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Topic: Banning of Interactions of Teachers and Students through Via Networking Websites

The Power of Via Networking websites through interaction

Less time and effort was consumed and many knowledge, achievements, and
innovations, global problems, brought by interaction of teachers and students through via
networking websites.
According to an Empowerment Technology book, technology makes our world round. It
is very helpful to minimize many works and to manage time easier.
In connection to social media, like social networking websites, this is useful to produce
ideas in to essential products to address the global problems like climate change or global
warming, poverty and hunger, graft and corruption in politics, lack of education, and many
Another, youths were described as the “Hope of the future.” The students will be our
hope and through education they will be able to change the world using their innovated
skills, talents, and additional knowledge brought by education.
Furthermore, teachers are responsible in teaching the proper education deserve by the
students. It will be better if the students will be taught in advance using an instrument that
will make their works easier but more outputs to be made, same as true with teachers.
Moreover, the key to disseminate the knowledge for the students is through
communication. And if we use technology as an easy way, it is very helpful for them
especially in a very hectic schedule which is not already new to the life of students.
The teachers and students will share their ideas, options, reminders, and many more in
an alternate way to produce products which will satisfy the needs of the world.
Others might think about the bad influences like cybersex, cyber bullying, and many
more cybercrimes that could adapt by the teachers, students or between them, it is not a
big deal to ban the interactions through networking sites because it was proven by some
examples discussed the many good effects of social media.
We should also know that social media is very powerful. This will be an instrument to
prevent crimes.
Stop banning of interaction of teachers and students through via networking sites this is
already every one’s basic needs.