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Data governance is no more just another item that is good to talk
about and nice to have, for global data management organizations.
This PoV looks into why data governance is now on the core agenda
of next-generation organizations, and how they can implement it in
the most effective manner.
Why is data governance Variety of data and increase in demanding around data privacy, personal
important and sandboxing culture information protection, data security, data
lineage, and historical data.
challenging now? The next-generation analytics utilize data
from all kinds of social networks and This makes data governance top priority for
Data has grown significantly blogospheres, machine-generated data, Chief Information Officers (CIOs). In fact, a
Omniture / clickstream data, as well as survey by Gartner suggested that by 2016,
Over time the desire and capability of 20% of CIOs in regulated industries would
customer data from credit management
organizations, to collect and process data lose their jobs for failing to implement
and loyalty management. Alongside this,
has increased manifold. Some of the facts the discipline of Information Governance,
organizations have now set up sandboxes,
that came out in various analyst surveys successfully [3].
pilot environments, and adopted data
and research suggest that:
discovery tools and self-service tools. Such
Data to insights to actions: Need for
• Structured data is growing by over 40% data proliferation and the steep increase in
accurate information
every year data consumption applications demands
Today’s managers use data for decisions
• Traditional content types, including stringent and effective data governance.
and actions. In our experience, many
unstructured data, are growing by managers feel that the data they are
up to 80% every year[1] More stringent regulations and
accessing is inaccurate or incomplete,
• Global data will grow to 40 zettabytes
The growing regulatory and compliance
and hence, both confidence and adoption
of business intelligence and analytics
(ZB) by 2020 [2]
requirements are making effective data systems is low. Hence, data governance
• 85% of this data growth is expected to governance a must have for industries initiatives need to generate good
come from new types; with machine- like financial services and healthcare. The confidence in the data managers see and
generated data being projected to regulatory requirements are now more use for decision-making.
increase 15 times by 2020[2]

What are organizations consumption applications like data vision, identify data to be governed,
warehousing, business intelligence support the implementation of DG
doing to establish
and analytics systems, data quality, policies, while actively participating
effective data
metadata management, master data in change management and
governance? management, data strategy, and data monitoring. IT teams are responsible
Role of the chief data officer life cycle. for the management of data and
(CDO) Collaborative Data Governance
measurement of data quality, as well
as collection and management of
Gartner predicts that 50% of all Organizations
metadata and master data. They also
companies in regulated industries It is important for Chief Data Officers provide tools and technologies for
will have a CDO by 2017 [4]. The to engage the right teams in the Data implementation of the related tools
CDO will be responsible for Governance Organization, to align and technologies.
enterprise data management, data governance and business goals.
enterprise data governance, data Business teams are important to define

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Typical Data Governance Org Structure

» Set strategy and direction for overall data products

Committee » Approve funding and resource allocation from BUs
BU » Prioritize adoption of enterprise data capabilities
Sr. Mgmt.

» Ultimate Business Authority for the data they own

Data Governance Business »
Council Data Owners » Support data governance and standards teams
» Develop investment recommendations for Exec. Management review / approval

» Ensure data-related work is performed according to operating procedures

» Determine usage permissions and policies
Group Data Steward » Liaison between business and technology around data issues and questions

Delivery / » Responsible for understanding data modeling, tracking usage, access,

Group Data Custodians Key SMEs and implementation
» Ensure data is available / accessible, well-performing, and recoverable

Figure 1: Role of Business Teams in Data Governance

Articulate tangible benefits from governance strategy includes policy and implementations that drive common
data governance initiatives and rules for data quality management, goals and integrate outcomes across these
metadata management, master data disciplines enjoy benefits like improved
In order to keep all the stakeholders
management, as well as data security. The reliability, traceability, and authenticity
engaged and ensure continuous
implementation of each of these individual of data. This will also provide a common
investments in data governance initiatives,
disciplines presents the intended benefits. communication platform across all the
it is important to articulate the value
However, data governance strategies stakeholders.
generated by data governance initiatives
via the right metrics. A dashboard with
relevant metrics can be an easy tool to
assess the impact of data governance
initiatives, such as improvement in
data quality parameters, improvement Reliability Traceability Authenticity
in dollar-value impact because of End-to-End data lineage Consistent consumption of
improved data quality, and the ability governance policies, and traceability, enabling data from authoritative
standards, and procedures better audit controls data assets that are
to rationalize enterprise metrics to data Better accountability and Capability to respond to
data-ownership improves changes rapidly through Better understanding of
definition standardization. Such tools comprehensive impact
play an important role in monitoring data being reported both analysis consistent usage
externally and internally Improve quality, Robust quality controls
and controlling adherence to the data Enable better quality consistency, and usability across the data life cycle
governance policies. information delivery and of master and reference
analytics data across segments

