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TF 1^-33004/99 REGD. NO. D. I,-33004/99

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(The (Saxette of 3ndia ^nunuii
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r pt in — 731154
P A R T I D — S e c tio n 4

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K 22] qgwRwW, W W 2 1 , 2 0 0 8 /W ^ r 2, 1929

N o . 2 2 ]N E W D E L H I , T H U R S D A Y , F E B R U A R Y 2 1 , 2 0 0 8 /P H A L G U N A 2 ,1 9 2 9


31 WrQ, 2008

5-5/2007/Wflf^T/WnW.—TT^l STWT^f^l^RTSrfWR, 1993,^"®^ 32(2)^) ifc WqfecT

1^5 10(1) w (2) st w w fw wt

3]TgfafTO ite TO t, 27 wf, 2003 STfVTJWT WTT TFT. 9-12/2002/U3rivi9 3TMfa H*iftld
3n^firir4=b ‘ift’ *raf -fafsr 1ST afa siFt 3rfW=R fWU3H srfMsFFJj

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1. wj sfk irafa-1.1. Trsrfsre, 3n^faft<+> ite ‘^V *nf fror, 2008 w w r t t i

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3^ai< W39^TTet^^«ftT3FI Pm STfa^WT l£ WT 3T^t 2 3 14 TO 4 ^WlPt^Nt ^T EPtl

3. iteT w *n^t 3PjTajiur, TifcRr, «»i^Ri t o t w s t m j .— Yirf ftw 27 2003 =£ t t wt

■tf TOlftld Sifted | TO 36 TO TR^FT 9-12/2002M3ff>n WsrfM^fW TOT

4. SlftlsFim.-’f^TO 27 2003 ^T <N*lfad srfq^W WIT 36 TO. tfTO 9-12/2002ATSlftn 3 Slfa^facT

3d^frlfW 3TS ‘7TU TOf fqPw4f TO TTT 3rfsRJTOT TO 3ITORPI TOt cTltfe SlfMsfRDI Kt WIT lU

6 0 9 G l/2 0 0 8 (1 )
2 THE GAZET TE OF INDIA : EXTRAORDINARY______________ [P a r t III— S e c . 4 ]

44 471 4gf47t 44f477R ctcRMn 44T ■qqfafl 441 7?4T 4i' 7fr4t Riff fR4 3THJ-^Tb7T "

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441 t444I4Rt), 1972
3T4R 3T^wi

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

■3TRjfri447 12* TRJg'TTt’ 5000-150­ R4f44 RTIJi44t 18-25 44 4t4 ri4Rt4 4rit44Rf
•te'TTr’ (2007) writ 8000 77. 4> TR4.35 4^ 447f^Tfawflq
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47 f4R7 4774 4) Term. t4ri447 4Kt7sf RR4
477^ 3 34444-441 4T4T 47t
■M<rn (<=( 4» 3TT4E wa riril (37714, ^MH-4,
3RR4R 3T4W4R 4471, dHlI^S 5(471,
rTSTT 4744(7 7R4
<yi^Ua 4474, fenNd 44$T R <4l^t<7i
■mIRi 37)7 xj-usii Hmyil, 3T5HR 'n®7T
fo4>krc 3iw R^igri
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(8) (9) (10) .

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(11)____________________________________________________ (12)________________________________

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(13) . (14)
1. RRRm nPqq -arm RTF^r TO 1
2. TO-TOto (W RR) -TO
3. TOi tirqq (WRRT) -r r w
4. TO TOj W f (^ W W SRI
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[1TOit o -iii /iv /t o it r t o t /13i /07]



N onncA noN

New Delhi, the 31st January, 2008

No.F. 5-5/2007/NCTE®stt— In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 10(1) and (2) read with Section
32(2) (c) of National Council for Teacher Education Act, 1993 and with the approval of the Central Government theftoional
Council for Teacher Education hereby makes the following Recruitment Regulations further to supercede the method of
recruitment to the post of Stenographer Grade ‘C ’ as notified vide notification No. F. 9-12/2002/NCTE dated 27th Match,
2003, in so far as the post of Stenographer Grade ‘C ’ is concerned, except as respects things done or omitted t o b e done
4 THE GAZETTE OF IND IA : EXTRAO RDIN ARY ___ [P a k t I H — S e c . 4]

before such supersession :—

1 . S h o r t t i t l e a n d c o m m e n c e m e n t .— 1.1 These regulations maybe called NCTE, Stenographer Grade ‘C ’ Recruitment
1.2. They shall come into force on the date of its notification.
2 . N u m b e r o f p o s t s , c l a s s i f i c a t i o n , s c a l e o f P a y . — The number of posts, qualifications, the scale of pay attached thereto,
t h e method of recruitment, age limit, qualifications and other matters relating to the said post shall be as specified in

columns 2 to 14 of the schedule annexed to this notification.

