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Reliable services,

satisfied guests.
HiPath Hospitality Solutions.
Increase your profitability
with innovative communications
HiPath Hospitality Solutions.

As a property manager, you are faced every day with the

question of whether you have really done everything
to the best satisfaction of your guests. The creation of a
“lean“ cost structure and continuous optimization of work
processes are further variables whose handling makes the
greatest demands on management. We have now devel-
oped HiPath Hospitality Solutions to enable you to perform
your tasks even more efficiently and successfully in future.

Siemens offers everything from a single source, anywhere in the world.

We can help you reach your goals quicker, because we are one of the few companies
that can offer not only innovative solutions, but also the appropriate hardware, soft-
ware, reliable protection of systems and networks, and a complete range of services in
more than 190 countries around the world.

No other company has so much experience in the hospitality industry.

The competence of our workforce is also of great importance to our customers. The sum
of our experience from more than 2800 hotel projects around the world has been
incorporated into HiPath Hospitality Solutions. The global “Hospitality Line of Business”
is dedicated to the needs of this sector.

We guarantee an excellent return on investment.

HiPath Hospitality Solutions offer advantages that result in an early amortization.
These not only include improved utilization of personnel resources, lower communication
charges and simplified administration, but also greater customer loyalty resulting from
efficient processes and reliable services for guests.

Hotel-specific innovations protect your investments.

HiPath Hospitality Solutions are among the innovative applications that unfold
their full performance under any network structure. So it does not matter whether
your company has installed HiPath Real Time IP Systems, Hicom systems or
system architectures from other manufacturers.

• Looking for the
newest? Looking for
the best?
• Not yet found a
solution that meets all
your requirements?
• Then find out more
about the HiPath
Hospitality Service

P. 4 HiPath Hotel Standard –
Opportunities to profit from your
communication system.

P. 6 HiPath Hotel Advanced –

Greater economy through system

P. 8 HiPath Hospitality Service Center –

The innovative solution for efficient
guest services.

P. 12 Overview of HiPath Hospitality

Solutions –
The fast route to your ideal

Set new standards of
HiPath Hotel Standard.

Larger hotels, residential homes, apartment hotels or other establishments

with similar structures have to meet complex demands with their communication
systems. That is why HiPath Hotel Standard offers you a unique variety of
functions that optimize your service and help you to reduce your costs.

Discover efficiency with the Not a single cent is unaccounted for. Wake-up calls in eight languages.
Hotel Explorer. HiPath Hotel Standard can easily keep A wake-up call can be booked on the PC
HiPath Hotel Standard provides a clear, track of guests who change rooms or at Reception or through the telephone
easy-to-use Windows user interface make telephone calls from the hotel in the guest’s room. Guests will always be
at one or more networked PCs. At the telephone booths or cordless handsets greeted in the language that they have
check-in there is the Room Occupancy provided in the conference rooms, requested.
Assistant and at check-out the Billing because all charges are automatically
Assistant. Each movement of guests is assigned to the correct guest account. Announcements save work
registered and booked into the system – for Reception.
up to 100 different items can be record- When linked to a voice mail system, the
ed including restaurant bills and sauna system enables announcements for
charges. If the customer requires a various services, ranging from the prices
bill to be shown in two currencies, this of different services to the menu of the
service can be provided with a single day in the hotel restaurant, to be called
mouse-click. up via the room telephone.

Complexities of special reservations

are handled with simplicity.
Special rates, company tariffs or various
flat rates for travel agencies are no pro-
blem – the Reservation Assistant presents
you with all individual room prices and
the complete occupancy plan. In addition,
trade shows can be superimposed on
the plan and color coding can be applied
to groups.

Problems solved for residential homes

for the elderly.
From settlement at the till to prepayment,
there are special features for rest homes
geared toward the long-stay requirements
of the guests. For example, telephone
charges can be billed automatically at the
end of each month or debited from a
prepaid account using the prepayment
function. The interface to the accounting
systems of the medical insurance com-
panies considerably simplifies payment

HiPath Hotel Standard,

because first-class
communication services
are no luxury.

