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Appendix 1: Lesson Plan (template)

LESSON PLAN Subject: Math

Trainee: Hessa Topic or Theme: comparing numbers

Class: 2- B Date & Duration: 11-3-2019 / 8:15

Trainee Personal Goals

I am working on: I am working on: Implementing Learning of (Gradual release model).

Lesson Focus: comparing numbers if its more than, less than or equal.

Lesson Outcomes

2NWN7 Term 2 Students will be able to: compare numbers using more then, less than and equal

Links to Prior Learning

In Grade 1, students compared numbers from 0-100. In Grade 2, students extend this to 0-500.

21st Century Skills

Creativity: because students will use manipulative tools.

Key vocabulary

‘equal to’

‘less than’

‘more than’

Possible problems for learners Solutions to possible problems

Students will confuse between more than I will teach them how differentiae the more than and
and less than. less than by modelling for them using numbers and
Resources/equipment needed

Power point: to tell them story and see the pictures and learn vocabulary words.

Video: to explain for students the more than, less than an equal.

Online timer: to students finish on time.

Pictures: to help students know the signals.

-Blocks: help them to compare and count.

-Spinner: to know which number is more than, less than and equal.

-Deice: students use it to write numbers.

-Dominoes: students use it to write and comparing numbers.

-white boards and board markers: to write the numbers and compare.

-cards to help them know the signals.

& Time
Resources Teacher & Students will:
-power point. (Hook)
Tr: will let students sit in the
Time: carpet.
15mintes S: will sit in the carpet.

Tr: will open to the power point

to see the pictures of the story.
Now I will tell you short story
about crocodile.
There is a crocodile in the river
he loves to eat big numbers. As he
swimming down in the river he
popped his head and he look
around and he saw two numbers
on sides of the river and he see in
this said 5 and this side is 2.
Tr: ask students which number
do you think he will eat?
S: probably answer 5.
Tr: Ok now we will learn three
important vocabulary words.
Tr: teach students vocabulary of
‘equal to’- ‘less than’- ‘more than’. By
using power point with pictures.

Active Engagement (group
Video working with the teacher)
online timer Tr: will open the video, and tell
students to focus, and in each part
I will stop to ask students
questions. For example, which on is
more than 8 or 3?. Let students
(turn and talk)

Ss: probably answer 8.

Tr: will ask students if we have two

numbers same 5 and 5? Let
students (turn and talk). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6Efzu2slaI

Ss: probably answer equal.

Tr: will open the power point that

has numbers and pictures.

Tr: will use smart board, and

choose three students to come to
the smart board to solve.

Tr: ok now we will start our

activities. Tr: will open the power
point to show and explain for each
group what they should to do.

S: will go to their group and start

their activities.

Tr: put the online timer. And

monitor students by using notes.
Main activities
& Time
Resources Teacher & Students will:
( Master )
-A4 color paper
Teacher will give each student A4
with hand
color paper with hand picture and
blocks. And students will writs own
numbers using board marker. For
-online timer
example, students will write 7 are
Time: greater than 4. And the following line
15minutes they will write 4 is less than 7.

(Developing) 1
Resources Teacher will let students work
-spinner individual and will give each students
spinner with numbers and A3 papers
-A3 papers board marker. Students will spin the
- board marker spinner two times, For example, the
first time it’s appear 21 the will write
it in the empty circle, the second time
Time: will appear 16 and they will write it in
15minutes the empty second circle then they will
spin the spinner again the first time
it’s appear 10 the will write it in the
empty circle, the second time will
appear 37 and they will write it in the
empty second circle then they will
comparing using sentences below they
will write 21 is greater than 16. And
the following line they will write 10 is
less than 37.

Resources: (Developing) 2
Teacher will give each student A3
-A3 papers papers and deice, students
-deice have empty circles and in the middle
- board marker they have squares. Firstly, students
will through the deice the number
that is appear student will write it in
Time: the first empty circle cards then they
15minutes will through the deice second time
and they will write the number in the
second empty circle. After that
students will compare between two
numbers if it’s greater than or less
than or equal.

- dominoes
Teacher will tell students will work
-white boards individual, and teacher will pot in the
middle of the table two boxes, inside
-board markers the box is dominoes and white boards
-cards to help and board markers. For example,
them know the Students will take first dominos and
signals. it’s have 6 dots and 5 dots, so students
will write in the white board 6 ≥ 5.
Time: Then they will take another one 0 and
15minutes 1 dots so students will write in the
whit board 0 ≤ 1.

Differentiation activities (Support)

Students will have two deice and signal of more than and less than.
In the first box it have deice it have 1 and second deice is 5 so they will put the 1≤5.

& Time Plenary/Conclusion
Resources Teacher and Students
Power point
Time: 10 Tr: will let students to sit in the carpet
minutes to recap the lesson.
S: will sit in the carpet.
Tr: who can tell me what we learn
S: will say more than, less than an equal.
Tr: will open power point, and tell
students let review together. Her we
have 37 and 80 which number is less
Ss: 37.
we have 61 and 8 which number is
more than?
Ss: 61
And if we have same number the signal
will be equal.
Homework Tr: will let students to do creative things like using bottom to do more than, less
than, an equal.

Assessment Each students have exit ticket paper, and they will write their own numbers but
Strategies: it should be the first one more than and second card should be less than.

☐Observation ☑Student self- ☑Oral questioning ☐Peer assessment


☐Quiz ☐Student presentation ☐Written work and ☑Verbal feedback