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Ÿ PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust

Ÿ About PSG College Of Technology

Ÿ Programmes Offered

Ÿ Department Of Automobile Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Bio Technology

Ÿ Department Of Biomedical Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Civil Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Computer Science And Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Electronics And Communication Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Fashion Technology

Ÿ Department Of Information Technology

Ÿ Department Of Instrumentation And Control Systems Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Metallurgical Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Production Engineering

Ÿ Department Of Robotics And Automation Engineering

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Ÿ Department Of Textile Technology

Ÿ Department Of Applied Science

Ÿ Department Of Computer Applications

Ÿ Department Of Applied Mathematics And Computational Sciences

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Shri P.S.Govindaswamy Naidu, the Founder Trustee, a Legendary Man of Vision, Faith and
Integrity gave the initials "PSG" its immortal glory. The 82 year old legacy of the PSG
Institutions founded by Shri P.S. Govindaswamy Naidu has been handed down through
several generations. Each time the baton was handed down to the successor of the Trust, the
golden words,
"Let there be charity, so others can share my family's prosperity"
are embedded firmly and hence the Founder's vision has only grown richer and more
profound. Education, one of the most treasured clauses in the Trust deed, attained sharper
focus each growing year while each succeeding Trust head, carried the dreams of the
Founders on their shoulders towards fulfillment of the Vision and the betterment of the
future. At present there are 25 institutions under the Trust catering to the development of
25,000 individuals.


PSG College of Technology aspires to be recognised as one of the leaders in engineering
education, research and application of knowledge to benefit society.


Provide world-class Engineering Education, Foster Research and Development. Evolve
innovative applications of Technology. Encourage Entrepreneurship. Ultimately mould young
men and women capable of assuming leadership of the society for the betterment of the
PSG College of Technology was established in the year 1951 by the PSG & Sons' Charities Trust PROGRAMMES OFFERED Ÿ Industrial Engineering (Part Time)
(1926), one of the oldest charitable organizations in the country, dedicated entirely to the Ÿ Industrial Metallurgy
growth and development of education, training, industry and social upliftment. PSG College of Under Graduate Programmes
Ÿ Industrial Metallurgy (Part Time)
Technology, fondly known as PSG Tech is an educational landmark of Coimbatore and has been Bachelor of Engineering / Technology
Ÿ Infrastructure Engineering
ranked 33 among Enginnering Colleges in the Country under the National Institutional Ranking Programmes
Framework (NIRF), Govt. of India. PSG College of Technology an AICTE approved institution is Ÿ Manufacturing Engineering (Full Time)
Ÿ Automobile Engineering
affiliated to Anna University and ISO 9001 certified. Most of its programmes have been Ÿ Production Engineering (Part Time)
Ÿ Bio Technology
accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA). PSG Tech is an Autonomous institution Ÿ Power Electronics & Drives
since 1978 and has the authority to update its own programmes and curriculum, to devise and Ÿ Civil Engineering
Ÿ Product Design and Commerce
conduct examinations and to evaluate students' performance based on a system of continuous Ÿ Computer Science and Engineering
Ÿ Structural Engineering (Full Time)
assessment. Ÿ Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Ÿ Structural Engineering (Part Time)
Ÿ Electronics & Communication Engineering
Ÿ Software Engineering
Ÿ Information Technology
Ÿ Infrastructure Engineering (Full Time)
Ÿ Mechanical Engineering
Ÿ VLSI Design
Ÿ Metallurgical Engineering
Ÿ Virtual Prototyping and Digital
Ÿ Production Engineering Manufacturing
Ÿ Mechanical Engineering (Sandwich) Ÿ Textile Technology (Full Time)
Ÿ Electrical and Electronics Engineering Ÿ Textile Technology (Part Time)
Production Engineering (Sandwich)
Ÿ Information Technology

Ÿ Bio-Technology
Ÿ Robotics and Automation Engineering
Ÿ Lean Manufacturing
Textile Technology
Ÿ Nano Science and Technology
Ÿ Textile Technology (Part Time)
Ÿ Biometrics and Cyber Security
Ÿ Bio Medical Engineering
Ÿ Wireless Communications
One unique feature at PSG College of Technology is the close collaboration of educational Ÿ Fashion Technology
Post Graduate Programmes in Science
institution and industry, resulting in the cross fertilization of theory with practice. The PSG Ÿ Instrumentation and Control Engineering
and Applications
Industrial Institute located in the same campus, is a pioneer in the manufacture of several
engineering products, like process and agricultural pumps, industrial motors, high quality Bachelor of Science (Applied Science) Ÿ MCA [ 3 Years ]
speciality castings; and enables students to study the actual production processes and gives Ÿ Applied Science Ÿ Msc Applied Mathematics
them an opportunity to observe the working of industry. PSG Tech was ranked as the Institution Ÿ Msc Theoretical Computer Science [5 Years
with the best industry linkage by AICTE and CII consistently for the past three years. Ÿ Computer System and Design
PSG Tech has been continuously drawing the best of expertise in science, technology and Post Graduate Programmes Ÿ Msc Software Systems [5 Years integrated]
management in order to train students effectively in various domains and to instill in them a spirit Master of Engineering / Technology Programes
Ÿ Msc Data Science [5 Years integrated]
of entrepreneurship and innovation. The programmes of the college are recognized all over India
Ÿ Applied Electronics (Full Time)
and abroad. The student strength of PSG Tech is about 8518 with 15 engineering and Ÿ Msc Fashion Design & Merchandising
technology departments besides the computer applications, management sciences, basic Ÿ Applied Electronics (Part Time) [5 Years integrated]
sciences and humanities departments. More than 505 research scholars are pursuing research Ÿ Automotive Engineering Bachelor of Science (Applied Science)
programmes leading to Ph. D / M.S. / M. Tech degrees and the college is a recognized QIP centre Ÿ Communication System Ÿ MBA
for Postgraduate and Ph. D programmes. Ÿ Computer Science & Engineering Ÿ MBA (PART TIME)
The college maintains close interaction with several R&D Institutions and institutions of Ÿ Computer Integrated Manufacturing Ÿ PGDM
higher learning in India and abroad, through institutional network programmes and collaborative
research programmes. Several advanced centres are also set up with financial support from the Ÿ Control Systems Research Programmes
Ministry of Human Resources Development, Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Steel, Ministry of Ÿ Electrical Machines (Part Time) MPhil (Full Time & Part Time)
Heavy Industries, Ministry of Science and Technology and other agencies. PSG Tech is Ÿ Engineering Design Ÿ Mathematics
extremely proud of its alumni, a considerable number of them being entrepreneurs or senior
executives in industries both within India and abroad; and a few of them having established their Ÿ Embedded & Real Time System Ÿ Physics
own educational institutions. The growth and development of the college owes much to the Ÿ Energy Engineering
untiring efforts of Dr. G.R. Damodaran, Founder Principal of PSG College of Technology. MS & PhD (Full Time & Part Time)
Presently Dr.R. Rudramoorthy is the Principal of the Institution. Ÿ Industrial Engineering (Full Time) Ÿ OFFERED IN ALL DEPARTMENTS
Programmes offered:
B.E. - Automobile Engineering
M.E. - Automotive Engineering
he department of Biotechnology at PSG College of Technology was started in the year
2000 and it began its efforts by offering the B.Tech degree programme in
Biotechnology. The activities of the department further expanded to offer M.Tech from
2006 and Ph.D programmes as well. An efficient team of highly qualified, trained and
dedicated professionals is available to provide quality training and excellent research
opportunities to the students enrolled. The research environment in the department is
Science and Humanities excellent due to its well equipped laboratories. The college has been able to produce well
trained engineering graduates in biotechnology who are uniquely talented in analytical


Programmes offered:
B.Tech - Biotechnology
M.Tech - Biotechnology

Laboratories for UG and PG programmes

Research Laboratories
Ÿ Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
Ÿ Animal Tissue Culture Laboratory
Ÿ Genetic Engineering Laboratory
Ÿ Analytical Instrumentation Facility

Academic Laboratories
Microbiology Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Immunology Laboratory, Analytical
Instrumentation Laboratory, Chemical Engineering laboratory, Bio process Engineering
Laboratory, Downstream Processing Laboratory, Separation Technology Laboratory Bio
informatics Laboratory, Genetic Engineering Laboratory.
Ÿ Unit Operations Elective Courses
Other Facilities
Ÿ Enzyme Engineering and Technology Ÿ Immunotechnology
Animal House (at PSG Medical College) Ÿ Molecular Biology
Ÿ Genetic Engineering Ÿ Metabolic Engineering
Zebrafish House (under development) Ÿ Industrial Biotechnology
Ÿ Heat Transfer Ÿ Cellular and Molecular Mechanism of
Shade House. Ÿ Fundamentals of Genetics
Ÿ Thermodynamics of Biochemical Systems Neurodegenerative Disorders
Ÿ Analytical Methods and Instrumentation
Major Instruments Ÿ Immunology Ÿ Membrane Separation
Ÿ Microfluidics
Biosaftey Cabinet, Bio reactors 14L/5 L, BOD Research Projects Ÿ Bioprocess Engineering
incubator, Brook Field Viscometer DVI + Ÿ Bioinformatics Ÿ Bioreactor Designs
in Progress Ÿ Biomaterials in Tissue Engineering
Chemidocumentation System ,COD Analyser Ÿ Chemical Reaction Engineering
DO meter, ELISA reader, Fluorescent Ÿ An Integrated System for Ÿ Bioethics, IPR and Biosafety Ÿ Biofuels
Microscopy, Gas Chromatography system, Gel treatment of textile industry Ÿ Industrial Waste Management
Ÿ Genomics and Proteomics
Documentation System, Gradient PCR Growth wastewater, Royal Academy of Ÿ Stress Tolerance in Plants
Engineering, UK (Newton Ÿ Down Stream Engineering
Chamber, High Performance Liquid
Bhabha Fund) Ÿ Entrepreneurship and Biobusiness Ÿ Pharmacogenomics
Chromatography (HPLC), High speed pump for
Rural Women Technology Park Ÿ Advanced Topics in Plant Molecular
external circulator, High speed refrigerated Ÿ Elective Courses Biology
centrifuge, Liquid Chromatography System for Coimbatore District,
Tamilnadu: sponsored by DST, Ÿ Plant Biotechnology Ÿ Techniques in Epidemiological Data
Lyophilizer, Multimode Detector (TRIAD) Multi
GoI Ÿ Environmental Biotechnology Analyses
parameter analyzer (Portable), Phase Contrast/
Dark Field Microscopes. Ÿ Ultrasound assisted biomass Ÿ Biopharmaceutical Technology Ÿ Introduction to Pharmaceutical
derived heterogeneous Ÿ Food Science and Technology Sciences
B.Tech - Biotechnology catalytic system for biodiesel Ÿ Techniques In Molecular Subtyping of
Ÿ Animal Biotechnology
Curriculum production from non-edible Pathogens
oils; sponsored by SERB, GoI. Ÿ Cancer Research
Mathematics Ÿ Chemical Engineering Design
Ÿ Study on RAGE amyloid Ÿ Molecular Pathogenesis
Ÿ Calculus and applications Ÿ Quality Assurance, Industrial and Bio-
interactions with relavence to Ÿ Developmental Biology
Ÿ Complex Variables and Transforms Safety
AD pathology and influence of Ÿ Protein Engineering
Ÿ Linear Algebra and Numerical analysis G82S RAGE polymorphism on Ÿ Metagenomics and Epigenomics
Ÿ Immunotechnology
Science and Humanities the above interaction; Ÿ Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics
sponsored by DST, GoI Ÿ System Biology -Theory and
Ÿ Bio Statistics M.Tech - Biotechnology
Ÿ Studies on Omega3 desaturase Applications
Ÿ Mathematical modeling in biotechnology
genes in Sesamum indicum Curriculum
Core courses Linn to improve oil quality; Core Courses
sponsored by DST, GoI
Applied Physics, Analytical Chemistry, Ÿ Biostatistics
Environmental Sciences, Economics for Ÿ Pilot scale demonstration of a
Ÿ Process Engineering Principles
novel water defluoridation unit
Engineers. Ÿ Genetic Engineering and
for rural areas; sponsored by
Elective courses DST, GoI Recombinant Products
Ÿ C programming Ÿ Vetiver based Treatment Ÿ Tools and Algorithms in
Ÿ C++ and data structures System for Textile industry Bioinformatics
Ÿ Bioinformatics
Wastewater sponsored by Ÿ Protein Chemistry and Engineering
DBT, GoI Ÿ Recombinant DNA Laboratory
Ÿ Basics of Electrical and Electronics
Ÿ Development of porous Ÿ Instrumental Methods of Analysis
scaffold for bone implant;
Ÿ Biomolecules Ÿ Bioprocess Engineering
sponsored by DST, GoI
Ÿ Biochemical Metabolism Ÿ Separation Technology
Ÿ BIOMEMS device for
Ÿ Cell and Tissue Biology separation of bioparticles; Ÿ Technologies and Strategies in
sponsored by DBT, GoI OMICs Research
Ÿ General Microbiology
Ÿ Tissue Engineering
Ÿ Introductory Chemical Engineering
PSG – TI Centre of Excellence for

he mission of the department established in the year 2006 is to provide world class Computational Biomechanics
graduate engineering education in Biomedical Engineering, foster research and Laboratory Medical Electronics
development in biology and medicine to improve the quality and effectiveness of Ÿ Hyperthermia machine
Ÿ Three axis accelerometer
health care, encourage Entrepreneurship, mould young men and women to innovate new Ÿ Medical meter portable tools
technologies for diagnostic or therapeutic applications. The precise curriculum augmented Ÿ Windows Kinect
Ÿ Monitoring devices
with industrial training prepares students to handle the challenges in the healthcare industry Ÿ 3D printer
pioneering biomedical research. The facilities available at PSG College of Technology, PSG Ÿ Wireless monitors (smart phone)
Ÿ SLA printer
Institute of Medical Sciences & Research and PSG Institute of Advanced Studies are used for
implementing the curriculum. Ÿ Cura software Research Projects
Ÿ Solidworks software in Progress
Ÿ Sketchup software
Ÿ Design and Development of
Ÿ Kinovea software low-cost wireless
Embedded Systems Laboratory Polysomnograph; sponsored by
Ÿ Arduino
Ÿ Design and Development of
low-cost Non-Contact Palm
Ÿ Keil IDE
Biometric System for health
Ÿ ARM7 care establishments; sponsored
Ÿ Rudra PIC Development Board by AICTE.
Ÿ Sensor Interface Card Ÿ Design and development of
low-cost Intelligent Wheelchair
Ÿ Raspberry PI
for severely disabled/old
people; sponsored by DST.
BIOMEDICAL Ÿ Zigbee Module
Ÿ ASLK PRO Analog system design kit
Ÿ Development of Biomagnetic
Iron oride-Hydroxyapatite
ENGINEERING Ÿ MSP 430 Launch Pads Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia
and Biomedical applications,
Programmes offered: Electronics and Instrumentation sponsored by DST.
B.E. - Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Ÿ Design and Development of a
Ÿ Strain Measurement Trainer novel multi-parameter pain
Ÿ Measurement Modules: Pressure, Level monitoring system for children;
Laboratory Facilities Control, Temperature, Displacement, sponsored by DST.
Vision and Machine Learning Laboratory Ÿ Screening Tool for Sleep
Ÿ Compact Rio Module with Accessories
Ÿ Digital Phosphorous Oscilloscope Related Breathing Disorder
Ÿ Soliton MP CMOS Area Scan Camera
Ÿ Image Acquisition and Machine Vision through assessment of Heart
Ÿ Line Scan Camera
System Rate Variability.
Ÿ MOBIR Thermal Camera Ÿ Voice Recognition Kit
Ÿ IP based Surveillance Camera
Ÿ NI LABVIEW Medical Informatics Laboratory
Ÿ Cc3200 IOT kits
Biomedical Signal Processing & Assistive Technology
Ÿ PSoC Microcontroller
Ÿ Emotiv BCI technology Ÿ COMSOL Software
Ÿ Epoch head set Ÿ Labview
Ÿ EMG Machine
Ÿ Code Composer Studio
Ÿ EEG Machine
Ÿ Solid Works
Ÿ Pratt-Open source software
Ÿ Automated External Defibrillator
Ÿ Therapeutic Equipments
Ÿ Infusion pump

