. 58.8 million people listen to AM radio weekly. We can reach

out to a large audience very fast. Using direct door advertising is a good way to advertise

because we are targeting the individuals directly, and it's almost guaranteed they get informed.

Lastly, we will use the newspaper because as dated as it seems, about 34,000 people read the

newspaper daily and about 2,500 people buy the newspaper daily, therefore, we will be able to

reach a large audience by using the newspaper as a type of promotion to inform.

The way we plan to distribute information about this event is by using every direct door

mail, social media, radio, newspaper, and word of mouth. With every direct door mail, the price

varies on how many neighborhoods we want to target. It's about $155 for 874 address numbers.

By posting on social media the price will be none because we plan to use Facebook to spread the

word about this event. With radio advertisement, it depends on the station but the prices can

range in between 200 to 5,000 dollars. The newspaper will cost $7.25 per column inch depending

on how large the ad is. Word of mouth will cost nothing, but we plan to contribute as much as we


Our event will be held along Broadway Ave and will come to an end at Ralston Park. We

will have to check with the county to get a permit to close the roads needed for this event.

Ralston Park is a public area so we will need to reserve it for the day.

Our pricing will be fairly reasonable. For businesses to participate in our event it would

cost $150 to ensure that some profit is made for the work being put in and the marketing we are

doing for the business. The cost for attendees will be free.

This event will have a wide variety of options to please everyone. Some of the

entertainment that will be provided is a live band, games, a food eating contest, kids zone,

hypnosis act, and a city talent show. According to our survey, many people were interested in

games and sports. We chose a variety of things to include a wide spectrum of people of different


Compared to the entertainment we also want to include many people's choices and make

this option as diverse as possible. The food that will be provided is Mexican, Asian, Italian and

American BBQ. There will also be a wide variety of desserts. Desserts were extremely popular

according to the survey so we will be sure to have this food option accessible to our attendees.

Some restaurants in the area that can make an appearance are Maria's taco shop, Thai noodles,

Chinese kitchen, Rita’s, Jantz bakery, Cupcake lady, Pizza factory and etc.

We will staff this event with participating students from our Marketing class and this will

also be an opportunity for Atwater attending students who want or need community service

hours. Any extra help can be from AHS staff and Atwater Chamber of Commerce members.

The supplies needed for this day are tables, chairs, porta-potties, fencing, lights, and

balloons. We will also be having participating students help with the cleanup process.

We do not have a specified numeric budget for this event but we are aware that the

financial opportunities are wide. We will measure our success based on the number of people

who attend our event.


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