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Forestry Education for Young Generation Through The

Fascinating World Of Forestry

The Fascinating World of Forestry (TFWoF) is a first interactive forestry education

program in Indonesia aimed at students who aim to introduce young people to sustainable and
responsible forestry through a variety of activities. Initiated by APRIL, the TFWoF program was
attended by high school students and universities from Jakarta and surrounding areas.
One of the main activities of this program is the school visit by visiting schools and
inviting speakers who are experts in the field of forestry from APRIL. They will discuss in depth
the challenges faced when working in the forestry world as well as participants gain knowledge
about sustainable forest management in Indonesia, and the importance of collaboration and
partnership systems.
Through this program, APRIL also invited participants to take part in field trips for two
days and nights. This visit is certainly interesting for TFWoF participants, because they can see
and know firsthand about the operations of pulp and paper factories in Riau Province.
During the field visit, the participants not only visited the research and development
center, but they also had the opportunity to visit local communities in Riau, to learn more about
community development and the sustainable forestry industry.
In 2017, three young and talented students were chosen to become ambassadors of the
TFWoF program. The three students were selected after going through various selection
processes, including the interview stage and the presentation stage of the action plan.
The three students were then appointed as "Forestry Ambassadors", "Climate
Ambassadors" and "Green Technology Ambassadors" for this program. As TFWoF
ambassadors, students are expected to be role models that inspire young people about the
forestry industry. Besides sharing their thoughts and experiences through their own social media
platforms, TFWoF ambassadors also shared their stories on TFWoF social media accounts,
especially on Instagram.
During 2017, around 700 students from 12 schools and universities in Jakarta participated
in the TFWoF program and in 2018, the TFWoF team will continue to raise awareness about the
importance of the forestry industry by reaching more students and schools in Jakarta and through
stronger cooperation with stakeholders including local communities and the government.
The forestry industry is the main source of employment and economic growth in
Indonesia, so programs such as TFWoF will continue to try to play an important role in
educating young people about the career opportunities available to them, and also emphasizing
the need for sustainability and environmental care.


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