Ÿ Biomechanics
he Department of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest departments of PSG College
Ÿ CPAP machine Ÿ Pathology and Microbiology
Technology. Established in the year 1953, the mission of the department is to strive and
Ÿ Imaging solutions Elective Courses produce wholesome Civil Engineers who can tackle the multiple responsibilities of
Ÿ IDE code composer studio V5
analysis, design and construction of traditional and modern structures. The department offers
Ÿ Hospital Systems Management undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programmes. The infrastructure facilities of the
Ÿ Schiller TS II Ÿ Healthcare and Information Systems department are the best which add on to the development of students.
Ÿ Olex Nebulizer Ÿ Ultrasonic and Laser Applications The curriculum has been designed to provide a solid foundation in all fields of Civil
Ÿ TI Evaluation modules for ECG & EEG Ÿ Telemedicine Engineering. The highly qualified and experienced faculty in teaching as well as in consultancy
Ÿ ICU and Operation Theatre Equipments and design has been instrumental in bringing the institute to the fore front of academic and
Ÿ Blood Glucose measurement
Ÿ Clinical Engineering consultancy activities. Besides Civil Engineering faculty, the management courses in the
Ÿ Patient monitoring system Pulse Oximeter programme are taught by the faculty of Management studies of the college.
Ÿ AI and Expert Systems
BE - Biomedical Engineering Ÿ Computer Networks
Curriculum Ÿ Virtual Instrumentation
Mathematics Ÿ Control System
Ÿ Calculus and its Applications Ÿ Biofeedback
Ÿ Rehabilitation Engineering
Ÿ Complex Variables and Transforms
Ÿ Artificial Organs
Ÿ Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
Ÿ Communication Systems
Ÿ Biostatistics
Ÿ Database Management System
Science and Humanities Ÿ Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering
Ÿ Biomaterials Ÿ Modeling of Physiological Systems
Ÿ Biochemistry Ÿ Advanced Biochemistry DEPARTMENT OF
Ÿ Professional Skills
Ÿ Communication Skills
Ÿ Data Compression Techniques
Ÿ Research Methodology and Bioethics CIVIL
Ÿ Economics for Engineers
Ÿ Environmental Sciences
Ÿ Sensors in Medical Applications
Core courses Programmes offered:
Ÿ Problem Solving and C Programming B.E. - Civil Engineering
Ÿ Electron Devices and Circuits M.E. - Infrastructure Engineering
Ÿ C++ and Data Structures M.E. - Structural Engineering
Ÿ Network Theory
Ÿ Digital Electronics
Ÿ Physiology Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG programmes
Ÿ Mechanical Technology
Ÿ Biosensors and Transducers
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Ÿ Linear ICs and their Applications
Ÿ Electromagnetic Fields Ÿ BOD Incubator Ÿ Dissolved Oxygen Analyser
Ÿ Signals and Systems Ÿ COD Refluxing unit Ÿ Hot Air Oven
Ÿ Medical Informatics
Ÿ Electronic Balance Ÿ Muffle Furnace
Ÿ Instrumentation and Control
Ÿ Biomedical Signal Processing Ÿ Water Quality Analyser Ÿ U-V Visible Spectrophotometer
Ÿ ASIC Design
Ÿ Flame Photometer Ÿ Two bed water Demineraliser
Ÿ Microcontrollers
Ÿ Image Processing Ÿ Jar Test Apparatus for Optimum Dose of Ÿ Turbidity meter
Ÿ Diagnostic Equipments Coagulant Ÿ Biological Microscope
Ÿ Embedded Systems
Ÿ Nephelometric Turbidity Meter
Ÿ Medical Imaging Systems
Science and Humanities Design,Computer Analysis of Structures,
Concrete Laboratory Soil Mechanics Laboratory Ÿ Applied Physics Concrete Technology and Structural
Vcompression Testing Machine, Universal Ÿ Computer controlled triaxial apparatus including Ÿ Applied Chemistry Engineering Laboratory,Structural Steel
Testing Machine, Cement Testing Equipment pore pressure measurement, Ÿ Economics for Engineers Design,Construction Project Management,
with Vibrator, Concrete Permeability Ÿ Standard Penetration Test (SPT) apparatus, Traffic Engineering and Transport
Apparatus, Blaine's Apparatus, Deval Ÿ Plate load test apparatus, Core courses Planning,GeographicInformation Systems,
Abrasion Testing machine, Aggregate Impact Ÿ Dynamic cone penetration test apparatus, Engineering Geology, Engineering Mechanics, Advanced Environmental Engineering
Testing Machine, Longitudinal Automatic compactor, Civil engineering Materials and Construction, Systems.
Compressometer, Rebound hammer, Ÿ Direct shear test apparatus, Loading frame of 50 Highway and Railway Engineering, Mechanics
AcceleratedCuring Tank, Tile Abrasion kN capacity, of Solidsm, Mechanics of Fluids, Surveying,
Machine, Digital ten Channel strain meter, Ÿ Consolidation test apparatus, Computer Aided Civil Engineering Drawing, Research Projects and
Lechatlier apparatus, Hot air Oven, Ÿ CBR test apparatus, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery, Basic
Aggregate Impact Tester, VeeBee Apparatus for field density by sand replacement
Consultancy Work in Progress
Ÿ Structural Steel Design, Concrete Technology,
Consistometer, Compaction factor method, Design of RC Elements, Mechanics of Soils, Determination of organic strength (BOD,
apparatus, Concrete VibratorLongitudinal Ÿ Tri-axial cell, Spring type UCC tester, California Design of Concrete Structures, Design of Steel COD etc.,) of industrial and domestic waste
Compressometer, Lateral extensometer, Bearing Ratio Tester, Structures, Environmental engineering, water, Characteristic study on industrial waste
Hydraulic jacksUltrasonic concrete tester, Ÿ Proctor Compaction Apparatus, Foundation Engineering, Construction Project water, Ground water quality study, Ground
Corrosion Analysing Instrument, Rebar Ÿ Universal Soil Extractor, Management, Finite element Analysis, water recharge methods, ground water yield
test on wells, Physical and chemical analysis
locator, Accelerated Curing Tank, Autoclave Ÿ Direct shear test apparatus. Irrigation Engineering, Estimation and Costing,
of drinking water, Test on water for finding its
for tiles, Autoclave for cement. Design and Drawing (Concrete and Steel).
Survey Laboratory suitability for construction purpose, Air
Materials and Structures Ÿ Advanced Total Stations Elective Courses pollution study using high volume sampler in
an industrial environment and ambient air,
Laboratory Ÿ Garmin GPS Advanced Steel Design,Basics of Structural Electrochemical treatment of textile dyeing
Ÿ Standard Vernier Theodolites Dynamics and Earthquake Resistant wastewater, Pollution study on water
Computer Controlled Universal Testing
Ÿ Stanley Theodolites Design,Bridge Engineering, Building Science, resources water storage tanks in the,
Machine, Compression Testing Machine,
Ÿ Automatic Level Disaster Management and Mitigation, Distress Coimbatore City, Palani town and Noyyal
Torsion Testing Machine, Hardness Testing
Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Structures, River, Evaluation and development of new or
Machines, Impact Testing Machines, Tensile Ÿ Dumpy Level
Industrial Structures, Prestressed Concrete improved equipment and procedures for
Testing Machine, Loading Frames, Cupping Ÿ Digital Planimeter assessing the properties and performance of
Structures,Ground Water Engineering,
Tester, Wood Testing Machine, Strain Civil Engineering Computer Lab materials and composites, including materials
Hydrology,Water Resource Engineering,
Indicator Hydraulic Jacks, Proving Rings, selection, Mix Design, casting and testing of
Ÿ STAAD PRO Environnemental Impact Assessment,
Strut Tester, Digital Displacement concrete test specimens, Investigation and
Ÿ SAP2000 Industrial Waste Management, Solid Waste evaluation of the properties and performance
Indicator,Ten Channel strain meter with 4.5
Management, Geosynthetics in Civil of, building materials based on Indian
digital display and Loading frames. Ÿ ETABS
Engineering, Ground Improvement Techniques, Standard Codes, Investigation by conducting
Remote Sensing and GIS Pavement Engineering, Airport, Docks and specialized tests, field visits and quality
Ÿ ANSYS Harbour Engineering, Housing Planning & control tests on building materials to assist
Laboratory State departments, private organizations and
Ÿ MATLAB Management, Traffic Engineering
Ÿ Erdas Imagine, Management, Cartography, Geographic other departments and divisions within the
Ÿ Arc View, Information System, Remote Sensing State Administration, Rocks and Mineral
Ÿ Arc View Spatial Analyst, BE - Civil Engineering Techniques and Applications.
Identification Ground Water Investigation
Ÿ Arc View Network Analyst, Curriculum Moh's scale of hardness testing Suitability test
ME - Infrastructure Engineering on rocks for commercial granite,
Ÿ Auto Desk Map 3D 2005, Mathematics
Ÿ Micro station, Geographics, Curriculum Determination of bearing capacity of soil
Ÿ Calculus and applications, using Standard Penetration Test (SPT),
Ÿ GRAMM++, Core Courses Suitability of soil for making bricks and
Ÿ Differential Equations,
Ÿ LPS, Applied Statistics and Reliability, Concepts of suitability of sand for filter medium.
Ÿ Complex Variables and Transforms,
Ÿ Geomedia Professional with GRID, Structural & Geotechnical
Ÿ Probability and Statistics,
Ÿ ArcPAD, Dataautomation kit, Engineering,Pavement Analysis Design &
Ÿ Numerical Analysis.
Ÿ R2V. Evaluation,Reinforcedconcrete
Elective Courses Elective Courses
Ÿ Environmental Impact Assessment Ÿ Bridge Engineering

Ÿ Bridge Engineering Ÿ Finite Element Method
he Department with its dedicated body of well qualified faculty, technical staff and
students is committed to be an international, multi-disciplinary centre of excellence in
Ÿ Foundation Structures Ÿ Aseismic Design of Structures
Computer Science and Engineering through education and research. It has
Ÿ Advanced Concrete Technology Ÿ Behaviour and Design of Tall
partnerships with leading academic institutions, Government and industrial sectors. It has
Ÿ Prestressed Concrete Structures Buildings acquired generous grants from global organizations like the World Bank, Swiss Development
Ÿ Infrastructure Management Ÿ Structural Stability Co-operation for Manpower Development, Department of Electronics, VSSC, AICTE and
Ÿ Optimization Techniques Ÿ Optimization Techniques Ministry of Information Technology. The department offers a UG programme and two PG
Ÿ Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Ÿ Maintenance and Rehabilitation of programmes.
Structures Structures
Ÿ Modern Materials for Construction Ÿ Shell and Spatial Structures
Ÿ Experimental Techniques and Ÿ Experimental Techniques and
Instrumentation Instrumentation
Ÿ Financial Management and Ÿ Soil Structure Interaction
Accounting Ÿ Theory of Plates
Ÿ Prefabricated Structures Ÿ Industrial Structures
City Planning and Urban Design Mechanics of Composite Materials
Ÿ Organization Behavior Ÿ Soft Computing In Structural
Ÿ Modern Surveying Engineering COMPUTER SCIENCE
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Ÿ Geosynthetics Ÿ
Ÿ Corrosion Engineering Ÿ Reliability Analysis and Performance
Ÿ Remote Sensing based Design
Programmes offered:
ME - Structural Engineering B.E. - Computer Science and
Curriculum Engineering
Core Courses M.E. - Computer Science and
Environmental Impact Assessment, Bridge Engineering
Engineering, Foundation Structures,
M.E. - Software Engineering
Advanced Concrete Technology Prestressed
Concrete Structures, Infrastructure
Management, Optimization Techniques,
Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Structures, Laboratory Facilities available for UG and PG programmes
Modern Materials for Construction, GRD Computing Lab
Experimental Techniques and
Ÿ Intel Core 2 and i5 processors -75 nos
Instrumentation, Financial Management and
Accounting, Prefabricated Structures City Ÿ End Systems connected to IBM servers for File and Telnet Service
Planning and Urban Design, Organization Ÿ Application Software includes Code Blocks
Behavior Modern Surveying, Geosynthetics, Ÿ .Net Professional, Java, Star UML and lab Software
Corrosion Engineering, Remote Sensing,
Applied Statistics and Reliability, Concepts of Programming Lab I
Structural and Geotechnical Engineering,
Advanced Concrete Technology, Reinforced Ÿ Intel Core i5 and i3 processors - 55 nos
concrete Design, Computer Analysis of Ÿ End Systems connected to IBM servers for file and Oracle-database Service
Structures, Concrete Technology and Ÿ Applications Software includes Code blocks
Structural Engineering, Laboratory, Structural
Ÿ Java, Oracle, .Net Professional
Steel Design Structural Dynamics, Applied
Elasticity and Plasticity, Foundation
Structures, Prestressed Concrete Structures
Software Programming Lab BE- Computer Science and Science and Humanities
Ÿ Material Science
Elective Courses
Ÿ Intel Core i5 and Core 2 processors- 51 Engineering Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, XML and Web
nos. Ÿ Applied Electrochemistry
Curriculum Services, Semantic Web Technology, Compiler
Ÿ End Systems connected to IBM Servers Mathematics Ÿ Environmental Sciences Design, Machine Learning, Evolutionary
for files and Telnet service. Ÿ Economics for Engineers
Calculus and applications, Linear Algebra, Computing Techniques, Information Retrieval,
Ÿ IAR Embedded Workbench
Complex Variables and Transforms, Core courses Natural Language Processing, Advanced
Ÿ Windows, Ubuntu OS. Probability and Queuing Theory. Problem Solving using C, Object oriented Databases, Virtualization, Cloud Computing,
Ÿ Applications Software includes java, programming using C++, Data Structures, Programming Paradigms, Cryptography and
Wega Computer Architecture (I and II), Design Network Security, Mobile Computing, Wireless
Ÿ Net Professional,NS2 and Analysis of Algorithms, Theory of Sensor Networks, Software Testing and Quality
Open Source Software Computing, Operating Systems, Database Assurance, Internet of Things, Professional
management systems, Computer Ethics.
Laboratory Research Projects Networks, Software Engineering, Compiler
Ÿ Server with Open V configuration
in Progress Design, Data Mining, Data Analytics, ME - Software Engineering
Ÿ Ozone Cloud Controller Mobile Systems Engineering, Object Curriculum
Ÿ C1 hypervisor for cloud project Oriented Analysis and Design, Artificial
Ÿ PSG- Nokia Research on Big Data Core Courses
Ÿ Intel core i3 and Workstations -20 nos. Intelligence, Distributed Operating
Analytics and Cloud Computing. Applied Statistics and Reliability, Data
Ÿ Open Source software Systems, Cryptography and Network
Ÿ UGC sponsored project on Structures, Database Design and Management,
AICTE Sponsored Software Security.
Sustainable Agriculture through Analysis and Design of Software Systems,
Elective Courses
Architecture Lab crop disease resistance using Software Requirements and Estimation,
Advanced Data Structures, Advanced
bioinformatics on hybrid CPU- Enterprise Computing Laboratory, Advanced
Intel Core i5 /Core 2 duo Processors-32 nos, Algorithms, Cloud Computing
GPU clusters Data Structures and Algorithms, Software
End Systems connected to IBM Servers for Programming Paradigms, Service Oriented
AICTE sponsored project on Cloud Testing and Quality Assurance, Software
file service, IBM Rational suite architect and Ÿ Architecture, XML and Web Technology,
Based Dynamic Service Discovery Engineering Management, Advanced Software
conventional lab software. Semantic Web Technology, Internet of
for Emergency and Management Engineering, Software Architecture.
TEQIP II Sponsored Hardware Lab Things, Parallel Programming, Open Source
Ÿ The Green Cloud Project: Systems, Software Project Management, Elective Courses
8085,8086 microprocessor/ 8051 trainer kits,
Innovative Software Testing and Quality Assurance,
Traffic light controller, interface cards, User Interface Design, Open Source Systems,
embedded application development Ÿ Product Lifecycle Management User Interface Design Storage Management,
Solutions through Energy Efficient Computer Networks, Data Intensive Computing
system, Intel core i5/core 2 duo processors- Soft Computing, Evolutionary
Cloud Computing for SMEs; Systems, Systems Engineering, Software
12 nos and lab Software. Computing,Machine Learning, Computer
sponsored by AICTE and Siemens. Reliability, Agile Software, Development,
Graphics, Basics of Digital Signal Processing,
Programming Lab II Software Metrics, Formal Methods in Software
Unix Internals, Wireless Networks, Advanced
Intel Core, Dual and i3 Processors - 40 Nos. Engineering, Design Patterns, Software Agents,
Computer Networks, Information Security.
End Computing systems connected to Dell Decision Support Systems, Program Analysis,
ME - Computer Science and Professional Ethics, Operating Systems.
servers, Rational Rose, lab software.
PSG-Nokia / PSG-Yahoo
Sponsored Research
Core Courses
Dell Power Edge 2970 Servers - 11 Nos,
Mathematical Structures and Stochastic
VMware Tower server with Vmware, Dell Processes, Data Structures, Database
server with Tesla card for GPGPU, R210 Rack Design and Management, Software
servers, Open Stack Cloud, Hadoop cluster. Engineering Methodologies, Advanced
Computer Architecture, Enterprise
PG Project Lab
Computing Laboratory, Advanced Data
Ÿ IBM Server
Structures and Algorithms, Operating
Ÿ Intel Core i5 processors and High end Systems, Theoretical Computer Science
Advanced Computer Networks, Embedded
systems - 84 Nos.
Power Electronics Laboratory Keysight U1733C 100Hz/ 120Hz/ 1kHz/

he Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was one of the first two
Inverter Fed v/f controlled Induction Motor 10kHz, 100kHz, 20000 Count, Dual Display
disciplines started since the inception of the college. The Department offers the
Drive, DSP Controlled IM Drive, Single & 3 Handheld LCR Meter,Keysight True RMS
following programmes: BE (E.E.E), Sandwich BE (E.E.E), ME (Applied Electronics),
Phase IGBT Based PWM Inverter, 3 Phase SCR Multimeter, MSP 430 Mixed SignalProcessor
ME (Electrical Machines- PT), ME (Power Electronics and Drives- FT), and ME (Embedded &
Four Quadrant Chopper, Single & Three Phase Launch pads G2., C 2000 Piccolo Launch pad
Real time Systems- FT). The Department is a recognized Quality Improvement Programme
Diode Bridge Rectifier, Single and Three Phase Evaluation Kit , Tiva C Series TM4C123G
(QIP) Centre for Post-Graduate and Doctoral Programmes.
Thyristor Bridge Converter, Differential Launch pad Evaluation Kit, Capacitive Touch
Module, Three Phase AC Voltage Controller, Booster Pack , Sensor Hub Booster Pack for
DSO, Programmable Power Supply, PSpice 9.2, TIVA C- Series Launch Pad , STEPS
MATLAB, PSIM 6.0. Experimenter Board : MSP430 Interface with
DEPARTMENT OF Analog Electronics Laboratory Peripherals , Arduino UNO, Atmega328

ELECTRICAL Single Trace Cardiac Monitor and ECG

Simulator, LCR Meter, Decade Resistance Box,
microcontroller, PIC Development Board,
AND ELECTRONICS Decade Inductance Box, Decade Capacitance
Box, Power Meter, Digital Multimeter, Analog
Compatible , ZIG BEE XBEE Series 2 , CC
110L AIR Module Booster Pack for MSP430,
ENGINEERING IC Trainer, Linear IC Tester, DSO, CRO,
DCPower Supply , Function Generator , Analog
TI Spin Motors Drive Booster pack DRV
8301, TI Analog System lab Kit.
Programmes offered: System Lab Kit.
Applied Electronics Laboratory
B.E. - Electrical and Electronics Digital Electronics Laboratory
LPC 2378 ARM Development Board,Spartan
Engineering Ÿ Digital IC Tester
3E FPGA Board, Basys2 FPGA Board, (Xilinx
B.E. - Electrical and Electronics Ÿ Digital Trainer Kit
Spartan 3-E FPGA, 100K Gate), Virtex 2 Pro
Engineering (Sandwich) Ÿ Digital Multimeter FPGA Development System, Add on board to
M.E. - Applied Electronics Microprocessor & DSP Lab Virtex 2 Pro FPGA Xc2VP30, 512 MB
M.E. - Power Electronics and Drives Compact Flash, Add on board to Virtex 2 Pro
PCs, 8085 Microprocessor Kit, 8051, 89S52,
M.E. - Embedded and Real-Time 68HC11 Microcontroller Kits, Universal FPGA Xc2VP30, 512 SD RAM, Add on board
Systems 8051Project Development Boards with to Virtex 2 Pro FPGA Xc2VP30, Video
Interfacing Accessories ,Universal PIC Decoder Board, Agilent 100MHz 4 Channel
Laboratory Facilities available for UG and PG programmes Embedded Trainer Kit , Universal Programmer , DSO, Pcs, IAR Embedded Workbench
Electrical Machines Laboratory TMS320C50 DSP Starter Kit & Software, Mentor Graphics HEP Category - I
Ÿ DC Machines FunctionGenerator , TMS320C50 DSP (Backend tools for IC design), Xilinx ISE
Ÿ Transformers TrainerKit, TMS PCC DSP 25 Card, Xilinx Foundation Software, MATLAB 5.1, PSPICE
Spartan -3 FPGA Kit, PC1-02 9.0, LabVIEW 9.0.1.
Ÿ Induction Machines
ADC/DHC/Timer Digital I/O Card, 3MHz Power Converters Laboratory
Ÿ Synchronous Machines
Function Generator, 30MHz CRO, DAC, ADC. 3-PH IGBT Based Inverter, 3-Ph Diode rectifier
Ÿ Special Machines
Ÿ Small Machines
UG Computer Centre + Brake Chopper + 3-PH IGBT based
Ÿ Intel Xenon Server, P4 PCs Inverter, DSP Processor Experimenter Kit,
Instrumentation and Control Laboratory
Ÿ Switches DSP Processor with Voltage and Current
Ÿ Bridge Circuits
Electrical CAD Centre Sensor Interfacing Board, Digital Storage
Ÿ Trainer Kits for LVDT, Strain Gauge, Capacitive Transducer, Temperature
MATLAB, PSCAD (V 4.2), PSPICE 9, LABVIEW Oscilloscopes Single and Three Phase Diode
Ÿ AC Servo Motor with Loading Arrangement
(V 8.6), EPLAN (1.8.5). Bridge Rectifier Module with heat sink,
Ÿ AC Servo Position Control System
Project Laboratory Handheld LCR Meters, True RMS Digital
Ÿ Synchro Setup
Keysight 1052 2 channel, 70 MHZ DSO, GW Multimeter, Single and Three Phase Auto
Ÿ Linear System Simulator
Instek make 30 MHz CRO,2 Channel Analog
Ÿ Digital LUX Meter Transformer Regulated Power Supply,
CRO,Function Generator, Dual Regulated
Ÿ Earth Resistance Meter Power Supply, UV Programmer- Smart Prog Function Generator, MATLAB Software,
Ÿ Pressure Measurement Trainer Kit Elnec make. Analog IC Tester- Minimax Type PSPICE Software, PSIM Software.
Embedded and Real-Time BE & BE(Sandwich) - Electrical and BE - Electrical and Electronics Research Projects
Systems Laboratory Electronics Engineering Engineering (Sandwich) in Progress
8051 Microcontroller Development Kit with Curriculum Salient Features Ÿ Development of Interactive
Keypad, RTC Display Board, Analog I/O Mathematics Courses The syllabi and the grading system of the Hydraulic Activated Device for
Board, RS232 Transceiver, ARM 7 Calculus and its applications, Sandwich programme are identical to those of Chronic Post Stroke Therapy;
Microcontroller Development Kit, PIC Complex Variables and Transforms, the 4-year BE programme. The students are sponsored by DST
Controller Development Kit, PC2378 Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis, provided industrial training for about 10 hours Ÿ Design & Development of
Development Board ARM Kit, 8031 Probability, Statistics and Random every week in PSG Industrial Institute. To Wireless Embedded
Microcontroller Kit Processes. accommodate intensive industrial training, the Microcontorller Based Portable
Special Electrical Machines Lab BE Sandwich programme is spread over 5 years. Nano Scale Toxic Gas Sensor
Science and Humanities
Further, the students must also undergo a System; sponsored by UGC
BLDC Motor with controller, Switched Physics,Chemistry, Professional Skills,
three-month compulsory internship in an Ÿ Design and Development of
Reluctance Motor with Drive, Permanent Communication Skills, Economics for
Magnet Synchronous Machine, Linear industry immediately after the third year of Pneumatic Actuated Wearable
Engineers, Environmental Sciences.
Induction Motor, MotorPro 5.2 software, study. A total of 2000 hours industrial training is Hand and Forearm Device for the
MATLAB software, Rm Expert software, Core courses provided during the entire duration of the Rehabilitation of Recovering
ANSYS Maxwell software. C programming, C++ and data structures, programme. Stroke Patients; sponsored by
Data Structures and Algorithms, DST
PG Computer Centre Operating Systems Basics of Civil ME - Applied Electronics
Ÿ Solar Energy based Desiccant
Engineering, Electric Circuits, Electronic Curriculum
Smart Grid Laboratory Devices Applied Mechanics, Digital loop Air-Conditioning;
Core Courses sponsored by DST.
Power Quality Analyzer, Pulse Centralizer Electronics, Network Theory Electronic
(LM25) - 25 INPUTS, Pulse Centralizer Circuits , Electro Magnetic Fields Linear Ÿ Systems Engineering Mathematics Ÿ Design & Development of Smart
LM50TCP+ (LM50)- 50 INPUTS, Relay Integrated Circuits and Applications, Ÿ Fundamentals of Linear Systems and Signal Microgrid using Renewable
Output Module - 24 OUTPUTS, Smart Grid Measurements and Instrumentation, DC Processing Energy Sources; sponsored by
Management Software , Maximum Demand Machines & Transformers, Ÿ Microcontrollers and Applications AICTE.
Predictive Controller, Single Phase Power Microprocessors and Micro-controllers,
Ÿ Digital System Design and Testing Ÿ Design and Development of a
Analyzer,3 Phase Compact Power Analyzer Computer Architecture, Induction and
Synchronous Machines, Generation, Ÿ Circuits and Systems Simulation Humanoid; sponsored by AVON
with CT, 3 Phase Comfort Power Analyzer
Transmission and Distribution, Control Laboratory Corporation.
with CT, With Lighting Loads and Inductive
Systems Digital Signal Processing, Power Ÿ Analog VLSI Design
Loads for demand control Direct Current
Electronics, Computer-aided Power Object Computing and Data Structures
Three Phase Net Meter, With Lighting Loads Ÿ
Systems Analysis, Power System
and Inductive Loads for Loss Simulation, Ÿ Computer Architecture and Parallel
Protection and Switchgears,Electric
Dynamic Power Controller with Demand Drives and Controls, Electrical Machine Processing
Management, Motorized Circuit Breakers, Design. Ÿ Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Motorized Circuit Breakers with ELR, Self
Elective Courses Ÿ Embedded System Design
Reclosing Circuit Breakers, Touch Screen
HVDC and Flexible AC Transmission
Monitor, Filter Bank - 150 kVAr in 6 Stages - Elective Courses
Thyristorized @ 440 V, Efficiency Data Systems, Special Machines and
Controllers, Renewable Energy Sources, Virtual Instrumentation Systems, RF Circuits
Server, Electric Vehicle Recharging Box
Utilization of Electrical Energy, Advanced and Measurements, Industrial Drives and
Controls, Algorithm for VLSI Design
Centres of Excellence in the Control Systems, Smart Grid, VLSI Design,
Communication Systems, Neural Automation, System on Chip, ASIC
Department Design,Operating Systems, Real-
Networks & Fuzzy Systems, Advanced
Ÿ L & T Centre for LV Switch Gears TimeEmbedded Systems, Linux Architecture,
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers,
Ÿ LAPP Cable Centre Advanced Microprocessors, Electronic Product
Advanced Data Structures, Computer
Ÿ Audio Processing Centre Design, Digital Image Processing, Digital Video
Networks, Software Project Management
Ÿ PSG - DANFOSS Centre Processing,Wavelets and Applications, Bio
and Quality Assurance, Advanced
Ÿ Centre for Renewable Energy medical Signal Processing, Medical
Computer Architecture and Personal
Ÿ Pro-Sun Centre of Excellence for Solar PV Instrumentation Systems, Internet Working
Computer Systems.
Systems. and its Applications, Soft Computing.
ME - Power Electronics and Drives Ÿ Digital System Design and Testing
Curriculum Ÿ Microcontrollers Laboratory

he Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering came into existence in
Core Courses Ÿ Real-Time Operating Systems
the year 1968.The department offers B.E Programme in Electronics and
Systems Engineering Mathematics, Ÿ Embedded System Networks
Communication Engineering and PG Programmes include M.E Communication
Fundamentals of Power Semiconductor Ÿ Object Computing and Data Structures Systems, M.E VLSI Design, M.E Wireless Communications and M.Tech Nanoscience and
Devices and Electrical Machines, Power Ÿ Linux Architecture and Device Drivers Technology offering high class technical and innovative experience to the students. The
Converters and Analysis, Micro controllers
Ÿ Computer Architecture & Parallel department offers doctoral and M.S by research Programmes in both part time and full time
and Applications, Object Computing and Data
Processing mode. The department has produced around 73 Ph.Ds. The AICTE-CII Award for the Best-
Structures, Power Converters Laboratory,
Ÿ Real-Time Systems Laboratory Industry linked Institute for the Electronics & Communication Engineering subject stream for
Linear Systems, Modeling and Analysis of
the year 2013 strengthened the department's industry-institute relations. BE ECE program of
Electrical Machines, Electric Drives and
Control, Simulation of Power Electronic Elective Courses 2012 has been accredited for 5 years by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). ME VLSI
Design Course was Accredited for 5 years with effect from September 2016.ME
Systems, Switched Mode Power Converters. Ÿ Advanced Embedded Controllers
Communication Systems course was Accredited for 5 years with effect from April 2017.
Elective Courses Ÿ Automotive Embedded Systems

Ÿ Power Electronics in Wind and Solar Power Ÿ Robotics and Factory Automation
Conversion Ÿ Industrial Networking & Standards
Ÿ Special Machines and Controllers Ÿ Advanced Digital Signal Processing DEPARTMENT OF
Ÿ Digital Controllers In Power Electronic Ÿ Digital Image Processing
Ÿ Advanced Control of Electric Drives
Ÿ Cryptography And Network Security
Ÿ Soft Computing Techniques for Renewable
Energy System
Ÿ Graph Theory And Applications COMMUNICATION
Ÿ Personal Computer Systems
Ÿ Flexible AC Transmission system
Ÿ Power Quality Management Ÿ Advanced Virtual Instrumentation
Ÿ Wavelets And Applications
Ÿ Power Electronics Applications to Power Programmes offered:
Systems Ÿ System On Chip
B.E. - Electronics & Communication
Ÿ Advanced Topics in Power Electronics Ÿ Wireless Sensor Networks Engineering
Ÿ HVDC Transmission Ÿ Wireless And Mobile Communication M.E. - Communication Systems
Ÿ Optimization Techniques Ÿ Medical Instrumentation Systems M.E. - VLSI Design
Ÿ Digital Signal Processing Ÿ Digital Controllers for Power Electronics M.E. - Wireless Communication
Ÿ Advanced Virtual Instrumentation Applications M.Tech - Nanoscience and
Ÿ Wavelets and Applications Technology
Ÿ Personal Computer Systems
Ÿ Smart Grid Technologies
Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG programmes
Ÿ Distributed Generation and Micro grids
Ÿ Hybrid Electric Vehicles Circuit and Devices Laboratory
ME - Embedded and Real-Time Ÿ 30 MHz 2 channel CRO
Ÿ Function Generator, Multiple Power Supply
Ÿ TEXAS Instruments ASLk Starter Kit
Core Courses Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
Ÿ Systems Engineering Mathematics TMS family Starter Kits, TMS family Evaluation Boards, TMS family Trainer kits, MSP family
Ÿ Fundamentals of Embedded Software Experimenter Kits, TMDX28069USB C2000 Microcontrollers DEV. Tools, Altium Nano
Ÿ Microcontrollers and Applications Board NB3000 (Xilinx Spartan), Stellaris Family Development Kit, TMS Based, Advanced
Ÿ Real-Time Concepts for Embedded DSP Trainer Kit, CCD and Basler Machine Vision Camera.
GRD Computer Centre National MEMS Design Centre Advanced Communication Centre Core courses
PCs, Windows, Ubuntu OS, Mat lab, C++,
Ÿ COMSOL Multiphysics MATLAB, Exata Network emulator,QualNet & C programming, C++ and data structures,
QualNet Network Simulator, NetSim
Ÿ IntelliSuite Netsim Network simulator, ANSYS Academic Principles of Electrical Engineering, Electron
Network Simulator, ADS - RF Circuit Design& Teaching HF (Antenna/Microwave/RF design Devices, Network Theory, Analog Electronics,
Ÿ Coventor Ware
Analysis Software, Ns2 Network Simulation tool), Keysight Vector Signal Analyzer , Digital Electronics , Electromagnetic Fields,
Ÿ Tanner EDA
Software, Wiresharkopen source protocol analyzer, Intel Measurements and Instrumentation, Linear
Cognitive Radio and Sensor Synthesis & Characterisation of Atom Processor, PS Boards , Mica Mote Integrated Circuits, Signals and Systems,
Development Kits.
Networks Laboratory Nanomaterials Laboratory Transmission Lines and Wave guides, FPGA
Magnetic stirrer with hot plate 1 MLH, Freescale Embedded Systems Based System Design, Antennas and Wave
Cc3200 simple link wifi [IoT] Wireless MCU, Propagation, Analog Communication,
Telos B Mote with humidity, temperature and
Horizontal Single Distillation unit , UV-Vis Laboratory
Computer Networks, Microprocessors and
Spectrophotometer, Omnicant® Nano sniff- 16 and 32 Bit Microcontroller Boards, Smart
light sensors,Mica Z Mote IEEE 802.15.4 Micro controllers, Control Systems, Digital
Piezoresistive cantilever sensor, Nitrogen gas Car - 16 bit, 32 bit, ARM versions, 89S52 Project Signal Processing, Statistical Theory of
complaint,Iris/MICS date Acquistion Board,
cylinder, Electronic Weighing Balance,Hot Trainer Boards, ARM Development Kits, 8051 Communication, Embedded Systems, VLSI
Iris PC nterface board, Telos B Mote Zigbee Development Boards, USB - UART Boards
Airoven, High temperature High pressure Design, Microwave Engineering, Digital
complaint, WARP V3-Pro-SDR KIT, ETTUS
Autoclave, High temperature tubular furnace, VLSI Design Centre Communication, Wireless Communication .
Fume hood, Digital pH meter, Heating Mantle Software
Integrated Circuits Laboratory 500 mL capacity, Pulsed Digital Elective Courses
Ÿ Cadence Tools
PCs, TI Analog system Lab Starter kit, Texas Ultrasonicator,Remi Micro centrifuge RM- Satellite Communication, Telecommunication
Ÿ Synopsys Tools
ASLK V2010 Starter kit, Agilent 6014A 12C. Switching Systems, Fiber Optic
100MHz MSO, Function Generator, Power Ÿ Xilinx Tools - Vivado, SDSoc Communication, Advanced Digital
Keysight Baseband Communication
Supplies, Digital IC trainer kit - DTK 14 Ÿ Mentor Graphics Tools Communication, Radio Frequency Integrated
and Advanced Embedded Systems
RF Microwave Laboratory Hardware Boards Circuits, Microwave Integrated Circuit Design,
Laboratory Radio Frequency MEMS, Radar Engineering,
PCs, Microwave Test Bench with accessories XILINX Zybo Boards, XILINX Basys3 Boards,
MSO with Deep Memory and GPIB, USB and
Spectrum Analyzer, Agilent Vector network XILINX Analog Discovery kit, XILINX Nexsys4- Digital Image Processing, Speech Signal
LAN Interfaces, Digital multi meter with GPIB
analyzer, Agilent Vector Signal Generator DDR Boards, XILINX FPGA Boards-Zed Board, Processing, Multimedia Compression
& RS232C Interfaces, DAQ Units, Altera - ICB HSMC,DE2115,Video and
and Analyzer, Agilent Handheld RF Power Techniques, Wavelets and its Applications,
Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Embedded kit, Altium Nano Board 3000 Series,
meter, Dream Catcher Digital RF Commn. Digital Audio Engineering, Broadband
with GPIB, USB & LAN Interfaces, Triple SPARTAN 3E FPGA Boards, Virtex II Pro FPGA
Kit, ATTEN instruments RF Power meter Boards. Networks, Wireless System and Standards,
output DC Power supply with GPIB &
TechniLab Instruments, Microwave Signal Wireless Sensor Networks, Network Security,
RS232C Interfaces, Agilent U3000A BE - Electronics and
Source 2.0- 3.0 GHZ, GB Technology Analog VLSI Circuits, Low Power VLSI Design,
Microwave Signal Generator , RFID
Electronic Instrumentation Training Kit, Communication Engineering Nano Electronics, Digital Signal Processing
Agilent 20 Channel Armature Multiplexer Curriculum
Development Kit, GPS/GSM Development System Design, Vehicular System sand
Agilent 20 Channel Actuator/GP Switch
Module Mathematics Networks, Network Design using Network
Agilent Multifunction Module, Agilent Ÿ Calculus and its Applications
PSG-Agilent Centre of Excellence Technologies 82357B USB/GPIB Interface
Processors, Advanced rocessor Architectures.
in Wireless Technology Ÿ Complex Variables and Transforms
USB2.0, Analog & Digital communication Kits, ME - Communication Systems
Ÿ Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
33250A Arbitrary Waveform Gen, 80 16801A &16802A Logic Analyzer, Keysight
MHz,N5182A MXG RF Vector Signal Ÿ Probability, Statistics and Random Curriculum
Advanced Design System Software, Keysight
Generator,N5106A PXB Baseband Processes Core Courses
Vector Signal Analyzer Software, Agilent VEE
Generator, Channel Emulator,EXA Signal Pro Automation Software , MATLAB Science and Humanities Applied Mathematics, Baseband
Analyzer N9010A,MSO7104b Mixed Signal Communication, Information Theory and
PSG Infineon Embedded Systems Ÿ Material Science
Error Control Coding, Communication
Oscilloscope, E5062A ENA-L RF Network
Laboratory Ÿ Applied Chemistry Networks, RF Passive Circuit Design,
Analyzer, WARP MEMO V3, USRP Instant
Ÿ Keil XC167 Microcontroller Boards Ÿ Professional Skills Communication Networks Laboratory,
SDR, UERT 900 Antenna, EMPro 3D EM Advanced Digital Communication
Ÿ Infineon XC167 Microcontroller Boards Ÿ Communication Skills
Simulation Software, SystemVue Electronic Systems, Advanced Digital Signal
Ÿ Infineon XC164 Microcontroller Boards Ÿ Economics for Engineers
System-Level Design Software, Advanced Processing, Radiating Systems, Wireless
Design System (ADS). Ÿ Ulink Debugger Ÿ Environmental Sciences
Communications, FPGA Based ME - Wireless Communication Ÿ RF Passive Circuit Design M.Tech - Nanoscience and
Communication System Design, Advanced
Core Courses Ÿ Wireless Technology Laboratory Technology
Digital Communication Laboratory.
Ÿ Applied Mathematics Core Courses
Ÿ Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Elective Courses Ÿ Baseband Digital Communications
Ÿ Computational Mathematics
RF Active Circuit Design, Modeling and Ÿ RF Active Circuit Design Ÿ Fundamentals of Nanoscience
Ÿ Wireless Networking
Simulation of Communication Ÿ Radiating Systems Ÿ Quantum Mechanics
Ÿ Wireless Communication Systems
Systems,Cooperative Communication and
Ÿ Wireless Sensor Networks Ÿ Synthesis of Nanomaterials
Cognitive Radio, RF MEMS, VLSI Signal
Processing, Radar Communication, Computer Research Projects in Progress Ÿ Space Time Wireless Communication Ÿ Materials Science
Vision, Advanced Wireless Communication , Ÿ Synthesis of Nanomaterials Laboratory
Ÿ Indigenous Design and Development of Ÿ RF System Design using EDA Tools
Detection and Estimation, Multi User Digitally Secured Smart Padlock for the Ÿ Characterization of nanomaterials
Detection, Data Compression, Wavelets and Rural and Economically Backward Laboratory
Subband Coding, Optical Networks, Smart Ÿ Nanolithography
Community People of India, AICTE Ÿ Wireless System Design Laboratory
Antennas, Adaptive Signal Processing, Sponsored Project under Unnat Bharat Ÿ Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical
Software Radio Architecture. Abhiyan Scheme. Elective Courses Systems
Ÿ Design and Development of Wireless Ÿ FPGA Based Wireless System Design Ÿ Nanoelectronics
ME - VLSI Design Embedded Microcontroller based Portable Ÿ Software Radio Architecture Ÿ Nanosensors and Device
Core Courses Nanoscale Toxic GAS Sensor system;
Ÿ Wavelets and Sub-band Coding Ÿ Nanofabrication laboratory
Graph Theory and Optimization Techniques, sponsored by UGC.
Digital Design Principles, Device Modeling, Ÿ Design and Development of Indigenous Ÿ Wireless Security Ÿ Nanodevice design laboratory
Digital IC Design, Designing with FPGAs, Low Phased Array RF Volume Coil for 1.5 Tesla Ÿ Cooperative Communication and Cognitive
Power VLSI Design, Analog VLSI Circuits, Magnetic Resonance Imaging; sponsored Elective courses
Testing and Testability, Computer aided by DST. Ÿ Nanophotonic
design of VLSI systems, VLSI Signal Ÿ Embedded Systems
Ÿ Special Manpower Development Ÿ Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Processing, VLSI Design Laboratory, Programme for Chip to System Design Ÿ Advanced Processor Architecture
Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory, High level Ÿ Polymer Electronics
(SMDP - C2SD); sponsored by MeitY. Ÿ Optical Networks
verification and Testing Laboratory. Ÿ Nanobiomaterials
Ÿ Design and Development of GSM Ÿ Wireless Multimedia Communication
Emergency communication Network Base Ÿ Nanotoxicology
Ÿ Radar Communication
Elective Courses station based on universal software radio Ÿ Nanotechnology in Textiles
Peripheral; sponsored by UGC. Ÿ Free Space Optics Ÿ Nanotechnology for Energy systems
Mixed Signal VLSI Design, Hardware
Ÿ Design and development of intelligent Ÿ Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design Ÿ Nanostructures in Medicine
Verification Techniques, Semiconductor
secret image recovery techniques using Ÿ RF MEMS
Memory Design and Testing, VLSI Ÿ Nanocomputing
visual cryptography and heuristic
Technology, RF Circuit Design, VLSI for optimization techniques for Healthcare Ÿ Multiuser Detection Ÿ Nanobiotechnology
Wireless Communication, System level application; sponsored by UGC. Ÿ Smart Antennas Ÿ Modelling of Nano CMOS
Hardware Software Co-design, System on Ÿ Design & Development of CAP Based Ÿ Adaptive Signal Processing Ÿ System on chip design
Chip Design, Synthesis and Optimization of Wireless System for Multichannel EEG
Ÿ 3G and 4G Wireless Communications Ÿ Product Design, Management Techniques
Digital Circuits , High Speed Digital Design, Recording ; sponsored by DST.
Ÿ Long Term Evolution Design
and Entrepreneurship
Micro sensors and MEMS, Nano Scale Ÿ Test Bed Architecture for authentication,
Devices, Advanced Computer Architecture Confidentialiy integrity of sensitive Ÿ Spread Spectrum Communication
and Parallel Processing, Biomedical Signal DICOM images, sponsored by AICTE. Ÿ Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Processing, Genetic Algorithms for VLSI Ÿ Visual Intuition and scene categorization
Ÿ Computational Electromagnetics
Design, VLSI for Biomedical Applications, for MAV Navigation; sponsored by
Hardware security Network-on-Chip, DARO/DST. Ÿ Wireless Technologies and Measuring

Electronic packaging Technologies, FPGA Ÿ Fabrication of Nanoscale Biosensor for Tools

Based Implementation of Signal Processing cholesterol detection; sponsored by UGC. Ÿ RF Circuits and Measurements
Systems, RF Circuits and measurements. Ÿ Design and Development of Multi- Ÿ Embedded System Design
Wireless Technologies and Measuring Tools, parameter Pain Monitoring System for
Ÿ FPGA Based Implementation of Signal
Embedded System Design. Children; sponsored by DST.
Processing Systems
Fashion CAD Laboratory Science and Humanities

he Department of Fashion Technology offers B.Tech - Fashion Technology, a 4 years
undergraduate programme accredited by National Board for Accreditation (NBA). The Ÿ Adobe Photoshop Ÿ Properties of Materials and Measurements
department has well qualified, experienced, competent and committed faculty Ÿ Corel Draw Ÿ Applied Physics
members. They regularly involve in organizing conferences, workshops, publishing books, Apparel Resource Centre Ÿ Applied Chemistry
research papers and funded projects. This programme is structured with core and elective Ÿ Professional Skills
Ÿ Fabric Swatches
subjects to meet the technological and managerial needs of the fashion industry and to take Ÿ Communication Skills
care of the needs of placement, career growth and personal aspiration of the students. After a Ÿ Accessories
Ÿ Trimmings Ÿ Economics for Engineers
good foundation in communication skills, applied maths & science and textile technology, Ÿ Environmental Sciences
strong emphasis is given to apparel technology, management and computer application, Ÿ Garments
keeping in pace with the revolution in information technology. While the industrial training Surface Ornamentation Laboratory
imparted offers the students the much needed exposure to the industrial practice and current Accessory attachments - sequence attaching, Research Projects
trends, the project work gives a capstone experience to improve their technical acumen,
analytical skill, research oriented approach and problem solving capability. Beads attaching of multi head embroidery in Progress
machine with fifteen needles per head,
Computerized design punching Ÿ Development of new designs,
prints and colours in promotional
Apparel Quality Evaluation bags including beach, wine and
Laboratory shopping bags; sponsored by
Fabric testing Abrasion, Pilling, Sublimation National Center for Jute
fastness, Drape, Perspiration fastness. Diversification, Kolkata.
Mechanical properties testing Tearing strength, Ÿ Development of instructional
Bursting strength Garment safety and materials for vocational training
accessories testing Snap pull, Zip endurance, in Textile sector; sponsored by
Button impact testing. National Instructional Media
Institute (NIMI), Chennai.
DEPARTMENT OF Centres Of Excellence Ÿ Design and development of skin
– fabric friction tester and
equipped with state of the art LECTRA measurements of in vivo and in
CAD softwares like Modaris, Diamino for vitro friction properties of
digital pattern design developments. human skin sponsored by

TECHNOLOGY It has the first of its kind 3D FIT analysis

and rendering software Modaris 3D FIT. It also
possesses fabric CAD softwares like kaledo
University Grant Commission,
New Delhi.