You already have a power-
ful front-office system.
But this investment can
only pay for itself if your
entire communication
system is also integrated.
HiPath Hotel Advanced The front office becomes
offers an intelligent solu-
tion that links these a center of
two areas and provides
a host of functions
and modules. The result
is significantly greater HiPath Hotel Advanced.
convenience for your
guests and a noticeable
reduction in the work- Standard interface for efficient Numerous options for greater
load for your personnel. connection. convenience.
It does not matter which front-office HiPath Hotel Advanced provides numerous
system you have installed, since HiPath modules which can be integrated into the
Hotel makes a standardized hotel inter- overall system. For example, an extensive
face available to every supplier. alarm call module, voicemail module, fax
module or special call charge administra-
Perfect service up front. tion software that also records the inter-
The innovative Standard hotel interface nal charges.
opens up the entire range of features
of HiPath Hotel Advanced. From check-in Central administration – magic words
with automatic activation of the room that save money for hotel chains.
telephone, entry of the name for caller Based on the Real Time IP System HiPath
identification, wake-up call service in 4000, HiPath Hotel Advanced enables
eight languages, room and minibar status several hotels to be networked – on a re-
control, to the administration of virtual gional, national or international basis.
telephone numbers. Apart from the possibility of central admin-
istration, this offers a host of further
Functions that your guests economic advantages and maximum trans-
will appreciate. parency, which allow optimum control
Guests who seek peace and quiet can have of management processes.
the “do-not-disturb“ function activated at
the front office. While this is in operation,
messages are reliably stored and indicated
by means of a “Message Waiting“ lamp.
If guests should start to check out before
they have listened to all their messages,
HiPath Hotel will alert you.

Virtual numbers for VIPs.

Regular guests can be assigned the same
virtual number by the front office when-
ever they are visiting, even if they occupy
a different room each time.
HiPath Hotel Advanced,
because the performance of intelligent
solutions outweighs their cost.

There’s nothing better
HiPath Hospitality Service Center.
The HiPath Hospitality Service Center, the end-to-end communications and guest
service management system, is a conceptual breakthrough in the integration of
communication services and the management and monitoring of guest services.
This innovative solution helps you to map your business strategy onto consistent
guest services and thereby increase your profitability. The HiPath Hospitality Service
Center enables hotels to improve guest services and to work smarter, faster and
more efficiently. It also provides the property or hotel chain management with tools
to measure the quality of service delivered, as well as a wide range of useful
information and statistics.

The state-of-the-art communications The Multimedia Center for the specific

center based on your existing IT infra- needs of the hospitality industry.
structure. Telephones, cellphones, PDAs and cordless
The HiPath Hospitality Service Center is phones, Internet, Intranet, spreadsheet
a PC-based client-server application speci- and invoicing applications and building
ally designed for the requirements of the management: in the HiPath Hospitality
hospitality industry. The intuitive Windows Service Center all these concepts are inte-
user interface is structured exactly grated to achieve significantly faster work
according to your wishes using various processes. Telephone calls to guests are
independent modules. connected in a matter of seconds, guest re-
quests are forwarded immediately to the
Service Tracking raises customer appropriate service personnel.
satisfaction levels while at the same
time optimizing your deployment The HiPath Hospitality Service Center
of personnel. makes the transparent hotel a reality.
The system monitors each individual All the features necessary for smooth op-
service request from the time it is submit- eration are available on a single interface:
ted to the time it is met. The personal room status with name of guest, length
welcome in the central Guest Service Com- of stay, tariff, special requirements etc.,
munications Center maintains the “human services, restaurant and bar checks, minibar
touch” and the sense of individual care. status. “Do not disturb“ function or wake-
All essential personnel resources in up call in eight languages – the operator
the hotel are controlled centrally by this is always kept in the picture and can con-
system. This enables you to guarantee trol all processes to the satisfaction of the
your guests the greatest possible speed and guest.
reliability in fulfilling their wishes, while at
the same time optimizing the deployment
of personnel. Efficient processes and
the best use of your human resources will
improve your financial figures. Your profit-
ability will be increased by guests making
return visits to your hotel.

for your profitability.

Satisfied guests are the working

capital that you create with the HiPath
Hospitality Service Center.

In future, your guests will only

have to press a single key to obtain
any service quickly and reliably.
Your guests will find it a welcome simpli-
fication that they now only have to
press a single telephone key – whether
they require reception, room service,
wake-up call or laundry service. Guests
receive competent information every time
and can be assured that their requests
will be promptly met.

Service-tracking monitors the processes

from order to completion.
Guest name, phone number and time are
displayed on screen as each call is received.
It is only necessary to click on one of the
predefined guest service request texts and
the order can be processed directly on the
PC or forwarded to the appropriate service
unit (e.g. housekeeping, catering, service
runners). It goes without saying that there
is also a possibility of entering plain text
comments. Each order is tracked on screen
with its status and time. No guest order is
mislaid or forgotten and everything is done
as quickly as possible by the most appro-
priate member of staff. The system tracks
the order in the background to ensure that
the customer requests are met on time.
for your guests.
Reporting functions for efficient
deployment of personnel.
All internal and external calls as well as ser-
vice requests are recorded and stored
with a time stamp in the central database.
The results are the basis of a high-efficien-
cy personnel management. You discover,
for example, when peak periods occur
causing bottlenecks in the provision of per-
sonnel. You also recognize immediately
where and when savings can be made in
personnel expenditure. Information that has
the potential for considerable savings.