3 . D i s q u a l i f i c a t i o n , f u t u r e m a i n t e n e a n c e o f t h e s e r v i c e , p o w e r t o r e l a x , s a v i n g t s a n d i n t e r p r e t a t i o n s . — These conditions
shall remain unchanged as notified vide Gazette Notification No. 36 F. No. 9-12/2002/NCTE dated the 27th March 2003.
4 . Supersession.— The recruitment regulations for the post of Stenographer Grade “ C ” notified in the Gazette Notification

No. 36 F. No. 9-12/2002/NCTE dated the 27th March, 2003 stands superseded w.e.f. the date of publication of this notification.


Name of post Number of post Classifications Scale of pay W hether selection W hether benefit of
post or non-selection added years of service
post admissible under rule
30 of the Central Civil
Services (Pension)
Rules, 1972

1 2 3 4 5 6

Stenographer 12*(2007) Group ‘C ’ Rs. 5000-150 ­ Selection Not applicable

Grade ‘C ’ *Subject to Ministerial 8000
on workload.

A ge limit for direct Educational and other W hether age and Educational Period of probation,
recruits qualifications required qualifications prescribed for if any
for direct recruits direct recruits will apply in
the case of promotees

7 8 ■ 9 10

Between 18 to 27 years E s s e n t i a l: No. Two years for direct

(Relaxable for departmental/ (1) Matriculation or equivalent recruits
candidates upto 35 years qualification from a recognized
N o t e : — The crucial date Board or University.
for determining, the age (2) A speed of 100 wpm
limit shall be the closing in English/Hindi Shorthand.
date of receipt of appli­ (3) Skill of Data Entry and W ork
cations in India (and not Processing in Computer (Prefer­
the closing date prescribed ence will be given to persons
for those in Assam, with knowledge of both English
Meghalaya, Arunachal and Hindi Stenography)
Pradesh, Nagaland,Tripura,
Sildm, Ladhakh Division of
State of Jammu and
Kashmir, Lahul and Spiti
and Chamba districts of
Himachal Pradesh
Andaman and Nicobar
Islands or Lakshdweep).
[HPT III— ^"^4] HRcTHiT WT3 : WtlMK°l 5

W hether by
M e t h o d o f r e c r u i t m e n t: In case of recruitment by promotion/deputation/transfer to be
direct recruitment or by promotion made
or by deputation/transfer and
percentage of the vacancies to be filled by
various methods

50% by promotion failing which by deputation P r o m o tio n :

(including short term contract) and 50% Stenographers Grade ‘ D ’ in NCTE in the pay scale of
by direct recruitment Rs. 4000-100-6000 with eight years of regular service in the Grade.
N o t e : — Where j uniors who have completed their qualifying service
are being considered for promotion, their seniors would also have
to be considered provided they are not short of qualifying/cligibility
service by more than half the qualifying/eligibility service or two
years whichever isless, and have successfully completed their period
of probation for promotion to the next higher grade alongwith their
juniors who have completed such qualifying/eligibility service.
D e p u ta tio n (in c lu d in g s h o r t t e r m c o n t r a c t ):

Stenographers in the Central/State Govt./Public Sector

Undertakings/Statutory and Semi-Govt. Organizations or
Autonomous or other organizations under the Central/State Govt.
(i) Holding analogous posts on regular basis in the parent cadre/
(ii) with 8 years regular service in the grade rendered after
appointment thereto on regular basis in the scale of pay of
Rs. 4000-6000 or equivalent in the parent cadre or department
Having a speed of 100 W PM in Engiish/Hindi stenography.
[Period of deputation (including short term contract) including period
of deputation (including short term contract) in another ex-cadre
post held immediately preceding this appointment in the same or
some other Organization/Department of Central/State Govt, shall
not ordinarily exceed 3 years, which can be extended maximum up to
5 years with the concurrence of the lending organization. The
maximum age limit for appointment by deputation (including short
term contract) shall be not exceeding 56 years as on the closing date
of this receipt of applications.]

If a Departmental Promotion Committee exists, Circumstances in which Union Public

what is its composition Service Commission is to be consulted
in making recruitment
13 14
1. Member Secretary — Chairman Not applicable.
2. Deputy Secretary (Estt) — Member
3. Under Secretary (Estt) — Member
4. Member belonging to SC/ST (not below the rank of US) — Member


[ADVT-imExty/W )7]
g o?
P r in te d b y th e M a n a g e r , G o v t, o f I n d ia P r e s s , R in g R oad, M a y a p u r i, N e w D e lh i- 1 1 0 0 6 4
a n d P u b lis h e d b y th e C o n tr o lle r o f P u b lic a tio n s , D e lh i-1 1 0 0 5 4 .