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MEC602/ MEM602

Presented by:

Fauziah Jerai
16 March 2018
 Aims of FYP
 Course information
 Project Assessments
 Rubrics
 Submission guidelines
 Important Dates
 Upcoming events/seminar for FYP2 students
 Postpone project (TL)
 Change supervisor/project
 General contact information
 The FYP gives students the opportunity to conduct an in-depth
study in any of the areas of specialised courses offered in a final
year option group.

 Achieved through literature review, understanding and analyzing the

problem, proposing solutions, and carrying out experiments (this
involves the design and implementing the experimental setup or
developing software).

 Gives students exposure to research and the opportunity to apply

what they have learned.

 In the process, students will acquire skills for problem solving and
lifelong learning, and thoroughly practising responsibility as a
professional engineer.
Course information
Design/ Development of solutions - Able to design solutions for complex engineering problems and
PO3 design systems, components or processes that meet specified needs with appropriate consideration
for public health and safety, cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.

Investigation – Able to conduct investigation into complex problems using research-based

PO4 knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of
data, and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions.

Modern tool usage – Able to create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern
PO5 engineering and IT tools, including prediction and modeling, to complex engineering activities, with
an understanding of the limitations.

The engineer and society – Able to apply reasoning informed by contextual knowledge to assess
PO6 societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to
professional engineering practice.

Communication – Able to communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the

engineering community and with society at large, such as being able to comprehend and write
effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations, and give and receive clear

Long life learning - Identify the need for long life learning as a soft skills and discipline and
engage in independent and life learning activity
Supervisor •20% : Project achievement & student performance
•5% : Log Book

(55%) •30% : Final Report

Examiner •25% : Technical Report


•10% : Second Examiner
Presentation •10% : Panel examiner

***All information regarding FYP (i.e. evaluation forms, rubrics,

poster template, technical report template, thesis guidelines, etc)
can be obtained from i-Learn
General expectation for Bachelor Mechanical
Engineering FYP
❖ Understanding of the given problem
❖ Pertinent literature review (background information)
❖ Planning, execution of plans
❖ Outcome, achievements, contribution to the project
❖ Initiative, effort, updating supervisor of progress
❖ Consistency in work (Interim report is as important as
final report)
❖ Ability to write and speak effectively
❖ The FYP is your project, you are responsible for your
Project Assessment
Project Final Report and Technical Report

The main supervisor and the second examiner will grade the
student based on:

❖ Presentation of the report, proper acknowledgement of other

people’s works
❖ Theory, design and implementation
❖ Introduction, review of and comparison with relevant work,
discussion and conclusion
❖ Results, quality of work and level of complexity
❖ Submit to Turnitin system for checking

Take into consideration the societal needs, health, safety, legal and
cultural issues, and consequent responsibilities relevant to
professional engineering practice when carrying out your project
and include a discussion section on this in your report.
Project Assessment
Poster Presentation

❖ Two or three examiners will grade the student during poster

❖ The examiners are:
❖ The two first panel is the second examiners who evaluated
your technical paper and another one academicians from the
❖ The third panel is from the industry (selected project only)
❖ Things assessed: Contents, organization, presentation
* See attachment
 FYP final report must be submitted to Turnitin service to
check for plagiarism, where the service produces a similarity
score and originality report.

 An assignment course site will be created by respective

supervisor for students to submit the FYP report for Turnitin

 Students are to submit the FYP reports with the similarity

score and originality report (less than 30%) report to the
supervisor and faculty.
FYP2 Time & Project Management

 FYP 2 carries 4 credit hours

 1CH of FYP = 3 hours SLT (including all activities
and meeting with SV)
 4CH = 12 hours SLT/week (1.7 hrs/day)
 Keep to the schedule and do FYP consistently
 Contact your supervisor/Co-supervisor regularly
 Spend 10-12 hours/week on FYP. Students might
spend time on the FYP during recess week and
vacation if needed.

12 hrs/week for
 Please fill in form 600-FKM.FYP(PP2-01) - FYP2
Postponement Project
 Get signature (support) from supervisors
 Send the form to the Coordinator, then to
FKM academic office
 Suspension of the project is allowed only
 Change of supervisors (and project) –difficult and
discouraged. For special cases, must provide good
reasons and obtain the agreement from the
existing and new supervisors.

 Change of projects (with the same supervisors) –

easy! Agreement by both students and supervisors.
Can be done by main supervisors any time from
week 3 to week 6 of the semester.
* See attachment
 FYP 2 Coordinator:
 Name : Fauziah Binti Jerai (Dr. Eng)
 Room : T1-A12-2C
 Contact : 03-5543648/0168817142
 Email : fauziahjerai@salam.uitm.edu.my

**Visit i-Learn (MEC602/MEM602)

regularly for updates, FAQ, events,
guidelines and others.