Programmes offered: Weave, kaledo Knit and kaledo Print. The

B.Tech. - Fashion Technology centre helps the students to augument their
skills in the area of Fashion Design Creation,
Fabric Design Development & Simulation,
Computerized Patten Making Grading and
Infrastructure Facilities Maker Planning.
The department is equipped with state of art laboratories such as Pattern Engineering PSG - SIRUBA MEHALA Apparel
Laboratory, Garment Manufacturing Laboratory, Fashion CAD Laboratory, Apparel Resource Machinery And Equipments Centre
Centre, Surface Ornamentation Laboratory, Apparel Machinery Laboratory and Apparel Established in collaboration with M/s,
Quality Evaluation Laboratory , The facilities available include. Siruba, Taiwan and M/s. Mehala Machine
works, Tirupur is equipped with different types
Pattern Engineering laboratory of industrial Sewing Machines. The students are
Ÿ Cork Top Tables
well exposed to these machines, their
mechanisms and components.
Ÿ Mannequins
Ÿ Dress Forms
B.Tech - Fashion Technology
Garment Construction Laboratory Mathematics
Ÿ Single needle lock stitch machines Ÿ Button holing machines Calculus and its Applications, Differential
Ÿ Over lock machines Ÿ Button fixing machines Equations, Complex Variables and Transforms,
Ÿ Flat lock machine Ÿ Computerized embroidery machine
Probability and Statistics
Core courses
Ÿ Problem Solving and C Programming

Ÿ Basics of Textile Engineering he Department of Information Technology (IT) was established in the year 1999. The
Ÿ Yarn Technology mission is to develop quality engineers to meet the current trends in the emerging
Ÿ Fabric Technology world of IT, to undertake research at the frontiers of computing technologies, and to
Ÿ Fashion Evolution serve the community and the profession. The well-structured curriculum enables the students
Ÿ Visual Dress Design to take up a broad spectrum of courses, while laying emphasis on the desired areas of
Ÿ Pattern Engineering specialization. The department offers excellent facilities for students to learn and acquire the
Ÿ Fabric Structure and Design necessary skills demanded by the industry. A wide range of research activities undertaken in
Ÿ Textile Chemical Processing Technology the department allow the students to gain contemporary knowledge about real-life problems
Ÿ Apparel Machinery and Equipments in the industry. The department offers an undergraduate programme in IT and post graduate
Ÿ Garment Construction programs in Information Technology & Biometric and Cyber Security.
Ÿ Textile Finishing and Garment care
Ÿ Textile and Apparel Quality Evaluation
Ÿ Knitwear Design and Technology
Ÿ Industrial Engineering
Ÿ Apparel Marketing Management
Ÿ Apparel Costing
Ÿ Clothing Science and Comfort
Ÿ Apparel Production Planning and Control
Ÿ Speciality Fabrics and Technology
Ÿ Fashion Trends and Visualization
Ÿ Green Textiles and Environment
Ÿ Visual Merchandising
Ÿ Apparel Merchandising
Ÿ Fashion Retail Management
Elective Courses Programmes offered:
Ÿ Functional Apparels and Clothing B.Tech. - Information Technology
Ÿ Home Textiles M.Tech. - Information Technology
Ÿ Protective Clothing
Ÿ Recycling of Textile Products
ME. - Biometrics and Cyber
Ÿ Apparel Size andFit Analysis Security.
Ÿ Lean Manufacturing of Apparels
Ÿ Apparel Work Measurement Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG programmes
Ÿ Leather Apparel Technology
Ÿ Operations Research for Apparel Industry Computer Laboratory
Ÿ Colour Science Ÿ High-End IBM and DELL Servers
Ÿ Fashion Photography
Ÿ Fashion Dynamics Ÿ VMwarevSphere Hypervisor 5.5
Ÿ Garment Trims and Accessories Ÿ Sophos Firewall
Ÿ Interior Designing Ÿ Microsoft SQL server 2015
Ÿ Intimate Apparels
Ÿ Footwear Designing Ÿ Oracle 11G, Microsoft Visual Studio
Ÿ Apparel Logistics and Supply Chain Ÿ Matlab, IBM rational suite, QualNet
Ÿ Total Quality Management Hardware Laboratory
Ÿ Brand Management and Advertising
Ÿ Microprocessor & Microcontroller trainer kits
Ÿ Strategic Management
Ÿ Global Trade Management Ÿ DSP & LAN Trainer kits
Ÿ Apparel Entrepreneurship
IoT Security Research Lab Elective Courses One credit courses M.Tech - Information Technology
Ÿ Mobile Check suite, Ÿ Artificial Intelligence with Industry Experts Core courses
Ÿ Net Force Suite, Ÿ System Software Ÿ Virtualization Ÿ Number Theory and Quantitative
Ÿ Arduino & Raspberry pi boards Ÿ Embedded Systems Techniques
Ÿ Next Generation IP Networks
Ÿ Soft Computing Ÿ Object Oriented Programming
Biometrics Lab Ÿ Android Application Development
Ÿ Information Storage and Management Ÿ Data Structures and Algorithms
Ÿ Philips Page Writer(ECG), Palm Reader, Ÿ Software Quality and Automated testing
Ÿ Digital Image Processing Ÿ Networking Technology
Iris Scanner Ÿ Multicore Technology
Ÿ Multi-core Computing
Ÿ Forensic Tool Kits, FPGA Boards Ÿ Database Technologies
Ÿ Semantic Web Technologies Ÿ Ontology Engineering
Centre of Ekalavya Ÿ Data Structures Laboratory
Ÿ Client Server Computing Ÿ Machine to Machine Communication
Ÿ MHRD sponsored remote center for Ÿ Operating Systems
distance learning.
Ÿ Enterprise Resource Planning ME - Biometrics and Cyber Security Ÿ Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Ÿ Network and Internet Security Core courses
PG Laboratory Ÿ Cloud Computing
Ÿ Information Ethics Ÿ Number Theory and Quantitative
Ÿ Project lab for PG students. Ÿ Software Engineering Methodologies
Ÿ Total Quality Assurance Techniques
Juniper Laboratory Ÿ Wireless Adhoc Networks Ÿ Mobile Computing
Ÿ Object Oriented Programming
Ÿ Networking training centre for students Ÿ Cloud Computing Ÿ Software Development Laboratory
Ÿ Data Structures and Algorithms
and faculty Ÿ Web Services and Service Oriented Ÿ Application Development Laboratory
Research Laboratory Architecture Ÿ Networking Technology
Ÿ Research centre for students and faculty Ÿ Compiler Design Ÿ Biometric Technologies
Elective Courses
B.Tech - Information Technology Ÿ Graphics and Multimedia Ÿ Applied Cryptography Ÿ XML and Web Services
Curriculum Ÿ Information Retrieval Ÿ Service Oriented Architecture
Ÿ Biometric Image Processing
Mathematics Ÿ TCP / IP and Socket Programming Ÿ Cryptography and Network Security
Calculus and its Application, Linear Algebra Ÿ Cyber Security and Investigations
Ÿ Big Data Analytics Ÿ Information Storage Management
and Numerical Analysis, Complex Variables Ÿ Digital Forensics
Ÿ Machine Learning
and Transforms, Probability and Queuing Ÿ Pattern Recognition Ÿ Evolutionary Computation
Theory. Research Projects in
Ÿ Biometric Image Processing Laboratory Ÿ Big Data Analytics
Science and Humanities Progress
Ÿ Material Science & Applied Ÿ Security and Penetration Testing Ÿ Social Network Analysis
Ÿ Deep learning for Health
Electrochemistry Laboratory Ÿ Agent Based Intelligent Systems
Ÿ Professional & Communication Skills Ÿ Network design
Ÿ Semantic integration of Elective Courses
Ÿ Economics & Environmental Sciences Biomedical Ontologies. Ÿ Computer Vision Ÿ Wireless Networks
Core courses Ÿ Sentiment Analysis using Artificial Ÿ Cryptography Algorithms on
Ÿ Semantic Web
Basics of Electrical, Electronics and Intelligent Techniques Ÿ Internet of Things
Reconfigurable Hardware
Communication, C, C++ and Java Ÿ Distributed Systems
Ÿ Improving QoS in wireless LAN. Ÿ Modern Learning Techniques
Programming,Computer Architecture,
Computer Communication Networks, Data Ÿ Data Mining Techniques
Structures & Advance Data Structures, Ÿ Information Ethics and Laws
DigitalSignal Processing, Database Ÿ Soft Computing and Speech Processing
ManagementSystems, Design and Analysis
Ÿ Information Theory and Coding
ofAlgorithms, Data Mining, Information
Security, Internet of Things, Object Ÿ Security in Cloud Computing
OrientedModeling and Design, Ÿ Digital Watermarking and Steganography
OperatingSystems, Software Engineering, Ÿ Distributed Systems and Security
Theory of Computing, Microprocessors and
Ÿ Database Design and its Security
Interfacing, Mobile Communication and
Computing, Web Technologies. Ÿ Security in Internet of Things
Embedded Systems Laboratory BE - Instrumentation and

he department of Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering was established in
the year 2007. The department offers an under graduate programme in Altera DE2 Development Board, Cyclone II Control Engineering
Instrumentation and Control Engineering and a post graduate programme in Control 2C35 FPGA, TMS320C6416T-DSK, TIOMAP Curriculum
Processor, Atmel AT91SAM9263- EK, Atmel
Systems. Instrumentation and Control Engineering play a vital role in any modern industry. Mathematics
The department aims to prepare students for productive careers in the discipline of SAM ICE, Atmel AT91SAM7x-EK, Logic
Ÿ Calculus and its Applications
Instrumentation and Control and to produce graduates who accept responsibilities for Analyser, Atmel AVR, Microcontroller, Vernier
Ÿ Complex Variables and Transforms
leadership roles in their profession, community, and global society. It is involved in providing Biomedical Sensors Kit.
Ÿ Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
quality education to students with a dynamic curriculum that caters to the ever-improving Distributed Control Systems Lab
Ÿ Probability and Random Processes
industrial and research needs. Differential Pressure/Level Transmitter, Gauge
Pressure Transmitter, Discrete Wireless
Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Smart
Valves with Positioners, Electromagnetic Flow
Transmitter, Coupled Tank to Demonstrate
DEPARTMENT OF Research Projects
Level, Flow and Temperature Control,
in Progress
INSTRUMENTATION Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor Setup, Conical
Tank Setup, Delta V MD plus Controller, Delta
Ÿ Design and Development of
Simulation Software, Foundation Fieldbus

AND CONTROL Module, HART Interface Module, Profibus

Interface Module.
Embedded Vision Based Therapy
System for Yoga Therapy;
sponsored by DST SERB.

SYSTEMS Control and Drives Laboratory

Linear Inverted Pendulum, Magnetic Levitation
Ÿ Sensor Development for the
Detection of Oil Debris in Gas

System,Rotary Servo Plant,PMSM Drive Setup, Turbine Applications, (Collaborative
PLC Based Induction Motor Drive,2 Project with the Department of
DoFHelicopter System, Ball Balancer System, Instrumentation and Control
Programmes offered: Engineering, National Institute of
PSG-NI Virtual Instrumentation
B.E. - Instrumentation and Control Technology, Tiruchirappalli),
Engineering Centre Sponsored by Gas Turbine Research
M.E. - Control Systems LabVIEW Software ,Data Acquisition Systems, Establishment, DRDO, Bangalore.
Image Acquisition Systems, Motion Control
System, Signal Conditioning Systems, NI ELVIS,
Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG Programmes NI Compact RIO, PXI module with CAN and
Instrumentation and Control Laboratory FireWire Interface, Smart Camera Evaluation
Kit, DSP Kit with SPEEDY-33.
Ÿ Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)
PSG Rockwell Centre for
Ÿ Strain Gauge
Industrial Automation
Ÿ Temperature Measurement System
Programmable Automation Controllers,
Ÿ Sound Level Meter
Distributed I/O Module, Integrated
Ÿ pH Measurement Setup
Architecture (IA) Modules, Drives and Motion
Ÿ Dead Weight Measurement System Control Systems, Safety Integrated System,
Ÿ Smart Transmitter HMI Systems.
Ÿ AC and DC Servomotor Setup
Signal Processing Laboratory
Process Control Laboratory TMS320C6416 - DSK, Code Composer
Interacting and Non-Interacting Systems, Pressure Control Station, Level Control Station, Studio,Biopac, MP45 Two Channel Biomedical
Flow Control Station, Temperature Control Station, Pneumatic Control Valve Setup, Multi- Acquisition System,Keysight Function
Process Trainer. Generator and CRO
Science and Humanities ME - Control Systems
Material Science, Applied Electrochemistry, Curriculum

English Language Proficiency, Economics for he Department of Mechanical Engineering was one of the first two disciplines started
Core Courses since the inception of the college and has evolved a comprehensive student centric-
Engineers, Environmental Science and Systems Engineering Mathematics,
Engineering. learning approach, designed to add significant value to the learner's understanding in an
Measurement Systems, Linear Systems integrated manner through workshops, laboratory sessions, assignments, IT training,
Core courses Theory and Design, Principles of Feedback seminars, internships, projects, and independent study. The department also offers post
Problem Solving and C Programming, Electric Control, Advanced Virtual Instrumentation, graduate programmes in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering Design, Industrial
Circuits, Electronic Devices and Circuits, System Identification, Advanced Digital Signal Engineering, Energy Engineering and Lean Manufacturing.
Transducer Engineering, Electrical and Processing, Nonlinear Control, Advanced
Electronic Measurements, Electrical Process Control, Optimal Control.
Machines, Thermodynamics and Fluid Elective Courses
Mechanics, Digital Electronics, Linear ICs and Ÿ Logic and Distributed Control System
Applications, Data Structures and Algorithms,
Ÿ VLSI System Design
Control Systems, Industrial Instrumentation,
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Ÿ Adaptive Control System MECHANICAL
Digital Signal Processing, Principle of Ÿ Robust Control
Communication Systems, Analytical
Instrumentation, Process Control, Robotics
Ÿ Industrial Drives and Control

Ÿ Applied Soft Computing

and Automation, Computer Networks,
Virtual Instrumentation, Logic and
Ÿ Robotic Systems Programmes offered:
Distributed Control Systems, Embedded Ÿ Building Automation Systems B.E. - Mechanical Engineering
System Design,
B.E. - Mechanical Engineering (SW)
Ÿ Machine Vision
M.E. - Engineering Design
Elective Courses Ÿ State Estimation
M.E. - Industrial Engineering
Ÿ Biomedical Instrumentation Ÿ Optimization Techniques M.E. - Computer Integrated
Ÿ Fiber Optics and Laser Instruments Ÿ Embedded Systems Manufacturing
Ÿ VLSI Design Ÿ Wavelets and Applications M.E. - Energy Engineering
Ÿ Product Design and Development M.E. - Lean Manufacturing
Ÿ Instrumentation System Design
Ÿ Computer Architecture Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG programmes
Ÿ Internet Tools and Java Programming Dynamics Laboratory
Ÿ Industrial Chemical Process Ÿ Universal Vibration Apparatus
Ÿ Digital Image Processing Ÿ Whirling of Shafts Apparatus

Ÿ Operating Systems Ÿ Journal Bearing Apparatus

Ÿ Shaft Alignment Test System
Ÿ Power Plant Instrumentation and Control
Ÿ Cam Analysis System
Ÿ Instrumentation and Control in
Ÿ Static & Dynamic Balancing of Rotating Mass
Petrochemical Industries
Ÿ Motorized Gyroscope
Ÿ Power Electronics and Drives
Ÿ Advanced Digital Signal Processing Engineering Design Centre
Ÿ MEMS and Nanotechnology Ÿ PTC CreO Ÿ Ansys

