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practiceand managemenr SENIOR Hussein mohmoud sead

• Introduction

• How did I decided to study architecture?

• Architecture life in everyday living, the

challenges that I faced in architecture life

• The architecture in the country and

how my expectation and architecture in


• My aspiration strength and weakness, the

way I improved my skill and how I attempt

them from architecture life

• Conclusion

• Architecture is enormous field and developed early by roman architects is
respectful practice. Architecture is the Vitruvius in early 1st century. According
art and science of designing buildings to Vitruvius, a good building should
and structures. And it is also defined as satisfy the three principles of durability,
the manipulation of shapes, forms, space utility and beauty. Durability means
and light to change our environment. a building should stand up robustly
The definition that moiled my and remain in good condition. Utility
perspective is made by French Architect –means it should be suitable for the
Le Corbusier: “Architecture is the purposes for which it is used. Beauty
masterly, correct, and magnificent play means it should be aesthetically pleasing.
of forms under the light. Architecture in essay I am going to talk about my own
is spacing and it is surrounding and the experiences in architecture and how it is
first things thought in architectures is the influenced my life
spaces and how that could gain a light
and ventilation. There are lots of famous
architects developed architectures
throughout its arose in the ancient
time till today. Theory of architecture

I travel in my life through the study once and then I got
opportunity to study secondary school in one of the
famous schools in the country Al-Kuwait school.
That last year in the school the study environment
was so excited and I involved by many intelligent
students and I learnt from them many successful
habits like doing things within time forcing in the
objective and so many on all of that encourage
me to have great field in the university study I got
planned to study the digital world sciences and to be
programmer in that field

• in the study period up in and I face many express my ideas. After

before I completed my challenges in the country deep seeking I found
study a war happen in I arrived to so I planned architecture field which
the country the schools to not waste time and to is close to my dream. I
and the university and handle something my heard from a friend that
everything closed and fear plans was to go through Adams university was
was there and my family something have a kind giving away a scholarship
planned to travel seeking of my characteristic so I and I enrolled and I win
for a pace and we arrive to seek around the city and a full scholarship and I
Somaliland as a refugees. I all what I founded that took that challenge. The
wasn’t interested to study habitats seeks for theory environment is great to
architecture while in my things like accountant and have architects grow up
whole life even don’t heard economics so that was from the city and that are
of it. I haven’t dreamt horrible things to me and very fain for the people.
in my life to change the language challenges
the country that I grew had prevented me from

I procced ar-
chitecture life
with everyday
new challenges
that faced me
throughout archi-
tecture life and in
the beginning the
languages was all
the difficult that
always constraints
me to study
around. Adamas
university was
having foreign
lectures and that
encourage me to
study. In the first
semester I love

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Architecture first book
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