Sum of parts is greater than the KEY BENEFITS

whole – seamless data governance
Accountability Business Better IT Agility Stronger
For Data Agility Compliance Insights
Organizations are now looking at
data governance holistically. The Data Figure 2: Benefits of Seamless Data Governance

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Big data user ratings are replacing Effective Data Governance at requirements, tools and business
traditional data quality (DQ) metrics processes, easy decision-making process,
Ratings by data consumers are replacing stakeholder interaction, and business
Infosys holistic service offerings help next- access.
traditional means of measuring data
generation organizations to implement
accuracy for non-traditional data such Once an enterprise establishes the above
effective data governance.
as sentiments and opinions. Most of the process of enabling informed business
leading data platform providers such as The goal of data governance initiative decisions as the collective aim of data
Cloudera, Hortonworks, and Informatica is to manage data for delivering timely, governance, it becomes significantly easier
(BDE) offer ways of capturing the usage trustworthy, and relevant information to define the goals and priorities for any
of data from data lakes and user ratings to make informed business decisions. initiative. Good data governance paves the
about the usefulness and quality of the However, data governance is not only way for enterprise policies, people, and
information. about data, but also about enabling clear processes to launch that initiative.
ownership, business rules, operational

Enterprise Data Quality Master Data Metadata Data Data Strategy

Data Management Management Management Protection & Diagnostics

Enterprise data Data quality Leverages Frameworks, Deploy data Data

governance assessment, Infosys deep accelerators security across Assessment
framework experience on backed up by the enterprise Toolkit to
including monitoring, master data deep with identify
processes, transformation management competency in optimization
organization, framework, implementation industry-leadin scalable areas in data
and Infosys and toolkit s, and unique g tools and solution, landscape,
Data backed up by methodology. technologies. ensuring data redundancy,
Governance pre-built protection and
technology solutions and privacy, as a and data
solution. accelerators. service. life cycle
Setting data management
life cycle

Figure 3: Effective Data Governance @ Infosys

The focus now turns to the tools and technologies to implement and ensure compliance with data governance requirements in accordance
to business access.

Infosys Data Governance Solution offers a robust framework and technology solutions that leverage partnerships with leading product
vendors in this space.

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Infosys Data Governance Framework
with measurable KPIs efficiency and People- RACI Processes and Policies
efficacy • Data Owners / Custodians, Stewards • Standardization Definition, and Reuse
• IT Solution Technologists • Data Quality Mgmt
This framework helps next-generation • Data Creators and Consumers • IT Systems CRUD – SDLC Management
organizations to assess the data
governance maturity and needs, define
the strategy accordingly, and subsequently Measured By
Efficiency and
implement the same. Efficacy KPIs /
SLAs / Metrics
Data Governance Maturity Assessment
Execution Model Tools and Technologies
• Understand data assets of an • Scope and Mandate • Metadata / Data Quality
organization • Centralized / Federated • Classification, Security Audits, and
• Funding and Budgeting Masking
• Understand data-spread across, on • Reference and Master Data
premise, and Cloud

• Understand master data management,

metadata management processes, data Figure 4: Infosys Data Governance Framework

quality processes, and data security

setup and processes

• Process feedback
• Continuous loops are tuning as
Defined improvement feedback opposed to fixing
loops operating
• KPIS identified & • DQM processes fully
measured • Root cause analysis automated with
feeding into feedback complete audit trail
• Data dictionary and process
rule dictionary • Top-down strategy
documented and • Proactive approach to fully in tune with the
maintained management of data bottom up application
Reactive and rules dictionary of stewardship=>
• N-Tiered stewardship complete cultural
• Standards established • DQM process alignment across
Chaotic established automating the enterprise
• Master data plan measurement of
• No standrads • Basic DQM process executed function performance • People, Process, and
established Technology operating
• Reactive • Supporting technology • All information silos in harmony
approach • Master data plan framework deployed fully integrated with
identified master data systems
• No master • Root cause for issues
data plan • Strategy defined being tracked and
and communicated measured
• No strategy 4


Figure 5: Data Governance Maturity Phases

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Establish Goals and Objectives organization structure to maintain quality rules management, stewardship