Ÿ Optimal and Adaptive Control Systems Ÿ Catia Ÿ Abaqus

Ÿ Solidworks Ÿ Franc 3d
Ÿ System Identification
Ÿ Autodesk Inventor Professional Ÿ Fe-safe
Ÿ Intelligent Controllers
Ÿ Autocad Mechanical Ÿ Mathcad
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Anemometer for airflow measurement , Workshop Manufacturing Simulation
Centrifugal self priming pump, Reciprocating Screw Compressor , 4 Cylinder Electro Ÿ Welding
pump, Gear oil pump, Jet on vane apparatus, Pneumatic Demo Kit, Air Receiver , Rotary Ÿ Foundry
MSC.ADAMS, Finite Element Analysis
Axial flow fan, Centrifugal blower, Wind Actuator with parallel Gripper attachment, Ÿ Sheet Metal
Software, Ansys, Hyper Works, Solidcast
tunnel, Mouth piece & orifice, Cavitation Festo and Siemens PLC, Festo Hydraulic Ÿ Plumbing
Tribology Laboratory
apparatus, Pelton turbine, Submersible pump, Trainer Kit Ÿ Carpentry and Fitting Section
Reciprocatory friction monitor, Fourball
Ÿ Lathe and Special Machines Section
Pitot tube apparatus, Reynold's apparatus. Software tester, Pin on disc wear test rig, Rubber
Heat Power Laboratory Ÿ Directsoft CNC Machines Laboratory wheel abrasive wear test rig, Ultrasonicator
Pin Fin Apparatus, Natural Convection Ÿ Automation Studio Ÿ CNC Trainer Lathe, Computational Fluid
Apparatus,Forced Convection Apparatus, Ÿ CBT Ÿ CNC Trainer Mill, Dynamics Laboratory
Stefan - Boltzmann Constant Apparatus, Ÿ KV Ladder Ÿ Portable Surface roughness tester , Work Station (128GB RAM), ANSYS, MATLAB,
Emissivity measurement Apparatus, Heat PSG-RANE CoE in Ÿ KELLER Symplus Software. Minitab, Turbo Design Software.
Exchanger, Air Conditioning tutor, Energy Engineering Laboratory
Manufacturing Systems Noise and Vibration Laboratory
Refrigeration Tutor, Boiling and Condensation Wind Energy Training System, Boundary layer
Apparatus, Morse test on multi cylinder petrol Ÿ Desktop Trainer Kit for Conveyer Station, (CoE sponsored by DST-FIST)
thickness measurement setup., Thermal
engine, Constant speed 4 - stroke diesel Handling Station, Stacking Station Sensors - Piezoelectric Charge Accelerometer, mixer experimental setup. Bio digester
engine, Multi - cylinder petrol engine, 4 - Ÿ Modular Production Systems for Miniature Tear-Drop IEPE Accelerometer,
distribution, testing, processing and BE and BE (Sandwich) - Mechanical
stroke diesel engine, Constant speed single Charge to Deltatron Converter, Reaction
handling Engineering
cylinder petrol engine, High pressure two Torque sensor, Load sensor, Data Acquisition
Core courses
stage reciprocating air compressor, IC engine Ÿ Quanser HVAC Trainer Kit Systems, Vibration Measurement -
Manufacturing Processes, Engineering
Test Rig Ÿ Quanser DC Motor Control Kit Electrodynamic Shaker, Classical Shock
Mechanics, Industrial Metallurgy, Concepts of
Machine Tool Research Centre Ÿ Closed loop pneumatic trainer kit software, Impacthammer, Free-fall shock
Engineering Design, Fluid Mechanics,
Stone Crusher Sieving, Hydraulic machine, Acoustic Sensing - Handheld analyser
compression Machine, Dynamic Shaker,Auto
Sensorics Laboratory with sound level meter and frequency analysis
Mechanics of Materials , Kinematics of
Machinery , Engineering Thermodynamics ,
Clave,Static Load test setup,Epoxy- concrete Data Acquisition Cards, IEPE Accelerometer, software, ½" free field microphone, Sound
Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Mixer Machine,Compact Laser Electro-Dynamic Vibration Shaker, NI-FPGA calibrator.
, Computer Numerical Control and Robotics ,
Vibrometer,NI-96 Channel DAQ Card for based Reconfigurable I/O board, LVDT, Load
Industrial Engineering Laboratory Turbo machinery , Dynamics of Machinery ,
vibration, Strain and Temperature Cell, Temperature and Air Flow Sensing
eVSM, 3D SSP, Timer Pro, Reliasoft Weibull , Metrology and Instrumentation , Fundamentals
measurement,Non-Contact Eddy Current systems, Proportional Flow Control and
Hyper Lingo , SAP , Arena, SYSTAT , iGraphics of Internal Combustion Engines , Design of
Sensors,Non-Contact Laser Sensors Pressure Control Valves, Anemometer FFT
Flow Charter, Witness Software, MS Project, Machine Elements , Thermal Engineering , Tool
Material Testing Center Analyzer, Surface Roughness Tester, Sound
Design , Design of Transmission Systems, Heat
Rockwell Hardness Tester, Brinell hardness Level Meter, J - Type Thermocouple - with Minitab, Flexsim.
Lean Manufacturing Lab and Mass Transfer , Operations Research ,
tester, Vickers hardness tester, Impact cold junction compensation, Digital Contact
Learning Factory, Lean games: Plug factory Design for Manufacture and Assembly ,
testing machine, Torsion testing machine, Type Tachometer, Passive Infrared Sensor
Industrial Engineering and Management ,
Fatigue testing machine, Spring testing Capacitive Sensor ,Inductive Sensor ,Optical simulation, Torch Factory Simulation, 5S game,
Power Plant Engineering , Finite Element
machine, Universal testing machine. sensor, Programmable Robots. eVSM and Igrafix, Systat , Timer Pro Witness,
Metrology Laboratory Arena , Reliasoft Weibull, XFMEA.
Tool Maker's Microscope, Optical Profile
PG CAE Laboratory (CoE for
Projector, Surface Finish Measuring
Instrument, Gear Roll Tester. Simulation) Modeling Software
PSG-FESTO Centre of Excellence in Ÿ I-Deas, Unigraphics,
Ÿ Wildfire,
Pneumatic Automation Hardware
Basic and Advanced Pneumatic Set, Basic and Ÿ Solidedge,
Advanced Electro-Pneumatic Set, trainer kits Ÿ Catia
for Pneumatics & Electro - Pneumatics, Mechanism Analysis Software
Rotary actuator with gripper, Proportional Ÿ Keller Turning and Milling Simulation
Flow and Pressure Control Valves, Ÿ Visual Mill
Elective Courses Elective Courses Elective Courses
Computer Aided Design, Advanced Strength Design of Mechanical Drives, Modeling of Total Productive Maintenance, Enterprise
of Materials, Failure Analysis and Design, Dynamic Systems , Mechanics of Composites Resource Planning, Safety and Environment
and Smart Materials, Geometric Modeling, anagement System, Flexible Manufacturing
Vibration and Noise Engineering, Mechanics
Product Development and Reverse ystems, Industrial Scheduling , Lean Six Sigma in
of Composite Materials, Precision Machine
Engineering, Design of Automotive Systems, anufacturing and Service , Integrated Product
Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing,
Design and Analysis of Thermal Systems, esign and Development trategies, Product
Manufacture and Inspection of Gears,
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, nalysis and Cost Optimization, Design for
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, Non-
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, anufacture and Assembly, Human Resource
Traditional Machining, Rapid Prototyping,
Production Tool Design, Computational Fluid Management , Service and Operations
Flexible Manufacturing Systems,
Dynamics, Creativity and Innovation anagement, Marketing Management, Financial
Computational Fluid Dynamics, C Engine
Management, Artificial Intelligence and and Cost Accounting.
Design, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Expert Systems, Advanced Strength of
Automobile Engineering, Automotive Materials. ME - Computer Integrated
Electronics, EE analysis, Lean Manufacturing, ME - Industrial Engineering Manufacturing
Supply Chain Management, Industrial Design Core courses
Core Courses
and Applied Ergonomics, Optimization Applied Numerical Analysis, Materials and
Statistics, Quality Control and Reliability
Techniques for Engineering Systems, Quality
Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering, Components and
Engineering, Project Engineering. Industrial Management, Engineering Architecture of CIM, CNC Machines and 9 7 8 - 9 3 - 8 2 3 8 7 - 1 5 - 2

BE - Mechanical Engineering (SW) Economic Analysis, Simulation Modeling and

Robotics, Mechatronics System Design, Sensor
Analysis, Operations Management Industrial
The BE Mechanical Sandwich Programe was
Engineering Laboratory Advanced Interface and Robotics Laboratory, FEA in
started in the year 1983. The curriculum is the
Optimization Techniques, Quality Manufacturing, Geometric Modeling,
same as that of the four year mechanical
Engineering and, Ergonomics Supply Chain Mo d el ing and Anal ysis o f Ad v anced
engineering programme but spread over a
Management, Modeling and Analysis of
span of five years to accommodate intensive Manufacturing Systems, Design for
Advanced, Manufacturing Systems, Project ,
industrial training. PSG Industrial Institute Management Operations Research Manufacture and Assembly, Product
serves as an educational centre as well as an Laboratory Manufacturing Systems Design Development and Reverse Engineering ,
industrial production centre. The students Laboratory. Computer Aided Engineering Laboratory.
undergo three hours of training everyday for a
period of five days a week at three major Elective Courses
divisions' viz. Heavy Engineering Division, Enterprise Resource Planning, Mechanics of
Rotating Machinery Division and Foundry Composites and Smart Materials, Industrial
Division Robotics, Simulation Modeling and Analysis,
ME - Engineering Design Optimization Techniques, Advanced
Core courses Metrology and Automated Inspection, Micro
Applied Numerical Analysis, Concepts of Electro Mechanical Systems, Nanomaterials
Engineering Design, Machinery Vibration and Nanotechnology, Engineering Economic
and Diagnostics, Mechanisms and Robot Analysis, Statistics and Reliability Engineering ,
Kinematics, Mechatronics System Design, Precision Engineering, Computational Fluid
Vibration and Noise Engineering Laboratory, Dynamics, Information Technology in
Industrial Tribology, Applied Elasticity and Manufacturing Applications, Industrial Design
Plasticity, Advanced Finite Element Analysis,
and Applied Ergonomics, Lean Six Sigma in
Design and Failure Analysis, Design for
Manufacture and Assembly, Computer Manufacturing and Servicing, Artificial
Aided Engineering Laboratory, Sensor Intelligence and Expert Systems, Industrial
Interface and Robotics Laboratory, Engineering Laboratory,
ME - Lean Manufacturing Ÿ Thermal energy conservation and

Core courses management

Ÿ Renewable energy systems he Department of Metallurgical Engineering established in year 1968 has been in
Ÿ Statistics, Quality Control and Reliability
Ÿ Energy economics, forecasting and the forefront of metallurgical engineering education for nearly five decades. Besides
Engineering offering quality education to the students, the department is also actively engaged
Ÿ Manufacturing Engineering and Industrial Ÿ Energy and thermal systems design in research and development. It also offers testing and consultancy services to industries.
Management Ÿ Computational fluid dynamics Faculty members of the department are highly qualified and most of them have long industrial
experience. The department also offers a post-graduate programme in Industrial Metallurgy.
Ÿ Design of Lean Production System Ÿ Instrumentation for energy systems
Ÿ Electrical energy conservation and
Ÿ Lean Tools and Management Systems
Ÿ Information Technology in Manufacturing
Applications Elective Courses
Ÿ Cleaner production
Ÿ Lean Manufacturing Laboratory
Ÿ Building energy conservation and green
Ÿ Cost Management and Lean Accounting
Ÿ Lean Supply Chain and Logistics Ÿ Solar energy technologies
Management Ÿ Design of solid and liquid waste conversion
Ÿ Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing and
Ÿ Advanced energy technologies and

sustainable development
Ÿ Enterprise Resource Planning Ÿ Nano technologies and energy systems

Ÿ Global Integrated Manufacturing Ÿ Design of bio-energy systems
Ÿ Manufacturing Simulation Laboratory Ÿ Energy storage systems
Ÿ Industrial processes and energy
Ÿ Manufacturing Systems Design Laboratory
conservation Programmes offered:
Elective Courses B.E. - Metallurgical Engineering
Major Research Area
Ÿ Quality Engineering and Ergonomics M.E. - Industrial Metallurgy
Ÿ Department of Mechanical Engineering is
Ÿ Modeling and Analysis of Advanced
presently carrying out research in the
Manufacturing Systems
fields of Design and development of Major Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG programmes
Ÿ Design for Manufacture and Assembly alternate materials for machine tool
Creativity and Innovation Management
Mineral Dressing laboratory
Ÿ structures, Machining of composites, High
Ÿ Industrial Scheduling speed machining, Renewable energy, Ÿ Jaw crusher, Roll crusher
Ÿ Project Management Vibration analysis and smart materials, Ÿ Ball mill
Micro manufacturing, Sheet metal
Ÿ Optimization Techniques Ÿ Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker
Ÿ Human Resource Management Ÿ Wilfley Table
Ÿ Leadership and Personality Development Ÿ Hydraulic Jig
Ÿ Flexible Manufacturing Systems Metallography Laboratory
Ÿ Job and Workplace Design
Metallurgical Microscopes with digital camera, Image processing and analyzing system ,
Ÿ Inventory and Warehouse Management
Stereo microscopy, In-situ Metallography kit .
ME - Energy Engineering Foundry Laboratory
Core Courses Foundry Sand Testing Equipment (Moisture content tester, sand strength tester, clay content
Ÿ Concepts of energy engineering, tester, shatter index tester, mouldability tester, permeability tester) , Induction Melting
Ÿ Thermodynamics and combustion Furnace (Capacity of 25kg), Rheo casting setup, Vacuum metal melting furnace
Stir casting set up, Cast decant casting (CDC) set up.
Welding Laboratory Advanced Characterization Lab Science and Humanities Ÿ Forming Processes
GTAW, GMAW and SMAW Units, Implant Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with Ÿ Material Science Ÿ Heat Treatment and Surface Modification
Tester, Diffusible Hydrogen Determinator, EDS attachment, Optical Metallography with Ÿ Applied Chemistry
Ÿ Iron and Steel Making
Diffusion Bonding Setup, Varestraint tester.
polarized light attachment, phase contrast, Ÿ Professional Skills
Surface Engineering Laboratory Ÿ Communication Skills
Ÿ Environmental Degradation of Metals
dark field/bright field illumination.
Salt Spray (Fog) Test Setup, Wear and Ÿ Economics for Engineers Ÿ Casting, Joining and Forming laboratory
Friction Monitors, High temperature wear Microhardness Tester (Load range: 10 gm to
Ÿ Environmental Sciences Ÿ Testing and Characterization Laboratory
tester, Electroplating unit, Air Jet Erosion 30 Kg), Microhardness Tester (Load range:10
Tester, Slurry Jet Erosion Tester. gm to 2 Kg with a TV projection system) , Core courses Elective Courses
Metal Forming and Optical Emission spectrometer (OES), X-Ray Problem Solving and C programming, Mineral
Beneficiation, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Ÿ Non-Destructive Evaluation
Mechanical Testing Laboratory Diffraction unit (XRD) .
Ÿ Universal Testing Machine (40 ton)
Transfer, Applied Mechanics, Design of Ÿ Thermodynamics of Materials
BE - Metallurgical Engineering Machine Elements, Basics of Electrical and
Ÿ Computerized Universal Testing Machine Ÿ Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys
Curriculum Electronics Engineering, Production of Iron,
(10 ton) Elements of Physical Metallurgy, Metallurgical Ÿ Powder Metallurgy
Ÿ Charpy Impact Tester Ÿ Calculus and its Applications Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Physical Ÿ Foundry Metallurgy
Ÿ Hardness Testers (Brinell, Rockwell, Metallurgy, Production of Steel, Mechanical
Ÿ Differential Equations Ÿ Welding Metallurgy
Rockwell superficial, portable hardness Behavior and Testing of Materials, Corrosion
Ÿ Complex Variables and Transforms Engineering, Non Ferrous Extraction Ÿ Selection of Materials for Mechanical
Ÿ Probability and Statistics Metallurgy, Metal Casting , Heat Treatment Design
Ÿ Hydraulic Press and Surface Engineering, Rate Processes in
Ÿ Ceramics and Polymers
Ÿ ECAP facility (200 ton) Metallurgy, Metal Forming, Metal Joining,
Heat Treatment Laboratory Research Projects Powder Metallurgy, Ceramics and Composites, Ÿ Composites
Fracture Mechanics and Failure Analysis, Ÿ Metallurgical Failure Analysis
Ÿ Controlled atmosphere furnaces in Progress Materials Characterization, Non Destructive
Ÿ Advanced Materials
Ÿ Induction furnace Testing, Physical Metallurgy of Steels and Non
Ÿ Synthesis and Characterisation Ferrous Alloys Ÿ Materials Modeling
Ÿ Vacuum furnaces
of Zircon Sand /Ai-Zn-Mg alloy Ÿ Creep Fatigue and Fracture
Ÿ Silicon carbide furnace Elective Courses
composites; sponsored by Ÿ Welding Procedures and Qualifications
Powder Metallurgy Laboratory Advanced Surface Engineering, Metallurgy of
UGC. Tool Materials, Special Casting Techniques, Ÿ Research Methodology
Ÿ Hot Isostatic Press Ÿ Establishment of Centre of Metallurgy of Castings, Selection of Materials,
Ÿ Planetary Ball Mill Computations in Metallurgical Engineering, Ÿ Quality System Management
Excellence in Welding
Ÿ Attritors engineering and technology Nano Materials, Bio Materials, Polymer Science Ÿ Ceramics Processing Technology
Ÿ Glove Box sponsored by Department of and Technology, Elements of Dislocation
Ÿ Advanced Coating Technologies
Theory, Creep and Fatigue, Optical and
Ÿ Tumbler mill Heavy Industry, Government Magnetic Materials, Electrical and Electronic Ÿ High Performance Ceramics
Non-destructive of India. ( Rupees 26.7 Crores ) Materials, Motor Vehicle Engineering, Modern Ÿ High Temperature Behavior of Alloys and
Testing Laboratory Materials.
Ÿ X-Ray Radiography Unit (300 kV, 6 mA) ME - Industrial Metallurgy
Ÿ Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Core Courses
Ÿ Eddy Current Tester Ÿ Statistics, Quality Control and Reliability
Ÿ Magnetic Crack Detector Engineering
Ÿ Boroscope Ÿ Engineering Physical Metallurgy
Ÿ Ultrasonic C- scan system Ÿ Foundry Technology
Materials Modeling Lab Ÿ Welding Technology
Ÿ 40 PCs with windows and linux OS. Ÿ Mechanical Metallurgy
Ÿ CALPHAD software : Thermo calc Ÿ Optical Metallography Laboratory
Ÿ Analyzing software : Ansys Ÿ Experimental Techniques in Metallurgy
Production and Industrial PSG-DSIR Clinic on

he undergraduate programme in Production Engineering was started in the year
Engineering Laboratory Product Styling and Design
1975. Subsequently, the department grew in several dimensions of academic
excellence with time and offers postgraduate programmes in Manufacturing
Software Hardware
Arena V 7.0 Evaluation version, Crystal Ball Ÿ HCL Xenon Workstations
Engineering, Product Design and Commerce and Virtual Prototyping and Digital Ÿ Immersion Microsribe
2000, Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5, Creo 3.0 , Visual
Manufacturing. All laboratories of the department are approved for carrying out research, Mill , CatiaV5R 17 , SOLIDCast , Simlab , Solid Ÿ Wacom Tablet
leading to Ph.D Degree. Currently, there are 43 research scholars pursuing their Ph.D work in Works. Software
the department. The department offers consultancy in manufacturing processes, design and Metrology and Machine Alias Studio Tools, Rhinoceros, Pro/ENGINEER,
Creo 3.0, Hyperworks, Radioss, Comsol,
testing products, including product styling. A team of dedicated faculty members nurture the Vision Laboratory ABAQUS 6.12,
programme and actively contribute towards the creation of a high quality learning Machine Vision System, Coordinate Measuring Computer Aided Engineering Lab
environment that is persuasive. Machine (CMM), Gauge Blocks and Angle Pro/ENGINEER, SOLIDCast, ANSYS 12,
Gauges, Michelson Interferometer, Pneumatic, Creo 3.0, AutoCAST, Moldflow.
Electro-Pneumatic and Electrical Comparators,
TESA Bore Gauge, UDT-2 Dial Gage Tester 170,
PDM and Integrated Product
Development Laboratory
DEPARTMENT OF Auto Collimator, Floating Carriage Micrometer,
Electronic Height Gauge, Profile Projector, CATIA V5 R16, Rational Rose, Oracle 9i, Auto Vue

Surface Roughness Tester, Tool Makers MS TM CAD/CAM Centre
500, Universal Bevel Protractors.
Sensor and Automation Laboratory Silicon Graphics ORIGIN 200 Server, Silicon
Modular Manufacturing System, Pneumatic
Graphics O2 PCs, HCL Intel Core2 Duo
Trainer Kits, Electro Pneumatic and PLC Based workstations, Acer Intel i3 Desktops, HCL
Controls, Measurement System- Temperature, Pendium-D workstations,
Programmes offered:
Speed, Load, Displacement, Pressure and Software
Vibration., Do it yourself Kit - Sorting Station, Pro/ENGINEER wildfire, Creo 3.0, NX, CATIA,
B.E. - Production Engineering Automation Studio Software. Master CAM, AutoCAST, SOLIDCast, NX
B.E. - Production Engineering Ergonomics Laboratory Moldwizard, ANSYS, Solidworks, MoldFlow,
(Sandwich) Cimatron 10, Windchill 10,
Anthropometric Measuring Kit, Environment
M.E. - Manufacturing Engineering Variable Measurement System, Goniometers,
Ultrasonic Welding Laboratory
Ultrasonic Plastic welder (1500 W, 20kHz),
M.E. - Product Design and Electrocardiogram(ECG), 3D Scanner and
Printer, Peg Board Testers, Hand Grip Ultrasonic Metal Welder (2500 W, 20kHz),
Commerce National Instruments Temperature
Dynamometers, Surface electromyography
M.E. - Virtval Prototyping and (sEMG), Force Gauges. Measurement Module, Computerised Tensile
Digtal Manufacturing Reliability and Product Testing Machine (UTM), Non-contact
Temperature Measuring Device - Thermal
Testing Laboratory Imager.
Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG programmes Ÿ Electrodynamic Shaker Subtractive Rapid Prototyping Lab
Production Engineering Laboratory CAD/CAM Learning Centres Hardware
Ÿ CNC Vertical Machining Center Ÿ Tool Presetter Hardware Ÿ CPM 3020 ISEL CNC Machine

