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Jasmine Aurelia Risbjorn

Grade 10

Independent Project

Write a reflection about how your Maker Faire presentation went and what areas you need
to reflect on for your final presentation:

On the Mini Maker Faire I presented my independent project for multiple people.

I had three main questions to guide the presentation, which were:

1. Why did you choose to make this?

2. How do you make choreography?

3. How do you plan on continuing in the future?

I was confident in the questions asked by the viewers, which were the ones above and a few

personal questions, such as “ Where did you learn ballet? “ and “ How many years have you

danced? “

Presenting at the Mini Maker Faire was a great learning experience, because I had the

opportunity to explore different ways to talk about my project. This was beneficial because I had

direct interactions with people, by me presenting the project, and the viewers asking me

questions after.

Having to present a project for many people is usually a nerve-racking experience for me, so

starting with mostly one on one conversations at the Mini Maker Faire, made me more

comfortable with the idea of having to share a project that personally means so much to me.

I presented my project by, explaining why and how I have carried out the classes and how I get

inspired to make choreography. Next I showed the video from the performance from the school

production of “ Clue “, and then my portfolio.

I felt that the video was beneficial and disadvantageous since the quality wasn’t great because of

the lighting, but it was also beneficial because it demonstrated how the students had a chance to

show their performing-skills.

I got an easter present at the beginning of the Mini Maker Faire, from one of my kindergarten

students named Amanda, which made me so happy and gave me a boost of confidence, because

it reminded me of how this project can impact others, and that is the most important outcome for


In order for me to be ready for the panel presentation, I need to keep updating my weekly blogs,

and figure out a way to upload the performance-video onto my portfolio.

I have brainstormed an idea of how to present my project for the panel presentation, and I think

it would be fun to have the viewers physically interact in my presentation, by learning the basic

positions and perhaps a few steps, to understand the mentality and physical requirements of

dancing ballet.

Now, I feel more comfortable and confident talking about my project from this experience, and it

has made me excited for the panel presentation.