Intelligent routing functions

automatically raise the level of service.
Guests or external callers are, even at peak
periods, connected immediately, because
it is possible to link additional PC agent
workstations from other areas automatic-
ally. In addition, calls can be controlled
in such a way that the guest is connected
immediately to the employee best able
to solve the problem.

Facility Monitoring creates

active security.
With the aid of sensors and motion de-
tectors the operator obtains information
for efficient building management. If an
emergency call is received, the appropriate
personnel group is alerted by means of
a group call, in order to avert damage in
advance or to repair it immediately. If an
emergency number is dialed anywhere in
the building, the system alerts the ap-
propriate members of staff by means of
a group call.

Shared services for hotel chains:

the central HiPath Hospitality Service
Our innovative solution enables a Service
Center to be set up centrally which is
available to any number of hotel proper-
ties – regional, national or international.
This creates the potential for enormous
savings, especially for hotel chains, while
at the same time optimizing the quality
of service. Seasonal differences, different
time zones or varying employment mar-
ket situations in the different regions can
all be exploited. For example, guests can
be attended by employees who speak the
same language, a qualified 24-hour
service is easily possible and a way can be
found around any bottlenecks in the
employment market.

Communication solutions
that adapt perfectly to your
HiPath Hospitality Solutions.

It does not matter at all how many beds your establishment has, or even whether
it is an independent hotel, a hotel chain a residential home, a health clinic or a
cruise ship – you still need an innovative solution which will support you in maintaining
the balance between maximum guest satisfaction and maximum profitability.
The solution that corresponds to your high requirements must be flexible, efficient
secure and reliable. With HiPath Hospitality Solutions you will always be making the
right choice.

HiPath Cordless, for greater freedom. HiPath Hotel Standard:
Important people – from service personnel for hotels and residential homes with
to managers – are often not accessible up to 250 rooms.
because they are needed elsewhere in The PC-based solution is available as a
the building or on site. The standard standalone or multi-user system and raises
cellphone is an expensive way of solving the efficiency of all work processes.
this problem. Adding HiPath Cordless to With its simple operation and maximum
your communication system, however, is clarity, the Windows interface speeds up
no problem at all and will pay for itself various work processes. The solution has
in a very short time, by saving the cost of an impressive level of performance and
mobile phone charges, callbacks and flexibility.
working time. Service becomes faster be-
cause staff are on the scene quicker, HiPath Hotel Advanced:
already knowing what has to be done and application server with communications
with the ability to consult their superiors interface for front-office systems.
at any time. The intelligent solution for combining
communication system and hotel computer
Cordless phones as an additional system.
service. • Standard interface for smooth
Many guests appreciate the ability to connection of all commercially available
remain in touch wherever they are in front-office systems.
the hotel – at the pool, in the bar or • All the functions and features needed
the lobby. The Gigaset mobile handsets for the fast processing of work proce-
are integrated as fully featured telephone dures in the hotel.
extensions into your communication • Numerous expansion options.
system and offer a comparable level of • Enables hotel chains to manage all
convenience. In this way you can offer their properties worldwide from a
your guests a mobile extension on which central location.
they will be accessible on their direct • For maximum transparency and
dial room number wherever they go. economy.

HiPath Hospitality Service Center:

innovative client-server application for
meeting the highest requirements.
• Reflects your business strategy in the
quality of guest services delivered.
• Optimizes work processes by integrat-
ing telephone switching and software
• Uses Service Tracking for follow customer
requests through to their completion.
• Reporting functions for efficient
personnel management.
• At peak periods, routing functions
automatically raise the capacities and
connect guests with the most appro-
priate member of staff.
• Facility Monitoring and Emergency
Module for efficient building manage-
ment and active security.
• Service Center shared by a number
of hotels to achieve maximum potential

Integrated remote maintenance for

maximum security.
The Teleservice software ensures that the
HiPath Hospitality Solutions are connected
to the Siemens service department
24 hours a day. Faults and errors are de-
tected and cleared immediately, ensuring
reliable communication that is particularly
important in the hospitality industry.

Our strengths – your gain.
HiPath Hospitality Solutions offer the ensure greater customer satisfaction,
right innovative communication solution while at the same time reducing costs.
for every need. Intelligent functions A HiPath Hospitality Solution will soon
and modules improve quality of service start paying for itself in your establish-
and optimize the working processes to ment too.


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