Ÿ CNC Horizontal Turning Center Ÿ Pin On Disc Wear and Friction Tester Ÿ Robot
HCL Intel Core2 Duo Workstations, HCL Intel i3
Ÿ Hydroforming Machine Ÿ Subtractive Rapid Prototyping Machine Workstations, HCL Intel i5 Workstations, Acer Software
Intel i3 Desktops. Creo 3.0, Wild Fire, Keller Cam, Visual Mill,
Ÿ Lapping Machine Ÿ TIG Welding Machine
Software Desk Proto, Solid Cast.
Ÿ Honing Machine Ÿ Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Testing Virtual Reality Centre
Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5, Creo 3.0, ANSYS 12,
Ÿ CNC Fanuc Simulator Machine
SOLIDCast 7.0.2, MoldFlow, Mastercam X4, Hardware
Ÿ Ultrasonic Metal Welding Machine Ÿ Tensile Testing Machine Windchill 10. Dell, HP and HCL Workstations, LG 3D Smart
Ÿ Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine Ÿ Thermal Imager Manufacturing Process TV, Sony 3D HMD, Barco Projector, Virtual
Ÿ Laser Engraving Machine Ÿ Cutting Tool Dynamometers Simulation Laboratory Research HMDSGI 24" Monitor, Microsoft X-
Box 360, 3D Connexon Space Mouse, Wanda
Ÿ Injection Molding Machine Ÿ Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0
Mouse - 6 DOF, Wacom Tablet, Tracking
Ÿ Tool and Cutter Grinder Ÿ SOLIDCast 7.0.2
Devices - Flock of Birds, X-box Kinect, Wiimote,
Ÿ Visual mill 5.0
Immersion Microscribe, Haptic Device: - Engineering and Tribology, Manufacture of Elective Courses
CyberGlove RH, 5DT Data Glove LH & RH Automotive Components, Lean Production and Operations Management, Elective Courses
with wireless kit, Stereo Glass - NuVision with Manufacturing, Material Handling Facilities, Industrial Robotics, Tool Design, Rapid
Non -Traditional Machining Techniques, Prototyping, Applied Pneumatics and Ÿ Simulation and Modelling Techniques
IR Emitters, Leap Motion Controller, Epson 3D
Supply Chain Management, PLC Programming Hydraulics, Optimization Techniques, Non- Ÿ Human Computer Interaction
Projector and 3D Glasses,
and Applications, Machine Tool Engineering, Traditional Machining Processes, Product Ÿ Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Software Rapid Prototyping, Composite Materials Development Strategies, Image Processing and
Vizard, Vcollab, 3Ds MAX, MAYA, Creo 3.0 Processing, Simulation of Manufacturing Machine Vision, Mechatronics System, Ÿ Mechatronics System
CATIA V6. Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Solidification Processing and Foundry Ÿ Database Management Systems
In addition to these facilities, Mechanical Vibrations. Metallurgy, Reliability Engineering, Logistics Ÿ Enterprise Computing
laboratories like workshop, fluid machinery and Supply Chain Management, Total Quality
BE Production Engineering (SW) Management, Work Systems Engineering, Six-
Ÿ Image Processing and Machine Vision
and hear power laboratories are available.
The students of this programme undergo
BE & BE (Sandwich) - Production Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Agile
industrial training in addition to the academic Manufacturing, Combinatorial Optimization.
Engineering process that is provided in the regular BE ME - Product Design and Commerce Research Projects
Curriculum programme. As a result, students are
Core courses in Progress
Mathematics equipped with skills that make them ready to
be deployed on the job. They undergo Computational Mathematics, Failure Theories
Calculus and its Applications, Differential Ÿ Development of an Adaptive
internship in several industries and learn in Design, Materials Selection and Metallurgy,
Equations and Transforms, Linear Algebra and Control System for Precision
Geometric Modeling and Computer Aided
Numerical Analysis, Probability and Statistics, several issues in industry and understand Machining of Aircraft Aluminium
Design, Design for Manufacture and Assembly,
Statistical Quality Control. techniques to solve them. There is a well
Object Computing and Data Structures Alloys at Near Minimum Material
Science and Humanities planned curriculum for industrial training that
Laboratory, Product Lifecycle Management, Zone With Targeted Mean;
Applied Physics, Industrial Chemistry, smoothly transforms the students to an Finite Element Analysis, Engineering
Professional Skills, Communication Skills, employable professional. sponsored by ARDB, New Delhi
Economics, Product Reliability, Human Factors
Operations Research, Economics for Engineers, Industry Training for Product Design, Product Design and Ÿ Experimental Investigation on
Production and Operations Management, Manufacturing processes; Metrology and Sound and Vibration Damping
Development Laboratory, Engineering Design
Environmental Science. Characteristics of Green Sandwich
Quality Control; Industrial Safety Procedures; Laboratory.
Core courses Shop Floor Management Systems; Soft Skills; Composites; sponsored by AICTE
Problem Solving and C Programming, Elective Courses
Entrepreneurship New Delhi.
Introduction to Manufacturing Engineering, Database Management Systems, Product
Engineering Mechanics, Engineering ME - Manufacturing Engineering Development Strategies, Enterprise Ÿ Ergonomic Investigations on
Metallurgy, Basics of Electrical and Core Courses Computing, Rapid Prototyping, Object Manual Tasks in Manufacturing
Oriented Analysis and Design, Computational
Electronics Engineering, Welding Technology, Statistics, Quality Control and Reliability Workplaces to Reduce Fatigue and
Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer, Composite
Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics and Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Improve Productivity; sponsored
Materials, Optimization Techniques, Analysis of
Machinery, Machining Technology, Machine Processes ,Materials Selection and Metallurgy, Metallurgical Failures, Production and by AICTE New Delhi.
Drawing, Foundry Technology, Kinematics of Geometric Modeling for Manufacturing, Operations Management, Total Quality
Machinery, Thermal Systems and Heat Ÿ Experimental Investigations on
Design for Manufacture and Assembly, Object Management, Mechanical Vibrations.
Transfer, Manufacturing Metrology, Metal Surface Topography in Micro-
Computing and Data Structures Laboratory, ME - Virtual Prototyping and
Forming Processes, Design of Machine Engineering Economics, Finite Element milling of New Ti-Nb-Ta based
Elements, Process Planning and Cost Applications in Manufacturing, Advanced Digital Manufacturing Alloys for Biocompatibility in
Estimation#, Dynamics of Machinery, Metrology ,Automation in Manufacturing, Core Courses Medical Implants; sponsored by
Instrumentation and Control Systems, Computer Numerical Control, Advanced Linear Systems Theory, Concepts of Digital DST, New Delhi.
Applied Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Design Manufacturing Laboratory, Automation, Manufacturing, Virtual Reality Systems,
for Manufacture and Assembly, Jigs, Fixtures Metrology and Simulation Laboratory Computer Graphics for, Virtual Reality I,
and Die Design, Sensors, Automation and Geometric Modeling and Computer Aided
Modular Production Systems, Computer Design, Object Computing and Data Structures
Numerical Control and Robotics. Laboratory, Computer Graphics for, Virtual
Elective Courses Reality II, Modeling and Simulation of Virtual
Mechatronics, Mechanical Measurements, Systems, Product Life cycle Management,
Robotics and Applications, Maintenance and Mathematical Modeling and Computer Aided
Safety Engineering, Finite Element Engineering, Scientific and Engineering Data
Applications in Manufacturing, Micro and Visualization, Virtual Modeling and Simulation
Nano Electromechanical Systems, Product Laboratory, Virtual Prototyping and Design
Development Strategies, Design and
Manufacture of Gears, Product Life Cycle
Management, Cleaner Production, Surface
PSG- Adept Centre for Robotics

he Department of Robotics and Automation Engineering was established in the Adept Cobra s600, SCARA robot, Adept
academic year 2011 in order to meet the growing demand for trained manpower in Quattro s650H parallel robot, Bumblebee,
the field of Robotics and Industrial Automation. It holds pride in equipping the young OCAM360, LIDAR, Phantom Haptic device, Research Projects
minds with a dedicated curriculum in Robotics and Automation at the undergraduate level Dual delta 3D printer
itself. From robots that perform industry's clear-cut needs to automotive solutions that crave PSG - Danfoss Centre for in Progress
for perfection and sophistication, the department makes an impact in the quality of life world- Climate and Energy Ÿ Vision-based precision entry into
wide. The program in Robotics and Automation Engineering encompasses all areas of RC Components, Heating Solution and PCA buildings and landing on elevated
research, development, design, and operation which allow students to nurture in the major Components, IGBT'S Dismantling Kit, Practical flat surface, funded by Aeronautics
areas of Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Automation, Computer and Robotics Engineering. Working Drive, Test Beds, VLT Drive, Research and Development Board
The department keeps close contact with the Indian and International industries as well as 4"E-learning portal. (ARDB), Ministry of Defense, Govt.
Institutions for student projects, internships and employment. of India.
PSG-Siemens Centre of
Ÿ Design and Development of
Excellence in Automation Robotic Endotrainer, funded by
Siemens PLCs - S7 1200 and S7 1500, Siemens Global Innovation and Technology
HMI Panels, Remote I/O Section, HMI's : KTP Alliance (GITA), DST.
Ÿ Design and Development of Solar
V60 training kit, SCADA and HMI: WINCC panel Cleaning Robot, funded by
Advanced V12, WINCC RT Advanced V12 DST - SERI.
DEPARTMENT OF 128TAGS, WINCC Professional RT 512 Ÿ Development of High temperature
TAGS,WIN CC Professional Engg 512 TAGS, servomotor, funded by Board of

ROBOTICS AND Simatic Tia V12 Professional.

PSG- FESTO Centre for Robotronics
Research in Nuclear Sciences
(BRNS) of the Department of
Ÿ FESTO MPS Atomic Energy (DAE).

Ÿ FluidSim software
Ÿ Automated Welding station,
funded by Department of Heavy
Industry (DHI), Ministry of Heavy

Ÿ CIROS software Industries, Govt. of India.
PSG- Beckoff Centre for Ÿ Intelligent welding power source,

Programmes offered: PC Based Automation Technology funded by Department of Heavy

Industry (DHI),Ministry of Heavy
B.E. - Robotics and Automation Ethercat, Profibus, Devicenet, Asi - Linear
Industries, Govt. of India.
servo - AC and DC servo, TwinCAT- NTP -
Motion Control, Industry 4.0 - Home
Laboratory Facilities
e-Yantra Robotics Laboratory
PSG- Fanuc Centre for Advanced CNC and Robotics
In association with IIT Bombay
Ÿ High Precision Turning Centres
Ÿ High Speed Vertical Machining Centre Ÿ TETRIX
Ÿ Fanuc LR Mate 200iC Robot Ÿ LEGO Mindstorm NXT
Ÿ Fanuc M 710iC Robot Ÿ Aldebaran
Ÿ ABB IRB 1400 M94A Robot Ÿ NAO, Firebird
Ÿ Hexapod
PSG-Heidenhain CNC Centre
Ÿ CNC Simulation Software R&D Centre
Ÿ Equipped with sophisticated equipments
Ÿ Keller Cam
Ÿ Workshop for design &fabrication
Ÿ SYMPlus Ÿ Simulation softwares
Ÿ TECHNICPlus Computer Centre
Ÿ CAMPlus PCs,C, C++, Pspice, MATLAB, Labview, Adams,
Ÿ Training kits for CNC Turning and Milling Centres AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Ansys,
BE - Robotics and Automation
Elective Courses

Ÿ Special Machines and Controllers stablished in 1965, the Department of Textile Technology is regarded as one among
Ÿ Artificial Intelligence for Robotics the few premier departments for Textile Engineering in India. The National Board of
Mathematics Accreditation (NBA) has granted the department with certification for 5 years in
Ÿ Advanced Control Systems
Ÿ Calculus and its Applications 2017, 2012, 2004 and 1997. The department is backed by well experienced, diverse team of
Ÿ VLSI Design
Ÿ Complex Variables and Transforms faculties who regularly involve in funded projects, organizing conferences, workshops, and
Ÿ Digital Signal Processors and its
Ÿ Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis provide consultancy. The Department received the Mentor Award for Best Industry Linked
Ÿ Probability, Statistics and Random Engineering Institute 2015 for Chemical & Allied Engineering Institute by AICTE and CII.
Ÿ Embedded Systems Design Students present papers in academic forums all over India and have won several distinctions.
Ÿ Advanced Microprocessors and They compulsorily undergo INTERNSHIP programs in reputed industries and are exposed to
Science and Humanities
Microcontrollers practical aspects of Technology & Quality Assurance systems.
Ÿ Material Science
Ÿ Computer Architecture and Parallel
Ÿ Electrochemistry
Ÿ Professional Skills
Ÿ Nano Computing
Ÿ Communication Skills
Ÿ Maintenance and Safety Engineering
Ÿ Operations Research
Ÿ Wireless communication
Ÿ Economics for Engineers
Ÿ Micro Electro Mechanical Systems
Ÿ Environmental Sciences
Ÿ System Software
Core courses Ÿ Software Project Management and
Ÿ Problem Solving and C Programming Quality Assurance DEPARTMENT OF
Ÿ Introduction to Mechanical Systems Ÿ Renewable Energy Sources
Ÿ Electrical Circuit Theory
Ÿ Digital Electronics
Advanced Strength of Materials
Automobile Engineering TEXTILE
Ÿ Sensors & Instrumentation Ÿ Lean Manufacturing
Ÿ Electronic Devices and Circuits
Ÿ Electrical Machines & Power systems
Supply Chain Management
Industrial Design and Applied Ergonomics
Ÿ Automatic Control Systems Ÿ Process Planning and Cost Estimation Programmes offered:
Ÿ CNC Technology Ÿ Industrial Networking B.Tech. - Textile Technology
Ÿ C++ and Data Structures Ÿ Virtual Instrumentation Systems M.Tech. - Textile Technology
Ÿ Linear Integrated Circuits Ÿ Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Ÿ Kinematics and Dynamics of Machinery Ÿ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG programmes
Ÿ Programmable Logic Controllers Ÿ Internet Tools and Java Programming Ÿ Spinning Lab
Ÿ Basics of Robotics Ÿ Industrial Robotics and Material Handling Ÿ Weaving Lab
Ÿ Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Systems
Ÿ Knitting Lab
Ÿ Mechanical Design Ÿ Textile chemical Processing Lab
Ÿ Computer Architecture Ÿ Textile Testing Lab
Ÿ Power Electronics & Drives Ÿ Garment Manufacturing Lab
Ÿ Embedded & Real-time Systems
DST - FIST Product Development Centre
Ÿ Vision Systems and Image processing
Ÿ Automation System Design Ÿ Miniature Versions of Ÿ Speed frame / Ring Frame

Ÿ Precision Equipment Design Ÿ Card / Drawframe Ÿ Fancy Doubler / Two-for-one Twister

Ÿ Field & Service Robotics Ÿ Rotor Frame Ÿ Single end sizing

Ÿ Totally Integrated Automation Ÿ Sectional Warper Ÿ Rapier Room

Textile CAD Centre:
Software like: Textronics, Wilcom, Adobe Elective Courses Elective Courses
Research Projects
Photoshop, Corel Draw X5 / Cs5. Ÿ Advances in Manufactured Fibres
in Progress Ÿ Characterization of Textile Polymers
PSG TECHS COE INDUTECH: Ÿ Centre of Excellence in Ÿ Analytical Characterization of Textiles
Ÿ Is a project funded by Office of the Textile Ÿ Nanotechnology in Textiles
Industrial Textiles to the tune
Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles, GoI, Ÿ Structural Mechanics of Textile Materials Ÿ High Performance and Specialty Fibres
of 25 Crores; sponsored by
under Technology Mission on Technical
Ministry of Textiles. Ÿ Coated Textiles Ÿ Alternate Spinning Systems
Textiles (TMTT) for promotion of Technical
Ÿ Focus Incubation Centre; Ÿ Functional Finishes Ÿ Process & Quality Control in Spinning &
Textiles in 2011 with Rs.25 Crores grant.
sponsored by Ministry of
Major Facilities are - Weaving
Textiles Ÿ Green Processing of Textiles
Ÿ Needle punching line
Ÿ Development of Jute/Jute Ÿ Colour Science, Measurement & Ÿ Theory of Yarn and Fabric Structures
Ÿ Hot melt coating and lamination
Blended Fibrous Mat for Applications Ÿ Specialty Textiles
Ÿ Chemical coating machine Effluent Filtration
Ÿ Industrial Wet Wipes Ÿ Theory of Colouration Ÿ Nonwovens
Applications; sponsored by
Ÿ FESEM Ministry of Textiles Ÿ Computer Application in Textiles Ÿ Surface Modification of Textiles
Ÿ UV Accelerated Weathering Tester Ÿ Vetiver Based Treatment Ÿ Green Processing of Textiles
Ÿ Energy Management in Textile Industry
System for Textile Industry
Powder Metallurgy Laboratory Ÿ Functional Finishes†
Wastewater;sponsored by Ÿ Apparel Marketing and Merchandising
Hot Isostatic Press, Planetary Ball Mill,
DBT. Ÿ Chemical Processing of Synthetic Textiles
Attritors, Glove Box, Tumbler mill. Ÿ Apparel Quality Evaluation and Standards
Ÿ Development of Oil Sorption Ÿ Printing Technology
B.Tech -Textile Technology Ÿ Apparel Production Planning and Control
and Sound Absorption Pad
Curriculum using Natural Fibre Based Non
Ÿ Textile Effluent Treatments
Ÿ Apparel Product Engineering
Mathematics Wovens Textiles; sponsored Ÿ Textile Marketing and Merchandising
Calculus and its Applications, Differential by UGC Ÿ Textile and Apparel Costing
Ÿ Textile Composites
Equations, Complex Variables and
Ÿ Development of Antimicrobial Ÿ Industrial Engineering
Transforms, Probability, Statistics and Ÿ Filters and Filtration Textiles
Silk Suture Materials;
Random Processes. Ÿ Operations Research
Ÿ Biomechanical Engg. of Functional Textiles
sponsored by AICTE
Science and Humanities
Material Science, Industrial Chemistry, Ÿ Empanelment of Assessment M.Tech - Textile Technology Ÿ Coated Textiles
Professional Skills, Communication Skills, Agencies in Textile and Curriculum Ÿ Electro-Active Textiles
Economics for Engineers, Environmental Clothing Sector; sponsored by
Core Course
Sciences, Production Planning and Operations Ministry of Textiles Ÿ Recycling in Textiles
Research. Ÿ Quantitative Techniques in Textile Engg.
Ÿ Skill Training Programme Ÿ Control System & Automation in Textile
Core Courses AICTE-PMKVY. Ÿ Polymer and Fibre Physics
Problem Solving and C Programming, Basics Engg.
of Textile Engineering, Basics of Electrical & Ÿ Theory of Yarn and Fabric Manufacture
Electronics Engineering, Theory of Machines,
Instrumentation & Microcontroller Ÿ Colouration and Finishing Technology
Technology, Textile Physics, Yarn Ÿ Quality Analysis of Textiles & Clothing
Manufacture I & II, Technology of Man Made
Fibres, Fabric Manufacture I & II, Knitting Ÿ Statistics & Quality Control for Textile
Technology, Textile Quality Evaluation, Industry
Preparation and Dyeing, Apparel
Manufacturing Technology, Printing and Ÿ Industrial Textiles
Finishing, Process and Quality Control in
Textiles, Fabric Structure, Technology of Ÿ Principles of Colour Measurement
Bonded Fabrics, Mechanics of Textile Ÿ Clothing Comfort
Machines, Technical Textiles, Clothing
Science, Management of Textile and Clothing Ÿ Functional Textiles
he Department of Applied Sciences offers a three year B.Sc (Applied Sciences) Curriculum
programme affiliated to Anna University. In addition it offers specialised courses in The students have subjects of study from
physics and materials science for several PG programmes in the College. The major mathematics and computer programming,
areas of research work pursued in the department are piezoelectric materials, solid oxide fuel physics and chemistry. A representative list of Mathematics and
cells, thin films for thermoelectric applications, functional textiles, spintronics, polymers, core courses (T) and associated laboratory (L)
electrochemistry, water management, corrosion and textile chemistry. The Department Computational Sciences
courses are given below:
undertakes consultancy work in thermal and spectral characterisation of materials,
measurement of magnetic properties, colour metrics of liquids and solids, development of
Laboratory Facilities Ÿ Calculus and its Applications

piezoelectric devices and also computerised measurements and analysis for specific industrial Infrastructure facilities are available for carrying Ÿ Linear Algebra
applications and measurement systems based on the emerging IoT platforms. out experiments related to the respective Ÿ Complex variables and Transforms
theory courses. The students also have access
Ÿ Probability and Statistics
to the research labs for carrying out their
project work. Ÿ Mathematical Structures

Student Projects Ÿ Operations Research

A project work has to be completed in the final Ÿ Graph Theory
semester. Students carry out project work in
Ÿ C Programming (T+L)
Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics and
Computer Applications according to their field Ÿ Object Oriented Programming and

of interest. C++ (T+L)

DEPARTMENT OF Core Subjects of Study

Ÿ Data Structures (T+L)

Ÿ Apart from these subjects they
Ÿ Properties of Matter (T+L)
have four Professional Electives,

