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BETHLEMITAS BRIGHTON HIGH SCHOOL A man from the neighbourhood ………….….

PAS PERFECT TENSE (hear) some noises in the shop and he

NAME______________________________________ …………….…. (call) the police but when they
DATE_________________ COURSE____________ ………….…… (arrive) to the shop, the thieves
………….………. (escape)
We use the past perfect to talk about an action that
happened before another action in the past. V. Rewrite the sentences using the past simple and
THE FORM past perfect.
had / hadn’t + the past participle 1. He (be) tired because he (not eat) anything since the
Ex: I had done it. morning.______________________________________
She hadn’t done it.
Had they done it? 2. When all the guests (leave) I (start) tidying
I. Finish the sentences using the past perfect: 3. As soon as Jack (eat) his ice-cream he (go) to buy
1. Sue didn’t pass the exams another one.
because_______________________________________ _____________________________________________
2. When we got to the 4. She (be) very upset because he (not answer) her e-
party_________________________________________ mails._________________________________________
3. Mark was broke
because_______________________________________ 5. The film already (start) when we (arrive).
4. When I called for the _____________________________________________
5. By the time the film VI. Choose the correct option to complete the
finished_______________________________________ sentences.
1. By the time the ambulance ___, it was too late - the
II. Answer the questions using the past perfect: patient ____.
1. Why was she so A. Arrived / had already died B. had arrived / already
excited?_______________________________________ died
2. Why did he feel 2. On the day of my presentation, I ____ that ____to
tired?_________________________________________ bring my notes
3. Why were you A realized / I'd forgotten B.had realized / I forgot
sick?_________________________________________ 3. My kids _____late this morning because _____ to bed
4. Why wasn’t she at the late the night before.
party?________________________________________ A. slept / they'd gone B. had slept / they went
4. I ______ if I could borrow her textbook, but she
III. Choose the correct option. _______ it to another student.
A. asked / had already lent B. had asked / already lent.
1.When Anne opened/had opened the
door, she realized that somebody VII. Read the story and answer the following
broke/had broken into. questions using past perfect tenses.
2. Elisa was very upset because her Last night, Dane and Emily
computer disappeared/had danced in a competition. They
disappeared yesterday. danced a salsa dance. They had
3. My cousin promised/had promised practiced for 6 months before they
me to bring me a souvenir from France danced in the competition. They
last month. were very good.
5. By the time Julia left/had left the Dane and Emily's friends were in
shop, she spent/had spent all her money on clothes. the audience. Before that night,
6. I didn’t want to see that film because I saw/had seen it they had never seen Dane and
twice. Emily dance. In fact, Dane and
7. Philip tidied/had tidied his bedroom before he left/had Emily had never danced in front of anyone before the
left for work. competition.
8.-My husband did/had done the shopping after I After everyone had danced, the judges announced the
called/had called him. winners. Dane and Emily won! They were the best
9. Alfred had worked/worked in a bank for five years dancers in the competition. Emily said she had never
before he was sent to Rome. practiced so hard before! She was glad they had
10. The judge said that she was guilty because she practiced a lot.
took/had taken the money for herself
1. How long had Dane and Emily practiced before the
IV. Complete the text with verbs in brackets. Use competition?___________________________________
Past Simple or Past Perfect. _____________________________________________
In March 1999, thieves …………….. (steal) diamonds 2. Before that night, who had seen Dane and Emily
jewellery from Woolworth, a famous dance?_______________________________________
jewellery shop in Boston. The thieves _____________________________________________
were very smart. Before the robbery, 3. What happened after everyone had
they ………… (hide) in the building danced?______________________________________
next door and ………… (cut) a hole _____________________________________________
through the wall.
They used it to get into the shop. By the
time the guard at the entrance……….
(see) them, they …………..
(already/take) the very expensive
jewellery from the safe.