• Understand the key drivers of data accountability and data quality metrics reporting,
governance, and the pain points of • Define the responsibilities of key roles master data management, lineage and
data management such as application and data stewards traceability visualization, and data issue

• Define the objectives to be achieved • Define the review frequency for investigations. Some of the key features of
with data governance policies, standards, governance the tool are:

• Define the business case of data structure, and roles Single point access for measurable DG
governance • Define mechanisms to enforce policies
metrics for all the DG stakeholders

Data Policies, Procedures, and Standards and procedures • Overall data heath for executive
• The policies and standards for • Communication plan to keep the data
data management, data availability, stewardship community informed • Dollar-value impact of data quality for
transparency, and security business leaders
• Data stewardship reports to enable the

• Define the metadata standards and effective management of data
Impacted data consumers – reports,
policies for representation of data feeds, and analytics due to bad data
lineage, data models, and data quality
Infosys Data Governance Tool
dictionaries • Correlation analysis of data quality

• Define the policies for capturing

This is a robust data governance tool
that provides single point access for data
issues across the application for data
metadata, and Information Life cycle stewards, and many more

• Define the policies for data

transparency – audit, data security,
authentication, and authorization
Metric Control and Framework
9% 7% 36% 18%
• Define the control metrics to evaluate
the effectiveness of data governance
Integrity Uniqueness Format Validity
• Define the process of capturing the
metrics and how they will be reported

• Establish the link between the metrics

and the business goals of the
7% 2% 11% 10%
• Define the roadmap for the
implementation of data governance,
its specific objectives, and the
timelines for achievement
Completeness Precision Consistency Others
Organization Structure and Rollout

• Define the data governance

Figure 6: Infosys Data Governance Solution

Complementary to industry-leading MM tools, with data quality metrics as Informatica and IBM have string
metadata management, master from DQ tools to enable analytics for offerings around data profiling, cleansing,
data management, and data quality various stakeholders. lineage, master data management, and
management tools metadata management. These vendors
• Covers unhandled data quality issues
have already introduced, or are in the
• Infosys data governance tool has from support tickets.
process of enhancing the capabilities of
connectors to popular third part
Big data governance their technology stacks to address the
metadata management (MM) and data
Most of the leading vendors in the challenges of big data.
quality (DQ) management tools. It
information management space, such Big data platform vendors such as
integrates lineage data available from

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Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR
are offering components that provide
capabilities around metadata management
(like LOOM and HCatalog), data lineage,
and data security (like Sentry, Ranger,
and Knox).

The Infosys data governance solution

offers a holistic approach to manage big
data governance with connectors to these
leading tools, and establishing traditional
data quality metrics, as well as user ratings.

Leverage Strategic Partners

Infosys works with leading technology
vendors in data governance, data quality, diagnostics like Informatica, IBM and These partnerships help us provide truly
metadata management, master data Collibra to name a few – to bring the best integrated solutions and accelerate
management, data security, and data of solutions and services to our customers. implementations.

Success Stories

Infosys helped one of the world’s Infosys helped a leading bank in For a leading national cable television
leading financial services company South East USA to automate data operator in the US, Infosys defined
that provides asset management, quality checks for auditing data and implemented a total data
portfolio management, and mutual for FR FY14 compliance reporting quality solution across data from
fund services, to realize their to the Federal. The solution was sales and marketing, commercials,
enterprise data governance vision. then extended to other lines of and finance lines of business. The
We achieved this by implementing business and BI applications. solution monitored the health of the
the Infosys Data Governance Infosys managed to deliver data landing in the enterprise data
Solution, data quality management compliance reporting in time, warehouse, and raised alarms in case
tools, and metadata management with about 300+ rules configured, of threshold breaches.
tools. The customer was able to and executed using Ab Initio BRE,
Timely capture of key metrics variances
visualize metadata, data quality, in a very short span of time. The
between sources and corresponding
and the impact of data quality in a customer benefited hugely from
targets, and timely automated
much better way; thereby improving the improvement in the regulatory
communications across stakeholders
operation efficiency and saving a lot compliance reporting, reinforced
when thresholds were met, helped in
of effort in data quality check. confidence, and credibility.
raising the confidence in data.

1 Source Gartner Information Governance: 12 Things to Do in 2012 by Gartner
2 THE DIGITAL UNIVERSE IN 2020: Big Data, Bigger Digital Shadow s, and Biggest Growth in the Far East Sponsored by EMC Corporation.
3 Source Gartner http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/1898914
4 http://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/understanding-the-chief-data-officer-role/

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