Ÿ Electricity and Magnetism(T+L)
four Skill Based Electives and an
Ÿ Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Open Elective to widen their
Programmes offered: Ÿ Acoustics and Optics(T+L)
knowledge in their chosen area of
B.Sc. - Applied Science Ÿ Mathematical Physics
Ÿ Mechanics, Waves and Oscillations
Programme Profile
Ÿ Analog and Digital Electronics(T+L)
The B.Sc. Applied Science Programme has a unique structure that gives the students a
Ÿ Solid State Physics(T+L)
broad based science background. They may however specialize in one of the following
Ÿ Quantum Mechanics
streams of basic sciences namely Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics and Computer
programming. This helps to prepare the students for any analytically oriented profession, Chemistry
while at the same time enabling them to take up post-graduate studies in physical, Ÿ General Chemistry

mathematical and computational sciences. Subsequently they could pursue research in the Ÿ Physical Chemistry
leading institutions and national R & D laboratories. Besides the regular theory and laboratory Ÿ Organic Chemistry
subjects, students are offered elective subjects in emerging areas of study. They are also Ÿ Inorganic Chemistry
exposed to engineering practices and research methodologies by means of open electives and Ÿ Applied chemistry
a project work that has to be completed in the final semester. This would enable them to
Ÿ (All the subjects have both theory and
engage in life-long learning and thereby make them versatile practitioners or researchers in laboratory component)
their chosen fields.
he Department of Computer Applications is managed by a team of faculty members, Curriculum
six of whom hold Doctorates. The faculty has diverse specializations and research Core courses Behaviourial Sciences, Accounting and
interests. The first AICTE approval for the programme 'Master of computer Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Financial Management, Entrepreneurship, Text
Applications' was obtained in 1995. Foundations of Computer Science, Principles Mining, Intelligent Information Retrieval,
of Programming Languages, Data Structures, Geographic Information System, Numerical
Computer System Architecture, Programming Methods, Applied Mathematical Modeling,
Internet of Things, Python Application
Languages Laboratory, Data Structures
Programming, Pervasive Computing.
Laboratory, Optimization Techniques, Object
Oriented Programming, Advanced Data Projects
Structures and Algorithms, Database
Management System , Microprocessors and Two miniprojects with 4 credits
Embedded Systems, Object Oriented One six month internship with 12 credits
Programming Laboratory, RDBMS Laboratory,
Professional Communication, JAVA and .Net
Programming, Operating Systems, Computer Research Projects
DEPARTMENT OF Networks, Principles of Compiler Design, JAVA
In Progress
and .Net Programming Laboratory, Multimedia
Application Development Laboratory, Unix
Architecture and Programming, Enterprise Ÿ Investigation of Routing
Algorithms in Mobile Adhoc
Computing, Software Engineering
Methodologies, Unix System Programming Networks;
Laboratory, Enterprise Computing Laboratory, Ÿ Classification using Pattern
Programmes offered: Data Mining, Service Oriented Architecture and Matching and Rule Mining;
Master of Computer Applications Web Services, Service Oriented Computing Ÿ Investigation on Link Prediction in
Laboratory. Social Networks;
Elective Courses Ÿ Parallel and Distributed
Laboratory Facilities Network Management, Wireless Networks, Computational Intelligence
PARAM Shavak - Super Computer Security in Computing, Cloud Computing, Algorithm for Portfolio
HPC Applications, mpiBLAST, GROMACS, WRF, MOM, Onama, Open-source Applications, Pervasive Computing, Mobile Computing, Optimization in Financial
Parallel and applications, Bio-informatics applications, Chemical engineering applications, Computers Forensics, High Performance Engineering;
Mechanical applications, CHReME. Computing, Foundations of Modern
Ÿ An Intelligent System for
Networking Social Networking and Web
Mining, XML and its Applications, Semantic Automatic supply of fertilizers for
Computer Centre Greenhouse Environment
Web Technologies, Machine Learning, Soft
Dell PCs, Windows, Linux OS, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, Eclipse, Net Beans,
computing, Artificial Intelligence,
Turbo C/C++, Oracle , My SQL, Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Yacc and Lex, Prolog. Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Computation,
Programming for Robotics, Advanced Database
Technology, Information Storage and
Soft Computing Research Lab Management, Green Computing,
Ÿ HP Work station Multidimensional Data Structures, Multi-Core
Programming, Applied Graph Theory,
Ÿ ACER Ferrari Notebook
Computer Graphics, Open Source Systems,
Ÿ ACER Travelmate Notebook Human Computer Interaction, Design Patterns,
Games Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Data
Ÿ HCL Desktop personal computer
Analytics, Internet of Things, Software Project
Ÿ Matlab Software Management, HPC Programming Model,
Programming with Advanced Architectures,
Ÿ Parallel Computing ToolBox Video Processing, Virtualization, Knowledge
Ÿ Assortment of Tool boxes for the Client-Server based environment Management, Principles of Management and
Mission of the Department B.Sc - Computer Systems and Design Core Professional Courses
The fundamental objective of the department is to develop quality professionals by Mathematics and Accounting and Financial Management,
providing concept oriented subject knowledge through high quality teaching supplemented Humanities Courses Advanced Data Structures, Analog and Digital
with practical training. Apart from specialized knowledge and skills, the programmes Ÿ Calculus and its Applications Electronics, Applied Graph Theory , Computer
conducted by the Department aim to develop the personality of students by inculcating Ÿ Communication Skills Graphics and Visualization, Computer
values of honesty, sincerity, team spirit and work culture. Ÿ Discrete Mathematics
Ÿ Environmental Science and Green Organization, Data Base Management System,
Computing Data Communication Networks, Data
Ÿ Linear Algebra Structures and Algorithms , Digital
Ÿ Probability and Statistics Manufacturing, Distributed Enterprise
Computing, Enterprise Computing, Intelligent
Core Professional Courses
DEPARTMENT OF Advanced Data Structures, Analog and Digital
Information Retrieval, Machine Learning,
Microprocessor Systems and Programming,

Electronics, Computer Architecture, Computer
Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Principles
Graphics and Multimedia, Computer Networks,
of Compiler Design, Object Oriented
Data Mining, Data Structures, Database
Programming, Operating Systems,

Management Systems, Enterprise Computing,
Java Programming, Microprocessors and Optimization Techniques, Principles of
Interfacing, Mobile Computing, Object Management and Behaviourial Science , Soft
Oriented Analysis and Design, OOP with C++, Computing, Software Engineering Techniques,

AND Operating Systems, Software Engineering,

Software Testing, System Software, Web
Software Project Management and Quality
Assurance , Software Testing, TCP/IP
Technology Networks and Applications, Unix Architecture
COMPUTATIONAL Elective Courses
Advanced Database Management Systems,
and Programming, Web Services

Elective Courses
SCIENCES Agent based Intelligent Systems, Big data
analytics, Cloud Computing, Cryptography,
Ÿ AdvancedComputerGraphics
Ÿ AdvancedDatabaseManagementSystems
Differential Equations, Embedded System and
Ÿ AgileSoftwareDevelopment
PG Programmes offered by the department: Design, Graph Theory, Machine Learning,
Ÿ M.Sc.(Applied Mathematics) Ÿ CloudComputing
Neural Networks, Numerical Analysis,
Ÿ DataCompression
Ÿ M.Sc.(Software Systems) Optimization Techniques, Semantic Web,
Ÿ DataMining
Ÿ M.Sc.(Theoretical Computer Science) Service Oriented Architecture, Software
Ÿ HumanComputerInteraction
Patterns, Theory of Computing, XML and Web
Ÿ M.Sc.(Data Science) Ÿ MobileComputing
Ÿ ModellingandSimulation
UG programme offered by the Department: M.Sc - Software Systems
Ÿ B.Sc (Computer Systems & Design) Ÿ ParallelandDistributedComputing
Laboratory Facilities for UG and PG programmes Ÿ PervasiveComputing
Mathematics and Ÿ PrinciplesofProgrammingLanguages
Ÿ SKAVA Mobile Computing Laboratory
Science Courses Ÿ RealTimeandEmbeddedSystems
Ÿ Computational Sciences Laboratory
Ÿ Accounting and Financial Management,
Ÿ Data Science Laboratory Ÿ RequirementsEngineering
Ÿ Applied Linear Algebra,
Ÿ Cyber Security Research Lab Ÿ SecurityinComputing
Ÿ Calculus and Its Applications,
Ÿ Computational Neuroscience Lab Ÿ Discrete Structures, Ÿ SemanticWeb
Hardware: Ÿ Material Science,
Ÿ ServiceOrientedArchitecture
IBM Server -5 Nos, HP Blade server -2 Nos, HP Server - 1 Ÿ Probability and Statistics,
Ÿ SocialNetworkAnalysis
All necessary open source and proprietary software for the various laboratory courses are Ÿ Transforms
Ÿ Three Dimensional Geometry Ÿ SoftwareMetrics
M.Sc - Theoretical Computer Science Language Programming Ÿ Applied Linear Algebra
Curriculum Elective Courses Ÿ Data Mining Ÿ Numerical Analysis
Mathematics and Ÿ Advanced Computer Graphics Ÿ Data mining Ÿ Programming in C
Ÿ Data Privacy and Security
Science Courses Ÿ Approximation Algorithms
Ÿ Data Structures
Ÿ Topology and Functional Analysis
Ÿ Abstract Algebra Ÿ Cloud Computing Ÿ Applied Probability
Ÿ Database design
Ÿ Complex Variables and Transforms Ÿ Data Compression Ÿ Differential Equations
Ÿ Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Ÿ Discrete Structures Ÿ Multi Paradigm Programming Languages Ÿ Digital Electronics Ÿ Data Structures and Algorithms
Ÿ Natural Language Processing Ÿ Information Retrieval Ÿ Object Oriented Programming in C++
Ÿ Graph Theory
Ÿ Network Algorithmic Ÿ Modern Database systems Ÿ Complex Variables and Integral Transforms
Ÿ Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
Ÿ Pervasive Computing Ÿ Network Science Ÿ Operations Research
Ÿ Materials Science
Ÿ Principles of Programming Languages Ÿ Object Oriented Programming Ÿ Data Mining
Ÿ Mathematical Methods Ÿ Operating System
Ÿ Program Semantic Analysis Ÿ Soft Computing
Ÿ Mathematical Modeling Ÿ Optimization Techniques
Ÿ Randomized Algorithms
Ÿ Probability and Statistics Ÿ Parallel and Distributed Computing
Ÿ Semantic Web
Ÿ Predictive Analytics Elective Courses
Ÿ Stochastic Processes Ÿ Social Network Analysis Ÿ Problem solving and C Programming Ÿ Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
Ÿ Software Patterns Ÿ Reinforcement Learning
Core Professional Courses Ÿ Software Process Management Ÿ Stochastic Models
Ÿ Computer Graphics
Ÿ Computer Networks
Ÿ Advanced Data Structures Ÿ Wireless Networks Ÿ Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Ÿ Analog and Digital Electronics Ÿ Theory of Probability Ÿ Number Theory and Cryptography
M. Sc - Data Science Ÿ Web Analytics
Ÿ Artificial Intelligence Ÿ Digital Image Processing
Curriculum Elective Courses
Ÿ C Programming Ÿ Graph Theory and its Applications
Mathematics and Ÿ Algorithms for Bioinformatics
Ÿ Computational Geometry Ÿ Intelligent Information Retrieval
Science Courses Ÿ Applied Graph Algorithms
Ÿ Computational Number Theory and Ÿ Machine Learning
Ÿ Artificial Intelligence
Ÿ Abstract Algebra
Cryptography Ÿ Applied Physics Ÿ Cloud Computing Ÿ Mathematical Finance
Ÿ Computer Graphics and Visualization Ÿ Calculus and its applications Ÿ Computational Neuroscience Ÿ Numeric Solutions to Partial Differential
Ÿ Computer Networks and TCP/IP Ÿ Discrete Structures Ÿ Computer Graphics Equations
Ÿ Graph Theory Ÿ Data Compression
Ÿ Computer Organization and Assembly Ÿ Stochastic Differential Equations
Ÿ Linear Algebra Ÿ Data visualization
Language Programming Ÿ Transforms and its applications Ÿ Wavelet Transform
Ÿ Design Patterns
Ÿ Data Mining Core Professional Courses Ÿ Digital Image Compression Ÿ Computational Topology
Ÿ Data Structures and Algorithms Ÿ Advanced Analytics Ÿ Game theory Ÿ Algebraic Topology
Ÿ Database Design Ÿ Advanced Data Structures Ÿ Marketing Analytics
Ÿ Operating Systems
Ÿ Design and Analysis of Algorithms Ÿ Applied Numerical Analysis Ÿ Mathematical Modeling
Ÿ Applied Statistics and Python Ÿ Data Science
Ÿ Mobile computing
Ÿ Game Theory
Programming Ÿ Multimedia Analytics
Ÿ Intelligent Information Retrieval Ÿ Computer Networks Ÿ Natural Language Processing
Ÿ Machine Learning Ÿ Computer Organization and Assembly Ÿ Pervasive Computing
Ÿ Object Oriented Programming Ÿ Social Network Data Analytics
Ÿ Operating Systems Ÿ Soft Computing
Ÿ Optimization Techniques Ÿ Software Engineering

Ÿ Parallel and Distributed Computing M.Sc - Applied Mathematics

Ÿ Principles of Compiler Design Curriculum
Ÿ Security in Computing Core Professional Courses
Ÿ Software Engineering
Ÿ Real Analysis
Ÿ Theory of Computing Ÿ Discrete Mathematics

he Fashion Design & Merchandising is a five year integrated programme started in the Ÿ Sportswear
year 2015. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates with a solid understanding Mathematics Ÿ Fashion Denim Wear
and expertise, required to enter professional practice in the challenging and Ÿ Applied Geometry Ÿ Garment Size and Fit Analysis
competitive fashion industry. This course is first of its kind, designed at the university level Ÿ Research Methods Ÿ Human Resource Management
with a unique blend of designing, production, merchandising and management, enabling them Science and Humanities Ÿ Operations Management
to be socially responsible entrepreneurs, to meet the diverse demands of the fashion industry Ÿ English for Professional Skills Ÿ Global Marketing
through R&D. Ÿ Applied Science Ÿ Strategic Business Management
Professional Core courses Ÿ Total Quality Management
Ÿ Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Ÿ Textile Science
Ÿ Intellectual Property Rights
Ÿ Elements and Principles of Design
Ÿ Fashion Journalism
Ÿ Textile Manufacturing
Ÿ Fabric Structure Ÿ Fashion Advertising and Promotion
Ÿ Indian Art and Craft Ÿ Organizational Behavior
Ÿ Pattern Making
Ÿ Fashion Communication Research Projects
DEPARTMENT OF Ÿ Dyeing and Printing of Textile Materials In Progress
Process Flow in Apparel Manufacturing
History of Costumes
Trend and Fashion Forecasting
Ÿ Design and development of
functional wear for the elderly,

Fashion Design
Textile & Apparel Quality Evaluation
Knitwear Design and Manufacture
sponsored by University Grants
Commission – South Eastern
Regional Office, Hyderabad.

Fashion Branding
Finishing and Clothing Care
Clothing Science
Programmes offered: Ÿ Apparel Production Planning and Control
M.Sc. - Fashion Design and Ÿ Apparel Marketing
Merchandising Ÿ Principles of Management
Ÿ Apparel Costing
Ÿ Apparel Merchandising
Ÿ Fashion Retail Management
Laboratory facilities: Ÿ Ergonomics in Clothing Design
Pattern Making Laboratory: Ÿ Visual Merchandising
Ÿ Dress Forms Ÿ Financial Management
Ÿ Apparel Export Management
Ÿ Cork Topped Tables Ÿ Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Computer – Aided Fashion Design Laboratory Ÿ Entrepreneurship
Ÿ Fashion Illustration
Ÿ Corel Draw
Ÿ Garment Construction
Ÿ Adobe Illustrator
Ÿ Fashion Draping
Ÿ Adobe Photoshop
Ÿ Computer Aided Design
Ÿ Colour Matters
Employment Enhancement Courses
Ÿ Industrial Visit and Lecture
Fashion Styling and Product Development Laboratory Ÿ Cluster Visit and Craft Documentation
Ÿ Embroidery Machine Ÿ Internship / Project work (I,II)
Garment Construction Laboratory Ÿ Theatre Costume and Design
Ÿ Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine Ÿ Footwear Designing
Ÿ Over Lock Machine Ÿ World Art and Craft
Ÿ Flat Lock Machine Ÿ Garment Trims and Accessories
Ÿ Ergonomic in Apparel Industry
Ÿ Intimate apparels
COLLABORATIONS Our faculty members and Ph. D scholars have
SG Tech was selected into the elite club of 65 PACE (Partners for the Advancement of
contributed immensely to improving the
Collaborative engineering Education - partnership between General Motors, Siemens Industrial Collaboration, Research &
academic and research ambience of the
PLM Software, Autodesk, Hewlett Packard and Oracle) institution across the globe Development and participation in Curriculum
institution in the way of publications, patents
and has received in-kind support of software and hardware worth INR 1500 Crores. design. MoUs were signed by departments with
and research grants from Government agencies
industries for exchange of resources and
and industry. To mention a few of the research
knowledge, Industrial visit, identification of
projects sanctioned -
research projects of mutual interest, sharing
Ÿ Automated Welding Systems for specific
Infrastructure, Market Survey, Student training
& internship. MoUs were signed between Industrial Applications.
Ÿ Methanol Fed High Energy Density Fuel Cell
Ÿ Dept. of Applied Mathematics and
Computational Sciences and Nalco Company System with Novel Catalyst and Flow Field
LLC, Naperville, USA, Probyto Data Science Design

PSG TECH & Consulting Pvt.Ltd. Ghaziabad, India.

Ÿ Dept. of Mechanical engineering and the
Ÿ Design and development of PCM based pilot
solar hybrid thermal storage system for low

IN NEWS American Society for Quality India Pvt. Ltd,

New Delhi.
temperature application.
Ÿ An Integrated System for Treatment of

THIS YEAR Ÿ Departments of Electronics and Textile Industry Wastewater.

Communication Engineering and Ÿ Design and Development of Technology for
Instrumentation and Control Engineering High Temperature Brushless Servo Motor
with YantraVision Software Private Limited, for ISI-Systems for NPP in India.
Bangalore. Ÿ Wind- Solar cold storage plant for the needy.
Our BE ECE 1994 alumnus Vanitha Kumar, Vice President -
Software Engineering at Qualcomm in USA, is selected as one of Ÿ Metallurgy Department with JSW Steel Ÿ Experimental Investigations on Surface
the top ten powerful women in the world of technology. Limited, Salem. Topography in Micro-milling of New Ti-Nb-
Ÿ Robotics and Automation Engineering Ta Based Alloys for Biocompatibility in
Department with SEFORGE Limited, Medical Implants.
BECKOFF Automation Pvt Ltd, Pune and Ÿ Design and Development of Controller for
Dr.Mylswamy Annadurai, an alumnus of EEE department, PSG
TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, Pune. Smart MicroGrid under Unbalanced
Tech was awarded Padma Shri award by the Government of India
for year 2016. Ÿ Department of Biomedical Engineering with Conditions.
M/s ROOTS Group of companies, Ÿ Development of Jute/Jute Blended Fibrous
Coimbatore. Mat for Effluent.
Mr. Cottalango Leon(1992 BE-CSE), received the Oscar Technical Ÿ Dr.G.Thilagavathi, Professor & Head,

Achievement Award from OSCAR Academy for his contribution to Department of Textile Technology,
the process of movie making. participated in the International Teaching
Week at HoF University, Germany.
Ÿ The Industrial Research and Development
Cell of PSG Tech with Kovai Air Products,
Products developed by the ECE and BME USA; Saint Gobain Ltd., Chennai; Tamil Nadu
departments under the support of Department of Transmission Corporation, Mercedes-Benz R
Science and Technology, Govt. of India, were & D India Pvt. Ltd, Indus Electronics Indi a(P)
successfully transferred to Industry for Ltd., Coimbatore; INDFURR SuperHeat
commercialization. Furnaces, Chennai.
Incubation Centre jointly established by
he college is associated with several research organizations and industries in order Ÿ PSG - Rockwell Centre for Excellence in
Department of Science and Technology, GoI
to promote closer interaction with other institutions in the areas of technology Industrial Automation
development, training of students, curriculum updating and development of state- and PSG Tech at a budget of 25 crores.
Ÿ PSG - L&T Centre for Excellence in Low
of-art centres. Several advanced centres are set up in collaboration with industries as well as Ÿ Centre for Earthquake Technology
Voltage Switchgears
with financial support from the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of established by FIST, GoI and PSG Tech with
Ÿ PSG - Premier Textile Technology Centre
Science and Technology and other agencies .These include - funding of 1.5 crores.
Ÿ PSG - TI Centre of Excellence for Medical
Electronics jointly established by Texas
Ÿ PSG - Kawabata Centre for Fabrics
Instruments, USA and PSG Tech in the
Ÿ PSG - Infineon Embedded Systems Centre
Department of Biomedical Engineering.
Ÿ PSG - Keysight Centre of Excellence in
Advanced Wireless Technology The GRD Memorial Library of PSG Tech
Ÿ PSG - TCS Centre of Excellence in Software is one of the best equipped in terms of number
Engineering of books, back volumes and current
Ÿ VLSI Design Centre journals.Spread over an area of 51, 240 sq. feet,
Ÿ PSG - Keysight Baseband Communication & the library caters to the needs of faculty and
Advanced Embedded Systems Lab students as well as the industrial associates of
Ÿ PSG - Fanuc Centre for Advanced CNC and PSG College of Technology. The library is fully
Robotics automated and includes a digital library facility
to enable universal access.

