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This product is designed to be used only with those parts or

accessories supplied with this product and/or any

accessories desgined specifically for use with this product
by Atomberg Technologies. Any such use of parts or
accessories may turn the product warranty null and void
and may result in personal injury or property damage as
well. Parameters E1-900 E1-1050 E1-1200 E1-1400
140-285 140-285 140-285 140-285
28 32 28 35
48-52 48-52 48-52 48-52
200 210 220 270
450 430 380 270
1. Be careful of the fan and blades while cleaning, painting, >0.98 >0.98 >0.98 >0.99
or working near the fan. Always turn off the power to the 7.14 6.56 7.86 7.71
ceiling fan before servicing. 3 3 3 3
2. Do not put your hand or any object near the fan blades No No No No
while the fan is running.
3. Do not modify the blade design to change the airflow. Yes Yes Yes Yes
4. Product must be used along with the speed control Yes Yes Yes Yes
unit/remote provided with the fan. Do not use standard 3 3 3 3
regulator used for ordinary fans. 900 1050 1200 1400

1. Use this unit only in a manner intended by the The fan blade must be hung
manufacturer. If you have any questions regarding the with at least 1 feet of
product please contact the manufacturer. Gorilla consumes almost 1/3rd clearance from the ceiling
2. Before servicing or cleaning, switch OFF the main power power when compared with any ordinary fan. for optimal performance
panel and switch. and safety.
3.Lock the service panel to prevent accidental switching
ON of the product.
4. Wiring of the fan must be done by a qualified and
certified electrician only. Any object next to the fan
must be at least 2 feet away
from the tip of the fan
blade to reduce any chances
of risk or injury.

Step 5
Securely attach the shackle
to the hanger or ceiling
hook using the screws
provided with the package.
Fasten the nut and make
Your ceiling fan is designed to last very long with strong
body and well tested electronics, how verify any problem
arise please refer to the guide line shere. Please contact
local electrician or service engineer if you need any help.
automatically after set hours to further save energy.

Boost Mode
1 5
2 3 4


2. Power ‘ON’ the ceiling fan using switch on the panel 2 3 6

in the room. The LED indicator comes ON when power TIMER

supply is re stored.

Canopy is touching body. Make sure the canopy and the wire that connects the
fan is not touching the body of the motor.

Long lasting AAA batteries are used in the remote.

Prevent small children from opening

remote and accessing battery. Store the
batteries in the place which is out of
reach of the children

Ceiling fan performance and energy savings also rely on the

proper installation. Here are few tips to ensure quality and

should be installed or mounted in the middle of the room

and atleast 1 foot from the ceiling fan and atleast 7 feet
above the floor. A height of 9 feet from the floor gives
optimal performance of the fan. If you have a high ceiling,
use the long rods available in the next door electronics
shops to lower the height. Use the shackle kit with
fasteners and washers to mount it. Insert R-pin at the end Boost Boost Mode Boost Mode Speed
top revent it from falling off accidentally.

leaving the room switch OFF the fan using remote or

directly from the panel. LED grows steady when switched
OFF using remote butitis on from the mains.
Note : Sleep and Timer mode does not work when the fan is OFF.
When going on the longer duration then you must switch Such error case is indicated by 3 time LED Blink.
off the fan from the panel, as this will stop the electricity
flow to the fan and save every unit of energy.