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Anna University Exams April / May 2018 – Regulation 2013

Rejinpaul.com Unique Important Questions – 8th Semester BE/BTECH

1. Explain the static, dynamic, statistical properties of social network analysis
2. Explain the development of Social Network Analysis.
3. Discuss Global structure of networks with an example.
4. Discuss different dimensions of social capital and their related concepts and measures
5. Explain the following a) Electronic discussion networks b) Blogs and online communities c)
Web-based Networks d) Personal Networks
6. Explain the architecture of data warehouse with neat diagram
7. What is Data Mining? Explain the steps in Knowledge Discovery?
8. Explain star, snowflake, fact constellation schema and Diagrams.
9. Explain (a) Multidimensional Database (b) data reduction (c) multilevel association rule (d) Back
Propagation technique
10. Explain Normalization in detail?
11. Explain the types of data in cluster analysis.
12. Discuss (a) Local graph clustering (b) Flow-Based Post-Processing for Improving Community
Detection (c) Community Discovery via Shingling (d) Explain the quality function to evaluate the
community structure.
13. Explain various local classifiers to solve node classification problem
14. Describe the core methods of community discovery in social networks
15. Explain the Node Classification problem.
16. Describe expert location without graph constraints
17. Explain expert location with score propagation
18. Discuss probabilistic relational models and Bayesian probabilistic models
19. Explain feature based link prediction
20. explain Hadoop and Map Reduce in detail
21. To visualize social networks explain the following (a) matrix-based representation (b) hybrid
representation (c) Node-edge diagrams
22. Discuss the various approaches to scale node-link diagrams to large networks with several
thousand or millions of nodes.
23. explain the concept of modeling and aggregating social network data

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