Ÿ PSG - Eplan Centre for Electrical CAD
Ÿ PSG - Rane Automotive Test Centre As on date the library houses around 2, 50, 000
Ÿ PSG - GENERAL MOTORS - PACE Centre books and 280 journals. Online Journals like
Ÿ PSG - DANFOSS Centre of Excellence for Science Direct, IEEE-ASPP, SME, ASCE,
Ÿ PSG - NI Virtual Instrumentation Centre
Energy & Climate Change SPRINGER, NATURE, ASTM, McGraw Hill, J-
Ÿ PSG - Festo centre for Pneumatic & Control Engineering
Ÿ PSG - Supra SAE Lab Gate and Scopus databases at a cost
Ÿ PSG - Siemens Centre of Excellence in Automation
Ÿ PSG - Juniper Networking Lab Rs.36,67,474 are being subscribed .
Ÿ PSG - LAPP Centre for excellence in Cable Technology
Ÿ National MEMS Design centre The library organizes LIBFEST every year in
Ÿ PSG - Heidenhain CNC Centre
Ÿ PSG - SIMA Textile Technical Training association with the Book Readers Club of PSG
Ÿ PSG - Lectra Apprael CAD Centre
Institute Tech and the Rolling trophy is awarded to the
Ÿ PSG - SIRUBA-MEHALA Apparel Machinery & Equipments Centre
Ÿ PSG - Welding Research Centre Overall Championship.
Ÿ PSG - ELMAQ ERP Training Centre
Few recent research initiatives by
Ÿ PSG - Cognizant Open source Software Centre
Ÿ PSG - Juniper Centre of Excellence in Networking
the college include the following -
Ÿ Machine Tool Development Centre,
Ÿ PSG - Freescale Embedded Systems Lab
sponsored by the Office of the Principal
Ÿ Karivardhan centre of Excellence in Automobile engineering
Scientific Advisor to Govt. of India with a
Ÿ PSG - Adept Centre for Robotics
funding of 5.13 crores.
Ÿ PSG - Ranal Centre for Software Testing
Ÿ Welding Research Project jointly established
Ÿ PSG - Ashok Leyland Automotive Research Centre
by Dept. of Heavy Industries (DHI), Govt. of
Ÿ PSG - Techtronics Centre for Excellence in Robotics
India and PSGCT to the tune of 21.1 crores.
Ÿ PSG - IBM Centre for Excellence in Operating Systems The Centre was inaugurated by Shri Girish
Ÿ PSG - Cypress - PSoC Design Centre Shankar, Secretary, DHI.
Ÿ PSG - Siemens PLM Training Centre Ÿ Centre of Excellence in Industrial Textiles
Ÿ PSG - Exilant Textile ERP Centre jointly established by Ministry of Textiles and
Ÿ TIFAC - CORE in Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing PSG Tech at a cost of 24.5 crores.
Ÿ PSG - Yuken Hydraulic Automation centre Ÿ Nanotechnology Research, Innovation and
Students take up various types of Internships, including the 3-month curricular Internship FEW ACHIEVEMENTS OF OUR ALUMNI DURING 2016-17
of the Sandwich branches - Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical and Production
Our M.E. Computer Integrated Manufacturing 1991 alumnus
Engineering; coordinated by the Industrial Training Department attached to the PSG Prabhu Patil, CEO, PROLIM Corporation is honored by US
Industrial Institute, an on-campus Industry that is a unique feature of the PSG group of Govt. Small Business Administration as the Entrepreneurial
Institutions. For the year 2016-17, five Sandwich students carried out their Summer Success of the Year 2017 as he is the man behind the concept,
Internship at Lapp Kabel Germany, Siemens Abu Dhabi and at the University of Leeds, UK. design and implementation of complex global delivery model
across continents and countries.

"M/s.Maxbyte Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a Startup by

Mr.C.S.Ramshankar, alumnus of M.E. Product Design and
Commerce of Department of Production Engineering has
been recognized as a Best Start-up by the CII in Manufacturing
Sector at CII STARTUPRENEURS 2017, Chennai on Apr 17th

EXPOSURE Our Alumnus Mr.Safirulla IAS, B.E (EEE-SW) received an
Award from the President of India in Appreciation of his
Exemplary Services as Director-IT, Govt. of Kerala, during
Elections 2016.
Several of our students across various years and branches opt to attend a Summer School at
overseas Universities that offer such programmes. Students also take up a One semester Study
abroad programme as part of their curriculum. Universities that have a long-term relationship with Our BE ECE 2004 alumnus Dr Sharath Sriram was awarded
PSGCT include the University of South Australia, University of New South Wales, University of "3M Eureka 2016 Prize for Emerging Leader in Science". He
Taylors Engineering and University of Flinders-Australia, University of HoF Applied Sciences and has mimicked the way the human brain processes information
with the development of an electronic long-term, multi-state
University Hochschule Esslingen of Applied Sciences - Germany, University of Colorado State, memory cell. He is Associate Professor in Royal Melbourne
USA, Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and the University of Leeds, in the United Kingdom. Institute of Technology, Australia.
The Summer schools and One-Semester Study Abroad offer our students a glimpse into the
teaching-learning processes at reputed global Universities, and also provide them additional
Research and further study options.
Our BE ECE 1984 Batch Alumni Dr Raj Rajkumar, Professor of
Electrical & Computer Engg at Carnegie Mellon Univ in US. His
General Motors - Carnegie Mellon Autonomous Driving
Collaborative Research Lab is about to release Autonomous

Our Alumnus (M.Sc - Applied Mathematics) Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Professor in Quantitative Methods &
Information Systems, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), has been recognized as one
of the Top 10 Most Prominent Analytic Academicians in India for his extensive research in Big Data
Analyses by Analytics India Magazine. He is also the President of the Analytics Society of India (ASI).
The Department of Physical Education covers an area of five acres located near the hostel The Bridge is the student-run official online
premises. The department has infrastructure for all the indoor and outdoor games. The magazine of PSG Tech, which connects current BOOK READERS CLUB conducted Book
department is headed by a Physical Director and assisted by two Assistant Physical Directors, students to the larger alumni community. It
Reading Session where a classical book of
one Physical Training Instructor along with three markers as supporting staff. The activities publishes the events and happenings in and
are held throughout the year, every day, from 6.30 am to 7.00 pm. around PSG Tech, the success stories and reader's choice was read and discussions were
interesting interviews of the alumni and other made on the plot and characters.
contributions of Techians.


platform for students who aspire to become
leaders and create a better tomorrow. The club

CURRICULAR conducts various interactive activities and

events to instill leadership qualities and public

ACTIVITIES speaking skills in students.

To develop social responsibility and to
cultivate the service mind in young people NSS,
Our college teams have participated in various tournaments and won YRC and ROTARACT organised several
many laurels to our college. The following are the achievements of men
orphanage, donation camps and rural
and women teams. By winning first place in 9 games and second place in 5
development camps.
games we won the Anna University zonal Overall Championship this year.
The FINE ARTS CLUB encourages young
talents in diverse wings like drawing, painting,
Our Players representing PSG sports Club currently philately and photography.
playing in the 'A' division Coimbatore Football RADIO HUB of PSG TECH conducted RJ
Hunt to bring out the Radio Jockeying talents of
students and Ham Radio Awareness
programme to create awareness about amateur
radio, its use and procedure for obtaining
Our cricket team is actively competing in
license. PSG Super Singer 2017 encourages
Coimbatore District Cricket Association (CDCA) III
young talents every year.
Division League tournaments.
To encourage innovative and practical skills
among students STUDENTS' RESEARCH
COUNCIL organised Technovator Award
The National Cadet Corps (NCC) of PSG has five presentation. Selected teams were judged by
wings and there are about 278 cadets who are Industrial Experts and were given funding to
actively involved in NCC activities CLUBS AND implement their ideas.
he PSG STEP (Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park) is in the seventeenth year of operation at PLACEMENT PROCEDURE
PSG Tech and is spread over an area of 28,000 sq. feet with 41 incubates in the areas of IT, Mechanical,
Electronics and Biotech. PSG _ STEP adjudged as the "Best STEP" in the country by Ministry of Science PS G College of Technology has an independent
and Technology, Govt. of India, provides technical services to entrepreneurs by providing hardware, software Placement Office devoted to cater to the needs
and humanware support available at PSG Tech.
of organizations in conducting campus
interviews for placements. It is headed by Dean,
Placement & Training and supported by a
Placement Officer and Placement Co-
coordinator. The office is also assisted by
student Placement Co-coordinators who lead a
team of placement representatives from
various courses of study. The Placement Office
ensures and provides the best arrangements

and hospitality for visiting companies' officials.
Placement Office functions in a separate air
conditioned block with all audio visual facilities

ACTIVITIES for PPT, written test, group discussion and

interviews and has rapidly progressed over the
years in enhancing the placement potential
A Boot Camp for Startup Co-Founders was organized by PSG STEP this year. The PSG STEP incubate "Coitor
effectively. It plays a very important and key
IT Technology P Ltd" won the CII-Startupreneurs Award" from CII, Chennai. The product of PSG - TSEP incubate
TINO Techmations Pvt. Ltd - SmartAgri was selected as one of the top 150 innovations around the world by the role in counseling and guiding students of the
United Nations. college for their successful career placement,
The PSG STEP Entrepreneurs Club started in 2006 in which is a crucial interface for the students
collaboration with the National Entrepreneurship Network (A
between the stages of completion of academic
part of the Wadhani Foundation) with several campus
companies including the Thirst-e, Tech Travels, Trend E,
programme of studies and entry into a suitable
bookmark, organized several events this year including an employment.
"Evening with Entrepreneur" - an experience sharing session
This office also coordinates various activities
of entrepreneurs with students and the E-Next, a 2 day
Entrepreneurship Summit for students of PSG College of related to the career of the students along with
Technology and other institutions from the region. The event Three incubates of PSG STEP were invited by the industrial training. More than 150 reputed
had experience sharing by successful entrepreneurs, CII to showcase their products in the event
national and multinational companies visit the
investors talk, panel discussion, workshops and idea pitches. "Start-up India" organized by CII, SIEMA and
CODISSIA. college for campus recruitment annually. Over
PSG STEP is authorized for NIDHI-PRAYAS 90% of the students secure job offers before
(PRomoting and Accelerating Young and
they complete their programmes of study.
Aspiring Technology entrepreneurs) - a scheme
launched by NSTEDB, DST, Govt. of India, as a The Placement Section also offers Pre-
pre-incubation initiative that supports young
placement Grooming to students in association
innovators to turn their ideas into proof of
concept. with FACE (Focus Academy for Career
The NIDHI - Entrepreneurs - in - Residence Enhancement), Coimbatore. FACE, an IIM
(EIR) programme provides opportunity for
Graduates' Enterprise, was recently featured in
guidance from experienced, innovative and
highly successful entrepreneurs on business the Starship Enterprise Section of Economic
concepts, strategies, etc and co-working spaces Times.
for developing idea into a marketable product.

Ÿ ABB Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ Computer Associates, Hyderabad Ÿ Geometric Limited, Pune Ÿ Larsen & Toubro Limited, (Infotech) Mumbai
Ÿ ACC Limited, Mumbai Ÿ Computer Sciences Corporation (I) Pvt. Ÿ Givaudan India, Mumbai Ÿ Larsen & Toubro Ltd., (Ramboll) Chennai
Ÿ Accenture, Bangalore Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Global Analytics (I) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Mumbai
Ÿ Adobe Systems, Bangalore Ÿ Consolidated Construction Consortium Ÿ Global Scholar, Chennai Ÿ Laser Words Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Ÿ ADPPvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Godrej & Boyce Manufacture Company Ltd., Ÿ Lister Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Ÿ Advanced Academy for Development of Ÿ Consul Consolidated Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Mumbai Ÿ Loyal Textile Mills Ltd., Kovilpatti
Textile Technologist, Mumbai Ÿ Cordys Software India Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ Goldman Sachs Services Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ Lucas-TVS, Chennai
Ÿ Akzo Nobel Coatings India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Ÿ Goodrich Aerospace Services Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ M.N.Dastur & Company (P) Ltd., Chennai
Bangalore Ÿ Cosmic Circuits Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Bangalore Ÿ Madura Garments, Bangalore
Ÿ Alcatel Lucent India Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Crescent Foundry Co. Ltd., Kolkata Ÿ Google India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ Mahindra & Mahindra Automotives Ltd.,
Ÿ Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Cypress Semiconductors Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Groz-Beckert,Tirupur Mumbai
Ÿ Amazon Software Development (I) Pvt. Ÿ D.E.Shaw India Software Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ HCL Infosystems Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.,
Ltd., Bangalore Hyderabad Ÿ Hewlett Packard India Ltd., Bangalore Mangalore
Ÿ Ameex Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Daimler India Commercial Vehilces Pvt. Ÿ honda Motorcycle and Scooter(l) Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ Manhattan Associates, Bangalore
Ÿ Analog Devices India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ltd., Sriperumbudur Gurgaon Ÿ Maig Constructions Limited, Chennai
Ÿ Anand Automotives Ltd., Mumbai Ÿ Dalmia Cements (Bharat) Ltd., Trichy Ÿ HP India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Gurgaon
Ÿ Areva T & D India Ltd., Noida Ÿ Danfoss Industries Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Hyundai Motor India Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Mckinsey & Company, Chennai
Ÿ Aricent, Bangalore Ÿ Defiance Technologies, Chennai Ÿ \2 Technologies India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ Michelin India, Chennai
Ÿ Ashok Leyland Limited, Chennai Ÿ Deloitte Consulting (I) Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Ÿ IBM India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ Microchip Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ Asian MotorWorks Pvt. Ltd., Gujarat Ÿ Delphi Automotive Systems Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ IBM India Software Lab, Bangalore Bangalore
Ÿ ATCTyres Pvt. Ltd., Timnelveli Ÿ IGATE Patni, Bangalore Ÿ Microsoft India R & D, Bangalore
Ÿ Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Ltd., Chennai
Ÿ Athenahealth Technology Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., New Delhi Ÿ Mindtree Consulting Ltd., Bangalore
Chennai Ÿ Donear Industries Ltd., Surat
Ÿ Innovation Labs, 24/7 Inc. Bangalore Ÿ Morgan Stanley Advantage Services,
Ÿ AVTEC Ltd., New Delhi Ÿ eBay IDC, Chennai Mumbai
Ÿ Intel India Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ BajajAuto Ltd., Pune Ÿ Efficient Frontier India, Chennai Ÿ Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ Intimate Fashions (I) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Ÿ Beroe Inc, Chennai Ÿ Elgi Equipments Ltd., Coimbatore Bangalore
Ÿ ITC Infotech India Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ BGR Energy Systems Ltd., Chennai Ÿ EmbedURSystems India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Mu Sigma Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ ITC Limited, Kolkata
Ÿ Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ EMC Corporation, Bangalore Bangalore
Ÿ Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ Bharat Forge Limited, Pune Ÿ Ericsson (I) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Murugappa Group, Chennai
Ÿ IVY Comptech Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
Ÿ Blue Star Limited, Chennai Ÿ Ernst & Young, Bangalore Ÿ Must Garment Corp. Ltd., Hongkong
Ÿ Jay Jay Mills (I) Pvt. Ltd., Tirupur
Ÿ BrahMos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Ÿ ESAB India Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Mytrah Energy India Ltd., Hyderabad
Ÿ JDASoftware India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ Brakes India Limited, Sholinghur Ÿ EssarGroup, Surat Ÿ National Instruments, Bangalore
Ÿ John Deere India Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Ÿ CA Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Ÿ ETAEngineering Ltd., Chennai Ÿ NetApp Systems India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ JSW Steel Limited, Bellary
Ÿ Capgemini India, Hyderabad Ÿ ExeterGroup, Bangalore Ÿ Nokia India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Ÿ KG Denim Limited, Coimbatore
Ÿ Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Exterro (I) Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore Ÿ Nokia Siemens Networks India Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ KEF Holdings Limited, Sharjah U.A.E Bangalore
Ÿ Cethar Limited, Trichy Ÿ Fiorano Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
Bangalore Ÿ KirioskarOil Engines Ltd., Pune Ÿ ? Nomura Services India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Ÿ Chrysler IndiaAutomotive Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ KLATencor Software India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Chennai Ÿ Ford India Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Nortel Technology Excellence Centre Pvt.
Ÿ Frontline Consulting Services, Hyderabad Ÿ KPMG, Mumbai Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited, Ÿ L&T Valdel Engineering Ltd., Bangalore
Bangalore Ÿ Future Group, Mumbai Ÿ Novell Software Development (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ GE India Healthcare, Bangalore (JFWTC) Ÿ Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd., Coimbatore Bangalore
Ÿ Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai
Ÿ General Motors Technical Centre, Ÿ Larsen & Toubro Limited, (ECC Division) Ÿ NTT Data FAInsurance Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ CommVaultSystems India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Bangalore
Hyderabad Bangalore
Ÿ Nvidia Graphics Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ Sony India Software Centre, Bangalore
Ÿ OAT Systems Software (I) Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ Sourcebits Technologies, Bangalore
Bangalore Ÿ SRF Limited, Gurgaon
Ÿ Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore Ÿ Subex Limited, Bangalore
Ÿ Oxylane, Bangalore Ÿ Success Factors, Bangalore
Ÿ Patni Computer Systems (P) Ltd., Mumbai Ÿ Sun Tec Business Solutions, Chennai
Ÿ Payoda Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ Sundaram Fasteners Limited, Chennai
Ÿ Synopsys India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad
Ÿ Paypal (I) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai (eBay India)
Ÿ Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Chennai
Ÿ Philips Electronics India Limited, Bangalore
Ÿ Tata Motors Ltd., Pune
Ÿ Philips Software Centre Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ Tata PowerCompany Ltd., Mumbai
Ÿ Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur
Ÿ Precot Meridian Ltd., Coimbatore
Ÿ Tata Technologies Ltd., Pune
Ÿ Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ TCE Consulting Engineers Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ Quest Global, Bangalore
Ÿ TESCO Hindustan Service Centre Ltd.,
Ÿ Rane Group, Chennai
Ÿ Raymonds Limited, Yavatmal
Ÿ The Southern India Mills Association,
Ÿ Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd., Gurgaon Coimbatore
Ÿ Renault Nissan Technology and Business Ÿ Thermax India Ltd., Pune
Centre India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Ÿ Thorogood Associates India Pvt.
Ÿ Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Ltd.,Hyderabad
Solutions Ltd., Coimbatore
Ÿ ThoughtWorksTechnologies India Pvt.
Ÿ Rotork Controls India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ Royal Enfield, Chennai Ÿ Titan Industries Ltd., Hosur
Ÿ S.P.Apparels Ltd., Coimbatore Ÿ Tony Harris Business Solutions, Bangalore
Ÿ Saipem(l) Projects Ltd., Chennai Ÿ Tractors and Farm Equipments Ltd.,
Ÿ Same Deutz- Fahr India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Chennai
Ÿ Samsung India Software Operations, Ÿ Triad Software Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Bangalore Ÿ TVS Motor Company Ltd., Hosur
Ÿ Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd., Ÿ Unisys Global Service Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ URC Construction Pvt. Ltd., erode
Ÿ Sanmar Group, Chennai
Ÿ VATech Wabag Ltd., Chennai
Ÿ SAP labs India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ VALEO Engineering Center (I) Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ Satyam Venture Engineering Services, Chennai
Bangalore Contact us
Ÿ Vardhman Textiles Limited, Himachal
Ÿ Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd., Pradesh PLACEMENT SECTION
Ÿ VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ Shahi Exports Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ Vedanta Resources, Tuticorin Dr.R. Venkatesan Dr. G. Thilagavathi Mr. N. Kalyanaraj
Ÿ Shanthi Gears Ltd., Coimbatore Dean, Placement and Training Placement Officer Lead Placement
Ÿ Volvo India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Ÿ Shapoorji Pallonji Co. Ltd., Mumbai
Ÿ Wells Foigo India Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
Ÿ SHV LPG India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai Hyderabad
Ÿ Siemens Information Processing Services, Ÿ Windcare India Ltd., Udumalpet 2nd Floor, Y-Block, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore - 641 004
Bangalore Ph : 0422 4344333 (D), 4344777 Fax : 0422 4344346
Ÿ Wipro Technologies, Bangalore
Ÿ Skava systems Pvt. Ltd., Coimbatore
Ÿ Yahoo! Software Developement India Pvt. E-mail : placement@PSGtech.ac.in
Ÿ Sobha Developers Ltd., Bangalore Ltd., Bangalore.
Ÿ Soma enterprise Ltd., Hyderabad