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Safety Notes

Practical demonstration and practice

What you will learn
Who should attend
 What problems and consequences
This course has been designed for pipe can occur in opening torque nuts and
fitters, junior as well as senior, who want to how to overcome them.
enhance their knowledge the working of  Practically handle the Hydraulic bolt
hydraulic bolt tensioner tensioer and learn how to use it
effectively and safely
Course duration  How to handle high pressure
This is a two-day comprehensive program. equipment and their accessories
 The skills that will enhance your
Course description reputation as a skilled technicians.
This two day course involving both
theoretical as well as practical training on How you will benefit
the working and use of hydraulic bolt  Increase your ability to
tensioner unit (HBTU). Hydraulic bolt confidently handle these types of
tensioner is used to open/box-up the high pressure tools.
manhole covers/casing covers of high
 A lot of practical work has been
pressure equipments and machines. The
operation of this device requires a skilled
included and exercises are
operating personnel as any mistake can give conducted by very experienced
rise to a serious damage. The course is instructors. This course will
intended to be a training tool for the impart hand on experience to the
technicians about HBTU. Construction learner, that will definitely
features, maintenance techniques and benefit.
necessary safety precautions are also  Reduce downtime by proper
included. planning and execution in your
company premises.
Course outline

Construction and working of HBTU
 Bolt tensioner
 Hydraulic harness
 Pump
 Working of HBTU

Operating the HBTU

 Pre-requisites
 Operation

Maintenance of HBTU
 Bolt tensioner maintenance
 Harness maintenance
 Pump unit maintenance
Testing and Storage
 Testing techniques
 Storage precautions